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I have an amana package system heat pump model number phb30c02e , sometimes the indoor blower will not kick on thus making no air come in the home at all throught the vents, i tried a new copasitor and the relay and dont think the motor itself is bad but am not completly sure , what else could be wrong to cause that or is there nothing else. any help will be greatly appreciated

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Sometimes the thermostat can have a burnt place in the fan contacts. This stops the interior fan motor because the compressor wiring is not interconnected to the interior fan. The compressor command is the yellow wire. The interior fan command arrives from the thermostat on the green wire. Check the green wire for delivering 24 volts AC to the fan relay.
\015\012During heat, the heat is electrically interconnected with the interior fan. Thus, if the thermostat is bad, the fan will work properly during heating. I know July is a bad time to turn the heat on, but this is a method to see if the interior fan works properly and is not getting the proper command during cooling.

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I have an amana package system heat pump model number phb30c02e , sometimes the indoor blower will not kick on thus making no air come in the home at all throught the vents, i tried a new copasitor and the relay and dont think the motor itself is bad but am not completly sure , what else could be wrong to cause that or is there nothing else. any help will be greatly appreciated

Sometimes the thermostat can have a burnt place in the fan contacts. This stops the interior fan motor because the compressor wiring is not interconnected to the interior fan. The compressor command is the yellow wire. The interior fan command arr ... Amana Air Conditioners

I have a 15 year old intertherm heat pump and the outside unit will not turn on. I can manually close the relay and the fan and condenser turns on. Is the relay bad or can anything else cause the relay to not close?

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I believe that you are exactly right. If you would like to know the part number and cost of the board, just give me the brand of the unit and the model number. I will find the cheapest place to get the board. ... Air Conditioners

I have a White Rogers 8A18Z-2 for my Evap cooler. Is the fan relay open for low speed and closed for High Speed or the other way. When i start the cooler high speed starts and then in a second it goes to low speed. I think the relay has gone bad. Thank You, Bob

Ya its open for the low speed it will not sto till u switch off the mwchine no probs u can enjoy it happyli ... Air Conditioners

The dometic roof ac humms when rv is on 110 ac unit was under warranty dometic sent a complete control board I changed control and stil have problem just like before. Dometic said one of the relays was welded or burnt out or closed which is causing the problem. unit works just doesnt stop humming when turned off .Not likely two bad control boards?? Mod.9597.....

Not likely but possible. if they already had one bad board what's to say their production methods have changed since they made your last bad board. I have just had 6 bad compressors from this chinese company danfoss in one month! for only 2 freezers ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

Goodman AR60-1 I have a relay that has gone bad, part #T92S7A22-24 and was replaced with a Time Delay Board # PCBFM131, which is completely different. could you assist me with placing the wiring to the correct terminals

... Goodman CKL60AR60 Air Conditioner

Hi, just replaced the capacitor thinking that would solve the problem but it appears it did not. The motor outside would kick on the unit inside would kick on but the blower motor inside works sometimes and wont other times. Basically, the unit will work just fine all day then we notice the house is getting warm, check the inside unit and everything is running fine but the blower motor is not circulating the air. I have a goodman a30-10 unit. I read where some people said the relay could be bad

Turn off the power to the air handler(indoor unit). Remove the access panel. From the motor,trace the wires back to the fan relay. One wire will probably trace back to the incoming power terminal. The other is the fan relay. It could be intermittent ... Air Conditioners

Heater blower want come on, fuses and relays are ok. I think bower resistor 1st staage is bad, but cant find it It is a 99 BMW 232i

Have you checked your capacitor motor capasitor ... Air Conditioners

Turning on our amcor air conditioner model # plm-13000e, it makes all kinds of noise and raddaling with the compressure comes on, its so bad we can't hear tv, our the radio. what is the cost of replaceing that part plus labor and anything else. or is it worth fixing at this time, i think it is about 3 years old. thank you for your time in this matter. john capaul [email protected]

These little units are filled with plastic covers and thin metel guards that can shift or loose a screw and begin to rattle as the unit vibrates. This is most likely the problem. Try to search it out before you scrap it. Hope this helps. Good luck. ... Amcor AL10000EH Air Conditioner

Amana PTAC (PTC153B35AM). Unit has simply stopped working. Power is fine from wall to capacitor and control board (but I don't know how to check other leads off of capacitor or board). There is no response from the buttons, nor does the system light even come on. There is a very slight hum when the unit is recieveing power (I think from the capacitor, but I am not completely certain). But nothing else -- resetting breaker on plug doesn't work, nor does switching off/then on the internal

Hi,\015\012\015\012The hum that you arehearing is probably the transformer so that is working...as far as what the problem is...\015\012that could be many different things...\015\012\015\012The control board just went ba ... Amana DigiSmart PTC153B35AM Thru-Wall/Window Air Conditioner

I have a remote comfort control with 3308448.004 relay board. Press Heat button to turn unit on and it does NOT turn on. Have 115VAC to the relay board and have 12VDC to remote control reciever. Sounds like the remote control reciever is bad?? Can I switch my system to the "wired" control system without changing the relay board? I assume it is possible that the relay board is also bad. Is this a common fault with these units?

... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

A Nordyne air handler, model B3BV-030K, with 4 wire thermostat. Thermostat and AC works fine in "cool". Switch it to "heat" and nothing happens.No fan, no heat.(I have built in heat strips -resistors). I jumpered (on the nordyne circuit board-input from thermostat) from R to W. (24 volts from R to W, which should start the heater. Nothing. No relay "click" like when AC comes on. If i jumper R to Y, AC comes on ok. Does this sound like a relay gone bad on the circuit board? Or what? If relay bad,

Do you get heat when you jumper R, G & W? ... Ruud Central System Air Conditioner

My unit is a trane xe1000 it stop blowing cold air and when i went to llk at the unit all i heard was a humming noise coming from the Contactor-Relay and the condensor fan is not comming on i was thinking that the cap and replacing the Contactor-Relay what do you think?

... Air Conditioners

Got a 3 ton ruud heat pump that is freezing up. I first checked voltage at my board and had voltage i then checked the defrost control relay for voltage and i had 120 volts and when i put my meter leads on the 24 volt side it immediately with into a defrost is the relay bad or could i have a bad defrost thermostat or board

... Ruud Air Conditioners

A/C need hlep with a carrier model # 40aq030-300bb. just bought a house with this unit inside but outside different unit, think its a Goodman. When turned to heat everything ok, but when turned to cool it still puts out heat. Think reversing valve is bad or switch controlling it may be bad. Not to familiar with the system and wiring diagram is gone. Somebody made a mess of the wires anyway, need some help if you have any. Thanx and... GOD Bless

Orange or O terminal on Tstat energizes valve in colling cycle. Go to outside unit jumper red to orange and see if Reversing valve energizes. If it does . Problem inside possible Tstat. You shoulf here the valve click. Have someone inside switch fro ... Air Conditioners

I have a Intertherm model FEHB-015HA . The fan runs all the time. It has a relay box on it but I cannt read the #'s off of it. I have replaced the sequencers, The fan relay onthe relay box and the little switch that you turn fron auto to off to on . I need a wiring diadram for the furnace and the relay box . i think someone has messed with the wires.

Check out these Installation Instructions...........wiring diagrams on the last page. \015\012\015\012I hope you find this to be ... Intertherm Air Conditioners

Weil McLain cg 4 boiler with intermittant spark ignition fires then stops after 5 mins. Then won't fires for many attempts then repeats same condition. Checked spill, roll out, and high temp limits. All had continuity and seem fine. Damper is open and no blockage in chimney or at exhaust vent connection. Circulator runs continuous and relay is very hot. What might cause hot relay? And will bad relay cause this condition?

... Air Conditioners

Motor good and not running possibly bad relay

Hey there, it seems you know a little about the troubleshootig. The first thing you need to do is see if the rela is trying to energize by checking for 24v accross the coil while it should be running. I am guessing that with a 1/8 hp this is the co ... Carrier 38BRC048 Air Conditioner

Air Handler: I have two 24V supply lines one from the transformer the other, I think from the condenser fan. Both wires are connected to a relay which operates the indoor blower. When the 240V power supply is turned on I get a buzzing sound from the relay. Can anyone help me with this problem. Mickey

You have 24 volts from the indoor thermo to the transformer in the air handler then 24volts from air handler to the contactor when this is energized it goes to 240 volts to run the compressor and outdoor fan. Sounds like the contactor is not enegizi ... Air Conditioners

The fan on my central ac will not turn off when I turn off the thermostat - keeps running. I think it is the fan relay possibly? Model is 38CK048 - does anyone know the relay part # and repair manual

Did you change the stat ? try that first ... Carrier 38CKC042 Air Conditioner

I have a Trane XE 1100 Heat Pump. It is not cooling. My air handler blower works. The outside fan does not. I changed out both capacitors. When you turn unit on you can hear the relay activate. Then only a hum. Is the fan motor bad or the relay? How do i test? The light on the module blinks once a second which is normal operation. Thanks

Probablly the fan. Do this test. Move the fan side to side. and up and down. Any more than 1000ths inch play and that motor is bad. When the bearing gets thin the rotor will rub the stator and lock up. This is called polling out. If the motor is stif ... Air Conditioners

Need help for Toyostove vented heater- Laser 56MH heater comes on when thermostat sensor calls for heat. It brings room up to correct set temperature and begins normal shut down. But here is the problem...the circulation fan stops and I think the blower moter stops? But fire remains in the burner chamber and a moter is quitely running...I think it is the exhaust? The only way it will completely shut down is when I turn back the temperature selection 10 degrees. It immediatly shuts down. Then

Hi, there is a problem going on here, and its not the unit it self, but in the control circuit. From what you have said as to how and what is taking place is, the control thermostat works on a call for heat and cycles down when the desired temperatur ... Air Conditioners

I need to get the overload relay that sits on top of the compressor. The compressor works fine but relay is bad. Where can I order parts. Thanks Steve Childers

Check online they should give that info of distributors however ive never been able to replace those and it work on the ones that have them are you sure that is what that part is not disagreeing but sometimes that is your heater (crank case heater) ... Haier Air Conditioners

My heat pump won't cool or heat unless I hold contact relay in, I think it's not getting current to pull relay. What could be wrong? it's a heil. Thanks Ron

Ckk the thermostat. It's the boss . ... Air Conditioners

Trying to determine whether I have a bad Ign/Lockout or inducer relay board on Mod 58SXA080-GG. If I shut off heat at t-stat or unplug ign mod. for 10 min. It will usually intiate a heat cycle but I only get inducer blower for 10 sec, no pilot, no spark. Then shuts down. Will not auto retry (normal?), I have to remove power. I do have 24V going to relay board when cycle starts but drops out when motor stops (I assume this is the ign module lock out). I checked the air switch by ohming out while

The inducer blower will put a vacuum on your pressure switch which in turn will tell the board to apply power to the ignitor. If you have a vent blockage, dirty air filter, plugged condensate line or any blockage of either vent or air intake, the fur ... Carrier XHB123D X/Y Series Heat/Cool Air Conditioner

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