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My Ruud Achiever 90 plus will light and cut out within a minute or so. The display goes to a single dash which indicates an internal fault. What kind of internal fault? Tonight it restarted after 2 ho

\015 There is a list of error codes and the bottom of the list lists a dash as an internal fault. Internal to what? Bd, blower, heat exchanger? Furnace seems to run during the day but in the evening it has a tough time working. Always shows a dash in the display.\015

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My Ruud Achiever 90 plus will light and cut out within a minute or so. The display goes to a single dash which indicates an internal fault. What kind of internal fault? Tonight it restarted after 2 ho

... Ruud UBHC Air Conditioner

We have a mater slave double boiler system. The master boiler will go cold, with no indication of the fault. Only a hard reset(powering off and on) will restart occasionally. Sometimes switching to the slave does a restart. We are also interested in an inexpensive lead lag controller to replace the simple Master/Slave Switch

... Air Conditioners

Fijitsu split Model AOTR12LCC not cooling .Internal unit fan operating but not calling on the compressor to run .Room temp 35deg. Red operation light not on but green light flashes once only then two flashes constantly Do you know what fault this code indicates. John Pocock Ensign Rig32 Electrician

... Fujitsu 12R1 Air Conditioner

I have sabre 25 he plus combi boiler.There is a fault-the heating has stopped.The fault indicator is showing 08.Any help. george

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Worcester bosch greenstar 30 cdi (system boiler with internal diverter valve), problem = after 15 min self diagnostic, boiler fires then dies, fires then dies & then gives a A6 fault code. technical suggest primary NTC fault. not sure as it fired well in service mode.

... Air Conditioners

My honeywell smartfit unit is displaying "F4" with a spanner on the left hand side. Can't find any information to indicate what the fault indicates.

F4 code means that the control valve has jammed. ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

Fault code, CLF, manual restart

Try disconnecting power then power bak up should clear it but it all so needs cleaning ... Air Conditioners

I have an american standard single stage freedom 95 furnace that has a four light code on it indicating an open limit device...what does this mean?

... Air Conditioners

Electra inverter 17 air conditioner no communication fault

... Amana Air Conditioners

Have 3.5 ton scroll compressor, single phase, that will not run. Checked start, run, common windings all ohmed ok. Checked for case ground/short, none detected. Replaced contactor and capacitor with new. Still will not run. Force contactor closed to energize leads to comp and voltage is there, but comp will not kick off. Checked amp draw on incoming line is 4.5 due to only condenser fan running. If comp was locked amps would be very high and if internal wiring were shorted it would show open

Hi!!\015\012\015\012\015\012Wire your compressor the following way, run new wires if needed, forget about bypassing sensors, check electrical terminals to be tight and clean.\015\012\015\0121. Have L1 going straight to t ... Air Conditioners

I have a vitodens 100-w combi boiler and tried to turn the heating on just to give it a working as was advised. However, I have no heat coming to my radiators. The boilers seems to be working as my hot water is fine and no fault displays are being displayed. Have turned it off at the mains and restarted it, but has done no good. Any ideas?

Here's the deal: If your Vitodens 100 has outdoor temperature sensing capability, either built in or via external aftermarket control such as Tekmar or other, and the temperature outside is above warm weather shut down (WWSD), then the boiler will no ... Air Conditioners

Hi, Is it possible that I can source a replacement front flap for a Honeywell ST6400C programmer. I believe the part No is 42009012-001 as indicated on the inside of the flap. Basically the hinged lugs have broken on the flap. Please advise. Kind regards, Steve Wright 07743 129821 [email protected]

... Air Conditioners

A) I am trying to obtain a manual for a model #HWR12XC6-RB air conditioner. Can you send me one via email? B) Although it seem to run, the compressor only seems to run for a minute or two before shutting down for a time. Then it restarts. The temperature display seems to decrease while the compressor is running, and rises again when it is not running. The temperature never seems to aproach the set temperature. C) There are two types of noise I wasn't expecting. One seems to be a kind of klunking

... Haier HWR12XCB Air conditioner

Four loads are connected in series across 110 volt dc. the load fail to operate.a voltmeter connected in succession across each device read 0 across the first three loads and 110 volt across the fourth load.what circuit fault is indicated at the fourth load?

If you have four loads connected in series and after the first load you have 0 volts, it is not possible to have 110 volts at the fourth load. If you have four switches in series, and have the problem you are describing it means that your fourth swi ... Air Conditioners

I have an quite old AC Unit with an 18.6A 230V 60c/s single phase compressor motor MODEL BY0086B112E1 (the sub-lined "8" is badly readable, could be a "3") SERIAL 355350T23 max breaker indicated as 45A (mine is 40A) I probably will need to buy a replacement motor I do not know, as I have no catalogue, if the motor has a Run Capacitor, but I assume this is a 3 HP without RUN, only START capacitor. You surly can get the data. I must choose between buy such new motor or a modern new

It does not look like they still make the motor for this unit, you will want to call GE directly to confirm though. 1-800-626-2005 They are still open yet this evening However you will be better served by calling these folks tomorrow, t ... GE AGQ10AC Central Air Conditioner

LG 3phase ducted CH02 fault (internal pipe thermistor error)- every day. When it comes up the air con shuts off, and takes a few hours to clear itself. Very annoying. I notice though it comes up less if i put the temp setting on 30degC. Any ideas? Also the air con just turns itself completely off every hour or so.

Indoor pipe thermistor is possibly defective, to check it you must know how to use multimeter or just replace the thermistor. ... Air Conditioners

We had a Saunier Duval boiler installed a year ago and it's been nothing but trouble. The latest problem is that the pilot light goes out and you can't restart it unless you turn it on/off at the mains. It's under warranty but because we fix it temporarily like this the engineers cannot find a fault. What can it be?

... Air Conditioners

I have an Edgestar Portable Air Conditioner AP12000HS. The Air Conditioner works wonderful, however I can't get it to heat, I put the Mode Button on red which is supossed to put the heater on, it will run for a few minutes and then shut off and it does not take the chill out of the room I have the unit in, is there some kind if thermostat internally which can be set? The way it runs now does not do me any good as a heater.

The unit has a built in thermostat in the front control panel, this is what maintains the set temperature, it is very likely that this control is defective, all the controls for the unit are contained in the CCU (central control unit) ... Air Conditioners

My Honeywell EMM-3 zone controller system LED is flashing orange, indicating DAT fault. How do I verify the DAT is faulty?

Hi\015\012\015\012Thanks for using FixYa. Perofrm this test--\015\012\015\012Connect DATS Sensor to EMM-3 (optional).\015\012a. Reconnect power to EMM-3.\015\012b. If system is in Pu ... Air Conditioners

External tank Hello, I purchased this product two years ago especially for the climatisation system it was offering, since then, I moved in an other appartment, which is half underground. Now that the summer has begun, I started to use the dehumidifier, which is working perfectly; the only problem is the external tank, which is connected and locked properly, but the water just doesn't gather in there! Do I need to install a kind of pipe or something between the internal and external tanks...?? P

How do I even INSTALL the external tank?!?!? I just hook it on, but there seems to be nothing that actually drains into the tank. Am I missing a part? ... Danby DPAC10031 Air Conditioner

I have an Alpha CB28 combination boiler and it is not working at all. The bottom neon indicator light is flashing every second and the helpline suggests it is a temperature sensor fault. I have had it replaced and it still does not work. It did work for a short time last night when the new part was fitted but today it has not worked. The boiler appears to fire up for a few seconds and then it clicks off again, so the light is only staying on for a short time.

Try tapping the 3 relays on the pcb,"thats the circuit board under the front cover...\015\012it sounds like a dodgy relay thats starts up the pressure fan in next to the flue....\015\012maybe a dry solder joint,maybe a new relay needed... ... Air Conditioners

We have a Halstead Ace High combi boiler with a persistent intermittent fault. ( 3 months.)It keeps going to 'lock out' - Sometimes it can be restarted by resetting but not always. Sometimes while just running the heating but also it will lockout when using the shower. We have had a new PC board fitted and 2 leaks around the manifolds and micro switches have been repaired. Every possible pressure (gas

Hi,\015\012\015\012You need to get a qualified 'Gas Safe' engineer to check the Venturi in the flue, and clean it out. The other thing to look at is the igniters, clean them wirth emery paper as this boier relies on flame rectification (i ... Air Conditioners

My Mitsubishi Mr. Slim heat pump (indoor unit MSZ-A09NA / A-15NA / A12NA / A17NA, according to the operating manual; outdoor unit MXZ-3A30NA) is not providing heat. The left green indicator light blinks when I try to restart it (Breaker, emergency heat operation), so I've turned it off). The problem began when I was clearing the condenser of 3 feet of snow and ice. The fan inside the condenser can move freely. When I sent this question earlier, the wrong model number was in the headline. If heat

Here is the service manual for the model # you gave. http://www.mehvac.com/UploadedFiles/Resource/MSZ-FD09~12NA_S ... Air Conditioners

New airconditioner (installed 5 days ago) not working. Turned it on for first time (after installers's demo)yesterday, left the room after it had been running about 30 min. Returned within 10 min to find it had ceased functioning, timer light flashing orange, power light no longer illuminated. Followed procedure in booklet (flashing power light indicates fault) and error code F99 came up. What can I do (I'm waiting to get intouch with after sales service.)

Do nothing on a brand new unit but let the installer or service tech fix it for free, if you go messing with it you may camoflouge the real problem and when the repair tech arrives he wont be able to observe the actual cause or fault and it will do i ... Panasonic Air Conditioners

What is the internal control fault on carrier gas furnacetont

That would either be a flame rollout or a high temoerature switch going bad. ... Air Conditioners

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