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Need to change a broken blower motor in RUUD central air unit. Old central air blower motor (GE electric) was connected with brown and orange wire to 15 MHD capacitor. Another orange wire from central air unit connected to orange motor wire on capacitor. Black wire from motor (Hi Speed) connected to central air unit. Blue and red wires not connected. New motor is an AO Smith FD6000A. Has Black, brown/white, brown, blue,yellow,red, white and black wires. Need to connect to a 5 MHD capacitor. M

Answers :

On the motor should be a diagram detailing the wires. brown white goes to either side of the capacitor and brown wire to other side of capacitor. hi speed goes to normally open contact on the indoor fan relay and the wire designated common on the motor goes to the other side of power from the relay contacts.

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Need to change a broken blower motor in RUUD central air unit. Old central air blower motor (GE electric) was connected with brown and orange wire to 15 MHD capacitor. Another orange wire from central air unit connected to orange motor wire on capacitor. Black wire from motor (Hi Speed) connected to central air unit. Blue and red wires not connected. New motor is an AO Smith FD6000A. Has Black, brown/white, brown, blue,yellow,red, white and black wires. Need to connect to a 5 MHD capacitor. M

On the motor should be a diagram detailing the wires. brown white goes to either side of the capacitor and brown wire to other side of capacitor. hi speed goes to normally open contact on the indoor fan relay and the wire designated common on the mot ... Air Conditioners

Purchased new motor from Grainger motor has 4 wires 1 BLACK 2 BROWN 3 BOWN WHITE 4 YELLOW had to purchase new capasiter also for motor Old motor only had 3 wires 1 BLACK 2 BROWN 3 ORANGE Need to know how to connect the wires from the new motor to my unit and to the new capacitor ???

Grainger has great tech support,call them first,i would have to do the same to answer your question accuratly,im assuming it is the condenser fan motor,they will have all the correct info,if not i want to know,i was born and raised in minnesota and h ... Ruud Air Conditioners

I need help with my central heat and air unit, it has a heat pump. the model number is GQ3RA-036K. I am changing the theromstat out and the wires are connected to it. there are eight wire colors that are orange,light blue,black, red, yellow,brown,green, white. on the new thermostat are letters that are r,w,y,g,l,b,o,e,aux. Which ones go where?

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Wiring compressor Replaced defective fan motor on my a/c unit. Old motor had three wires: black, yellow, brown. New generic motor has black, white, brown, brown w/white stripe. This new motor came with a new two terminal capacitor. Old cap. had three terminals. The black and white wires from motor connect across the line voltage and the other two wires connect across the capacitor. After install and trying to run the unit, found that compressor turns on for about two seconds and shuts down, but

The two terminal cap is only for the new fan motor. Connect the compressor wire back where you found it, on the 3 terminal cap. It's the terminal marked, "herm". The "common" terminal on the 3 terminal cap must still be connected to one side of the ... Carrier 38CKC036 Air Conditioner

I need to know which wires go into which transformer lead there is a red wire and grey connected together then orange and black together then yellow and black together then black comming from air conditioning unit. the transformer they need to plug into has two 24v. leads one 240v. lead a 208v. lead and a common lead

First find out your voltage..240 or 208...then it is 2(two) wires high voltage and ground. Both high voltage should go to transformer one on common lead another to 240 or 208 lead( if you have up to 218 use 208 lead...), transformer ground it self so ... Air Conditioners

I have RUUD and just replaced the condensor fan motor with a 5 wire Protech....the old fan was wired with black connected to contactor, orange to one side of cap and brown to the other side of the cap.....The new motor is a five wire...I have black connected to the connector, orange to one side of cap and purple(to change direction of fan) instead of brown...now i have a yellow and brown wire left over....Now when I start the unit the fan will not spin unless i turn the fan blade manually....am

Look on the side of the motor it will have a wiring diagram your fan supplies voltage to the capacitor its self so two of your wires go to the capacitor not just one. good luck ... Air Conditioners

I installed a new Honeywell Programable thermostat, When I turned on the AC it turned on the Heater... I followed the wiring but some of it is not making sense... G=Green, Y=Yellow, R=Red, C=Blue, W2=White, Y2=Brown... The problem is that I have an Orange and Black Wire left over, Which one do I connect to W? and do I have the wiring right... my unit is a central Heat & Air, not a heat pump.

Hi, the problem is you have bought the wrong thermostat for the unit if it is not a heat-pump. A heat pump will have W-1, W-2 for heat strips, and Y-2 is for 2nd stage cooling. G is Green for Fan, R is Red for Power, Y is Yellow for cooling, and W wo ... Goodman Air Conditioners

My ac unit is making a humming sound I purchase a capactor an I replace the capactor I have a black black wires that is lose that and I need to know where it needs to go,On the base of the new capactor my connections on the green I have brown wire, on black wire I have 2 reds, 1 grey 1 orange, I have blue I put the black wire on the white base could you send me the right information.the number on the capactor P/N 610 - 803 - 51

When you took the old capacitor off did it have the same type of connections as the new one? If so you should have written then down, or remembered the color coding. If it's different then something is wrong. You will probably have to contact the ... Friedrich CP12C10 Wall/Window Air Conditioner

I have a Janitrol Heat Pump Thermostat HPT-18-60 and need assistance connecting my new Honeywell RTH7500D thermostat I have a Goodman Heat Pump System Indoor Unit Model#AWB24-05C REV D Outdoor Unit Model#CPLE18-1 Here is the wiring of the old thermostat Y-Yellow Wire G-Green Wire R-Red Wire O-Orange Wire W2-White Wire E-Blue Wire C-Black Wire Where should each of these be connected to the new thermostats terminals?

... Air Conditioners

I need a wiring diagram for Fasco 7190-0369 Type U90B1, I have this in a Vann-EE air-exchanger but it is not working anymore, I would like to test the motor by connecting it direct, but haven't had any success, I have a green/yellow wired that is the ground, after I have connect that White wired (common), but nothing happen. I also have a Black wired and a Red wire, these are for speed ... how can I test this?

... Air Conditioners

I have a Rheem Criterion ii furnace. I replace the blower motor and need to connect the blue, orange, black, and red wires to the intergrated furnace control, they go to heat, cool, fan and M1 or M2, all other wires are in their proper connections from my memory

Hi\015\012\015\012M2 is just a blank terminal and does not run anything. Remove the red wire, yellow wire and blue wire leaving the black wire for high speed. Black represents high speed for Cooling, red represents low speed for hea ... Air Conditioners

I replaced the blower wheel on my Trane. In doing so 2 of the wires from the motor came off the capacitor. Now I am not sure how to reconnect them. The black wire was still connected so I connected the other 2 to the other terminal on the capasitor. It works. There is heat coming out of the vents, but very little air flow. Room temp. does not rise much( and its cold!) Can you help please.

Hi,\015\012On the door of your furnace or air handler there should be a wiring diagram that will show you exactly where your wires need to be placed. That is your best source for getting the information that you need. If it is not on the door i ... Air Conditioners

Trying to connect a new dual capacitor for an a/c unit. Three wires came off the old one, blue to the motor, red to the contactor and a brown wire. The new capacitor has two black and 1 white connectors, whick one goes where.

The cap should be marked to with goes where. White is more than likely common which will go to the contactor. The other two one to the motor and one to the fan. May be marked C-C-F Compressor, Common,Fan ... Amana Air Conditioners

I installed Minka remote controlled Ceiling fan for a friend. The fan itself has 4 wires, black,orange,white, & blue. The remote unit has black, white, & blue wires to connect to black, white, & blue wires on fan, and black & white wires to connect to electrical wires in attic. The remote operates the fan functions correctly, but the lights on the fan stay on all the time, with no effect from the remote. I have no manual, and had no place for the orange wire on the fan to go to.The model number

The connections you need to make are \015\012\015\012\015\012Motor to Receiver Electrical Connections: Connect the WHITE \015\012wire from the fan to the WHITE wire marked "TO MOTOR N" from the \015\012Receiver. Connect the BLACK wire from t ... Air Conditioners

I have Bryant HRV and the motor has failed. I have received a new motor but there are two extra wires on the replacement motor. Below I have described the wiring diagram from the original motor with the replacement motor following. My question is - do the two additional wires need to be connected? The VRV unit is a Model VB5AAB015 and the serial number is 0494V00006. This unit was instaled in my house in 1994. the original motor is a Fasco No 7190-0921 and the Type is U90B1 The connection diagra

Wire nut and tape the blue and red wires they are not used. ... Carrier Air Conditioners

5 ton carrier. we changed the condenser motor and marked where the wires connected. Old motor had yellow and brown to capacitor. New motor has an extra brown wire with white stripe... I connected it the same way as the old one without using the extra wire.... didn't work. Advise how to connect the new 5 wire motor... red and black wires I'm confident are connected correctly.

The best way to wire that motor is to connect a separate capacitor to it. The brown and brown w/white stripe go to the capacitor. The black and red wires go to the contactor. ... Air Conditioners

I am replacing my old a/c fan motor with a new one. The old motor is an A.O Smith B13400-251 and has black, brown, and a purple wire and was connected to a dual capacitor. The new motor is an A.O Smith ORM5458 and has a white wire on one side and on the other is a black, brown, and a brown/white wire. The dealer sold us a single capacitor and i'm having a hard time figuring the wiring. Can anyone offer some instructions?

For one, thank you for posting all the info, it really helps! On your new motor, the white has became your purple, black is black, and your brown/brown and white wires go to each side of the new capacitor, there should only be 2 terminals. You can le ... Air Conditioners

I have an A.O. Smith f48l47a50 blower motor, and I need help with wiring. First it's a 460v,1phase,1/2hp,975rpm,3spd motor. My question with the wiring is do I need to supply a wire for line power? I know the brown and purple go to the capacitor. The green is ground. I guessing the blue and orange are to designate low/med speed, but that's all the wires that are attatched. I think I need to supply a wire from the blower motor relay to the motor's hi spd terminal. Could you confirm this?

Are you SURE its 460volt single phase??? that voltage is normally a 3phase motor voltage,and color of wires is right for 480/277, but that would be 3 phase.....not saying your wrong,just make sure ... Air Conditioners

How do I wire a fan motor and the two associated capacitors to make it run? I was given a Hunter Model 26136 ceiling fan motor and the two capacitors that came with it: 1st a two wire (red & black) 5F 250vac VCE 74132-01 and 2nd a four wire (green, brown and two gray wires) GY 5GR 5B 250 VAC VCE74133-01. Also I know I need to buy a 3 speed switch. I have no idea how to wire the motor, capacitors and switch together. John Bierke

... Air Conditioners

Removed capacitor from Ruud upkb-024JAZ and took pics of the wiring before removal. Unit has a different color ring beneath each connection and (of course) different color wires connecting to each. Replacement capacitor is a new part# that fits correctly the colored rings are all black. They are labeled ''fan'', ''Herm'' and ''C''. I can't find a wiring diagram online anywhere so any assistance with the color vs. labels would be greatly appreciated. This is our home heating unit and it's goi

Hi, Glad to Hear that the Problem was Solved. I would appreciate, if you could Accept the Solution, so that this Thread could be Closed as the issue has been Fixed. Hope i helped you. Thanks for using ' Fixya ' and have a nice day!! ... Air Conditioners

On the new blower motor 65G59 for my Lennox central air unit it says: common-orange, high speed-black, med speed-yellow, low speed-red, cap between the purple leads. It's a 208-230 V, 1/3 Hp, and

... Air Conditioners

I have a Bryant 561C central air, 5 years old, The Motor on the outside unit of this air conditioner went out, trying to sve some money on a service call I ordered the new motor and put it in my self and was able to make it run but no cool air inside the house. The motor that I took out was made by General Electric with three wires coming out of it, now the new motor I bought was made by Emerson with 4 wires coming out of it, also the lady from the Bryant dealer where I bought the motor also sen

Hi there, \015\012\015\012here is the wiring diagram of you air con unit...\015\012\015\012http://w ... Air Conditioners

I have a Rheem criterion ii gas furnace. i put bin new blower motor and i need to put connect wires to the intergrated control module blue, orange, black, red

\015\012Blower hookup on the circuit board isYellow/Orange - HeatRed - FanBlue - M2Black - Cool\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012Let me know how this works out for you.\015\012 ... Air Conditioners

On outside compressor for whole house AC: Critters ate wires. Have Blk & Red power in from breaker. 24vac switched from thermostat. 1 contactor with 24vac coil(original). 1 Capacitor w/ 3 terms labeled: C, fan, herm. compressor w/ 3 wires: #10 yel & blk, #14 red. fan w/ 3 # 18 wires: Blk, Orn, Blu. I need wiring. Here is what I think: All blacks connect together. Red power wire connects to contactor in. Fan orn & Compressor Yel go to contactor out. Capacitor is the problem. "C" marked terminal g

There should be a wiring diagram on the back of the access panel. If you can't read it, check online for model wiring diagram. Don't guess, you may cause more expensive damage. ... Air Conditioners

I replaced an old mercury T-stat (York with model number 2TH11704024) installed a new T-stat (RTH6350). The wires that I I have are O (orange), G (green), Y (yellow), T (gray but not used in new T-stat), R (red), L (black), C (blue but not used in new T-stat), W (white) and L (black). I connect all wires with their respective colors except that I connect the W in the AUX (jumped with the E). After I finalized all connections, the heat pump unit (York with model number ETFB024S06A) did not

Did you shut the power off to the air handler/furnace...... before you installed the new thermostat??? You may have shorted out the transformer or blown the transformer fuse...... If you try to put the Fan switch on the stat to Fan ON does the fan ... Air Conditioners

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