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Fedders Q Chassis A6Q10F2A Air Conditioner unit is not cooling. Runs, but no cool ac anymore. Can this unit be recharged or is it sealed

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Fedders Q Chassis A6Q10F2A Air Conditioner unit is not cooling. Runs, but no cool ac anymore. Can this unit be recharged or is it sealed

... Fedders Q Chassis A6Q10F2A Air Conditioner

Not cooling very well. Had this unit for about 4 years. First three years it worked great. This summer it is cooling some but only cools the air about 5 degrees cooler. Can this unit be recharged?

Hi there. Unit is rechargeable but leak needs to be fixed.ThanksPaul ... Kenmore 71121 Air Conditioner

Unit leak at high pressure port. repair man replaced valve charged unit.cooled for a short time then stopped cooling.another repair man found low coolant,thought evoperator leak to be the cause. injected stop leak [944 kit super seal hvacr 1 ton to 5ton]. unit cooled for short time. now does not cool. runs and sounds good but no cooling.

Sorry about your problems.The StopLeak is expensive and does not work on leaks larger than 8 ounces per year.Neither of these "technicians" confirmed the location of the leak and repaired it.When the vacuum was done on the system a ... Ruud Air Conditioners

Interkool 900 stopped cooling - what to check before calling for service? The unit has worked fine for 4 years. The fan runs, but the unit does not cool the wineroom anymore.

T seems like there is a problem with the thermosat, or the compressor. Its not sensing the temperature being to warm to kick the compressor on and cool it down. OR the compressor itself id dead. Hope I could help.\015\012 \015\0 ... Vintage Keeper Interkool 900 Air Conditioner

I have a Rheem CLassic 10 Seer Heat Pump Model Number is RPKA-035JAZ I'm not familiar with certain terminology, but basically, it seems as though the unit is not cooling down the house anymore. It is just blowing air. The thermostat is not on "Fan", it is on "Cool". The central air system is not on "Auto" but "On" for continuous cooling. The temperature is on 65 degrees but not change has been made. It's not hot in the house but it certainly isn't cool and it feels as the there is less air p

Hello my name is Heath it will be my pleasure to assist you. The auto or on switch is the fan switch put this on auto. Then on the thermostat set it to cool and turn the thermostat down and the outside unit should come on and the house should cool d ... Air Conditioners


It is true that it is a sealed unit and should never need charged with freon unless a leak has developed. Most service techs will tell you that they cannot be recharged because you do have to break into the sealed system with a solder in valve or a ... Friedrich SH15L30 Thru-Wall/Window Air Conditioner

Condensate blowing thru discharge vents when operating on high cool, unit is pitched 3/8in. there is no standing water in chassis tray, this unit just installed new out of the box

Try a lower fan speed, sometimes the velocity of the fan combined with high humidity lifts the moisture off the fins instead of allowing the water to properly drop to the pan. ... Friedrich QuietMaster Deluxe RS12L10 Air Conditioner

We have 5 units that do not blow out cold air. They have been recharged with refrigerant twice and still do not Cool. One unit drips water heavily.

Before you had recharged your unit has the condition of the compressor analysed ? what is the condition of the condenser coils and the coiling coils.? Did you clean the filters? was the correct gas used for charging? Now go back to acess the fault th ... Air Conditioners

We have a 1997 Coleman popup camper. The air is just a little cool and it keeps leaking on the inside. I called a repair place and was told it was most likely low in freon and that it could not be added due to it being a sealed unit. Does anyone know if this is correct or how to fix the problem. The AC is a roof top unit

The drain is blocked and needs a clean out ,look for a drain hole with a pipe to the outside .as for the gas recharge then yes it can be filled by a specialist and not a chancer ,you have to cut a pipe on the motor and solder a connection on the end ... Air Conditioners

It will cool for a bit then switch to fan which blows hot air (from outside most likely) then goes back to cool air for a bit....never happened in past 3 years i've had the unit & there is no water filling the compartment anymore

If it has an energy efficient installed and turned on; it will do just that. If it does not, then, it is possible that the unit needs to be turned off until the tubing defreezes and it may be a possible solution...if not, then ...call a repairman. ... Ocean Aire ArcticAire 6012 Air Conditioner

I have a PACL90model portable air conditioner bought it from a friend. It does not work as well as expected. I have cleaned the filter, made sure the air hoses are vented properly and still not very cool. Do these units need to be recharged? How big of a room should they cool? Thanks for your time. [email protected]

A/C's should not need to be recharged unless there is a problem. They do not "use" freon the way a car could "use" a little oil. The best way to check is with a thermometer. Check the air where the unit is sucking in and the check the air where it ... DeLonghi Air Conditioners

I have a Goodman CPLE42-1 split system. I had a power outage and my first floor unit would not cool anymore. The air handler/blower in the ceiling is working fine, but the fan outside is not turning on. When I went to look for an overload reset on it, I switched off the breaker on my second floor unit by accident, and now it is doing the same thing. Both fans on the outside will not turn on. Both thermostats will turn on the air handlers in the ceiling. Seems like I re-created the same exact pr

... Goodman CPLE24-1 Air Conditioner

My ac unit doesnt cool anymore. I've cleaned the filter and its spotless but cool air doesnt come out at all, its like an expensive fan. Is it out of frion?

May be your compressor, a cap or freon ... Danby DPAC7008 Air Conditioner

My air conditioning unit is not cooling as it should and I had a person come over to my house and he told me that I might have to much gas in it so they took some out. But it doesn't cool very well anymore. What is the exact amount of gas that it should have?

The exact amount of gas you need in the unit is usually right on the label of the unit. By the model and serial nuber you will find the refrigrant type and the charge amount in oz. It also will specify the amount needed if the lineset is over XX numb ... LG LS-K1830CL Cool Mini Split Air Conditioner

LG window airconditioner -- the display no longer give the tempture, but instead stays on numbers 1 to 9 depending on which button you hit. plus, it doesn't cool as well anymore. Also, you have to use the remote because the button on the unit don't work either anymore. Any suggestions?

... LG LW7000R Air Conditioner

My unit is ceiling cassete,it doesn't cool anymore and no error indicating the unit...pls. help me

... Panasonic CS-KS18NB4UW Mini Split Ceiling Cassette Indoor Unit - 17,500 BTU

I have a Goodman AR61 and it is not cooling. I have recently had the system recharged, because I thought it may have been low. When the service guy came out he said I had plenty of charge in the unit, but he went ahead and topped it off to be safe. He told me that the unit was not circulating because of a frozen coil. Which happens because it may be dity. I told him time were a little tight how much would it be to clean it out. He said give it awhile until it melted and I could clean it myself.

Coils get frozen when freon is low or a restriction on a capillary.The reason he got good readings was because the unit evaporator was iced up. He should have run the system on fan only to melt all the ice and get true readings before charging it. ... Air Conditioners

Fuses OK, Fan OK, blowers OK but compressor does not kick in. Not cooling now. How to get a replacement unit. Sleeve Ok and remains in place, just need the unit that slides in Chuck Raney 12013 Edgewater Rd Fort Smith, AR My AC man say compressor locked up and not working anymore.

If you can give me the make and model number, I can probably locate one for ya. ... Air Conditioners

Unit runs and blows air but does not cool, can it be recharged?

... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

TWC SERIES 10 SEER goodman model TWC24-1/-1B not cooling no leaks detected, will charge but when cover is on unit the pressures drop and won't cool but when cover is off the unit will pressurize s

... Goodman GPH1324H21A WallWindow Air Conditioner

Condensate blowing thru discharge vents on high cool, unit is pitched 3/8 inch there does not appear to be water standing in chassis tray. any ideas?

The water has to be draining out constantly or the pan and finally the unit will overflow. If it has age on it take out and take to car wash and wash inside and outside coils. Remove tops on coils so you can see whats going on while washi ... Friedrich QuietMaster Deluxe RS12L10 Air Conditioner

We have a senville air conditioning unit and for some reason it started flashing PI yesterday and now that it is back to normal telling us the temperature it does not cool anymore. It seems like only the fan is working.

Here's what i found should be comparable.http://errorcodeairconditioning.blogspot.com/2011/02/shinco-error-code.html ... Air Conditioners

Window unit comfort aire rad 121 e wont get cool. fan works, everything works, just wont blow cold air. can system be recharged like a car?

Actually it can be charged like a car "if" it has charging ports which it won't have unless someone has installed them - which would only of happened if the unit had a leak previously. So, to answer your question a window unit can be charged like a ... Air Conditioners

Hello there. I have Friedrich wallmaster a.c ws16b30-a for about five years, a month ago it started not to cool enough, then i called service, the service guy cleaned the coil and recharged compresor with freon after finding that it was only 30% on freon. It worked good for about two weeks and now problem started again. Now compressor works for about a minute or two and than shuts-off releasin wery hot air on the back of unit and compressor itself gets very hot. Can somone tell me what kind of s

Hi,As it is already 5 years old, there could be many problems. Yes, freon is the main fault. Other than this, i would doubt freon leak. These AC's are more prone to freon air. I have no idea whether the repairman checked it for freon air. ... Friedrich WallMaster WS07A10D Air Conditioner

Domedic duotherm 13.5, comp runs but no cool. looked at unit to find schrader valve... not there. does piercing tool work for adding freon. all else appears on good condx. I think it just needs gas. does this recharging method work?

From what you've told me - I'm now thinking you're low on freon, and my advice (to you) would be to call a Service Tech who can (a) find the leak (b) fix the leak and (c) re-charge the unit with the proper charge.\015\012\015\012Of course ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

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