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Majestic dvr36rn I was told by the company who supplied & installed my 11 yr old fireplace that the valve (gas valve honeywell -nat) part #10001782 ... Needs to be replaced, however, they told me part is no longer avail & in order to repair, they need to replace it with a conversion kit from Paris, Kentucky - they said it would take btwn 3 wks & 6 mos. to get part!!! AND itis expensive! I wonder if anyone knows where I can get this part.

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Majestic dvr36rn I was told by the company who supplied & installed my 11 yr old fireplace that the valve (gas valve honeywell -nat) part #10001782 ... Needs to be replaced, however, they told me part is no longer avail & in order to repair, they need to replace it with a conversion kit from Paris, Kentucky - they said it would take btwn 3 wks & 6 mos. to get part!!! AND itis expensive! I wonder if anyone knows where I can get this part.

... Air Conditioners


The defrost board isn't hard to replace. It just about matching up wire for wire on the unit. BUT and a big but.......if you do something wrong and burn the board up, then you have to buy another. At least this way, you know that he will put the p ... Air Conditioners

Central ac coil pipe had frost unit wasn't cooling house. The filter was very dirty replaced the filter. Called place that installed. They couldn't find anything then they said nit was the valve that controlled tar freon. Since the unit is 3 yrs old they said rheum shoal replace it. Well now they say they can't get the part and we need to buy new coil system it's only3 yrs old. We turned the unit on for 2 hrs and no frost what should we do

First of all any coil can be replaced they are running a game on you sometimes it has to be ordered but it can be got. now you can get a complete r-22 system anymore but you can get parts for them. the filter could have most likely been the problem I ... Air Conditioners

I have a ducted sanyo split system. The model number is SPW-C361GH5TU. The unit in the ceiling stopped working about 4 weeks ago. The outside compressor would start up but stop after a short period of time. I managed to get a technician to work on the unit. He said it was the PC board. It took two weeks to get the part but when it was fitted, the unit still didn't work and the technician told me the problem was with the fan motor. Another two weeks have elapsed, and he now tells me it will take

You can order the part from link below.:--\015\012they provide quick deliveries:--\015\012http://www.jpcparts.com/103-546-8441.html\015\012\015\012you can p ... Sanyo Split System Air Conditioner

I had bought a new orfus tube to be put in my car, with a used compresser. I was told that the compresser was a bad one. So I bought a new one, with orfus tube and accumalator. So that my warenty would not be void. The Garage that put it on for me said it was fixed. It didn't get cool at all, THEN IT STARTED MAKING SOUNDS AND SMOKING OUT FROM UNDER THE HOOD. I had it checked and the guy that had put it in said that I had gotten a hold of a faulty compresser.So the auto shop replaced all of the

Hi!!\015\012\015\012Yes, a plugged up/dirty orifice tube can make the compressor build so much pressure that can do the damage you mentioned, the orifice tube is a $2-$5 part at most AutoParts, the thing is that you need to open the syste ... Air Conditioners

We have a Rheem hot water system installed in 1994. We think from the owners guide left by the installer that it is a model 52F. Our plumber is having difficulty getting a replacement part. The bottom section as seen from the road (we have a high set home) is rusting badly and we would like it replaced. The owners guide suggests it is a collector angle. Can you please help us get this replacement part so that our plumber can install it ?

Hello,\012The plumber should be able to call Rheem directly and if that does not work, your local parts supplier for Rheem should be able to get him a number for the Rheem factory (I'm assuming he called and the parts supplier could not locate the pa ... Air Conditioners

My RUUD UBHA 21J8SFGAI is not cooling my house like before. It runs almost all day and the house feels a little warm. I called an air conditioner repairman who told me that the compressor is leaking freon and oil from the bottom because the bottom 2 inches are wet. He said I needed to replace the compressor. He added freon the the unit and said it would cost around $700 to $2,500 depending on what needed to be replaced Can a compressor be fixed or do I have to replace it? The house is a lit

Compressors for household ACs are not repairable. Usually if a compressor goes bad, whole condenser unit is replaced. ... Air Conditioners

Blower motor my air conditioning goes off as soon as it goes on I have a service contract with my local oil company and my repair man said I need a Bryant blower motor 8539DL 51923EEOS I have been told the part is not available because the unit is to old and they recommend replacing my furnace and air conditoner for over $15,000 I am hoping I can buy the replacement motor somewhere so I can save for the future replacement of my units Is this part available anywhere?

YES!! A universal replacement is readily available for around 200$ or so and the labor for the installation should be about the same. Sometimes it's hard to tell the Tech's and the Sales apart....GL! ... Bryant Air Conditioners

Purchased VisionPRO 8000 series model TH810U1003 digital programmable thermostat from Amazon on line to replace my old analog. My furnace company maintenance person was unable to get into the installation menu. It was not installed. Later, I managed to get into the installation menu and set the date and time but not all of the installation menu was available to me. I called Honeywell Support and they would not tell me how to get to the hidden installation menu items. They told me I would ha

The stats come with installer set up instructions inside the box. always do! i have used them always to program stat. go to a home store and as to look at a stat and see the instructions. find the installer setup info and make a copy. there are up ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

Had "So Called" RV repairman work on Coleman 13.5 Roof AC! He said he fxed it first by lubrication then he replaced the "Hardsart" and told me if the fand stopped again to spin it to get it started and said I should just replace the AC. Another Mechanic PooPooed that Idea and ended up removing the "Hardstart" and wiring direct from the Diod! The sytem worked perfectly for a couple of days then the fan shut down again! Leter on I tried it again and after a "Clank" she started again and we turned

If the fan is not turning, but just humming, you need to replace the capacitor. If you were to spin the fan by hand (carefully) when it's doing this, it will speed up and run, until next time. The "hardstart" they refer to is for the compressor and i ... Coleman Mach III Air Conditioner

I have two 630035.321 on my RV. The front unit iced up last June and an ac person came and put a valve on and refilled the R22. This year the back one iced up and soaked our bed under the ac. I then ran the front one and only had minimal cold air coming out of it. In inquiring about serviceing the units, I was told that the RV mfg. will not replace the R22, but only replace . I found out in reading my extended warranty that it appears this would not be covered. Even if it would be covered

... Dometic Air Conditioners

Hi. We have a Goodman CK49-15 and AC guy just told us that comopressor is fried and said he cannot get another one and a replacement for the whole system will be over $9K. Just curious if that seems reasonable and wondered about your opinion. He said that old type freon will be hard to get soon so we should just upgrade. Easy fo him to say :) Thanks much Mike in Dallas

Hi, and no, no, no,!! There is still plenty off the R-22 freon units that have been made, and there is plenty of the R-22 to last for another 15 years or so. If your compressor is fried, it should be around $12 to $1600.00 to replace it. This include ... Goodman CLQ36AR49 Air Conditioner

Hi, just replaced the capacitor thinking that would solve the problem but it appears it did not. The motor outside would kick on the unit inside would kick on but the blower motor inside works sometimes and wont other times. Basically, the unit will work just fine all day then we notice the house is getting warm, check the inside unit and everything is running fine but the blower motor is not circulating the air. I have a goodman a30-10 unit. I read where some people said the relay could be bad

Turn off the power to the air handler(indoor unit). Remove the access panel. From the motor,trace the wires back to the fan relay. One wire will probably trace back to the incoming power terminal. The other is the fan relay. It could be intermittent ... Air Conditioners

After a very cold frosty night my unit stopped working. The 'operation' light was blinking a series fo 5 blinks and the 'timer' light was constantly blinking. My service man has now said both the PUMP and PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD need replacing! OUCH! $2,500 NZD! This unit is only 6 years old. I have been told that I might get away with just replacing the PCB but it's not recomended practice. Fujitsu will not help and it is just not good enough. This unit is only used for heating so only runs for 5

Try switching off and on circuit breaker it might solve the problem ... Air Conditioners

I replaced my outside unit with a 3 ton goodman heat pump unit. My old unit was a 3 ton bryant and the compressor burned up in it. I left the old unit under the house since it seemed to be in good condition. the pump worked fine on ac to start off. But then you had to switch it in heat and back to ac for it to work. So the tech replaced the expansion value and put filters in both lines. I still have to switch it back to heat to get the ac to work. The tech told me that i would have to repla

You said it had rwo filers on the line. I know one is a liquid line drier. If you have one on the suction line it need to come out ASAP. The trash in the line can be removed by running in cool.pump down unit replace drier. While the unit is pumped ... Air Conditioners

I bought a new Goodman heat pump in jan 2010. It has a 2 1/2 ton compressor with a 3 ton A- coil. I was told by them this would work fine with an expansion valve.'I have had nothing but problem since it was installed. First when it was charged it wasnt cooling correctly I noticed the A- coil only sweating half way up. They came out and added more charge with a questioned look on their face. Then I started having reversing valve problems. We by passed the thermostat and replaced the ther

The "A" coil will generally be larger than the outside coil as far as the tonnage goes. When a unit has an expansion valve the charge should be based on subcooling instead of superheat. The reason for this is that the expansion valve acts to maintain ... Air Conditioners

My unit has never worked properly as it is dripping water and ruining my wall and my filters. The business that installed my unit is giving me the run around and ignoring my requests to fix my unit once and for all. They have been to my house multiple times with different "solutions" to this problem. The last time I was able to get anyone on the phone from Air Masters, the owner told me that he would replace my unit with a new one, but that you guys would not stand behind your product. Now,

It's short of gas. That's why it's forming ice over the coil and cutoff by coil sensor and then blower only would run. At that time ice become starts defrosting resulting to this water drop. Call repairman to find the return pressure by gauge. 60psi ... Goodman Air Conditioners

I have a daikin split air conditioner after been on for 10mins it flashes L1 and cuts off,we have been waiting 4 weeks for Blueline to replace the boards as they said that was the problem since they replaced the boards the L1 still flashes and it cuts out nothings fixed hmmm frustrating and hot we were told by Blueline to think ourselves lucky because frogs have caused the problem and that doesnt cover the warrenty please do you have advice on a L1 and is it true that frogs can get in and caus

Very simple. Please follow these steps.1. Power off. 2. In three phase compressor terminal or in terminal block-interchange any two wires.Now power on and start. Hope, you will be happy. ... Cfm Daikin R410a Split System Air Conditioner

I have a Bosch Heatslave 12/14 15/19 20/25,floor standing oil fired combination boiler. It leaks from the bottom, water pressure drops and I have been told that I need a whole new unit ( the main part ). My plumber said he could not fix till after new year. Can you arrange to have this done quickly and can you give me approximate price. I was told it would be about a day's work.I live in Dumfries.

... Air Conditioners

Hi, Yesterday I noticed that my central air had low air flow and wasn't cooling the house, so the A/C was running all day. Just had an HAVC guy come in a filled and saw I was about 3LB low on Freon, he said I have a freon leak and wants to replace the indoor coil, which costs about $500+labor. In the 5 years I've been living here, I've never had the freon refilled before. Does it make sense that I would need to get the indoor coil replaced?

Hi\015\012\015\012It is always recommended to contact a repair tech. in case of Air Conditioners. I believe its been 5years and during this time you did not spend anything towards your central a/c. If you want you can also compare his cha ... Carrier Air Conditioners

I am getting ready to replace a second Honeywell Smart Valve (component part) SV9501/2528 on a 5-year old Ducane furnace. The part is several hundred dollars. Why are these failing so often and is there any warranty coverage or a silent warranty?

Call honeywell distributor and if they comeout and determine that its a defect they will usually cover the cost ... Air Conditioners

Hi, We had a guy out here in the spring to fix the A/C part of our model RCBA-3665A517. He said it was motherboard so it was replace an the a/c started working. Mind you 800.00 later it didn't work until we replaced the thermostat and I had to program that!! Now we can't get the blower to work on the heating unit and I really don't want to call in someone else and spend a fortune so what I'm wondering is where can I find a wiring diagram from the ac outside to the motherboard then to the the

Hi,\015\012\015\012Please go to below website.This website shows you the connections\015\012\015\012http://wiki.xtronics.com/index. ... Ruud Air Conditioners

I have a gear box leak on a Duke softserve ice cream machine at one of my Dairy Queen stores. Usually when a problem arises at one of my stores I go and fix it. My Omaha store is a little over 4 hours away so I called in a professional to diagnose the problem who lives in Omaha and he said there is a leak in the gearbox he recommends replacing the gearbox. It's a little over a thousand dollars to replace. Can I get some advice on this from someone who knows a little about gear boxes. I would

Yes if the gear box is leaking it's a gasket or seal and can be fixed. The only way the box it's self would need to be replaced is the machined surfaces were worn. ... Air Conditioners

Our mainboard VB109B3150, and BZ102B9003 of our AmcorAire mini split units went out this summer. Both were less than a year old and one had only recently been installed in our new house. I called about replacement parts and was told not till after Labor Day would they be available. I need to order either parts to fix them or new mainboards.

We stock a complete line of parts for the Amcor Mini Split Systems.\015\012201-266-8234 option 2\015\[email protected] ... AmcorAire UCHW-H12AF2 Split System Air Conditioner

I have a Weil mcLain Gold gas furnace and the Amtrol WH-7L hot water maker. I heat alot with an indoor woodstove and if the furnace is not being used I cannot get any hot water. However, when the furnace does kick in and run for awhile I have hot water. would I be having a thermostat problem with my Amtrol and if so can I get a replacement part for it?

You should download & review the manual for Amtrol Boilermate products here. Page 12 of the manual begins examples of wiring b ... Air Conditioners

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