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I have purchased a freestanding pellet (biomass) stove and am looking for an installer. However, I also need to convince the Dayton building inspector that it needs to be installed in accordance with ASTM E1509 and UL 1482 and follow NFPA 211 for chimneys, fireplaces, vents and solid burning appliances. He is insisting it is a factory built fireplace and must meet UL 127, and also insists that the exhaust be 10 feet from my property line, as it will belch smoke. I know different. Can anyone help

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Call 1-800-total chimney or 203-874-6772
Call the city MECHANICAL INSPECTOR office to be sure...

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I have purchased a freestanding pellet (biomass) stove and am looking for an installer. However, I also need to convince the Dayton building inspector that it needs to be installed in accordance with ASTM E1509 and UL 1482 and follow NFPA 211 for chimneys, fireplaces, vents and solid burning appliances. He is insisting it is a factory built fireplace and must meet UL 127, and also insists that the exhaust be 10 feet from my property line, as it will belch smoke. I know different. Can anyone help

Call 1-800-total chimney or 203-874-6772 ... Dayton Air Conditioners

Problem with the Rinnai RHFE-1004FAP Direct Vent NG Heater * Code 99 (Flue block or venting disconnected) Flue termination looks like its iced up (big ice cycle was hanging from outside vent) Problem noticed early yesterday morning - outside temp was: min= 0 °F max=12 °F today's temp is: min=13 °F max=18 °F Mid afternoon: sunshine on vent melted ice off outside vent - but still get Code 99. Also, 'probed' the outside vent with a 10' Phillips - no ob

Hello\015\012There should be a condensation line connected to the flue running into a pump or floor drain.or possibly a internal heater to disapate it.\015\012\015\012Beacause the heater reuses the gas there is alot of moisture in ... Air Conditioners

When we built our home 6 years ago, Airtron installed a Majestic NVBR36RN vented fireplace system. We had to turn our gas off a while back and never thought about the fireplace until now when we wanted to use it and realized the pilot wasn't lit. Airtron no longer installs fireplaces and was no help other than providing the model number they installed. I contacted a Majestic dealer and they showed me how to light the pilot on a model they had (said they weren't familiar with my model number).

It has a panel hidden under the white fiber hearth bricks at the front bottom of the unit. you need to clean the lava rock off of them, pull both of them up, and then you will see the hidden linear cover that allows you to access the valve and light. ... Air Conditioners

Ive got a DESA vented gas fireplace heater Model CD36RN in which I loose the flame after a few minutes of operation. I would re-lite the pilot , turn the gas valve back to the ON position, the flame will come on once again and will go out after a few minutes to an hour. Also Humidity somtimes appears on the glass inside the fireplace. It's about 3-5 years old and Id appreciate any advice. Thanks Bob

... Desa International Wall/Window Air Conditioner

We just moved into a house with a Superior UVFC-500 gas fireplace. Our pilot will light and burn but the fireplace burners do not ignite. The blower works. There is a key on the wall that says on/off. The key spins freely in both directions - it does not have a positive stop. There is also a switch on the wall. I took the cover plate off and it looks like it has telephone gauge wire attached to the poles. I tried to test for current with a multimeter but I don't get a reading. I may not

... Air Conditioners

Heavy exhaust smell from A/C Solve For the past week and a half I have had a very heavy exhaust smell in my apartment, which seems to... (More) For the past week and a half I have had a very heavy exhaust smell in my apartment, which seems to be coming from the A/C vents. It leaves a bitter taste in my mouth and burns my eyes. This smell also gives me awful headaches. It is stronger right after the A/C kicks on, and right before it switches off. I have a combo Lennox A/C and furnace. I had a mai

If you see oil "oozing from the copper lines (fittings) you can verify if refrigerant is leaking out of the lines using a solution of dish soap and water, spray or wipe the solution on the suspected leak, and if it is leaking it will bubble. if it is ... Air Conditioners

It appears only one of the three burners are burning, ther is also the smell of unburt gas coming from the furnace vent. it's a Payne Plus 90 condensing furnace

Check to make sure your roof vent cap has not come off. This will cause this to happen. If its there, shut unit off, and pull out the burners that are not working. Just push forward and tilt the back end up to remove them. Turn them over and tap the ... Air Conditioners

My wife and I just purchased a home built in 1900. It has two separate HVAC systems, with a package unit downstairs, and a traditional compressor/furnace combo in the upper. Most of the windows are in need of replacement as they allow quite the draft. Also, the original hardwoods are not insulated underneath the house. Everything aside, my problem lies with the package unit downstairs. With the unit turned on there is very little heat coming out of the 2 or 3 vents closest to the unit, and no he

With that large of an opening I would inspect the blower and as much inside the unit as I could get to as there is no telling what might have gotten in there and is obstructing air flow. I would remove squirrel cage and blowere motor and clean thour ... Air Conditioners

I have a wood burning fireplace and i am trying to find out how to work the side and top damper and vent to heat my home

Top damper wide open and bottom damper wide open will burn very hot but too fast if you close the top vent off it will smoke in the house the idea is not to smoke the house but once you have a good fire lit with hot cinders to cut back on the top to ... Air Conditioners

I am living in a home with a carrier furnace. The furnace is in the back part of the house in a store room. It has two- 2 1/2 inch plastic pipes. One that suppplies air to the furnace and the other is venting air out. Both picpes go though an outside wall. Also above the furnace in the ceiling of the room is an air supply vent bringing in outside air through an outside wall. Is there a purpose for having this second vent in the ceiling as it brings in so much cold air into the room & into the ho

As long as the fresh air intake pipe to the furnace is not plugged up the second vent is not needed some homes when they are new are air tight and need a fresh air circulation system ... Carrier Air Conditioners

I bought this thermastat because it says it also works with millivolt, pellet stoves and "FIREPLACES". I have a Honeywell that operates my furnace and A/C so I know how a programable thermastate works. I now have a gas fireplace that has a standing pilot light. When they installed the fireplace they hooked it up to a switch like on a wall, it is dangling over a hook from a wire that is15 feet long and I turn it on and off as I want. I have wanted a thermastate to act like the switch on it's o

A thermostat is nothing more than a temperature actuated switch.A switch breaks a "Hot Wire" going to a load (light,fireplace,fan,etc.) ... Air Conditioners

I have 3 central ac units for my house. 1 for the upstairs and 1 for the west side of house and 1 for the east side of house. just had a very cold night and the east side of house vents smelled like something was burning. Called the fire dept. to check out and they left with answers that it was probably the dust burning off of heater. few days later smelled the order again but a this time it smelled like wire burning this time. rest of house was warm and smelled normal. unit is off on east side

To make sure that there is not a problem with your blower test it on cool. if it runs good. then start the heater on auto and it should be okay. but still supervise the operation for about 5 mins. if you still smell something burning . then call an ... Air Conditioners

I started smelling a faint odor of something burning. My gas wall heater has black soot on one spot on the grill and there is black soot on the roof vent pipe. Can it be cleaned or does it need to be replaced. It appears old, and looking up in the burn chamber there is something black. It appears to be a metal cobustion chamber

With all due respect if you can afford to replace it, I suggest do so. I know our world economy isn't the greatest at the moment, but I fear for your life.So many times these old wall heaters have burned a home down. The burners ori ... Air Conditioners

My air conditioner was barely blowing air out of the vents when i looked down stairs the filter was dirty but only a month old. i also noticed condensation on the pipe with black foam/rubber insulation on it. also a sopt where the rubber was ripped had frost i turned my a/c off but have no ideal what the problem is please help

Hi,\012You have a leak in your A/C unit and the system is low on freon...\012Get a pro to look at it fix the leak and recharge it...\012\012Here is a tip about troubleshooting your air conditioner...There are many ... Air Conditioners

I have model BC36MH fireplace and I want to make it a gas log burning set. I have a gas outlet at the right side of the unit, but I do not know where or how to cut or punch out a hole to get the gas line inside the fireplace?

... Intertherm Air Conditioners

Is it possible to run a fireplace vent (direct vent) not in straight line(horizontally), but about 5" down on a 12" running length, that is in a slope of 34 degree? Anyone can help?

Hello green rose. My uncle had a old stove like you have seen in the western movies with right angle pipeing to the wall of his one room country store. If you use the correct size diameter pipe/duck for your fire place, correct seal for the temperatu ... Air Conditioners

Strong burning smell coming from vents and from inside rheem electric central heat. Smells like rubber burning.

You must have to open it, try to clean it..and check for some eletric cables with short circuit or bad cables burning and overheating...check the motor fan and if it has a bad AC capacitor\012check the photo, and you will have an idea. ... Air Conditioners

I have a 2001 Lincoln Navigator, There is a leak somewhere in the AC, so I understand that's why it no longer blows cold air. What I can't figure out it this. The AC/heater will rarely blow through the vents. I have to be stopped, turn the system off, then press the vent button. As soon as I step on the gas pedal it blows through the defrost again. Also I often get a noise that sounds like a faint horn until I step on the gas. There is a plug I can unplug under the hood to get the noise to

Hi,\015\012\015\012your vacuum accumulator canister may have a crack in it, causing an intermittent vacuum leak, your heater controls run off the engine vacuum, when you step on the gas, the vacuum pressure builds up and causes the vacuum canis ... Air Conditioners

I have a 11 year old, 2.5 ton trane package unit at my home. the tech added refrig 3 weeks ago because the unit was freezing up. coils still freezing up. air coming through vents only getting down to 70f. tech came back last friday. trane said there must be something (trash) in lines. tech evacuated system, purged lines and recharged. air from vent only gets down to 74f now. compressor seems to be working fine. i just thawed coils with water. they were frozen completely.

After the tech added refrigerant, did the coil freeze up after he left, or was it a day or more before it started freezing again and are you running the unit on high cool? You either have a leak, which would usually take some time to leak out enough ... Air Conditioners

I'm getting condensation leakage from the vents in the roof. This is on a ducted system, and it's leaking from the two vents closest to the main blower unit up in the ceiling. It's very high humidity here lately, and the leak usually starts around mid afternoon. Up in the ceiling you can see the drops of condensation forming on the under side of the main blower unit, and also all along the large insulated air ducts. I've got the thermostat set to 24deg, it's usually 30 - 34 deg outside. When I

Two things may need to be done here, one is to insulate the vents in the high humidity/temperature area to isolate them from these high conditions. The second would to install a drain pan under the system to catch any condensation and drain it away. ... Air Conditioners

Mobile home coleman - evcon furnace model EB23B vandalized. I think what is called the Evaporator coil?? (Copper A shape) was taken from the home. All that remains is the blower. Now...was the copper coil for a/c or heat? and isn't there supposed to be some additional heating element that also goes with this furnace used for auxiliary heating that I must replace? I would appreciate any advice as to the parts I must get and possible cost...Thank You.

What a shame! An a coil runs about $500-$600 and an elec. heater kit about $100 plus labor and if the coils are missing then you Will have to replace refrigerant at $20 per lb.. I would replace the unit for about $1000 and t ... Air Conditioners

Circuit board on AC unit at home was replaced, turned on unit and new circuit board burned also burned spots at the same locations as older board? What could be the problems?

You have something in that circuit that's pulling high amps or shorted. You need to determine what is in that circuit fan, compressor, contactor, wiring, etc and fix it first.\015\012Until you fix that you will keep burning up boards. ... Air Conditioners

Transformer and circuit board blown on Nordyne AC this happened suddenly when the a/c has been running fine, also it blows the 3 amp fuse on the circuit board, I replaced with a 10 amp fuse and it ran fine with that. Is there something I have done that would cause the transformer and the circuit board to blow and also the circuit board had NO burn marks on it.

... Air Conditioners

Chemical type smell blows into house through register vents when Goodman GSH 140481 electric heat pump operates. Also loud knocking and shaking in outside unit which also shakes air ducts/vents in ceiling.

Change your filter. ... Goodman Air Conditioners

Daikin split cycle air conditioner FTXD50J heaps of water coming out of interior unit 1. Do I have to unblock drain hole on the interior unit or the external unit. Also dont have any compressed air 2. Also very whistley almost drowns out the TV can I lubricate the bearings? If so what do I lubricate it with and how do I get to them. 3. roller fan on inside unit is all gunked up almost solid with dust Can this be taken out and cleaned some how or how do I get it back to a new condition? many than

You will need to find where the unit is clogged and try and run something up through to snake it out. In regards to the whistling noise, this is usually caused when there is debris that has collected and the air is trying to be sucked through a prev ... Air Conditioners

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