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I have a 15 year old intertherm heat pump and the outside unit will not turn on. I can manually close the relay and the fan and condenser turns on. Is the relay bad or can anything else cause the relay to not close?

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I have a 15 year old intertherm heat pump and the outside unit will not turn on. I can manually close the relay and the fan and condenser turns on. Is the relay bad or can anything else cause the relay to not close?

... Air Conditioners

My fan on my heat pump turns off every time the compressor turns on. What could cause this. Could it be a faulty reversing valve? Fan relays? Bad thermostat? I am out of ideas and nothing has worked yet.

... Amana PTH123B35AE Air Conditioner

The dometic roof ac humms when rv is on 110 ac unit was under warranty dometic sent a complete control board I changed control and stil have problem just like before. Dometic said one of the relays was welded or burnt out or closed which is causing the problem. unit works just doesnt stop humming when turned off .Not likely two bad control boards?? Mod.9597.....

Not likely but possible. if they already had one bad board what's to say their production methods have changed since they made your last bad board. I have just had 6 bad compressors from this chinese company danfoss in one month! for only 2 freezers ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

I have a Goodman Split Air Conditioner and the outside condenser fan was not working. relay tested ok breaker wasnt tripped, then discovered 1 leg of the 220 line was out. Replaced the breaker, cleaned the unit turned it on, cooled the house 2 degrees then it stopped working. Turned the stat off ,pulled the 220 block waited 10 minutes, turned it back on and it is currently running. Can the relay and/or start-run cap behave in this kind of intermitent way ?

Run cap may be badthumbs up ... Air Conditioners

I have a Trane XE 1100 Heat Pump. It is not cooling. My air handler blower works. The outside fan does not. I changed out both capacitors. When you turn unit on you can hear the relay activate. Then only a hum. Is the fan motor bad or the relay? How do i test? The light on the module blinks once a second which is normal operation. Thanks

Probablly the fan. Do this test. Move the fan side to side. and up and down. Any more than 1000ths inch play and that motor is bad. When the bearing gets thin the rotor will rub the stator and lock up. This is called polling out. If the motor is stif ... Air Conditioners

My toyotomi OM-22 type C quit. The blower fan will not come on causing the EE-12 code due to overheating. The fan is not frozen as it will spin freely when you touch the blades. Not sure if the blower fan is shot or something that turns it on is bad.

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Hi, I have Samsung AQ18U Air conditioner split unit, i have it installed only 10 days ago, and the warranty as bad as possible, the problem description as follows: 1- i turn it on it works for approxmitly 30 to 40 minutes 2- then suddenly it closes the fan exit and a green light flashes from the smart saver indicator. 3- i turn it off , then turn it on and the cycle repeats again. Please any one help me

Change the thermister ... Samsung AS18A6RB Air Conditioner

When I turn on my ac, the fan inside the condenser does not turn. It will turn freely by hand so it is not locked up. What could cause this and how can it be fixed?

Hi,That is probably just a bad capacitor...that is what gives it the kick to get it going...Here is a tip about troubleshooting your air conditioner...There are many things that can cause your air cond ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

When i turn my a/c (goodman) to auto and to cool, nothing is working.and when you go outside by condenser unit and manually push the relay in it trips the circuit breaker. is there any short somewhere or am i not supposed to do that. also i found a blue wire thats connected to the relay had been caught between the covers that have chafe through. is this wire for a thermostat and had cause something not to work. these wires are connected to a small red & white wire. any info would helpful. th

First stop pushing the contactor in if it tripped the breaker than you have a short and it need to be checked out the small wires are the t-stat wires could have shorted the control tranformer have the system looked at by your hvac people dan ... Goodman Air Conditioners

I have a Duo Therm unit on the roof of our 1995 Nomad camper trailer. I think the contactors are stuck closed..here is why. When the AC unit satifies the thermistat, the fan turn off, but the compressor (Humming sound)keeps running...until I hit the AC 15 amp breaker. Even if I put the thermistat up passed the current temp, the compressor still keeps running. Where are the contactores / relays? Shal I take the cover off, and start looking around? I would expect a low voltage relay for the thermi

You can get a manual for this in the library section of the Hi-Lo Trailer Forum. I know this isn't a Hi-Lo but the AC unit is the same. www.HiLoTrailerForum.com ... Air Conditioners

Air Handler: I have two 24V supply lines one from the transformer the other, I think from the condenser fan. Both wires are connected to a relay which operates the indoor blower. When the 240V power supply is turned on I get a buzzing sound from the relay. Can anyone help me with this problem. Mickey

You have 24 volts from the indoor thermo to the transformer in the air handler then 24volts from air handler to the contactor when this is energized it goes to 240 volts to run the compressor and outdoor fan. Sounds like the contactor is not enegizi ... Air Conditioners

My Central AC condensing unit will not start up but the air handler is running. I can engage the switching relay and the compressor and condensor fan kick in and run. I think it is either the switching relay or the capacitor. If I'm correct, how do I determine which is the cause of my problem?

It is the relay. THe capacitor doesn't control both the compressor and the fan. (Some use the same capacitor but it is seperated internally and usually one or the other will still start) This part should cost around $20 Buy whatever they have as l ... Air Conditioners

I have a White Rogers 8A18Z-2 for my Evap cooler. Is the fan relay open for low speed and closed for High Speed or the other way. When i start the cooler high speed starts and then in a second it goes to low speed. I think the relay has gone bad. Thank You, Bob

Ya its open for the low speed it will not sto till u switch off the mwchine no probs u can enjoy it happyli ... Air Conditioners

I have the Nano Max cfi 14000e. Worked good for 5 years 3 months. When turned on seems as if compressor comes in, fan goes high and compressor kicking out and fan back to low. No signs of any fluid leaks, is this a staarter relay type problem, bad compressor.

... Amcor 14000 Portable Air Conditioner

I have a heat pump and a new condenser Payne made by Carrier was installed 7/12. My problem is I live in east coast and I notice that the condenser is on but the fan doesnt turn on in synch with condenser. Called a contractor but they said it is motor problem in the blower and it was changed. That didnt solved the problem,I notice that the condenser will turn on and the fan will turn on maybe after 10 min.Need some advice pls.. t

... Air Conditioners

Condenser fan will not turn on, although I can hear the relay click. This is a Goodman 3.5 ton unit about 12 yrs old.

Is the compressor running? If not then check the disconnect or fuses. If it is then make sure the fan turns freely and check the fan capacitor. Replace it if it is bad. If the capacitor is good then check the fan motor windings and replace the fan mo ... Goodman CKL42AR42 Air Conditioner

Had a Goodman heating unit installed in Oct. 2009. Recently tried to turn ac on .but no action. Installer returned and hooked up some wiring which got fan working but no cold air. The outside compressor worked only when I manually closed the relay. What cculd be the problem.?

It sounds like the outside condenser wires are still not hooked up correctly or there is a problem with the 24v electrical inside the unit. Describing what you have, I'm just banking on the connections. Now, if you have a heat pump system, there will ... GE AJCQ08ACB Air Conditioner

My very old carrier 38 GR just twitches the contactor a few times every 2-3 seconds. Barely enough to cause the fan to move a quarter turn. If I jump the 29v coil supply from the control relay to the main contactor it starts and runs fine for an hr or as long as I leave it jumped. This is not an open hi or lo pressure switch. The transformer secondaries are all good. Does that leave me looking for CPCS board 38GR503344kK ? Thanks, Dan

... Carrier Air Conditioners

I have a remote comfort control with 3308448.004 relay board. Press Heat button to turn unit on and it does NOT turn on. Have 115VAC to the relay board and have 12VDC to remote control reciever. Sounds like the remote control reciever is bad?? Can I switch my system to the "wired" control system without changing the relay board? I assume it is possible that the relay board is also bad. Is this a common fault with these units?

... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

Blower fan stays running. Fan relay attached to small circuit board (coil tabs [timer?]). Capacitor on small circuit board had ''fallen out'' of ic board. Tried to get replacement board, and was sold just a standard relay - told that relay alone replaced the previous relay -and- circuit board configuration (?). Problem still exists (no change). Also changed thermostat just to eliminate as a possible cause, but seems like problem must be in the fan relay area. Question about the wires attache

... Carrier Air Conditioners

I have installed a UPM model THM101B thermostat on my Intertherm model E3EB-015H electric furnace. I wanted the feature of turning the blower "ON" without the heating elements. I picked up the green 12v for the fan relay. Once the power is restored the furnace comes on even though the temp setting is low and the only way I can turn the furnace off is by disconnecting the green fan relay wire? The jumper has been properly set in the new thermostat for electric furnace operation.Right now I feel t

... Intertherm Air Conditioners

The fan on my central ac will not turn off when I turn off the thermostat - keeps running. I think it is the fan relay possibly? Model is 38CK048 - does anyone know the relay part # and repair manual

Did you change the stat ? try that first ... Carrier 38CKC042 Air Conditioner

I have a goodman Air conditioning unit CKL49-1. The fan motor connects to the top lid. Recently the metal cracked and broke and the fan fell down inside. I purchassed a new lid mounted the fan back on to the lid. It doesnt seem that any major damage was caused. I put everything back together the way it was. When I turn it on it will only go on for a sec then a switch inside turns it off. When i looked at the electrical on the ac i noticed when i turn it on a little spark on a switch and the swit

Sounds like it is overloading and tripping the circuit breaker (that thing that pops up). More than likely when the fan fell down it stopped the blade from turning which caused the motor to overheat, melting the windings insulation which caused them ... Goodman CKL49AR49 Air Conditioner

Turned on the a/c for the first time this year and no fan. The compressor turns on but no fan. The fan works when turned to heat and t-stat cranked up. This is a BDP CO. 2085C02135. Is there a relay or limit switch that only works with cool?

Depending on the thermostat you have, there may be an issue there. Some stats have a subbase that controls the fan for AC. I would like to know the model of your stat ... Air Conditioners

Condenser fan turns slowly and then compressor shuts down

Clean bushing and allign them very well. ... Frigidaire FAS155K1 Air Conditioner

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