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... Fujitsu Air Conditioners

I have a ducted sanyo split system. The model number is SPW-C361GH5TU. The unit in the ceiling stopped working about 4 weeks ago. The outside compressor would start up but stop after a short period of time. I managed to get a technician to work on the unit. He said it was the PC board. It took two weeks to get the part but when it was fitted, the unit still didn't work and the technician told me the problem was with the fan motor. Another two weeks have elapsed, and he now tells me it will take

You can order the part from link below.:--\015\012they provide quick deliveries:--\015\012http://www.jpcparts.com/103-546-8441.html\015\012\015\012you can p ... Sanyo Split System Air Conditioner

I was sent a new cord for a 3 liter stainless steel fryer. This cord did not fix the problem. This fryer has worked for a very short period of time after purchase. It quit. I waited literally months for the new cord. Still doesnt work! It si time you replaced this unit. I have more than been patient.

... Air Conditioners

Where do I start? Firstly "It" never worked from the day it was installed, Then one technician came out and got the heating cycle going after taking Circuit board away and re-soldering some connections and said it was fixed.... The next Technician that came got both cycles going but Jet stream suddenly stopped ??? And Now I have had a "Mouse" climb in the back of the unit through the Plumbing hole and chewed one thin grey wire going to the thermostat sensor and dammaged a thin yellow wire a

Hello Bob,Thanks for using FixYa.I suggest that you try to contact and A/C technician. Trying to post your issue here wont help much. If some mouse messed up the wiring you should be able to easily put the wiring back by just ... Air Conditioners

I have a Tempstar model NFCP3600A1 (style # FCP3600A) ICP Heat Pump. Starting last week, the unit kept heating well over the set temperature. I swapped out the thermostat thinking it went bad, but it still continued heating and the "off" wouldn't work at the new thermostat either. Next, I checked for shorts in the thermostat wires and they seemed OK. I then replaced the TI 26FC-2 circuit board. Once the unit heated the house to the set temp, it continued running up to 75 degrees. "Off" and lowe

... Air Conditioners

We have a Vulcan ducted heating unit model HX100, recently we have experienced problems with the unit where is it not heating the house, the unit goes on but blowing cold air. We have had a couple of technicians to repair it and still not working. One fixed the switch pressure & the other the flame sensor connection. We have been advised that we may need a new unit or repair the board. As we have an illness in the family, we would like to know whether we need to purchase a new unit as p

\015\012We had the same problem with our carrier heater 4 year or so ago. We had a technician and electrician try to resolve the problem. What the tech suggest was to replace the main component ... Air Conditioners

I have an Alpha CB28 combination boiler and it is not working at all. The bottom neon indicator light is flashing every second and the helpline suggests it is a temperature sensor fault. I have had it replaced and it still does not work. It did work for a short time last night when the new part was fitted but today it has not worked. The boiler appears to fire up for a few seconds and then it clicks off again, so the light is only staying on for a short time.

Try tapping the 3 relays on the pcb,"thats the circuit board under the front cover...\015\012it sounds like a dodgy relay thats starts up the pressure fan in next to the flue....\015\012maybe a dry solder joint,maybe a new relay needed... ... Air Conditioners

Hi, I have a 1.5 ton Coleman Central AC for almost 9 years now. The AC stopped cooling one day. The fan is still working, and I can still hear the compressor "compressing" but no cool air. Does that mean that it is not a compressor failure? A technician tried to put refrigerant into it, but it won't absorb. He still wasn't able to fix it. I just wanted to know if I should spend more money to get more technicians to try to fix this, or if this is a classic compressor failure problem, then

Hello,the problem of the AC system is a little thing that can be fix up in a little time the fan is OK and the compressor is also in good condition base on experience and also collection of date from your statement however, w ... Air Conditioners

We have a GE Zoneline Heat / Cool Model 2800 (with Heat Pump Model 3800). The blower works but no heat. The A/C works fine. My brother works for Marcone Appliance parts. He removed the housing to the control board, and suddenly the heat started working. It stopping the next day. We replace the control board, but no go...it still won't heat. What could be the problem?

... Air Conditioners

I have just fitted an fuji electricAWF18ui. the machine faulted within 10 minutes of first running. a technician was dispatched and said that the vacuum wasn't done for long enough and that moisture was in the system causing the machine to fault. he vacuumed an regassed and the machine worked for 3 days. the technician was recalled when the machine stopped working. he again re-gassed after vacuuming and the machine worked for 4 hours. the 3rd time he came he said the problem was still moisture i

It may be defective As your Quarranty has not expired better refer this problem to supplier. ... Air Conditioners

Amana heat pump was working fine. Inside blower still working, outside condenser has 230 at contacts and 24 volts at time delay. unit will run if contacts pushed in by hand. high and low pressure switches are made. not sure about time delay, defrost board or defrost relay. i can by pass all the controls and it operates in cool mode for now. what five devices is most likely to be defective?

Time delay bad Tom ... Air Conditioners

We have a FERROLI F30 combi boiler and our DHW runs hot and cold, the boiler is working ok. But when we turn on the hot water tap to run a bath, the water gets hot for a short time before running cold again, we then have to knock off the tap and run it again {normally by running the hot water tap in the wash hand basin until its hot before transfering then to running the bath tap} sometimes it works and other times it doesn't Please can you tell us whats wrong and how to fix it?

Did you find a solution? ... Air Conditioners

Lennox Elite Model # CB30M-65-4P I had my A/C fixed while back because the freon lines keep hitting each other from the vibration which causes a leak in the line every 6 months to a year and since then my heater does not work. It will not blow heat only cold air. It was working just before repair. I bought the home 2 yrs ago. can you also suggest what I might could do to keep the freon lines from hitting each other? because4 this is the last time they will be able to repair it next time I

The copper the big line should have a insulating foam wrapped around it called rubetex which eliminates any rubbing. They should never be that close also. Now is this unit a heat pump? ... Air Conditioners

Had a PF code, unplugged the 4 pin probe connector and plugged it back in and fixes that problem until next PF code.....often. Ran perfect for a couple hours and turned it off for the night, when I restarted it the next morning the top blower works but the compressor nor the exhaust fan come on. I have emptied the tank, cleaned the filters, started and restarted, let sit for 10 minutes several times and tried again...compressor doesn't start nor the exhaust fan. The top blower works when on AC,

Hi,Here is a tips that I wrote\012that will help to explain why you get the PF Error CodePF\012Error Code for Appliances\012hea ... DeLonghi Pinguino PACL90 Portable Air Conditioner

I also have a grunaire dual zone mini-split that doesn't work worth a ****. I've had it looked at multiple times and had freon r410a added twice and still nothing. Without the high side - how do you know if you put too much or not enough. I also have a long run on one system being over 25ft from the compressor so its a longer run - but that one at least worked for a moment - the short run - never worked. Get the FC fault consistently on one unit - other unit just doen't blow cool - how do yo

An FC fault on a Grunaire is typically a defective PFC board in the outdoor unit or a Grossly overcharged system, where the drive cannot overcome the standing pressure to start the system up...the ONLY CORRECT way to charge one of these u ... Air Conditioners

I have a 10 year old Mitsubishi mxz 325v Multi unit airconditioner that is on the blink. The local service company has been trying to fix it since August and even with the assistance ? of Mitsubishi Tech Support they still are not confident they know what the problem is. So far the following parts have been replaced after dicussion and even an attendance by a Mitsubishi Technician from Tech Support. Main Board and Noise Filter Outdoor Main Board Relay Printed Circuit and Power Monitor Bo

Sadly this is a poor service without a proper sincere logical advice. To spend $2500 for a 10 year old set is surely too bad , as they have finally almost constructed a new set except the body/condensers.\015\012In the first place ... Mitsubishi Air Conditioners

Have old Amana gasfurnace combo unit. Has Natural gas to it. First the diaphram went bad so i replaced it. Also replaced ignitor when the diaphram did'nt fix it. It cycles 3 times and locks out. If I remove exaust fan hose while it's cycleing then the gas valve will open other wise never will. if I shut it off and wait a very short time it will relight automatitly. If I wait to long it's back to 3 cycles and lock out.I'm thinking maybe the board at this point

Check the exhausthose or pipe cand check for restrictions ... Air Conditioners

The 5 amp fuse was blowing on my old circuit board. I was able to get the furnace to work if I pushed down on the black transformer, this indicated to me that I needed a new circuit board. I replaced it and the fuse is still blowing. Where do I go next??

Hi,The fuse blowing indicates that you have a high current draw or a short somewhere in the system.The first thing I do when I get this is unhook the t-stat wires to isolate the furnace and see whether the problem is internal to the furna ... Air Conditioners

Carrier 36K wall unit. Lost remote control. Bought new remote from local Carrier dealer. New remote does not control unit. Technician replaced circuit board in unit, but remote still does not control unit. What to do??? Buy circuit board and remote together that are known to work with each other??? Help, thanks!! Evans Bell

Buy circuit board and remote together that are known to work with each other (sic) I think you have answered your own question.. very sagacious.\015\012\015\012To my mind that;s really all you can do. I am surpri ... Carrier Air Conditioners

I have a 15 ton carrier gas pack at work with inducer motor and spark igniter with hall senser ..showed error 6 flashes on igc board which the drawing said was inducer motor or hall senser problem..replaced both..they were old and rusty..error still there..inducer runs for 1 to 2 minutes..times out starts over again..no ignition..cannot here gas valve solonoid/coil click..checked igniter and flame senser cleaned..but they looked great ..no cracks anywhere..replaced heat exchanger 2 years ago..pr

... Carrier Air Conditioners

I have an 8 year od York furnace model P1XUC20N09501C 90%. The problem is the ignitor comes on, the left burner lights, but the other burners won't light. I can light the other burners manually with a lighter and the furnace works fine. My furnace repair guy was at my house and told me to remove all the burners and clean the ends of them. I took the first one out next to the one that lights and cleaned it. (What a challenge and time consuming) It still won't light. Obviously after the rema

... Air Conditioners

We had a new Carrier Weathermaker Infinity Gas Furnace installed in our home on 9-21-99.The Carrier people said the furnace was in good condition this past October.But prior to that as of April 2010 the furnace started sending up really cool air. Was told by the Carrier serviceman that the Controlboard was running on high and low at the same time also found the Board fired.Then NO HEAT. Got a new Controlboard installed,that didn't work Still NO HEAT.Was told furnace needs a model Plug that was

... Air Conditioners

Loaded freon around noontime and a/c was working fine. Went to fitness center for an hour and when I started the car the a/c console did not come on. At home check the fuses on the door panel and replace it but no luck. Even the fuse under the hood. Change the mg relay no help. But shorting it as per book instruction the a/c came on but still no lights. So whats the next step?

Resetting the ac system might help,I don`t know what year make,or model.If the ac system senses a problem,it will cut itself off until the problem is found,unless the ac/heater control has gone out.Depending on what kind of vehicle this is,removing t ... Air Conditioners

Problem with my Frigidare air condioner the model# is FAM156R1A. Not sure if the pc board needs to be replace? im unable to change any of the settings. I've reseted it and it dosen't fix the problem. Basically none the buttons are there work, but my ac still blows cool. its just stuck on the same everytime.

Yep sounds like the main control ic on the board is bad, replace it. ... Frigidaire FAM156R1A Wall/Window Air Conditioner

Rheem-Gas Furnace I have a gas furnace that will not ignite. I have attempted many times to start/ignite it using the manual suggested sequence, and I have been unsucessful. In diagnosing the problem(s) the technicial manual flowchart suggests that I replace the vent pressure switch. How do I not know I need to replace the igniter. What tests can I do to ensure it is.If I let a proffessional trained technician perform the work, How much should I expect to spend?

It may be a little difficult to diagnose if you don't have a volt/ohm meter to check the switches with, but I will try to help what I can.\015\012\015\012The first thing to check is the pressure hose from the vent fan to the pressure swit ... Air Conditioners

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