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I have a unit that is about 1.5 yrs old. That AC is OK. When the Heat pump kick in, a strange smell exists. I have had the dealer out for trouble shooting and the tech discovered that the UV light was out and had "leaked".I still have the odor, it is not a dead animal smell. The dealer also ran that mildew removing spray? I still have the "catch in your throat" odor. Can you help? The dealer doesn't want to deal with it, or has no idea what it could be.

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Good God, get a different Serv Tech, your smelling freon! Have the serv tech check for leaks, and if the problem does not get fixed you will have a narly bill on your hand, recharging your unit..

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I have a unit that is about 1.5 yrs old. That AC is OK. When the Heat pump kick in, a strange smell exists. I have had the dealer out for trouble shooting and the tech discovered that the UV light was out and had "leaked".I still have the odor, it is not a dead animal smell. The dealer also ran that mildew removing spray? I still have the "catch in your throat" odor. Can you help? The dealer doesn't want to deal with it, or has no idea what it could be.

Good God, get a different Serv Tech, your smelling freon! Have the serv tech check for leaks, and if the problem does not get fixed you will have a narly bill on your hand, recharging your unit.. ... Carrier Air Conditioners

My window a/c is experiencing a terrible odor mildew smell when I turn it on if I lower the terminstat to 70 it smells worse then if the termastat is 65 I cannot stand this odor I cleaned the filter m


Window air conditioner smells like burning plastic, it also has a "sweet" smell...it is brand new and it was running for about 2 hours. It did not have this smell right away. It has been turned off since the odor was noticed. What is likely to be wrong with it?

... Sharp CV-P09FX Air Conditioner

Wallpaper I had wallpaper that was in my cellar that had gotton wet it was a cloth wall paper nevertheless it smelled somewhat of mold. My husband put the paper on the wall which looks great but I still can smell an odor of the mole. Is there anything I can put in that room that will kill that smell? Thanks [email protected]

A bag of charcoal will absorb most smells, but you need to get to the source of the smell. If the wall paper is cloth based, it should be safe to use a small mist spray bottle and a mild mix of disinfectant and bicarbonate of soda which should neutra ... Mitsubishi Mr. Slim MXZ30TN Air Conditioner

My husband has a small ventless propane heater in his 900 square foot shop. It is attached to a 5 gallon propane tank. He has used it quite a few times with no problems. Today and yesterday when i came home from work it smelled exactly like he was burning barbeque brickets in the shop. The smell was strong in the attached garage as well. We shut it off the heater and opened the windows. This morning it still has a strong odor in the garage and shop.Has something gone wrong with the propane heate

Strong oder of what fumes or propane? ... Air Conditioners

The air conditioning unit outside is running but there is no cold air coming into the house. I hear the inside unit turning off and on but no cold air. I also smell a burning odor. I have turned off the unit via the thermostat.

If unit is going on then off within a few minutes needs service can be needing freon,outside dirty causing overheating,power supply if 220 not getting full power ,to compressor going bad ... Goodman CLQ36AR49 Air Conditioner

Bryant air conditioner - outside unit will not run - before it quit running, air temperature in house rose from 65 degrees to 75 degrees. Inside fan continued to blow - air smelled like a car air conditioner that ran out of Freon. Bought Freon - need to know where to add it. The heat pump model # BF-163S bi directional but also coming from unit is another line that runs same direction with same type of valves. Air conditioner model # 697CN030 - B

... Air Conditioners

Turned it on for the first time this year. After a few minutes it would stop working but all the light indicators are still on. I made sure that the energy saver is off, that is is getting the full 220 volts, and presst the test and reset buttons on the plug. No results. Unplugged it for a few minutes and tried again. Same deal -- would start and then stop working after a few minutes but also noticed a burned electrical smell. Could it be the capacitor or something?

Yes, it could very well be a burned capacitor or a burned wire from over heating, Best advice is to unplug the unit and do not attempt to use it, until it is repaired.To find an authorized service in your area, click on the link below. ... Friedrich Compact Programmable CP24N30 Air Conditioner

Bought 2004 popup camper 3 weeks ago went to s.c. 3 weeks ago ,temp was over 100 degrees ac unit ran all the time ,compressor didnt cut off and on, was working great!! freeze you out. went camping this weekend still blowing cold but only for 5 to 10 mins.compessor cycling you can turn the termostat to cold to warm , but no click some times (low pressure?) temp outside was 80 degrees during the day and 65 at night. please help have gauges and epa card but rv dealer gave me 30 day warranty which i

Isolate the thermostat sensor. Hold it with your hand and see if it comes on and stays on. If so, replace the thermostat. ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

We own this air conditioner and it is one year old. It is working find, however, when running in the air conditioning mode it omits a musty oder. Where I am allergic to mold , I am concerned especially since I keep getting a headache and stuffiness when it's running. We have run it for hours in the fan mode in the hope to alleviate any moisture in the unit, but the smell is still there. The unit also has a charcoal filter, but I don't know where I can buy them. Any suggestions you can prov

The problem is common. It is not a mold spore situation, rather it is a moisture laden problem of parts and dust that create an oder when allowed to warm and stay moist. A spray bottle with 1/2 clorine bleach and 1/2 water sprayed onto the inner com ... Amcor AF9000E Portable Air Conditioner

I smell an odor possibly electrical but I was unsure and had the gas company come and check. The gas company serviceman states the gas connections are good, nos gas smell in any areas of the house. The unit is putting out heat at the correct temperature but the smell of a burning odor worries me. What should I check to verify an electrical problem?

Any burnt wire inside the room smell easily sucked by a/c and spread over the room. And hence, please check any electrical appliances like iron box, electrical oven, like this.which may be faulty.If your unit has heating element (heating strip ... Ruud UBHC Air Conditioner

I purchased a Everstar MPM2-10CE-BB6 from Home Depot late summer and when we used it there was a strong odor coming from it. Now it's time to get it out again and we have the same odor. Can you tell me what this is? It almost smells like burnt wires. It has set all winter in the house and it smells without even turning it on. Help???


Dear Sir/Madam, We have purchased 4 new split ac of 2 ton from M/s Vishnu Parshad Singhal & Sons, Kurukshetra (Haryana) but one indoor unit have some problem like leakage of gas after many times of reminders throughout mail or telephonically Mr. Singhal (Dealer) has changed the defected AC from other one but this ac is also not working, now dealer also not picking the phone. Pls tell us what is the company labiality in this seen? Regards, Anurag Deepak 9996544521

... Hitachi Air Conditioners

No cooling I received a call from my tenant that they have no ac. When i get my inspection of the unit to find an extremely durty air filter, which i replaced. Also i cleaned the a coil which was also full with dust. So i figured the time it took me to to do all that cleaning that the unit had time to reset it self. Long story short i still have no cooling at all still. through the first sequence of operation every thing seems ok . dtill no cooling

"You forgot the "first rule , check to see if everythings is working! If the filter was dirty , then you skipped the second line of defense to prevent dust from going into the vents is the squirrell cage blades. Air flows thru the filter first,,,2ond ... Goodman CKL36AR36 Air Conditioner

We have a natural gas unvented rinnai heater that smells like lighter fluid whenver we use it. We sent it with the landlord to a rinnai dealer that "blew it out" for hours and said there was no smell left but the second we re-installed it, it smelled the same. a VERY strong smell like lighter fluid that makes me nauseous and gives me a sore throat.

... Air Conditioners

Heavy exhaust smell from A/C Solve For the past week and a half I have had a very heavy exhaust smell in my apartment, which seems to... (More) For the past week and a half I have had a very heavy exhaust smell in my apartment, which seems to be coming from the A/C vents. It leaves a bitter taste in my mouth and burns my eyes. This smell also gives me awful headaches. It is stronger right after the A/C kicks on, and right before it switches off. I have a combo Lennox A/C and furnace. I had a mai

If you see oil "oozing from the copper lines (fittings) you can verify if refrigerant is leaking out of the lines using a solution of dish soap and water, spray or wipe the solution on the suspected leak, and if it is leaking it will bubble. if it is ... Air Conditioners

The inside of my air conditioner is full of mildew. When turned on, it spits out small pieces of black mildew. The odor is very obvious. I cleaned the louvers (as much as I could reach) with a Q Tip and sprayed the inside with Tilex Mold and Mildew Remover. That helped, but the mildew continues to build. The air conditioner is in my bedroom and since I have asthma, this is not good. I have a Fedders in my living room and have never had this problem with it. The Haier is only two years ol

Ruth this happens alot ive answered alot of questions so im going to make it short please give me a vote and rating the unit needs to be pulled out and taken out side sprayed really well with cleaner homedepot and lowes sells coil cleaner in their a/ ... Haier Air Conditioners

I have an amana rha36b2a heat pump and am trying to hook up a new thermostat. It's a pro 1 iaq t905 programable thermostat. I have hooked up the green yellow white and red (and ran a jumper wire from rh to rc). I also ran a jumper wire from W to Y. I ran the brown wire to C. The thermostat works great for heating but won't cool. When cool is chosen the heat comes on. Help! I know the O and B on the thermostat are the heat and cooling changeover valves but what should I do to connect them if that

... Air Conditioners

I have a dug well, the water has an odour, sewery smell for about two weeks, I shocked it today ran the taps but didn't smell the bleach, not sure if I should add another gallon, what could that smell be and why did it happen now. I had a new pump put in about two months ago

Hi,I would add more bleach and run the water while you are adding it...Then find out where the bad water could be coming from...sounds like a drain field for a sewage system near you is not working properly and is causing the water ... Air Conditioners

Split kelvinator air condition giving bad smell I have Kelvinator split ac giving very bed smell if temperature is maintained at 26 celcius we even have clean the filters and washed Ac with soap and shampoo. However it still smells bad. Please help us with the solution?

... Air Conditioners

We have a 1 horse power carrier split type a/c and the smell is nasty coming from a/c? also smells when it isn't running- smells like something dead .

Generally if an a/c smells nasty then there is a problem with the drain and the water is making it's way elsewhere. I would be checking for damp walls , base mold and carpetin adjacent walls and closets. Make sure the unit is draining pro ... Air Conditioners

Kenmore 580.75151500 A/C unit smells... We've had this window unit in place for 2 years. We've cleaned the front filter and coil, but we're still getting different, peculiar smells from the A/C. Sometimes it's vingar, sometimes urine-like, sometimes moldy smelling. Is there some place else that we can clean it? I've downloaded the user manual, but it's really just a parts manual - doesn't say anything about maintenance or upkeep. Thanks

Hi!!\015\012\015\012As you know, the evaporator unit (the one that the filter covers) gets a lot of condensation which is drained thru the back (outside) of the unit. That's why the unit is installed a bit tilted to the back.\015\0 ... Kenmore Air Conditioners

The air conditioner gives off a funny smell when it's on i have cleaned it but the smell is still there i don't know what it is or what i can do to rid the smell

Hello,what this indicate is that there is a meat up of wire from the connection from the power supply on the panel control switch ,what you will have to do to fix up this problem first of all put off the power supply connected ... Maytag M6X06F2A Air Conditioner

We have a Intertherm MAC 1378 gas furnace in out mobile home and it has shut off on us. There is still gas coming in, we checked the meter outside to be sure. But when we try to reignite the pilot light it wont ingnite. We can't smell any gas when we try. We've followed the instructions on the furnace on how to reignite it and it still wont work. It's well below frezing with a **** load of snow we have 2 kids, one of which is a newborn and its getting really cold. So anything you can tell us wil

Check to make sure the roof vent is not covered over with snow.\015\012Very deep snow can block the intake to the furnace. You may need a ladder and a broom (or shovel) to clear the snow.\015\012Hope this helps.\015\012Matt ... Air Conditioners

E9 Showing on split unit display also blowing hot air not getting cold also unit outside is still running.

It is coz of Refrigerant leakge. ... Mitsubishi Air Conditioners

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