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We have recently moved to a new home. We have water leaking into a ceiling, above which, in the attic is a WeatherKing air handler/electri furnace that works in conjunction with the central air system. Are you familiar w/ WeatherKing? Is this something we can repair or do we need an electrician or a plumber to help?

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Drain is prolly plugged.It should be something you can repair.its a plastic pipe coming out of the coil.you will need a coupling to put in it if you have to cut.If this is more of a project than you want to take on,call a hvac tech.good luck

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We have recently moved to a new home. We have water leaking into a ceiling, above which, in the attic is a WeatherKing air handler/electri furnace that works in conjunction with the central air system. Are you familiar w/ WeatherKing? Is this something we can repair or do we need an electrician or a plumber to help?

Drain is prolly plugged.It should be something you can repair.its a plastic pipe coming out of the coil.you will need a coupling to put in it if you have to cut.If this is more of a project than you want to take on,call a hvac tech.good luck ... Air Conditioners

I have a Rheem CLassic 10 Seer Heat Pump Model Number is RPKA-035JAZ I'm not familiar with certain terminology, but basically, it seems as though the unit is not cooling down the house anymore. It is just blowing air. The thermostat is not on "Fan", it is on "Cool". The central air system is not on "Auto" but "On" for continuous cooling. The temperature is on 65 degrees but not change has been made. It's not hot in the house but it certainly isn't cool and it feels as the there is less air p

Hello my name is Heath it will be my pleasure to assist you. The auto or on switch is the fan switch put this on auto. Then on the thermostat set it to cool and turn the thermostat down and the outside unit should come on and the house should cool d ... Air Conditioners

We are having a problem with the central air. The thermostat was replaced with a regular house thermostat. Now the air conditioner stays running until it trips a breaker. When the breaker trips, it is not because there is an overload of things running at the same time because we dont usually run much during the day. It usually runs fine at night; much better than in the daytime. Today, we cleaned the breathers/filters on top of the camper thinking that there might be a build up or something m

Breakers are thrown by the build up of heat. And over time breakers do get weak try changing your breaker. Use the same size its plenty big. be careful and dont get bit by the electricity. ... Air Conditioners

I have a hunter model 40135 electronic thermostat i want to use on a carrier central air when i hooked it up and turned it on the cold air came out of the unit outside something is running the wrong way i have three wires red-yellow-green what will i have to due to get it to work thank you for your time larry taylor

Hello,\015\012\015\012Red to the thermostat RH or thermostat RC terminal with a jumper \015\012wire between thermostat RH and thermostat RC. Or Red to the \015\012thermostat R terminal which i ... Air Conditioners

Every year i get my central air unit serviced and they add R134a refridgerant to it. i was wondering how hard it is to do this, i change all my filters in my furnace and air flow is good, i just can't see spending $60 an hour for something i can prolly do myself.

Ok first off you will need to know the expansion rates of refrigerants vs. temperature rise and gain. Next you need to know some algebra to equvilate what said pressure should be by temperature and type of refrigerant. Next you will have to find a pl ... Coleman Air Conditioners

Carrier 38CKC060370 Trouble Shooting Issue: My wife said she heard a big boom in the attic area, and that something knocked out the power up stairs. I replaced a bad breaker in the garage that was feeding the attic lights, but not associated with the furnace or anything else having to do with the Central Air System that I can tell ? Nevertheless, I have verified the the outside condenser and inside units are all receiving power. However, the A/C has not come on since restoring power ? Any ideas

Hello,What exactly knocked out the 2nd fl power?Go in the attic and check the blower unit there it might have fell down fron the roof joists(beams). ... Carrier 38CKC036 Air Conditioner

My central air is not cold. I have fuse boxes in the basement. Could it have something to do with the fuses? If so, how do i tell if the fuses are good and how to change them

Most of the time if you have old time delay fuses there will be a clear sight port on the front of the fuse if it looks burned you need to replace fuse. If you have a breaker which is very common in new home and updated homes look at the breaker if i ... Air Conditioners

There's a buzzing sound coming from my central air conditioner unit outside. The fan is quiet but I hear a buzzing sound. Should that be happening? Sounds like there's something loose.

Things that are not broken: The big relay that powers the compressor often hums or buzzes when the unit is running. Several brands of heat pumps keep their reversing valve "on" any time the thermostat is set for "cool". They buzz, too.\015\01 ... Air Conditioners

It is 110 degrees out, we have set the central air for 70 but we can not seem to get the temp under 74 degrees, the unit is always running is it just too hot out for the unit to keep up, or is something wrong with the unit

You probably hit the nail on the head. You are currently getting 36 degrees difference in temp. That's pretty darn good. Most units would struggle with that. Running all the time is usually an indication that the unit could be somewhat undersized ... Whirlwind FH-778 Air Conditioner

The central air in my house is running and cooling pretty good, but after working for a while, the fan starts to make a noise. Do you think it might be the bearings or something. I tried to take of the fan blade to check the bearings but it difficult to take off. I will be happy if someone can advice me on how to solve this problem.

Hi,\012You are correct... it probably is the bearings.\012Sometimes you can get oil into them, but often that is a very temporary fix..\012I would replace the motor , they often do fail...\012\012Here is a tip about trou ... Air Conditioners

Need to change a broken blower motor in RUUD central air unit. Old central air blower motor (GE electric) was connected with brown and orange wire to 15 MHD capacitor. Another orange wire from central air unit connected to orange motor wire on capacitor. Black wire from motor (Hi Speed) connected to central air unit. Blue and red wires not connected. New motor is an AO Smith FD6000A. Has Black, brown/white, brown, blue,yellow,red, white and black wires. Need to connect to a 5 MHD capacitor. M

On the motor should be a diagram detailing the wires. brown white goes to either side of the capacitor and brown wire to other side of capacitor. hi speed goes to normally open contact on the indoor fan relay and the wire designated common on the mot ... Air Conditioners

Central air I run two central air systems the one upstairs was working fine, but not the fan keeps running the central air shuts off but the fan continues.. Is this my theromostat

Most thermostats have a setting for the fan called, "manual". That keeps the fan on continuously. The electronic thermostats can fail in a "fan on" condition. That would require a new thermostat. I also saw one air conditioner with a fan relay we ... LG LWHD1800R Wall/Window Air Conditioner

I just had a Rudd 92-102363-01-27 furnace installed in November. Now I'm trying to turn on my central air and nothing! Its gotta be the fan? and where is it please and thank you!

... Air Conditioners

Our Carrier central air is unresponsive, nothing at all, no noises, air handler and condenser unit will not turn on, please help me before I lose more weight in my 150 degree attic. The serial # for the air handler is 0695803341 and the product # on AH is FB4ANF030000ACAA / we only have central air, system is not connected to any heat source Early sunday morning I turned the T stat to the off position, when i came home a few hours later I turned it back to the on position and nothing at all, no

I think you need to slow down and start fresh. \0121) You have 115v at Transformer-You are reading from Red to White\012 on windings?\012\0122) If that checked out OK are you reading 24v out of Transformer?\0123) If ... Air Conditioners

We have had a coleman central air system for 5 yrs. It stopped blowing cold air into the house about a week ago. You can still here it running but no air is coming out. my husband replaced the fuses and over night it did the same thing so when my husband went to check out the unit outside he said that the line had ice on it. Is there a filter within the central air unit that needs replaced?

Ice is an indication that the refrigerant is not flashing off correctly in the evaporator coil. In most cases you can simply turn the unit off (until it completely thaws inside and out) and replace the filter. Make sure that all the vents in the hous ... Coleman Air Conditioners

Compressor I have a air condition unit that blows out cold air for a little while and then the air in neither cold nor hot. I had someone come and check it out and they said the compressor was bad. Is that really the problem or could it be something else? The model I have is Intertherm T3RC-042K. I just don't want to have to spend that much money on fixing the compressor and that is not the problem. If it is the problem, is it something that can be done yourself or does a professional need to do

If the unit does blow out cold air for a few minuets then quits it could be a low pressure cut out that will turn off the compressor because the unit is low charged mening there is a leak in the sealed system i would get a second opinion and show th ... Intertherm P3RA-042K Air Conditioner

Bryant furnace I have a Bryant forced air furnance series 3C-G serial # 44Y 368450 model # 125-394U upflow and model # 125-394C The furnance or central air is not coming on to run. The breaker has not been tripped the pilot light is lit and when I turn the thermostat I here it click but the furnance or central air does not come on to run. Can you help me with a solution to to get it running?

... Air Conditioners

I have a carrier weathermaker 9100 air conditioner / furnace. When the ac is running, water from the evaporater coil doesn't drain. It builds up around the colil and leaks all over the floor. I took apart the drain tubing sections and blew air through tehm with an air compressor. Some crud came out and I thought it would take care of the problem. It worked for a short time and now does it again. Is there something I am missing? Could there be something else that needs to be cleaned? Any

Most likely you will need to pull the coil to clean the drain pan area around the coil ... Carrier Air Conditioners

We just turned on our central air conditioner last night. today the temp of the house was 80 degrees. someone in the household placed the tempature on 70 degrees cool on auto. we have not felt any air coming out of the vents. the central air unit is running. any idea why this happened. our thermstat is not programmable.

Did you hear the indoor unit running (the fan blowing)? If so, there's a good chance that either the filter is plugged or more likely, the evaporator coil is iced up and preventing any air from flowing into the dwelling.\015\012\015\012T ... Air Conditioners

Where can I find a manual for my coleman cam II central air conditioner for a mobile home? I recently purchased the mobile home and would like to know what steps to ntake to make it work at its best. Also, I find it puzzling that the air filter is set on top of the unit inside the mobile home. It looks to my limited knowledge of central air, as if someone set the filter on top of the unit because they did'nt know the correct location placement. Can you provide any comments or advice? Thanks

Check the website for Coleman/Intertherm for a manual, you will need the model and serial numbers of the unit. The filters for these typically sit on top of the unit, some come with frames, some lay directly on the coil. If you can't find a manual on ... Coleman Air Conditioners

I have a goodman capf 181A5BA unit which is suppose to be heat and central air but the central is not working how do I turn on the central air part of the unit there is a yellow turn switch on the side of the unit attached to the pipe what is that for.

Did you switch the thermostat to the cooling mode, and turn the temp setting down?\015\012The yellow turn switch? must be a aftermarket addition.\015\012The power must be turned on the the furnace or air handler and also to the outdoor un ... Air Conditioners

Central air conditoner unit doesnt blow cool air into home has some ice on the inlet heat and cooling lines going into the central air unit

Change the furnace filter. Make sure you use a cheap one when air conditioning, as the better ones restrict airflow when they filter out so much stuff and then plug up, not allowing enough air to pass over the cooling coil in the furnace's air plenu ... Carrier Air Conditioners



WE live in ND and have an Amana furnace that is 30 years old. We also have a Central air unt. OUr central air unit started coming on today when our furnace kicks on. Can you tell me why, it was 24 deegrees here today.

That would only really happen due to one of two things.\015\012\015\012A bad thermostat.\015\012\015\012A stuck relay. If the relay to the AC is stuck closed then it would come on whenever power goes through to the furnace. ... Air Conditioners

Locating Ruud Central Air drain pan?? Water has started dripping through the ceiling from the Ruud Central Air Unit...can't find drain pan?

The drain pan is physically inside the indoor unit.\015\012\015\012grab a 1/4" nutdriver and open the bottom service panel your coil and drain pan is there, you won't be able to remove the coil properly but you could see if the system is ... Air Conditioners

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