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Lg s24ahn had a ch27 fault then corrected itself should I check the pcb or wait to see it the fault repeats itself

\015 Ch27 fault appeared then corrected itself should I check the pcb or wait and see if the fault repeats itself\015

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Lg s24ahn had a ch27 fault then corrected itself should I check the pcb or wait to see it the fault repeats itself

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Ferroli 77ff combi boiler, Intermittent problem effecting both heating and hot water. System can work fine for weeks and then fail. When the fault is present any demand for heat causes:- a) RL2 to energise, b) the fan runs and the pressure switch operates, c) then RL2 is deenergised the sequence a>b>c then repeats with a period of a few seconds. The fault can be "fixed" by moving the cables to the PCB or flexing the PCB however it always comes back. any ideas ? matt

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I've just moved into a home with an existing Armstrong Concept 10 A/C unit that's at least 15 years old. When I left for a 2-week vacation, the unit was working great. I set the thermostat to 77 to save energy. Upon returning, I lowered the thermostat to 70 and waited, and waited and waited several hours only to find the temp. in the house was not lowering, it was actually rising! I could see the unit's fan blade was not moving so I checked the circuit box in the basement, and the A/C breaker

Hello 93 The compressor caused the breaker to trip.A weak capasitor or burnt wire is a common cause.It sounds like the compressor is NOT on even though the fan is.It may need a new wire or maybe a HARD START kit to help restore operation.Call for hel ... Air Conditioners

I have an APAC ducted reverse cycle air conditioner Sundowner 11 which keeps shuddering intermitently at the outside unit. I have had a service technician look at it and he has replaced three contacters in the unit and checked the thermostat. He does not what the fault is. He has also by passed the pressure switches to see if this sorts out the problem. But this did not work. he has also checked the board in the unit as well.

Listen to see if the contactors make a clicking noise when the fan starts to studder. If not, then it's not the signal to the contactors. If a clicking sound of the contactors can be heard, then the problem is the contactor coil dropping in and out ... Air Conditioners

Voltas 1.5 tr split ac unit pc board out put power not coming to compressor what fault in pcb how i rectify the issue . i already checked in pcb fuses also its all having good continuity...

... Air Conditioners

Amana air command 80 SSE started makeing humming sound id shut it off and wait a few minutes and it would work again been doing this for about a week and now its not working what so ever it was blowing cold air but when humming it wasnt blowing anything at all i checked to see if the fans were binding up but their spining freely any ideas i see a sensor light but i dont know how that works either. please help im melting thanks

Sounds as if the motor is heating up and shorting.Call a pro to find out for sure. ... Air Conditioners

Went to a family dollar with a roof top unit and at the time could only check right above the drop ceiling, where there was a return and supply flex and a piece of square duct going through the roof and a novar control board mounted on the duct with it looked like 6 or 7 wires on it and 3 wires going to an alarm.. there was no power on the board and the fuse in the board was NOT blown.. i could only see that..i couldnt get to the roof.. have to wait till friday to come back with a tall enough la

Sounds like a smoke detector to me. usually they just break the red or the green through a relay, if it smells smoke. could be dust burning off the heat strips first use, or you could get on the roof and find burned wires or motor. lots of old wires ... Air Conditioners

Have had ice and snow here in ATL. Today heat in Weather King RCBA 3765 GG17 would not come on. Checked Breakers, A/C breaker was tripped. Reset breaker, checked for ice in condenser (W/K 10PJA 3701), made sure I was getting 230 V to HVAC in attic, jumpered Y to G to see if blower would turn on, but it would not. Blew out condensate line and checked for ice in the inside unit coils. Acting like a limit or door switch is open, but I don't see any such switches. Anyone got any advice? Thank

Try R to G instead. The red is the 24v side. Greeen is the blower. You should also have 24v ac between r and c (brown or black) at the air handler. You can check at the condenser for power also. Turn the unit on at the thermostat and go outside to ... Weather King 10PJA2501AH Air Conditioner

My air conditioning unit stop working (outside unit). When I turn the unit I notice a buzzz sound comming from the unit. I have pressed the reset button on the unit to see it that would help but nothing happend. I check to see if there was electricity with a voltemeter and the unit is getting current all the way to the capacitor. I turned the power off to the unit to check if the capacitor had a charge and it did. What other things should I be checking? Also, the fand do not turn on! model numbe

Hi, what is happening is, you have power to the outdoor unit. I am glad you have a volt meter. This system is a split unit,condenser outside and indoor unit. This is what you need to check, and what the buzzing is, and why the fan and compressor will ... Ruud UAMB Air Conditioner

I have a 19yr old Ruud Achieva 9.I have no AC at all. I have checked large barrel fuses - they are ok. Contactor clicks and you can see a spark at the contacts. Fan works. I don't hear a spin up of compressor. compressor is really warm though... seems higher than ambiant temp. I don't see any bulging or leaking of the start capacitor. I don't think the compressor is running. I, earlier, checked the filter at the squirrel cage because I had low flow. Cleaned it thinking insufficient flow = frozen

You need a capacitor checker or with an anolog meter on ohms first turn off power remove capacitor short capacitor out with a screw driver test it a bad capacitor needle wont move good one needle will read resistance then go back down to 0 if the ... Air Conditioners

Amana PTH073B25AM has no control and the PCB display will not light up or display temp. I have checked and verified Line voltage @ 240vac and control voltage to the PCB to be 24vac. The unit was bought 2nd hand but out of the box. does it have a defective PCB00111 or pushbutton pad and ribbon cable.Is there any checks I can do ther than the basic incoming voltage. Thanks

If you are able to open the side of the Case that supports the Pc board, and get a flashlight, there is a Fuse that is usually connected inside that area. Of course make sure the power is off before looking.\015\012\015\012Good Luck! ... Amana PTH073B25AJ Heat Pump,7000BTU, 230V, 2.5KW PTAC Air Conditioner

Biasi Mod M90 24SV The boiler starts normaly, but after burning (between 5 and 20 sec) stops; singe red alert light do 4 short blinks and PCB(Printed Circuit Board) is starting new ignition cicle. This is happened over and over again. All sensors are checked(overheating thermostat, NTC delivery sensor, air presure switch, flow switch). All wires and connections are checked too. The PCB was replaced with the new one, but the problem remains.

... Air Conditioners

Problem in Samsung split AC indoor unit Model AS24WA. Front panel display does not work. Samsung technicians changed both PCB's - diaplay PCB and dc power generating PCB that connects to mains and display PCB. Checked temperature sensors too. Problem is not solved. Any solution ?

... Samsung AS18A6RB Air Conditioner

I too have a Duo Therm p/n 59516.331 that quit cooling. The compressor seems to be running but the high pressure line is barely warm. Checked the 6 pin output connector on the conrol box using a load test lamp. Don't have a way to check the capacitors short of replacing them. Likewise, can't check the freon without installing valves. I don't see any appearent oil that might indicate a leak. what is the most common failure on these units?

If the compressor is running and you're are getting a little bit of cooling out of it, sounds like you are (1) low on refrigerant or (2) the valves are not pumping in the compressor. Hopefully it will be just refrigerant. Also make sure the condense ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

My heat pump will not come on in HEAT or A/C. I thought I might have a simple defrost control board problem, but still no go after replacing the board and the defrost relay. I checked the pressure switch and it is not tripped. I've checked all the circuit breakers and they, too, are all set. I've checked the outside unit using the "test" switch inside on the start relay and the unit will come on, but won't stay running on it's own. When I select HEAT, I wait the necessary five minutes for the un

Hi; Need more info. How old is the equipment,look on the outside unit data plate it will give the built date usually in the top right corner. Also heat pumps can run with a faulty defrost board. I would check for control voltage at the secondary side ... Ruud UBHC Air Conditioner

The electric heat kit for my amana air handler is not coming on. I am looking for simple checks that a I can perform to see if it is something simple. Primary Power is fine. I am looking for direction on what to check next.

Hi, As you posted, it would seem that the issue is limited now to just the:\015\012\015\012temperature limit (TL), test is continuity, it is a thermally activated fuse;\015\012 ... Amana Air Conditioners

Quietmaster A/C displaying E2 error code waited thirty min plugged in unit and F2 appears, no power I have completed the following: -checked breaker -checked outlet -cleaned filters -vacuumed coils -professional installation unit approx 7 years old.

Code F2Error detail L3 open phase detection.Correct it. ... Friedrich QuietMaster Electronic SS12J30D Air Conditioner

Vulcan eco 120 stoped working, checked fault codes and it said hot serface igntier. i changed that and tryed operation, unit still dose not light. when i press reset fault codes say failure to light, but sometims it also says slow closung gas valve. how can i fix it?

... Air Conditioners

This is a central air conditioning question. I have no power to the "battery-less" thermostat. I have two thermostats in the main house and swapped them out to see if one of the thermostats is bad, but both thermostats are working. There's just no power to the terminal in the living room. I checked the 5amp fuse to the air handler, and it's good. I checked the A/C unit outside and pressed down the contactor, the a/c kicks on. What am I missing?

Are you getting 24 volts from the thermostat to the transformer in the air handler? Sounds like the transformer in the airhandler. You can check it by taking the voltage from the R termianal to C Terminal and should read 24 volts. ... Air Conditioners

My LG Lan125HV works fine on air conditioning ( cool) but heat pump does not trigger when I move to heat or combined settings. Tried all temperature and fan settings, tried waiting to see if unit waiting so as not to blow cold air, nothing works. Switch back to cooling and everything works fine.

I talked to LG customer support (800) 243-0000. The tech told me that this model had a problem with the indoor thermistor. It doesn't fail with an open-circuit condition, so you don't get an error code. The thermister just goes out of range and be ... LG Heat cool Window Air Conditioner

Unit will not start. Checked the controller it seems dead. Replaced the batteries...twice... and checked to see that they are good. Is there anyway to turn the unit on w/o the controller? Or just buy a new and hope that it s the problem? Thanks, David

... Friedrich M18CF Split System Air Conditioner

Our York P4HUB12N08001A furnace has an A/C unit installed and we are running it in cool mode for the summer. Yesterday, my wife noticed a repeated hum from the furnace, and the house was 4 degrees warmer than it should be. She said that it would hum a couple minutes, turn off, then repeat a little later. I told her to shut it off, and I'd look at it when I got home. With the two covers off the furnace, I returned power to it, then pressed the safety switch so I could see everything happening. Th

A fan capacitor can be bad 'without' showing any visible defects - so - I would 'First" try a new capacitor, be sure to take the old one (after you've marked the wires for easy re-wiring) and get an exact replacement.\015\012\015\012Howev ... Air Conditioners

I purchased an evaporative ducted air conditioner that has just come out of warranty.I have had problems with this unit and installation every summer.They have repaired all the faults as they have occured. This summer i have had a repeat of a fault that occured last year.The company came and repaired it . The company did not inform me that the unit was out of warrenty and sent me a bill for $234.75c.Am i entitled to pay this account

That is shoddy business they should have informed you how much the estimated repair was going to be. I would call the company and talk to them about the way the do business and ask them for a break on the bill. Being a heating and air conditioning s ... Air Conditioners


A/c unit refrigerant charge is possibly low due to leakage, call a a/c engineer ! ... Air Conditioners

Ruud Achiever 90 Plus - furnace won't ignite. Getting open pressure switch error code (2 blinks). I can see into the outside end of the exhaust pipe and it looks clear. There is condensation but I don't believe any puddling in the pipe and I have checked the drainage at the furnace. Is there an easy way to determine if the pressure switch might be bad? I have blown into the rubber tube and the switch is clicking. Anything else to check? Thanks!

Jump out the switch as it first starts then take the jumper off as it ignites. If it starts, its the switch. If not, its the circuit board. ... Ruud UBHC Air Conditioner

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