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Fedders frustration We purchased a house 5 yesrs ago that has a Fedders unit in the livingroom wall. It is a heater/air conditioner. We had a tenant in the home and upon their eviction, they stole the remote. No worries I thought, I'll order another one. I have searched the entire until and cannot find the model #. To add to the problems, we had a bad thunderstorm last night and the power went out. WHen it came back on, "E1" is onthe digital display and it will not do anything (won't turn

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Fedders frustration We purchased a house 5 yesrs ago that has a Fedders unit in the livingroom wall. It is a heater/air conditioner. We had a tenant in the home and upon their eviction, they stole the remote. No worries I thought, I'll order another one. I have searched the entire until and cannot find the model #. To add to the problems, we had a bad thunderstorm last night and the power went out. WHen it came back on, "E1" is onthe digital display and it will not do anything (won't turn

... Fedders Air Conditioners


Yes, the extra ducts can certainly decrease the force of the airflow dramatically. It sounds like someone was trying to use the center AC to cool all three zones. \015\012\015\012Yes a compressor can run and not cool. You are correct in t ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

Last couple of years if our thermostat is set below 74 the ac will freeze up. The last 2 years we had it checked out and were told that 1)coils might be going out and 2) needs more freon. Once freon was added it worked better but still had the freezing up problem. Started the same thing this year and now not cooling. Had a different technician out and he says that freon should not have been added and it has too much freon. He says that he needs to discharge all freon and then add the correct lev

Hello\015\012If your going to have all the freon taken out,this current tech needs to find the leak.\015\012\015\012Clearly from what you have said the unit has a freon leak.Freon is put in by ounces or pounds depending on the size ... Fujitsu Air Conditioners

The model # is CKL36-1L. The circuit breaker for the unit flipped twice last week. Yesterday I noticed the blower in the house was working non-stop, but the conditioner was not working. The fuses were checked and there appears to be continuity. How do I find the problem?

Your compressor may be going bad. Check and make sure you have a proper sized breaker/fuses for the unit. Check and see that the capacitor is big enough to start the compressor and is not blown. I think those take a 45-5 cap. If all else fails, get ... Goodman CLQ36AR49 Air Conditioner

Hi Mine is a split AC of Fedders lloyd's. How do I find and check the fuse if its working ok? My problem is that while the fan is on, its not cooling. I can hear clicking of relay. Is the fuse mean for the main compressor fitted outside? Thanks in advance for the help.

It may be or a may be installed by the airhandler ... Fedders Air Conditioners

AC for my RV won't even turn on, fan, nothing. I have had a few problems this year with it blowing the breaker on my home, but the last time I ran it from my home a month or so ago, it worked fine. Today when I went to turn it on, the fan won't even run let alone the AC. I would agree that the filters need to be cleaned, but not to even turn on, even for 2 seconds? What would you think it is and how would I find out?

You are saying it causes the breaker to trip?( or was past tense?) sounds like there is a short somewhere. that's why nothing comes on ... Coleman Mach III Air Conditioner

I have Coal Keystoker and I am haveing problem with hopper. I cleaned out the entire stove and removed the hopper as the nylon fabric was worn and torn on one side of the stoker unit. When removing the stoker I found another larger strip of nylon torn an stuck under the sliding stoker. Where does that i inch X 1 half belong. I started the unit without it and about an half hour the unit Quit and the fire went out., The instruction sheet i received from the store is badly drawn and nad the

... Air Conditioners

I have the following equipment installed in my home Carrier Furnace 58MV Air Con 24APA7 Humidifier SBP Air Purifier GAPAB Carrier Control Infinity SYSTXCC To the problem: I am trying to install a LBP humidifier and the box contents has a warning sheet that states that a pn HN61KQ120 is to be installed. My question is do I leave the wiring in the furnace as is and simply add this part between the wires at the solenoid or do you have to rewire the entire job?

I recommend you to completely DE-INSTALL the SBP Air Purifier GAPA (now own by Carrier) and Carrier Control SYSTXCC -B (Did you leave out the suffix "-B"?)\015\012\015\012Install ... Air Conditioners

I have a fedders a/c heating unit that I have been using for about 10 years without a problem. The A/C is now just blowing out air - no coolness. Do I just need to add Frion or can somethign else be wrong?

When you turn on unit can you hear the compressor kick on or is it just fan . I you can hear compressor kick on then most likely you do need a boost of freon but if you can just hear fan without compressor its either freon or compressor is bad or the ... Fedders A&B Chassis A1A07W2B Air Conditioner

Have a WeahterKing WBEA 14J055FCIA Inside split air system. Last tenant removed the outside compressor. Looks to be a 2.5 ton unit and need to find an replacement outside compressor that will match up. Is there anything still available? Do not think I need to replace entire system.

James if you are able, go on to craigslist and try to find you a used outdoor unit. I have several rentals and craigslist has saved me several times. I bought the last unit , 3 ton, used for $100.00. ... Air Conditioners

I have a Fedders model number c1036bd1v rev:00 the out side part of unit is not working. This happened to me last year around this time and I had it fixed. They replaced the capacitor it was leaking fluid. I took side panel off and look at the capacitor and it leaking fluid again. I have repair people come to look at and fix it. My question is this if it is the same problem again what is causing this to happen? I don't want to keep replacing the capacitor every year.

This NEVER used to happen there is no more quality control. you can replace the the capacitor again and it will work however i would just by a new a/c. they are more efficiant and you will save money in the long run ... Air Conditioners

I have a problem with my 8000 BTU Fedders AC window unit. Error code EE comes preventing the unit from running. What part does this indicate to bad?

... Fedders D Chassis A6D24E7A Air Conditioner

Dear Sir/Madam, I have a 12 years old Goodman split AC. Recently the blower in the air handler was not starting sometimes. I changed the capacitor, but the problem is still there. I guess that the fan relay switch may be bad. Where can I find the fan relay switch for Goodman center AC? The model no for air handler is AW24-05c, the serial no is 9904464660. You help will be much appreciated. Thanks, Sherman

... Goodman Air Conditioners

I have a Maytag M6Y12F2A-B air conditioner. The fan runs, but the compressor does not start. I believe I need to replace the capacitor. This happened last year, and at that time I found capacitors online, but it was the end of the season, so I just packed it away thinking I would fix it this spring. Now when I search online, I cannot find anything for this model. Does this sound like it is the capacitor, and if so, do you have a capacitor for it available (and if so, what is the cost, and h

Hello, here is a link for parts for your ac http://www.appliancefactoryparts.com/aircleaners/climatrol/m6y12f2aay.html yes is sounds like either a bad capacitor or bad temp control switch. If you have a multimeter you can check if tje capacitor i ... Maytag M6Y12F2A Air Conditioner

Have a heat pump mod# 13pja18ao1 r-22 unit trying to fix someone eles bad install . when i got there unit was flat they have alot of old issues with this comp won't kick in only fan even with ajump start kit does this unit have low pressure switch keeping it off diagram shows opt for this unit need to know more steps to take to find out problem

... Weather King 12AJA1801AH Air Conditioner

We have a Fedders Model 080N2D furnace which the blower will not come on in auto or just come on. Where would we even find a manual on this old furnace? or how do we troubleshoot to see where the power problem is?

... Air Conditioners

I have a goodman spliit system clj42-1c. Outside fan does not run. I removed it and gave it power and it came on. Then with fan removed I powered up the unit the compressor hums for a minuite then cuts off but it never seemed that it was realy working. Thear is freon in the system. I need to know if the capasitor is at fault or if the compressor is bad. I am an air craft tech so I have a multimeter and enough know how to find the problem. I just dont want to purchase the wrong part. Can u tell m

If your multimeter has a Capacitance Meteryou can test the capacitor. There are ways to broadly test a ca ... Goodman CLQ36AR49 Air Conditioner

Purchased a 6000BTU AC 2 years ago, and installed it last month. The noise was so bad when we turned it on that we could not operate it. I am told the problem is the compressor. What is your take on it?

Replace it ... Air Conditioners

I have a Fedders Model A7Y15F2B-A,14500 BTU window A/C unit.. I am not sure what is the parts call but I found out part # CBB65A-1 and I have been search it from Ebay or Web didn't find a same one with 45+6uF +/- 5% , 50/60Hz..my question is can i using other different one to replace it? and some cable are burned. can I make my own cable from HomeDepot?? plz help

That is a dual capacitor - 2 capacitors in a single casing. Replace it with 2 separate capacitors , which you can buy here\012\012\012http://www.talonix.com/shop/category.aspx?catid=1Just make sure to match the voltage rating and the pola ... Fedders Y Chassis A7Y15F2A Air Conditioner

Our heat pump is a 1996 model. The past two years we have had to add freeone. Five pounds last year and now two pounds this year. Serviceman can not find the leak. Do you have any suggestions? you can reach me at 620-241-0845 Sincerely, Laurence Sand

You need to get another serviceman or do some investigating your self. Look for oil anywhere around the refrigerant piping, compressor, condenser coil and evaporator coil. Also check to see if there is oil in the box where the electric wires connect ... Air Conditioners

I have a 6 year old Carrier Performance 38yza. Having a problem with heat. First no heat at all heat pump or AUX. Found AUX heat strip were grounded out and have now been replaced. Second no heat pump, Compressor comes on for only 1 to 2 minutes then shuts down. Service call yesterday Tech says no signal from Carrier Programable T-Stat, jumper heat pump, low freon adds. Says T-stat bad, but puts back together. Heat pump works blowing 90 plus degree from vent works great all afternoon and into ni

This sounds like you have a freon leak. Most units never lose freon. So that is one problem that needs to be addressed. Here is some more solutions for you: Other things that will cause or aggravate\015\012ice are clogged filters, bad fan moto ... Air Conditioners

My Coleman powermate generator 6250 won't start. We used it last month when we had a power outage during the coldest of winter weather. We checked the oil, gas compartment and found that there was sufficient amount of each elements in the compartments but during this last power outage last week we tried to run it again and it wouldn't start. Any problems that it may have or can you give me any solutions as to what the problem may be?

Make sure the sparkplug is clean and gapped. Unloosen the float bowl slightly and drain about a half cup of gas out of the bowl. It is possible a little condensation got in to the fuel. Tighten the bowl nut slightly and try to start the generator. ... Air Conditioners

Cant find a tvr14271 varistor or need help with soleus air a/c problems?

... Soleus Air Conditioners

Intertherm I have a package unit that has stated dropping out the cond. fan and comp, but contiues to run the blower motor. when I opened panel I noticed that the contactor will pull in and then drop out . this happens every few mins. The unit did this for the 1st time night before last. When I checked it yesterday morning I replaced the contactor and still had same problem. while checking voltages the contactor pulled in and the unit worked fine all day. then last night the problem returned. I

Check the board for a cold soldered joint. If you can move the spade that the line connects to it should be re-soldered. A cold soldered joint can give intermittent service because it can make contact at one time then loose contact by even a change i ... Air Conditioners

14 years old Vulcan gas ducted heating, always have a problem of gas pressure switch, I had to replace(by myself)every 10-12 months, last one only lasted for only 45 days, what is the problem and how can be rectified.

How often have you serviced the gas burners in the unit during the 14 years?\015\012\015\012I am assuming the problem you are having is the pressure switch cuts in and turns off the heater.\015\012\015\012How do you know the p ... Air Conditioners

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