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I have older intertherm furnace and want to change thermacouple but i can onle get at one end. do I have to remove the motor to remove the other end by the pilot

\015 I have tried to pull it out but it seems to be screwed into the burner however i cant get into there. will i have to remove the motor under the thermacouple\015

Answers :

The thermocouple has a flat nut on top holding it in place. remove nut and it will drop out the hole

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I have older intertherm furnace and want to change thermacouple but i can onle get at one end. do I have to remove the motor to remove the other end by the pilot

The thermocouple has a flat nut on top holding it in place. remove nut and it will drop out the hole ... Intertherm P3RA-048K Air Conditioner

Trying to change thermacouple on older itertherm mobile home furnace. I can only get at the one end Will I have to remove the motor underneath

... Intertherm Air Conditioners

Trying to determine whether I have a bad Ign/Lockout or inducer relay board on Mod 58SXA080-GG. If I shut off heat at t-stat or unplug ign mod. for 10 min. It will usually intiate a heat cycle but I only get inducer blower for 10 sec, no pilot, no spark. Then shuts down. Will not auto retry (normal?), I have to remove power. I do have 24V going to relay board when cycle starts but drops out when motor stops (I assume this is the ign module lock out). I checked the air switch by ohming out while

The inducer blower will put a vacuum on your pressure switch which in turn will tell the board to apply power to the ignitor. If you have a vent blockage, dirty air filter, plugged condensate line or any blockage of either vent or air intake, the fur ... Carrier XHB123D X/Y Series Heat/Cool Air Conditioner

I have a kenmore central air unit model KAC024AK5. Fan started making noise few days ago. I'm still getting cold air. Opened the top grill and the fan is not loose. Could it be the motor and more specifically the bearing? If this is the case, should i get the motor repaired or get a new one from Kenmore Parts Canada? Your advise is greatly appreciated. gene

\012Hi,Yes, the bearing go bad and for the price of the new motor I would get it new... to repair will be more then half that if they can ...Here is a tip about troubleshooting your air conditioner...There ... Kenmore Air Conditioners

How to replace window air conditioner fan motor. Difficult to get at motor shaft on room side of AC to remove fan clip and thus remove motor without destroying styrofoam insulation. Even tougher to reassemble.

Most of the time I go in from the top of unit with pkiers to remove clip. Once the clip is loose. Hold the shaft with channel locks and the fan should spin. Russ ... Air Conditioners

I have an old GE Weathertron which still works (except I need a new fan). The unit is about 30 years old, but some goob from Dave's H & AC screwed it up and they had to send a new guy (who apparently had some experience) and he basically spent all day replacing most of the internals for free. The problem is the 18" fan has a bent blade. I can get a new one, but I just can't get the old one off. I removed two hex screws (set screws) from the hub on top, but it still wont budge. Is the hub on top

Use sandpaper to sand the motor shaft.Then,Lots of WD40 on the shaft and hub. Wait for it to penetrate.Then hold the shaft with pliers between the hub and the motor and twist the fan blade right and lft to loosen it.Try and pu ... GE Air Conditioners

My home heating system consists of an ancient (but efficient and flawless) 1924 Richardson steam boiler. It was originally installed to burn coal, but in the 1930s a Honeywell Janitrol natural gas system was installed. This, too, is still working nearly flawlessly, but there is one, minor problem: The 2.5-foot-long bi-metal internal thermostat, which senses whether the pilot is lit (one end sits in the pilot flame) wore out some years ago. I cross-wired the system to make it appear as though

Hi; I first want to know if You can use a millivolt generator operated pilot valve sized to fit Your gas supply line. Secondly does Your existing main gas valve supply the pilot gas. This is very important and I need to know before I can give You op ... Air Conditioners

Have an old Rinnai Gas Heater (approximately 30 years old) still working well, but we had to turn off the gas, and now cannot turn it on again. We have two buttons, one below the other, one is red and say On, the other is black. We also have an ignition button at the side. However, we were under the impression that we had to push the red button to get the pilot alight, then hold it there for a few seconds for it to fire up BUT the pilot light does not stay on - just fades away. Can't find

You are half-way right, to light the pilot, light it and push down the red button and hold it for at ----least2-minutes-- till the flame heats up the pin (thermocouple- which fire-thermocouple metal makes electricity which sends it to the gas valve a ... Rinnai Air Conditioners

RE: Whirlpool hot water tank. FG1F4040S3NOV The pilot light went out and we cannot get it to light again. I was just told there was a recall on the thermocupler. How do I found out if this is the one that is recalled and how do I get one. I am pregnant and I need hot water now!

... Whirlpool Air Conditioners

Blower motor stopped, there is a medium-loud ''electric buzz'' sound every minute or so as if trying to start the blower motor. Could be relay switch. Last week, I extracted the entire motor and fan assembly (the one in the bottom of the furnace that drives the air through the house duct system). The motor was pretty filthy, so I took the entire thing apart an blew out all the dust, cleaned up the motor, Zoom oiled the bearing assemblies at each end, put it all back together. Started up and ran

You have a bad "starting capacitor" .. the capacitor is used to get the motor to start in the correct direction .. when its bad the motor doesnt know which way to turn so it just sits there buzzing until it gets hot .. that trips a thermal breaker in ... Bryant Air Conditioners

I have a Sharp Portable air conditioner Model CV-10NH. It will start up and cool and in just a few minutes, it's as if some one thru the switch. It just shuts off and all three lights on front start flashing green one yellow one and red one. The only way I can get it to turn back on is to turn power of and let sit for a few minutes, or kick the reset on the plug end. but it just runs again for a few minutes and shuts down again.

... Air Conditioners

Hi, i am on a pre pay gas meter and when the gas runs out it shuts everything off, which means i have to relight the pilot on my boiler. the ignition won't spark and it takes me ages to get the pilot to light, when it does it stays on. was wondering if it woukd be safe to light pilot with a gas lighter? i know the obvious solution is to have the ignition fixed but can't afford this at the moment, but i don't want to end up blowing my house to bits either, hope you can help.

I use the extended gas lighters for grills all the time. Its safer and keeps me from getting burned while lighting the pilot. ... Air Conditioners


It sounds like the fan blade needs to be replaced, also. ... Air Conditioners

I have a Marco gas fireplace model# 794019C. It is the millivolt pilot generator type. I first changed the thermopile and cleaned the spark ignitor to get it to light. I have checked continuity and everything checks out. Damper switch opens and closes, burner wall switch is good. When I jump the the redundant gas valve with jumper wire from one of the three terminals it does turn the burner on. Some of the time it is hard to keep pilot light lit, it will trip gas valve when you move from pilot t

Mike, I suspect that the problem you're having is not related to the new Thermoplie (Pilot Generator) you installed. Its with the Thermocouple. The clue was "Some of the time its hard to keep the pilot light lit". The Thermopile controls the opening ... Air Conditioners

I have just moved to a condo and it doesn't have heat. I asked the superindent to check it for me. He found that the motor is ok but one of the three fins (bracket) on the motor is broken. He wants to know if I can just get the new fin(s) instead to buy a motor?

Sorry to read about your problem, I hope this helps you out.yes that is normal practice, Try a local graingers or onlineI tried to help you. Please help me and Rate/Vote on my response, thanks and good luck ... Air Conditioners

Amana PTAC PTH094E35 fan motors seem periodically unable to get fan turning. Have to sometimes remove the cover and manually spin the fan to get it going.

Check capacitor to be sure it's not weak also if after you push start the fan, if it has a chirping sound, it may have a bearing issue in the motor. Note if you are cleaning the units with a pressure cleaner be extra careful so you do NOT get the mot ... Amana PTH094E35 Air Conditioner

I bought a used furnace and when i hooked it all up the green light that says working is flashing instead of staying on constantly. dont know if that is good or bad. but the automatic pilot will not light and i am not getting the fan to turn on or anything. the draft induce motor is warm to the touch after a few minutes so i know that it is trying to work. not sure if that is the correct name of the motor exactly.

Something is not right here. Turn it off and check the power connections to the unit.. something is hooked up incorrectly. If you can send me a photo of the schematic I can tell you how it should be connected. ... Air Conditioners

Replacing fan motor on a roof top unit, has a thru shaft and was sent both replacement fan blades, can not get the squirrel cage off the evaporator end, not enough room to get your hand in there. this is the rapid cool unit by Domentic,and is on a mountaineer 5th wheel

If I have both blades and double ended motor, I just use a hacksaw and snip and cut the old one out. If inaccessable you can probably hammer the shaft from the other end, I can't recall if this one has a belly band or not but normally you can tap the ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

The pilot orifice on my 9213789 coleman furnace is broken, and I need to locate a new one. Apparently this product is obsolete so do you have any idea where I can get used ones from.

... Air Conditioners

I have a Honeywell V4073A1039 3 position divertor valve mounted in my airing cupboard controlling the heating/ HW distribution. Currently when switching on the HW and CH the radiators get hot as expected but the HW is only just warm. When switching on the HW only the water still only gets warm. The Boiler and programmer are brand new but the divertor is older. I have removed the cover and noted that the motor is warm despite the system HW and CH being off for some hours and the surrounding pipew

Yes it could be something other than the motor but I think you are right yo start there.Good luck and thank you ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

Our 7 year old Carrier 58CVX is experiencing an intermittent problem. Occassionally it will just 'hum' and when I go down to the unit and remove the front cover there is a very small motor with a rotor on it just above the gas tubes. All I do is turn the small rotor counterclockwise and it immediately starts and the furnace functions normally. I think there may be a flat spot in the electric motor and when it does end up stopping at that spot it will not start again without assistance. Most o

REplace capacitor, if it's with capacitor. Or replace motor itself.Thanks. ... Air Conditioners

I have a dayton furnace with a honeywell vr8440p-2088 gas control. The ignition works fine but the problem is I am getting no gas it seems to light the pilot. I checked the orifices at the end of the pilot gas tube and could see light thru it so it was not blocked. Could this mean I would need to replace the gas valve completely? Any help appreciated [email protected]

Actually, after exhaustive troubleshooting and testing, all testing told me the gas valve was defective. I then replaced it. Problem was still there. I then took a shot for what it was worth and went down to purchase a new thermocouple to sense the p ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

We have got hitachi 1.5 ton window a/c. One day when we are switching the on button it is not starting. We have called one of the local tecnition & he after inspecting the ac remove the below parts & said it is faulty hitachi 1.5 ton model no- rav019emdz1 sl no- 060d12423 comp no- 331ho286582 motor no- L040607879. Now my question what is price of above material & how to fix the above problem? Thanks in Advance

... Hitachi Air Conditioners

Two out of four elermants not working Dimplex XLSN? Dimplex XLSN storage Heater Hi Can anyone help please? The storage heater has four elements, I noticed only two were working, they where the two starting from the control panel end. I removed one of the elements that wasn?t working and replaced it with a new one the new element didn?t heat up when the power was switched on, anyone know what the problem may be. Thanks Tony

Hi,If you know that the element is not working and the element is new then you need to use an electrical meter to trace down the power and see where it is stopping at...My feeling is that you have a bad relay and that is your problem. ... Air Conditioners

I have a fan hampton bay ceiling fan, model # 284-411 (or so it says on the manual, but it looks a bit different)and there are no screws on the upper canopy to remove it. one of the difference i noticed was the edges of the motor are flat in the picture and rounded (where the motor halves are attached together) on mine. need to access the remore up there to replace it. the upper cover looks smooth all the way around but does have a plate that pops off at the bottom with three "pins" on it that p

... Air Conditioners

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