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I have a Delonghi portable air conditioner Pinguino PAC C120E. After draining the tank and cleaning the filter, it still doesn't put out Cold air.

\015 We used it a half year in our bedroom but was too noisy. So we moved it. Then the FE or whatever came on and I emptied the tank and cleaned the filter. It still doesn't put out real cold air like it used to.\015

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I have a Delonghi portable air conditioner Pinguino PAC C120E. After draining the tank and cleaning the filter, it still doesn't put out Cold air.

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DeLonghi CN120E alarm light signally to have the water drained every 10-15 minutes. I purchased a DeLonghi CN120 air conditioner the first week of July 2012 and have been using it maybe a few times a week since then. Last night the alarm light came on signalling a full tank. I drained the tank as instructed thru the single tube in the back, and decided to clean the filter while I was doing this. I also vacuumed the intake and output grills. I replugged the drain hole, put the filter back i

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I have a Jayco trailer with a Coleman 7300 Rooftop air conditioner. The unit is 13 years old and it doesn't put out the cold air it used to. I have cleaned the filter which improved the air flow however still not blowing cold air. Is it time to replace the air conditioner or is there something I can do to fix it.

Hi,from your problem its obvious that the problem is from the compressor.its bad and needs a replacement,however this requires the services of a technician and it will cost you a lot of money,however in the nearest future another problem may arise fr ... Coleman Air Conditioners

Wall A/C only SPORADICALLY blowing cold air. Turn it off and back on, you can feel it's cold, but only if you're 5 inches from it. After a couple of minutes, fan is only blowing warm air again. Vacuumed front of A/C, still doing the same thing. Filter is clean. It is over 100 degrees outside with very low humidity the last few days.(Los Angeles) ; since it's a wall a/c, of course 1/2 of it is outside in the heat. As I noted, if you put your hand right up against the front, you can feel cool air

If it blows be not with force like it used to it can be fan motor capacitor not boosting fan speed. but if speed is not the issuse. remove and clean both coils water hose ... Air Conditioners

My Dyna Pro 65,000 forced air heater will light, but then flickers and eventually blows itself out. I've replaced the air and gas lines as they were cracked. I also replaced the air filters, cleaned the gas filter and cleaned the nozzle and photocell lense. I've also put new fuel (kerosine) in the tank. Any ideas? Where do I go next? Thanks, Jeff

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Audi A4 2002 2.5tdi V6. air conditioning failed Garage put in new compressor and regassed - still not right regassesd -still not right Found oil from the air conditioning in the system, cleaned out and regassed - better but still not right, takes time to get down to cold air and warms up when rev's are down. Any ideas?

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Domestic "Quick Cool" RV air conditioner Fans blow good, air filter clean, went up top and with A air compresser and blew air threw both sides of the coiled Radiators. All clean up there. Capasitors are good and compresser. Runs good. But still no cold air. Do see one tiny line frosting up. Idea's

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I have a duo-therm brisk air a/c model #57908.521 not putting out cool air. filter is clean, on top i cleaned what i call the rad - there was some dust in the fins but not much. the fan works fin. when a/c is started on high cool the compressor vibrates and runs steady. But no cold air. The air does have some coolness to it but not much. I would appreciate any help or suggestions. Thanks Dennis

Sounds like it is low on freon ... Dometic Air Conditioners

Sharp 10000 BTU 38db portable air conditioner blows cold air for 2 minutes then blows warm air for 5 minutes then turns off for 20 minutes then repeats this process. How can I fix this problem to blowing only cold air? The filter is clean, water is drained, good ventilation.

Sounds like the unit has a low charge and is cutting out on a low press safety. This is more then likey not something you can fit yourself most of this units are not really serviceable with out cutting the lines open and adding a valve. If the unit i ... Air Conditioners

I have a maytag nmpeb08f2a portable ac, just started it up for the season. cleaned the filters and coils by wiping down . I also emptied bottom resevior. Im not getting cold air when on cool setting, tried lowering temp all the way. when i turn it on it will be cold for a short time, doesnt fell cold like befor, the temp will go down maybe 1 degree then, no more cool air. can i add refrigerant to this unit?

Frank, refrigerant is what it needs, but it should be done by a pro. Unless you have experience with this sort of thing, it's not a DIY project, ... Maytag Portable Air Conditioner M6P09S2A

My MSS15 aircondition stopped blowing cold air. Cleaned filters, turned machine off from main power, started it manually; still no cold air. Out side motor fan spins but sounds like compressor is not turning on. What can be the problem?

You will need to check the electrical side of the system....There are many thing that could be wrong. Contactor, start capacitors, thermostat, 24 volt side of circuit, compressor, Breaker tripped, bad breaker, Don't have 240 volts to unit, Manual r ... Air Conditioners

My Maytag portable A/C will blow cold air for one cycle, then after about five minutes it just blows room temp air and never gets cold again. If I turn power off then back on it does the same thing over again. already drained the water and cleaned the filter.

Cleaned the filter screen or the coils? There are two coils. The evaporator coil and the condensor. There is the "filter screen" in which you can clean which is located in the back top portion of the panel that is easily accessible. However to cle ... Maytag NMPEB08F2A Air Conditioner

For ruud achiever 10 ac unit uaka-030jaz. Unit was working fine saturday...sunday we noticed air was not cold anymore. I have checked all my breakers, put a new battery in the thermostat, cleaned the filter on the furnace unit, and opened the exterior unit to see it the relay was burned( appears ok as long i understand which part is the relay.). When we turn on the ac the furnace unit in the attic will come on and blow air..however it never gets cold and nothing in the outside unit appears to co

Hi, the problem is in the outdoor unit if the indoor unit comes on and is blowing air. At the unit, you will have a disconnect box, 220 volts. Inside there will be 2- fuses. If you can't see them its because they are behind the plastic cover. You may ... Air Conditioners

I have a GE window unit. I do not hear or see any water draining.. and I do not hear any change in the way the unit runs like I used to when it would blow really cold air. The air is cool - but not cold ... I have been cleaning the pop in/ out filter... what do you think?

May need to wash out the out door coil. Normally spray through rear coil at about a 30 degree angle. try not to spray water directly into fan motor. If unit is freezing up it may be low on freon. if it is real hot out you may need to run 24 hour a da ... GE AJCQ08ACB Air Conditioner

I have three mr slim inside units...live in a very clean place, non-smoker, no pets, brand new renovation....problem is that the fans are constantly getting dirty. less than a month ago i had all three units taken down, thoroughly cleaned, drain hoses cleaned, etc. Put them back up and now they are accumulating what appears to be an abnormal amount of gunk on the fan blades. the filters are clean, the coils are clean, and the air intakes at the top of the unit are clean as well. anyone have any

Very strange indeed! The ffault is on anyway and there is a dirt that comes on to stick to the fan. So the logic is that the fan is bringing up the dust to the fan either from the inside of the unit or from the outside. if you are spot sure that ther ... Mitsubishi Mr. Slim MXZ30TN Air Conditioner

Air conditioner blows air but not cooling. Cleaned filters on indoor unit, still no cold air.

Take the cover off the air conditioner and check if you are getting power to the compressor with a volt meter. Also when the air conditioner is running if the compressor is running it would feel warm to the touch and you would feel a vibration when y ... Air Conditioners

I have an American Sandard 15 Sheer 4 ton unit in the attic in South Louisiana. The a/c drain line from the unit is sweating all the way to the riser vent and down the riser into my wall. It appears that the unit blows so much air through the line and it blows cold air through the p-trap which is causing the condensation. Any solutions or suggestions to stop the condensation from forming on the line? We have already put to 3/4'' clean out vents to reduce the air flow from the unit. Any help woul

First, air should not be blowing through the trap. The trap is there to isolate the air and to make sure condensate flow is proper. Start by increasing the depth of the trap. The condensate is going to be relatively cold, in the range of 58 degere ... American Standard Air Conditioners

A/C Model: FAC107P1A My unit is not putting out cold air. The temp wire is not touching the coils. I've cleaned the filter, and behind it. What do you think the problem is? What needs to be done to fix the problem? Could it need Freon? What type of Freon does it take? I have a certified person to put it in, but I have to get the Freon myself. Is it a sealed unit? Will it be obvious to him, where to put in the Freon? He said that he's not sure, but hasn't looked at my unit yet. I have to g

Hello, if the filter, evap, coil, condenser coil are clean then most likely the unit if low on freon. most window units take either r 134a or r -22, it will say on the data plate on the unit. To charge freon into the unit a piercing valve will need t ... Frigidaire FAC107P1A Wall/Window Air Conditioner

I have a lennox central air unit that runs constantly when the temperature is above 85 degrees outside. This didn't start occurring until after a new furnace was installed. A new thermostat was also put in. The filters are clean and the coils have been cleaned and the freon level has been checked but this still ocurrs.

Make sure your thermostat is in a suitable location,and that your a/c unit is large enough to cool the whole house..go by this rule of thumb:1 supply per 200 sq ft minimum(One way to tell if it is undersized/not performing correctly is to close all t ... Air Conditioners

My portable ac is all of a sudden blowing out air that's not cool, not warm, but not cool..feels like a fan. I drained water and cleaned out filters and still no cool air.

... Sharp CVP10NC Air Conditioner

I have a frigidaire model LRA074AT7. It i put the unit on at 60 degrees and it is not producing cold air, it is more like a fan. The air filter is clean and I dont know what else to do?

... Electrolux Air Conditioners

I have a GE AEZ08LQQ1 Room Air conditioner. It is only a month old. It is not blowing cold air anymore. We checked all settings and still nothing, We cleaned the filter made sure everything else was good. We don't have the receipt or the original box. We purchased it from Walmart. Any suggestions?

... GE Air Conditioners

I'm sure you hear this a lot. My edgestar 14000 used to cool great but now it's just not blowing cold air. I have noticed a slight change in sound that the compressor is making and the exhuast hose used to be really hot to the touch and now not so much? I have cleaned the filters, drained any water in the resovoir and checked for any obstructions in the vent hoses. I even carefully vacuumed the coils. It's just not cold enough, is there anything that I can do?

... EdgeStar AP14000HS Portable Air Conditioner

Weather king I have checked the freon level and its good but the large outside line still not verry cold it doesnt sweat either and there is hot air blowing out the top i cleaned the unit outside thinking it was dirty but still does the same what next?

Sounds like very high humidity in the house.....is water running out the drain? ... Weather King 10AJA2501AH Air Conditioner

My a/c is not blowing cold air. i have cleaned the filter and still does not blow cool air. what else do i need to look for.

... Sharp AF-S120FX Comfort Touch Air Conditioner

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