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I am a heating contractor out of Douglas, Mass. The boiler installed 3-5 years ago from Portland Group in Framingham, Ma.is a GT 210 A they do not sell your boiler anymore ( sorry to say )I do like your product. they are not helpful in to get me a out door sensor with a hot water feed sensor for controlling water temp. I think I would need a SV-matic ?? where can I get some answers and your product near me ?? thanks,, jim @ custom plumbing & heating 508-509-7227,[email protected]

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I'm not sure if this is the best option, but it helped me. You can try going to http://www.customcomfortinc.com/. I know you said you're a heating contractor already but I guess it can't hurt to ask.

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I am a heating contractor out of Douglas, Mass. The boiler installed 3-5 years ago from Portland Group in Framingham, Ma.is a GT 210 A they do not sell your boiler anymore ( sorry to say )I do like your product. they are not helpful in to get me a out door sensor with a hot water feed sensor for controlling water temp. I think I would need a SV-matic ?? where can I get some answers and your product near me ?? thanks,, jim @ custom plumbing & heating 508-509-7227,[email protected]

I'm not sure if this is the best option, but it helped me. You can try going to http://www.customcomfortinc.com/. I know you said you're a heating contractor already but I guess it can't hurt to ask. ... Air Conditioners

Hi, I have a ferroli falcon II combi boiler and have a problem with the hot water and heating. The hot water keeps turning cold for a few seconds and the boiler keeps firing up and clicking off all the time you have the hot water tap open. Also the heating gets to temp but then keeps clicking off for 2-3 seconds then fires up again. Have already changed sensors. Can you advise any further Cheers. Reagrds Phill

... Air Conditioners

We have a Worcester Bosch Highflow 400 (10 year old) combi boiler. Over the last few weeks when we have put on the heating the boiler kicks in and fires up and the heating comes on (the water comes on fine too) but the boiler keeps clicking off after a few minutes so the heating goes off (but the water seems to be still on). The radiators remain just slightly warm but we can't seem to get the boiler to stay on. Th heating and water lights are on and it sounds like it is working but the heating k

The by pass pipe may be limed up. This apparently causes a reduced flow which will stop the heating side of the thing working. Call out Worcester Bosch engineer. It costs £210 including VAT and most parts and they almost guarantee to get it wor ... Ruud Matching Split Air Conditioner

Have an oil fired boiler for baseboard heat and it also has a tankless heater for domestic hot water. No heat being called for only getting hot water for use. Boiler goes to 210 degrees before it knocks off. It seem to push hot water through baseboard eventhough not calling for it. The controls are set to high limit 160 degrees

These boilers usually have multiple controls. The control that would take it out of the circuit at 210 degrees is a safety. \015\012\015\012You should definitely have a professional take a look at this unit before you continue using it. ... Air Conditioners

I have a Valiant boiler which supplies radiator heating and hot water. There is an intermittant fault which has occured over the last couple of weeks where there is no hot water coming from the taps and a very low pressure of water coming out of the hot taps. The boiler pressure is okay. Then after a couple of days, it corrects itself, then the hot water goes again. Now it has occurred again over the bank holiday and I am unsure whether to get an emergency boiler engineer or a plumber. Could

Hi,\015\012The problem seems more likely to be a plumbing problem....\015\012I would call in a plumber to chek to see where the blockage is.... there seems to be something stuck in the piping that is causing an intermittent problem... to ... Air Conditioners

I just bought a house that has a Lochinvar heating boiler RB945-RB500 PKG-7002. Ive heard it has never heated the space adequately. Today I looked at the water temp setting in the control box and found that it was set at about 200 degrees. However the best I can tell the actual water temperature never gets above 130 degrees according to the meter on the boiler's side.. What is my problem?

Hi,\015\012Not finding that exact model number...but...\015\012I think what you have is a modulating boiler that also varies the water temperature based on the outdoor temperatures...\015\012Because of that what you are seeing is th ... Air Conditioners

I have Amtrol water heater. Recently I noticed that boiler trying to start several times till it finally starts. I decided to check if it is a boiler or water heater problem and turned on house heating system that was OFF for summer time. Boiler started immediately without any trying atemptes. Looks like it is a water heater problem. My qustion is: what should I change most likely - temp. sensor or temp.control? Thank you. Vlad

That's a good question. What a shop would do, is try one, then, if that didn't work, try the other, in this case- if they had the parts. It's hard to test the sensor correctly, and the temp. control might be intermittent, which means it would sh ... Air Conditioners

Hi, I have a Halstead combi boiler. The Central Heating works OK, but we are not getting any hot water. It cycles between luke warm for a bit and then goes cold. Not sure if it's related but occasionally the heating also stops and this is due to the water pressure having dropped. Turning the pressure back up to 1.5 bar starts the central heating again, but does still not give us any hot water.

... Air Conditioners

Hi l am getting no heating or hot water from my boiler although it sounds as though it is on there is no fault code coming up the 'burner on and load indication' symbol - (15 on the control panel) does not show the 'central heating mode operation' symbol (13) above the 'central heating symbol' (14) is acting as it would if it was on. The boiler sounds like it is on but its isn't. There is enough gas and electric

Hi,\015\012 \015\012Please check the bellow article to have an in-depth idea related to your issue and check the probable causes to troubleshoot your problem that you have men ... Air Conditioners

I have a glow worm boiler. I woke up this morning and the heating was not on and the hot water did not get very hot. The pressure seems to have dropped a little on the dial and the only light that was on was the on button. I then ran the hot water for a little while and the lights illuminated on the rest of the normal buttons however the heating is still not working/coming on.

... Air Conditioners

Installed a grant combi vortex 26e in January. Went back today to drain down and replace some radiator valves with leaking glands etc. When I filled and vented system, hot water fine, pump runs etc. Central heating will not fire although pump running. Pipework around boiler and by-pass very hot. No overheat. pump is free of air and spinning. I think in total I managed to get the burner to fire for on minute on central heating today. Confused. Could the by-pass be stealing all the heat? Could it

... Air Conditioners

Hi, I have Worcester Sentinel x100 boiler and the other night someof the pipes in the house burst and the water pressure dropped in the boiler. I got the pipes fixed but now I can;t get the boiler back on. It won't start back up despite refilling the heating sytem. I am pressing the start/on/off button on teh top of the control panel and have set the seperate control panel to come as manual however there is no blue light showing on the blue start button as normally does when the boile

... Air Conditioners

I have an Ideal Classic boiler but I can't get the central heating or the water to come on. There is no flame? This morning I could hear a fairly loud humming noise. It's Xmas day we have been using it a lot due to the very cold weather. Any advice as to how to get the flame to light or what else to do temporarily? Thanks!

Hi Sally I have had the same problem just before Christmas and i think I have the answer for you. .My service engineer( who is a pretty decent guy) tells me that there is a fault with the fan.and its \342\202\254240 to replace, So, to fix it , wit ... Air Conditioners

My Sime Format 80 c boiler hot water was only working when the heating was on and progressively has got worse to the point you dont get hot water now is it the diverter valve???

... Air Conditioners

I have a large wood stove with back boiler to heat 4 rads in my bungalow but it wont seem to get the water hot enough to heat the rads. the rads are not cold but are far from hot. The fire burns fine, but not hot enough it seems, any ideas?

Make sure that the water level is full and don't forget to bleed any air out of the systen. ... Air Conditioners

Ariston micro genus combi boiler central heating works okay but domestic hotwater fails to rise but burners seem to be lit and the boiler doesnt appear to cycle dhw temp gets to about 30 degrees instead of max 56,baffled thinking temp sensor?

Having found a circuit diagram, realised that the divertor valve was electrically operated.i unplugged this then unclipped the motor from the valve body,the diverter valve is spring loaded and once i'd removed the motor the spring raised the valve to ... Air Conditioners

I have a Honeywell V4073A1039 3 position divertor valve mounted in my airing cupboard controlling the heating/ HW distribution. Currently when switching on the HW and CH the radiators get hot as expected but the HW is only just warm. When switching on the HW only the water still only gets warm. The Boiler and programmer are brand new but the divertor is older. I have removed the cover and noted that the motor is warm despite the system HW and CH being off for some hours and the surrounding pipew

Yes it could be something other than the motor but I think you are right yo start there.Good luck and thank you ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

W hen i put heating on, after a while the pilot goes out, and we cannot re-use again for at least 15mins afterwards. I have to keep the heating on summertime mode, or it cuts out even more regular. The house is getting warm, but only for an hour or so, and the hot water is as normal. I have a Worcester 24i Junior combi boiler. Intalled 1995. The preassure bar is not exceeding 1 1/2 bar on summertime setting, but still pilot light is cutting out.. thanks L.Stivrins.

The pilot goes out due to a defective gas valve, as this is not something i advise the home owner to replace due to danger of fire or explosion call a local heating and air conditioning repair company, check your local phone book for service provider ... Air Conditioners

Boss Therm BRTRF Wireless thermostat problem. Transmitter looks like its working, but BR1 receiver flashes orange for 5 seconds and then nothing. I've replaced batteries in BRTRF, switched them both off for 5 minutes, back on - still same. Boiler (Ferrolli Optimax HE 31 C) seems ok - hot water, but cannot override thermostat control to get heating to come on. Any ideas? It's getting cold in here!

... Air Conditioners

My boiler is in an outside cupboard and a frostat was fitted.My heating comes on at night and in the day when it is cold and I don't want it to as it is costing me alot of money in extra gas usage, plus it is uncomfortably hot at night and the house does not need heating when I am out. It also appears to effect my hot water as this does not get hot when the frostat is overiding the timer. P{lease can you let me know what I can do to fix this problem. I have had engineers out today who have turne

I am not a expert by any means but have a similar problem with an outside boiler, but mine is in a garage. It strikes me that if yours is located in a more confined space you could place a small parafin heater in the cupboard which would raise the t ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

I have an ACL Drayton LP522 Programme timer which has suddenly failed to operate on 'advance'(constant) with heating only. The boiler is an Ideal Classic ff250. I can only get heating with the water switched onto advance or timed. I have checked the wiring, thermostats and mid position valve which all seems well. Are there any tests, advice or diagnostics to help me to identify if the LP522 circuit is the fault, prior to purchasing a new one?

... Air Conditioners

My Honeywell CM67 controls underfloor heating and so has a remote sensor at the water manifold. The problem is that it is using the temperature set on the CM67 it's self. How do I get it to use the remote sensor?

... Air Conditioners

Have an ideal classic llff combi boiler,the problem is the central heating works,but i get no hot water on checking the pressure gauge it shows no-nil pressure on pressure clock can u advise ,can i refill pressure at at top of system where the pump is theres a valve for air was wondering can i pump the pressure up to 1.5 bar from their

... Air Conditioners

I installed honeywell R845A 1030 as per diagram on its cover - hot blk to #1 and circl load to 3&4 and aquastat load to 6&5 putting the blk conductor of both load wires on the odd # terminal i.e. 3&5 -I only have juice across the line conductors and nothing on other two even when system is calling for heat--i took cover off same product someone else installed in this basement [on another identical gas fired hot water boiler] and the hot black was jumped across the 4&5 terminals and the blk cond

@living inthe50's i think that a pictorial representation would be better as one cannot get the exact process.......i would be really better if u could give the diagram ......... ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

I have a Laars Endurance boiler EBP175N. I am getting hot water but no heat. It keeps flashing the temprature and an error code BFT. What should I do?

I'm leaning to the fact that the tank thermostat is burnt out and needs replacing. Could also be the Ignition control lockout! This could be that the relay has procedurally seized up, and might need replacing. if the relay is fine, check the machine ... Air Conditioners

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