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Fedders AC plug unit in it beeps has power but display wont come on so I can't turn on unit check fuse and it's good# m7x05f2a 5200btu

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Fedders AC plug unit in it beeps has power but display wont come on so I can't turn on unit check fuse and it's good# m7x05f2a 5200btu

... Air Conditioners

Out side unit for a bryant 113a air conditioner wont turn on . All fuses good, disconnect switch o.k ,red led on solid

Have you checked for 24 volts at the outside contactor coil? ... Bryant 463AAC008BA Air Conditioner

I have a GE Split-Type room air conditioner model number AA1AH24EWI.I used it last summer but now it wont turn on.Have changed the remotes batteries and checked if it is sending signal(looking through digi camera to see if its sending) and still nothing works.Have turned it on at fuse box etc still nothing.is there a reset switch on the unit itself

Check power is indoor. And also for long time no use cases, please remove batteries from remote and re fix it when it is on use. Keeping with old batteries for long time with no use will affect the remote. Please check with other remote. It doesn't m ... GE Air Conditioners

I have an Amana Model GUC-C 90 Hi-efficiency furnace that we installed in 1992. It has a central air unit as well. On Friday we tried to turn the air on and nothing will work. I have replaced switches in the air unit in the past but this time there is no clicking, I can't turn the circulation fan on for the unit, the heater unit will not turn on. I have power at the breaker, and on the unit itself there is a on/off switch with a round screw in fuse, that fuse is good and I have power there.

Hello,Your control transformer may have quit on you, or your thermostat may have gone out. The transformer is what supplies the current for the hvac system. The thermostat just controls what relays are energized. Since you have a probl ... Air Conditioners

Unit was running and now will not turn on. Outlet checks out ok, house fuse switch has been turned off and on, unit will not come back on. Could the unit have a fuse? How do I find it? Unit is too old to locate a copy of the manual from Sears. Electrician was working on electric and was turning the main switch off and on, unit was on and then quit.

Check for an inline fuse in the unit or replace the capacitor ... Air Conditioners

I have a duo-therm roof top unit. The fan or a/c will not come on. I opened the connection box and ckecked the fuse on the printed circuit board. Fuse good. reinstalled fuse and unit came on. Turned of t-stat and waited a long time and turned it back on Nothing.Pulled the fuse and reistalled and the unit started. Whats the problem?

Hi; You still have a loose connection somewhere. I have found just recently a problem with a customer with the same problem He had burnt wiring at the compressor terminals. Also check to see if the fan on top of R.V. is running when the inside fan is ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

AMCOR 24,000 BTU split system. Worked fine two years, then today it had no power. Checked circuit breaker, it had popped. Reset CB and went to inside unit - would not turn on or off with remote or hard button. Checked wiring with an electrical tester, and wires to outside unit hot, as well as inside unit. No flashing codes, nothing. Unit won't turn on,even with power. Is there a fuse somewhere in the inner unit or outer unit?

I had this same problem. I disconnected the thermostat wire out side at the condenser and reconnected it and it started working. A couple days later it blew the breaker again this time I found the bus where the L1, L2. GR wire connect at the condense ... AmcorAire UCHW-H24AF2 Split System Air Conditioner

We have a new house and it came with central air. I have turned on the air and turned on the circuits and noticed that the outside fan on the outdoor unit was spinning round (good) now, I checked and the fan is not turning. Turned the unit on and off, still no turning and checkecd the circuit breakers...Any help please. Model is Aire_Flo Outdoor unit AFAIR12B30-A P I hear a low hum to the unit outside. I see trouble here.

First check to be sure the circuit breaker for the outside unit is not tripped. Turn the two pole breaker all the way off all the way off and then back on. If the outside unit still does not run you may have fuses in a disconnect box by the outside ... Air Conditioners

I have a Sharp portable room air conditioner model CV-P10NC. The power plug RESET button and TEST button will not click in order to check out the power plug as the unit will not turn on. They did test O.K. at first but the unit would still not come on. Can the power plug back be taken off to check out the fuse inside - or since it is a type of built in circuit breaker maybe it does not have a fuse inside ? The instruction manual states that " This air conditioner uses a fused power plug". The un

The fused9G.F.C.I.) cord you speak of is probably the G.F.C.I. built onto these units by design, can you or someone you know get access inside the unit and :Hot-Wire" the units cord and,bypass the power cord ( Just To Test the Unit)and see if it stay ... Air Conditioners

I have a Carrier 38tra048340 ac 4 ton unit outside, heater in attic. Thermostat is Totaline P374-1100. Power went out than back on after a few hours due to vehicle crashing into power pole. AC was running at time of power outage. Power came back on, ac would not come back on. Checked house circuit breakers, none tripped off. Turn ac 40amp breaker and heater 20amp breaker off and back on. Voltage ok. Checked fuse box by ac unit on wall, fuses and voltage ok. Went into hot attic to check for powe

Blank screen sounds like a fried thermosat. Abrupt outages can affect certain types of thermostats. Make a jumper wire and jump across R and G. See if you get any action from anywhere. If a fan or compressor kicks in you know you have a burned out th ... Carrier Air Conditioners

I have a goodwin ar36-1 central electric ac/heater that nothing is turning on at all. I checked the brerakrs but they are all on. i can not find any recet buttons or fuses on either the inside unit or outside unit. Is there a reset button or fuse for me to check on this unit? we were out of town for a couple days and the front door blew open.....so i am sure the heater was constantly running before the system comp-letely shut down. any help would be greatly appreciated! craig

Lol they usually don not have a true fuse in the disconnect box but a plug with a t handle that you pull out and flip over to disconnect the electricity and reverse to connect it. ... Goodman CLQ36AR49 Air Conditioner

One of my AC units froze up. I cut the unit off. after it defrosted I turned it back on soon after we smelled wires burning. I turned the unit off. Now when I turn the unit on the outside comp. goes on but the air handler will not turn on , I checked the low volt fuse it is fine and ther is no reset switch, what could have happened there are no burnt wires inside the air handler.

You may have a couple of problems now. The original issue of icing up is most commonly due to low refrigerant in the a/c. For this you will need a professional to correct.The second problem sounds like it may be a bad capacitor for the in ... Air Conditioners

I have a RUUD Silhouette II and while it was running the thermosat wires hit the top of the unit, there was a spark and it died. I checked all the breakers, but still nothing. When I turn the unit power on I hear a mumming, but nothing turns on. The guy at home depot said it might be the 24V converter, possibly the fuse, but I don't see a fuse anywhere. Thoughts?

Hello CHARLIE Yes that was a 24 volt wire that got shorted 1:The wire must be repaired/replaced.2:The fuse is in the blower/airhandler unit it should be a 3 or 5 amp blade fuse (the one that is in a car) on the curcit board, or a button that poppes u ... Air Conditioners

Both of my roof top a/c units stopped working at the same time. I have checked the breakers and they are good. I have checked the D/C fuses and they are good. I feel that an electrical breaker is tripped somewhere. I have a 1999 National Seabreeze 1330. The inside gage display shows power to both of the units. Is there somewhere else I need to look, or do? Puzzled.

... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

Unit blew breaker and now will not turn on? I checked fuse box and reset the breaker, I checked the fuse on the evaporator and seems fine, but still not working. Amana split unit.

Sounds like you have a grounded compresser! need new 1 !sorry ... Air Conditioners

I have a 25 year old aicondition unit. Yesterday the fan on the outdoor unit stop working. I checked the fuses and found one blown I replaced the fuse but the fan did not come on. Is there a delay timer? what might be the problem for the outdoor unit not to turn on?

Your problem could be several things. It is hard to say without looking at it, but here are some things you can check. First try turning the fan by hand and see if it spins freely. Check the fan capacitor. Check the contactor which will also cause th ... Carrier Air Conditioners

I have an Energy Knight mini split unit. One works fine the other drips condensation EXCESSIVELY. Is something wrong in the unit itself or could the drainage tube be plugged inside the wall. If so, whats the fix? Also, I have another split unit and neither will turn on. This question was asked previously and it sounds like the fuse in the outside exchanger. Exactly how do I get to this fuse to check? Thank you.

... Comfort-Aire HMC24AD-1 Air Conditioner

Tempstar 5000 This spring I turned on my air conditioner for the first time and it would not start at all... The fan did not turn on either. I turned off the main 220A breaker and puller the control fuses and put everything back and the unit started working fine. now fast forward to yesterday... house started feeling warm so I did the same thing... Tripped the breaker. Pulled the control fuses, and this time made sure I had new batteries in my thermostat. Started to work again. All was good. pus

... Air Conditioners

Hoffwel kfr 61 gw/a kfr-66gw wont turn on no power re-set at fuse box no light comming from remote and also wont turn on using the button on the unit need a repair man live in Medowie NSW 2318 help please

... Air Conditioners

Unit will not start. Checked the controller it seems dead. Replaced the batteries...twice... and checked to see that they are good. Is there anyway to turn the unit on w/o the controller? Or just buy a new and hope that it s the problem? Thanks, David

... Friedrich M18CF Split System Air Conditioner

Ruud achiever 10 seer air conditioner wont turn on...thermostat kicks on and i feel air but outside unit wont turn on..what should i check??

Have you check the outside breaker box? If thats not it then its probably the contactor. ... Ruud UBHC Air Conditioner

I'm not sure about the Trane brand, but I'm having a hard time finding Armstrong service information and I was told this was a "Trane" I believe, or possibly a Ruud. I have a "combo pack" 3 ton heat/air unit. It quit working late summer, and I haven't had much time to look at it. It was totally dead, and I checked the main breaker service panel, none tripped, the fuse block on the house, both fuses were good. Opened the service panel on the unit and found one of the 120 volt "hot" leads had be

Okay, \015\012Yes this did get lost... Fixya was having toruble getting theri emails thorugh yahoo so I have changed my email to gmail and am getting notices again...\015\012\015\012Now, as far as fixing that....\015\012 ... Air Conditioners

My LG LSN182HE will not turn on using remote or the one button. I check fuses and breaker and they are fine. Power is coming into the inside unit but nothing happens when I push the power button. I turned it on AC mode and it started running. When I went back into the room later the unit was off.

You should check the condition of capacitor, there may be a small transformer inside the unit, check it for 24vac. If your problem still exists then you can contact with LG technical support at ... LG LS-K2430HL Heat Cool Mini Split Air Conditioner

Unable to switch on. Have checked safety switch and fuse on home circuit board - OK Power on outside unit on and OK Remote control has new batteries and display OK Cleaned remote sensor panels on both remote and wall unit ISSUE: When pressing the Start/Stop button the signal doesn't seem to be received by the wall unit. There is also no operation light on the Wall Unit. Unit does not turn on

As per the problem which you mentioned it clearly indicates that problem is with the switch in the wall unit.but you mentioned that you checked the switch and it is OK.\015\012this means that the problem is with the main circuit control board o ... Air Conditioners

FUJITSU Air Conditioner Model AST24RGB-W is unable to switch on. Have checked safety switch and fuse on home circuit board and is OK. Power conected to outside unit is on and OK. Remote control has new batteries and display OK. Cleaned remote sensor panels on both remote and wall unit. ISSUE: When pressing the Start/Stop button the signal doesn't seem to be received by the wall unit. There is also no operation light on the Wall Unit. Unit does not turn on

What about the inside unit does it have power going to it. i would check the breaker for the inside unit. ... Air Conditioners

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