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AS-H126PBL2 Coil is freezing up and water suudenly overfloors into the room floor and soak the carpets furniture etc. this happens in brand new Art Cool AS-H126PBL2. even the local agents cannot solve this problem and I do not recomend this Art Cool model to. all the known people whom got this particular model has the same problem. We people in Sri-Lanka must not go for this model as the Agent Abans Limited cannot solve this problem.

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Check the web page and manufacuure specs on the model#!

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AS-H126PBL2 Coil is freezing up and water suudenly overfloors into the room floor and soak the carpets furniture etc. this happens in brand new Art Cool AS-H126PBL2. even the local agents cannot solve this problem and I do not recomend this Art Cool model to. all the known people whom got this particular model has the same problem. We people in Sri-Lanka must not go for this model as the Agent Abans Limited cannot solve this problem.

Check the web page and manufacuure specs on the model#! ... LG Art Cool LA121CNP wall/window Air Conditioner

My LG art cool units stop frequently and show a code of C8. I turn the unit on and off again and then works until the next time....This has been going on for several years now, is annoying/concerning, but each time I have a professional come to visit they tell me the same thing....that the C8 means the internal fan is blocked, but if by turning it on and off the problem is solved then the fan is not really blocked and I should not be concerned. I have two art cools and this happens on both of

... LG Art Cool LA121CNP wall/window Air Conditioner

I have an XQ08 model - thru the wall When turned on it provide cooling for approx 10 minutes (sometimes longer) and then it stops blowing cool air. My repair man came and adjusted the sensors which he said might solve the problem. It did not. the thermostat is set to 69, I have it set on 'cool', not money saver. When it stops cooling, and I turn it down to 60, it makes no difference and no sound indicating the compressor clicks on. Any suggestions would be helpful. thank you Ms Hill

Hi\015\012\015\012To fix a cooling problem in AC you must know the cooling process that the condenser (outside unit) pulls in the house's warm air and cools it with Freon. The cold air is then forced back into your home through the duct s ... Friedrich Air Conditioners

Our samsung asv 18e model is not cooling. we already adjusted it to le lowest temperature setting but it doesn't cool the room.I have tried searching on the net for answers and it seems to me that a lot of people have experienced this problem with their samsung airconditioners...is there a way to fix this? I've come across in the internet about gas leaks in their airconditioners..is this maybe the reason why our air conditioner isn't cooling? Thank you so much for your help

... Air Conditioners

Ank youI have a frigidaire model fas296n2a2 air conditioner. It is electronic and has a remote as well. I cannot adjust the fan speed. it only runs on one speed. i already replaced the p.c. control board part # 309901501 and the display control board part # 309901601.this did not solve the problem. any ideas?

Did you install the new main control board yourself or no? I would have a professional diagnose the unit since it is a big BTU sized unit. ... Frigidaire FAS296R2A Air Conditioner

I have Air conditioner LG ART Cool 2400BTU.Model ES-H2468VM0 When I switch It On - in the main lcd panel of it's appeared the following error C1(without change). What is the problem? Where can I get service manual for this model.

... LG Air Conditioners

I have a Comfort-Aire Model RAH-123A Room Air Conditioner and Heat Pump. When depressing the low or high heat control button, the unit hums like it wants to start but shuts off in about 3-5 seconds. My suspicion is that the compressor is trying to start but a thermal cutout shuts it down when it does not start. The unit was installed as part of a sun room addition and the remodeler is no longer in business. If I cannot solve this problem through the internet, I need a local contact fro servic

Hi!\015\012Before I give you a possible solution to your problem you need to check the heating temperature Control, set it to a warmer setting, if problem persists, check the power cord.\015\012\015\012To test your power supply cord:\015\012\0 ... Air Conditioners

Model FC24B3XN1H. Modulating Echelon 60k btu. Fan runs constantly but no heat. Was installed 9/09. When turn thermostat off, fan still runs, have to shut off at furnace. It has never been a hot heat, installer said that is normal?? Used air couple days this week, was fine. We then turned furn off at thermostat as it was not needed. Turned heat on late yesterday afternoon & problem started. Left furn power off for about 15 minutes, but would not reset. Easy solve?? Is it supposed to be a 'cool' h

Hi,The fan running constant and the unit not firing is usually an indication that the high limit reset has tripped. And yes... these furnaces will run a cooler air... that is one way they get better efficiency...Also the ... Coleman Air Conditioners


Hi,The first thing i'll say is you will need to get it repaired by a technician and i strongly recommend you not to do it by urself.Remote control units have diagnostic program in the ... LG LSC183VMA Split System Air Conditioner

My Amana A/C is almost five years old. It is not cycling in the heat of the afternoon. I live in Las Vegas, NV. I recently had the expansion valve replaced, but this did not fix the problem. The original problem was it was not cooling, but now the problem is it is not cycling. It will run all afternoon until the temp outside cools. I also need to know if this valve is still under warranty. I have a 13 seer, 3.5 ton. I am sorry I do not have the model number. It was installed on 9-8-2004.

If 5 years on parts, you still have until Sept. 9, this year, to avail. Besides, if the problem is with the compressor, its a lifetime warranty you said. :)The best thing to do is avail your warranty from an authorized service center to ... Air Conditioners

Our model is the ART30RLA ducted airconditioner and we are having problems with it. The problem is that it will not cool down, everything is running but it won't get cool. Could you please help us with this problem.

To get proper cool, keep the tips as follows:1. Check air filter is cleaned. 2. Check indoor coil is cleaned. 3. Checkindoor blower motor is working. 4. Keep in cool mode. 5. Set temp minimum 3degrees less than room temp.6.Check compressor is w ... Fujitsu Air Conditioners

Hi guys, I try to solve this problem i have with my AC unit American Standard YCC048F. Short: The heating and cooling are ok, the only problem is the fan doesn't turn off even if heat or cool turns off. Some times even if i put the thermostat is on off the fan starts running. I try to find a relay for the fan but i don't know what can be the problem. Please help, for now i am switching on/off the unit to have it run. Thank you. Costi

If the unit has printed circuit board the relay maybe in it which has probably welded contacts, must change the pcb then or try tapping it, it might help or even, try off and on power at circuit breaker it migt reset the pcb. ... Air Conditioners

My mother in law has a Ruud 10 Seer air conditioner. She's had it since 1998. The air conditioner runs fine but it will only cool the house now during early morning and evening hours. It no longer cools the house during the hot part of the day. Her power bill more than doubled this past month which is when the problem started. We changed the filter but that did not solve the problem. What else could it be?

I would shut off power to condensor and wash all the fins out as good as you can. I prefer to do this from the inside of the unit but that will require some disassembly so you can wash them from the outside if you want. If you have acess to the a-coi ... Ruud Matching Split Air Conditioner

We have AC LG Zet cool 1pk, with size room 5x6x3, the problems is we doesn't have cool on the room, but ac is good condition with standard free on. pleas e help me to solve this problem. thanks. RS. Urip Sumoharjo, Lampung, Indonesia

Depending on the type of building and insulation. For building with good insulation and not many windows, you could manage with a 18000BTU, but if your insulation not so good, you should need 24 to 26000btu unit. ... LG Air Conditioners

My reversing valve will cyle for a few minutes after a cooling cycle is complete. It does not do this everytime the cooling cycle is used it is more of an intermittent problem. the unit model number is UPNE-048JAZ. I was told that it is probably the reversing valve circuit board, is there a good chance that this is the problem.

On a lot of heat pumps, when the cooling cycle is finished the factory sometimes entergizes the reversing valve so that the pressures become equal so that the compressor starts with equal pressures. might be nothing wrong. the electrical diagram will ... Air Conditioners


Error C6 on lg cool art is common. you guy need a new CAPACITOR. cost $7.05c aud. it's 6uF 450vac. take about less than 10min to install. my lg model is lsz244vm-4, it's run well now. ... Air Conditioners

I have panasonic 1.5 window AC model no. CW-XC-184BY. When the problem started, the cooling started only after about 20 minutes delay and cooling was good. Now the cooling starts and stops within 1 or 2 minutes. The remote is working. What is the solution

Check the coolant. It must be depleted. Requires a refill. ... GE Zoneline AZ55H15D Air Conditioner

I have a frigidaire wall mounted ac unit. It isnt cooling like it should be and when the motor tries to come on my lights dim and there is a humming noise for just a few seconds before the hum stops. The fan runs and will blow "cool" air but not as cool as it should be. What is my problem here? I dont know the model # for my ac unit, it is probably 8 yrs old though.

... Frigidaire FAS155K1 Air Conditioner

Amana AC model MBR2000, installed mid May 2009. When outside temp gets above a certain level the AC does not cool. fan keeps running and it keeps trying but not work. When outside air gets cooler then starts to work again. Tech here twice. 1st time when AC was working - could not find problem, 2nd time when problem was occurring. 2nd time found burnt wire and replaced. Same problem started again 2 days later. AC unit is large enough for our house, is 18 Seer 2 stage. Any suggestions as to proble

Hi it sounds to me like what actvates the 2nd stage of the compressor is not turning the compressor on when the ambeint temiture reaches the point that it calls for the 2nd stage to start it may be an out door thermostat or a ambient senser and I wou ... Air Conditioners

Carrier 38CK036330 Hi,  I totally know nothing about air conditioning. It's getting so hot in LA and we really need help since our house has a 18-month old child. We have a Carrier 38CK036330 central unit, and it's not cooling the house as we'd like it to. It's already about 13 years old and we are looking for a new one to replace it. The question is we cannot find this model anymore, or do we have to replace it with the same model?? What model or brand would you suggest for a 1350 square feet h

The model numbers change.You have a 3 ton system.The make and model that you replace it with is not nearly as important as a quality install.Do your homework on picking a contractor that you can trust.Have them do a load calculation to make sure a 3t ... Carrier 38CKC060 Air Conditioner

I have a split system sanyo heat pump model # kmh0922. The evap. fan will not come on when called for in fan mode. When i put it to heat the indoor fan will also not come on. The compressor runs but the reversing valve seems to stay in the cooling mode. When it is put into cooling the indoor fan goes off after 15 seconds and will not come back on. (The condenser fan and compressor seem to act normal in cooling.) Any ideas as to what the problem could be? Thank you, Mike

Sounds like the blowers capacitor has gone bad ... Sanyo Air Conditioners

Art Cool Model Deluxe Type 1 screen shows C1

Your return air sensor is not connected or faulty. ... LG Air Conditioners

I have an older model AG 08 series GE window AC unit in my wine room to keep it cool. The unit is cooling fine, but the fine will now not shut off. What could be the problem

... Air Conditioners

LG Art Cool air conditioner/heater Preheat mode problem

... LG Art Cool LA1000PR Air Conditioner

Only one side cooling in split 1.5Tons Ac .The other two sides are not cooling .How to solve this problem

... Samsung AS18A6RB Air Conditioner

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