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What ton is 38brc036 carrier ac unit - Carrier 38BRC036 Air Conditioner

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What ton is 38brc036 carrier ac unit - Carrier 38BRC036 Air Conditioner

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Liquid line size r410a charge ton - Carrier 38BRC036 Air Conditioner

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What ton is this carrier condenser unit - Air Conditioners

Over here in my neck of the woods an apartment one bedroom would have a 1.5 ton unit, a 2 bedroom house 2 to 2.5 tons a 3 or 4 bedroom home would be a 3 ton or 3.5 ton. Without numbers no one can tell exactly what you have there. Figured i could give ... Air Conditioners

Hi i need to know the ton of the unit - Carrier Air Conditioners

TYou can find that information on the steel plate on the back of the unit, if it's a heat pump you will find it on the sied where tubing comes out of heat pump. It will have serial Number and model number and you can take that information and go to C ... Carrier Air Conditioners

My carrier air conditioner is not working. We have two exterior units. One for upstairs (smaller) and one for the downstairs(larger unit). That being said we have two seperate thermostats inside our home. The upstairs unit is working fine. The downstairs thermostat shows on Auto that the unit should be kicking on based on the temp. However, the outdoor unit for downstairs is not working. So far I have checked the downstairs vents and they are blowing air although not very cool. I also tu

Hi,The problem is in the outdoor unit...The compressor could be locked up, the condenser fan could be bad... or from what you are saying the contactor for the outdoor unit is either not pulling in or is bad...that also can be a result of ... Air Conditioners

I have a central air conditioning unit in the apartment where I live. It is a split unit - somewhere outside is my outdoor unit (and everybody elses too). Anyway I seem to get way too much humidity in my apartment. The air conditioner I suspect is 15 or 20 years old or more. The label on the indoor part is almost unreadable. Carrier is the maker. The model might be 40AC02450052. There are also other numbers 40AC901190 ? or 40709010 ? Can anyone identify what I have? I would like to know how old

The humidity problem is from the condesation drain. It is more than likely to be clogged up keeping water in the condensation pan causing the humidity problem. This can be cured by a wet vac put onto the outside drain for the inside condensation pa ... Carrier 38CKC030 Air Conditioner

We have just purchased a new heating and air conditioning system in our house the air conditioner is putting so much humidity in the air that it does not cool the house, we purchased a 2 1/2 ton unit for a 1650 sq ft. house. what needs to be done to get the humidity out? the old unit worked better than the new one.

Is there a humidifier on the furnace? ... Air Conditioners

Blower fan motor wont start on carrier package unit air conditioner I have a Carrier 50ZPA042-301TP package unit

... Air Conditioners

Carrier Air conditioner. Turn the unit on and the Green unit light is flashing. But the system will not turn on. Have tried replacing battery in the contol, and the air filters have been cleaned.

Make sure your getting power to unit is this a split or package if split make sure water is not in exterior drain pan this will kick the float switch out push contactor in see if it comes on if not check the capacitor please give me a rating and vote ... Carrier Air Conditioners

Hi any chance you could send me a wiring diagram for a carrier ducted air conditioner model number 38QRT060. its a very old air conditioner and the diagram on the unit has faded.it looks like the honeywell controller is faulty and i was hoping i could bypass it to get it running.i work for an airconditioning company as an electrician in muswellbrook nsw aust.thank you

... Air Conditioners

Flashing light on air conditioner wall unit - Carrier Air Conditioners

... Carrier Air Conditioners

Hello i have Carrier Weathermaker 38tkb air conditioner unit. It's about 6 years old and when i got home today, the unit itself wasn't working. Although the blower fan in the furnace inside was blowing, the fan on the a/c unit outside was not moving. I can hear a humming sound coming from it and once in a while, you hear it trying to kick in (the lights in the house even dim a bit, which is unusual), but it never kicks in. The top center of the unit is extremely hot to the touch. I've checked

The humming noise and dimming of the lights is an indication something in the outdoor unit is locked up or has failed.Check the capacitor as it may have gone bad. If the capacitor is good, then you either have a failed motor, a failed co ... Air Conditioners

Air conditioners i have a frigidaire 13 SEER 3.0 ton unit that needs to be upgraded to 14 SEER. are there any kits available that can be installed on the unit that will increase the SEER value by one point? i am trying to qualify for an award, and it must be 14 SEER. the units i have are only two years old, so i do not want to replace them.

No kits, you will have to upgrade. ... Air Conditioners

Owners manual AmVent AX 18 - AMVENT 18000 Btu 1.5 Ton Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner Unit Ac System Heat Pump Indoor Unit 43.25"x12.25"x8.25" Outdoor Unit 29.75"x29.25"x10.25"

... AMVENT 18000 Btu 1.5 Ton Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner Unit Ac System Heat Pump Indoor Unit 43.25"x12.25"x8.25" Outdoor Unit 29.75"x29.25"x10.25"

Hi, we have a problem with our Weatherking heating unit/ air conditioner. We had it installed 07/20/06. It really never has worked properly. For the last 2 summers in run's constantly. Which of course makes our electric bills outragous. Our house is around about 2200 square feet. This unit is a 4 ton unit. What could be the problem. Please help. Thank you. The model # is 13AJA48A01

Lets look at the whole problem. Did you have a new unit inside. Is the charge correct for unit. 1 lb of refrigerant makes difference. Four tons should be big enough if you have proper insulation. I have three tons in a 2100 square foot house. Its ple ... Weather King 12AJA4801AH Air Conditioner

What problems could arise with a 5 ton air conditioner if the original refrigerant line is 3/4 instead of 7/8? The 5 ton unit replaced a 3 ton with keeping the original 3/4 line.

The 3/4 refrigerant line is low pressure and 7/8 refrigerant line is high pressure.If the line is not the same then the pressure of the refrigerant will be low then required and compressor will work as per 7/8 so it will get over heated and shu ... Goodman Air Conditioners

Goodmorning,Our Carrier remote air conditioner doesn't want to come on.It hasnt been used since summer, I replaced the batteries in the handset & reset the remote, the unit beeps thru every mode change but the wall unit on green light is lit but blinks on & off. The motor unit outside isnt coming on at all. Do you have any suggestions as to what maybe cusing this problem. Model RFL-0601EH

Hi there,\015\012\015\012Can you please check look for the factory sticker on the Aircon unit (preferably wall unit & outdoor unit).\015\012\015\012Will try to help once I have those details.\015\012\015\012Cheers, ... Air Conditioners

Carrier Air conditioner. Turn the unit on and the green on light flashes. We have replaced the batteries in remote and cleaned the air filters. I saw a comment about water in the exterior drain pan. Do you know how we can find the drain pan?

Call repairman to disassemble your unit and clean drain pan. And then restart. ... Carrier Air Conditioners

Carrier tech 2000 ss air conditioning unit - Air Conditioners

... Air Conditioners

No heat from the unit just blowing cold air. - Carrier 52CE215 Cool Electric Heat Air Conditioner

To get proper heat, keep your temp setting at 30+ degreeand also mode in "heat "position. If still no heat, check your heating sensorfor closed circuit by an OHMs metre.It it's with RV, \012check power to RV.Ifit's with heating eleme ... Carrier 52CE215 Cool Electric Heat Air Conditioner

We have a carrier rv air conditioner with a remote. The remote looks like it is working - shows signal, but the unit does not seem to receive it. Don't know if we need to replace the remote of if the problem is with the infrared receiving part of the unit? Would like to know before we spend the money on just a new remote. Thanks.

Check and be sure u have a full 12 volt supply going to the unit check your fuses ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

I have a carrier 38ckc030 air conditioner. the unit outside is not turning on. it sounds like it wants to and if you manually spin the fan it will slowly build up speed, but the air coming into the house is ambient temp. I searched and it sounds like the startup capacitor might be the culprit. Any advice?

You are right replace the compressor/fan capacitor this helps compressor/ fan start its the round silver or oval part in the condensor ..let me know ..good luck/joe/ ... Carrier 38CKC030 Air Conditioner

The fan on my Carrier central air conditioner a/c model 38ER036300 does not move when the compressor kicks on. The unit will heat up and then will start. It also will start when I give it a small push. The 30 amp circuit breaker will also vibrate for about 4 seconds and then will be fine. Should the fan blade move freely when the unit is off? It seems to have resistance. Does it need lubrcation or is it a sealed bearing?

Hello YES the blades have to move freely.If it has oil ports look on the side of the motor for a YELLOW plastic plug/cap there are 2 one at the top & one at the bottom.Pry them off/loosen with a small screwdriver & squirt #20 oil in the holes ... Carrier 38BRC060 Air Conditioner

How do I charge my window unit by Carrier? - Carrier 52CQ315 Air Conditioner

I am sorry but you have to be licensed to buy the freon. It is illegal for anyone to fill a unit that is not. ... Carrier 52CQ315 Air Conditioner


This means a high temp limit switch or flame roll\015\012 out switch has triped, check your air filter and clean or replace, than\015\012 watch unit when it runs and make sure the inducer motor is not slowing \015\012down or stopping.The ... Air Conditioners

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