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I had this AC for about 3 years. I think we need some parts because the water is dripping all over the carpet. I have the tanks but need to get the pipes. Where can I get them and how to install them? Plz Help!

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I had this AC for about 3 years. I think we need some parts because the water is dripping all over the carpet. I have the tanks but need to get the pipes. Where can I get them and how to install them? Plz Help!

... Danby DPAC120068 Air Conditioner

I have an AMCOR AMB 12000E portable air conditioner. I acan't seem to find any info on this model and have lost the instructions that came with it. Basically i need a Drainage pipe that fits onto the back of the machine (right at the very bottom). A label on the back says i would need a pipe (ref OD 18.0mm) to extend the drainage by fitting on to the original pipe BUT i need the original (with fittings). PLEASE HELP, any ideas where i might get this pipe Thanks Phil

... Air Conditioners

We installed a Fujitsu AOU9RQ system at a car dealership for their computer room. We need to replace a part, specifically the "nut special rac - M-8 with washer". We ordered and received it, however, the nut is entirely too big. We need a nut that is 1/4" or 5/16" but we are unable to get help from our supplier. Can you please help.

Well the "M-8" means that the hardware is of the "metric" variety. 8 is the size and the m stands for metric...most home depot's / menards/ lowes carry a full line of metric hardware...just ask for M8 hardware ... Fujitsu Air Conditioners

External tank Hello, I purchased this product two years ago especially for the climatisation system it was offering, since then, I moved in an other appartment, which is half underground. Now that the summer has begun, I started to use the dehumidifier, which is working perfectly; the only problem is the external tank, which is connected and locked properly, but the water just doesn't gather in there! Do I need to install a kind of pipe or something between the internal and external tanks...?? P

How do I even INSTALL the external tank?!?!? I just hook it on, but there seems to be nothing that actually drains into the tank. Am I missing a part? ... Danby DPAC10031 Air Conditioner

I am a heating contractor out of Douglas, Mass. The boiler installed 3-5 years ago from Portland Group in Framingham, Ma.is a GT 210 A they do not sell your boiler anymore ( sorry to say )I do like your product. they are not helpful in to get me a out door sensor with a hot water feed sensor for controlling water temp. I think I would need a SV-matic ?? where can I get some answers and your product near me ?? thanks,, jim @ custom plumbing & heating 508-509-7227,[email protected]

I'm not sure if this is the best option, but it helped me. You can try going to http://www.customcomfortinc.com/. I know you said you're a heating contractor already but I guess it can't hurt to ask. ... Air Conditioners

Central ac coil pipe had frost unit wasn't cooling house. The filter was very dirty replaced the filter. Called place that installed. They couldn't find anything then they said nit was the valve that controlled tar freon. Since the unit is 3 yrs old they said rheum shoal replace it. Well now they say they can't get the part and we need to buy new coil system it's only3 yrs old. We turned the unit on for 2 hrs and no frost what should we do

First of all any coil can be replaced they are running a game on you sometimes it has to be ordered but it can be got. now you can get a complete r-22 system anymore but you can get parts for them. the filter could have most likely been the problem I ... Air Conditioners

FAC127P1A1 we bought the house with 2 of these window airconditioners and non of them has instruction.we never used these so we need help please. where we could get some paperwork on these items? how to install? Thank you Villa family

Here's the manual...http://manuals.frigidaire.com/prodinfo_pdf/Edison/220202d019en.pdfHere's the installation... ... Frigidaire FAC126P1 wall/window Air Conditioner

Finance problem I am small business company 2 old I'm provided only service I'm runing air condition service center in Maldives and I want sum one get help big project I dealing with resort installing 160 air condition buy and instaaling and I need finance investor if u Ar intrest pls send my mail

... LG LS-L1210CL Mini Split Air Conditioner

I have LG 1.5 ton window AC installed when i start it after exact five mins compressor gets shut down. what will be the problem plz help me..


I bought a Mistral 6.5 kw reverse cycle air conditioner last year but have lost the instruction manual. I need to get it installed now so badly need this manual. Anyone got one they could email me or any other advice on getting one? The installer needs it.

... Air Conditioners

We have a Rheem hot water system installed in 1994. We think from the owners guide left by the installer that it is a model 52F. Our plumber is having difficulty getting a replacement part. The bottom section as seen from the road (we have a high set home) is rusting badly and we would like it replaced. The owners guide suggests it is a collector angle. Can you please help us get this replacement part so that our plumber can install it ?

Hello,\012The plumber should be able to call Rheem directly and if that does not work, your local parts supplier for Rheem should be able to get him a number for the Rheem factory (I'm assuming he called and the parts supplier could not locate the pa ... Air Conditioners

I have old rheem ruud hot water tank. it's down for 4 day's, i would like to get it started, but the thing i would like to find out is can i get it going by lighting it up by using lighter or not. The hot water tank Mod. RR40-38M and the Ser # 1297J32709. Please help me i hade been without hot water for 4 day's. Thank you.

Yes you can light it with a BBQ type lighter (long enough).If it lights and stays lit then you need to change the thermocouple (looks like a little pipe off gas valve)In simplest terms, a thermocouple is a temperature sensor. Normal ... Air Conditioners

Need help installing new control board on a carrier 58CTA090-16

... Carrier Bryant Furnace Control Board HK42FZ017

The technician that installed our fujitsu cassette AOT30RMBL just put a piece of pipe in the water overflow and sealed i using insulation tape. Consequently over a period of time the water has been dripping onto the ceiling right near the cassette and has ruined the ceiling. I was just wondering if you could send me the details on how the overflow is to be properly installed so I know what parts to get. The area is right were the pipe joins the top of the cassette.

... Air Conditioners

Rheem Power Vent gas water heater (only 2 years old) had electronic thermostat/gas valve fail. Received warranty replacement today but I can't get the old assembly out. I cannot get it to budge even using 1 foot pipe wrench and tapping on the end with a sledge. Hesitant to put much more torque as I am afraid of damaging the tank. This is natural gas heater so uses right-hand threads (so I am trying to turn counterclockwise). Threads are too far inside the tank wall - can't reach them with p

Hello Try a "breaker bar" on the end of the pipe wrench.Good news is that the control threads are BRASS and the tank is steel,meaning the control will always come out (without spray oil).Counter clockwise is correct.Have faith and lay into it! ... Air Conditioners

I have a 561CJ030-C, and the fuzes seem to go out every year outside, replace them and everything is usually fine. This time, replaced them and it just hums and the fan doesn't turn. Do I need to replace the unit? If so, where do I get one? Can I replace it with some other brand? Or do I just need to replace the fan? If so, where do I get one...And would I be able to replace the cage that holds it too? Sorry for all the questions...Appreciate any help.

Hello,I will suggest you first replace the fan and see if it will still last you, but if the unit is age, it will be better you replace the unit, you can get a replacement for the unit or any part of the unit at ebay, the site sells all e ... Air Conditioners

Not working Hello I have chcnged out the tremastadt and the control board and i als checke my 12 volt fuse and my 115 braker and still my unit does not work what else can i do or try. My e-mail add is [email protected] if you need to get in touch with me i need help quick i am living out of my camper in Texas and it is getting hot. Kind regards Hans.R.Warren

The fan is not working ... Coleman Mach 15 Air Conditioner

We have a honeywell ct85 ( the round one) and we accidently broke it.. i need to buy a new one and install it but i dont know how.. i tried to take it off the wall and saw 4 wires..two red ones, one brown, and one green.. need help and explanationof the the installation process for this? does it take a long time and is it hard to do?

Do not worry about the colors, rather the terminal markings.Usually R_Rh will get Red G will get green the may used brown on Y ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

Need to purchase the wire and breaker switch for a Hitachi A/C Unit 30 ton unit. RUA-30HS. I need the tecnical specifications for this installation do you have them. Or can you help me with three questions: Starting Voltage and load? Average Running voltage? Recommended size of Breaker Switches? The Amperage is 3 phase so what size of cable is required? Thank you so much for your help.

Get an electrician you trust in your area. He will need probably need to physicially look at the unit. Then he can answer all your questions on this matter ... Air Conditioners

I installed a Proplumber pressure switch 30/50. I also installed a new gauge. I have had difficulty adjusting the switch so it will shut off. I have 31 psi in my tank and I know I have to adjust it to 2 psi over the tank but which way do you turn the adjustment. It only has one instead of two adjustments like my old switch. The pump kicks on like crazy and I am losing my mind and sleep with that thing kicking on every minute. HELP!!

Not sure if this will help, but I tried to research this a bit and one fellow who has the same unit said to adjust the screw downward to increase the pressure. If it's normal threading, that would mean to adjust it clockwise, from my understanding ... Air Conditioners

I have purchased a freestanding pellet (biomass) stove and am looking for an installer. However, I also need to convince the Dayton building inspector that it needs to be installed in accordance with ASTM E1509 and UL 1482 and follow NFPA 211 for chimneys, fireplaces, vents and solid burning appliances. He is insisting it is a factory built fireplace and must meet UL 127, and also insists that the exhaust be 10 feet from my property line, as it will belch smoke. I know different. Can anyone help

Call 1-800-total chimney or 203-874-6772 ... Dayton Air Conditioners


... Air Conditioners

Emptying Water My PAC210U portable is spilling water when I try to move it...how do I empty the tank?  How do I get at the tank?  I do not have a manual.  This is a 5 year-old (approximate) 29"Hx22"Wx14"D.     Jim I need an owners manual/operating manual for the PAC-L90. Where can i get one?

Try this link.\015\012http://www.manualnguide.com/download/manual-guide/delonghi-pi ... DeLonghi Pinguino PACL90 Portable Air Conditioner

Majestic dvr36rn I was told by the company who supplied & installed my 11 yr old fireplace that the valve (gas valve honeywell -nat) part #10001782 ... Needs to be replaced, however, they told me part is no longer avail & in order to repair, they need to replace it with a conversion kit from Paris, Kentucky - they said it would take btwn 3 wks & 6 mos. to get part!!! AND itis expensive! I wonder if anyone knows where I can get this part.

... Air Conditioners

Have a Payne A3PZ airconditioner and a Roberts Aire thermostate need help with wireing it up. The was I understand is that you need a Payne therostate to use with Payne AC unit. But surely there is a conversion table to help with the color coded wirering. Or better yet and install manual for this AC unti

No, Payne is a cheap Carrier unit. Keep track of your wires and what terminals they are attached to. Usually, units are either a 4 wire or 5 wire setup. In either of these the R terminal is your 24v power, G term is your fan, W is your heat, and Y ... Air Conditioners

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