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I have celiera split wall mount air conditioner KFR-66GW that tries and tries to get started but won't. Any suggestions?

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I have celiera split wall mount air conditioner KFR-66GW that tries and tries to get started but won't. Any suggestions?

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I have a 1/2 hp jet pump that draws lake water. We have tried and tried to prime it and get it up to presure. I have replaced the foot value but when started it reaches 20 psi and waivers down to 5 then back - can't seem to get it truly sucking. We have filled pump with water, replaced the plug loosely, let air bubbles escape and repeated literally dozens of times. The feed line in on a gradual slope up from the lake. Any further suggestions?

I have seen little critters (looks like baby clams) make a home inside the suction pipe and on the impeller in the pump. They can cause a lot of pressure problems with just a few of them in the way. ... Air Conditioners

Amana AC model MBR2000, installed mid May 2009. When outside temp gets above a certain level the AC does not cool. fan keeps running and it keeps trying but not work. When outside air gets cooler then starts to work again. Tech here twice. 1st time when AC was working - could not find problem, 2nd time when problem was occurring. 2nd time found burnt wire and replaced. Same problem started again 2 days later. AC unit is large enough for our house, is 18 Seer 2 stage. Any suggestions as to proble

Hi it sounds to me like what actvates the 2nd stage of the compressor is not turning the compressor on when the ambeint temiture reaches the point that it calls for the 2nd stage to start it may be an out door thermostat or a ambient senser and I wou ... Air Conditioners

We have a Yonan Split air conditioner and there is a fault code of E4. Now it blows air nor hot or cold. I am trying to confirm whether it is a lack of gas or no gas at all. I am having no luck trying to get onto the manufacturer regarding manual or any help. Model KFR-70GW. There appears to no service agent for these in Australia Thanks

... Air Conditioners

I have a 12000 BTU Celiera mini split heat pump. It appears that whenever the compressor tries to start that the 20 amp circuit breaker opens. Is this definately a bad compressor or can it be a faulty starter compacitor or a faulty relay? Thanks, Roger

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Split ac- at night when set at 23 or 24 degree, it stops after getting this temp, but does not start even after 30 or31 d. by this time it is very hot and sleep is disturbed. After waiting and waiting it is put off and restarted. what is the problem? Suggest a competant technician regards Suresh Wavhal Chinchwad. Mob. 9822477160

... Samsung Air Conditioners

My samsung Split AC has some red light blinking along with a green one and its giving a different sound when i turn it on and the air/cooling does not come. It stays numb and the light keeps blinking. I tried fixing it by taking out the main plug and connecting it again but of no use. How do i get my AC started?

... Samsung Air Conditioners

Ac compressor is not starting and when it tries to strart voltage gets down for 5/7 sec. and again after 5 minutes it tries to start but could not starts

You may have a faulty capacitor which gives compressor a kick start . Also you may have an issue with soft start relay. ... Air Conditioners


... Air Conditioners

I have a breville vin158 iron that is suddenly not heating up and the display panel is flashing crazily> was using it when suddenly the temperature started to get very hot.i unplugged it and tried starting over but it would not get hot again.

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Hi, i have started renting a house just a week ago. Its having an lg split air conditioner in the house.suddenly one day, when i came back from work and tried to turn on the A.C it didn't start. We replaced the batteries, but nothing is happening. But when we are trying to put batteries in it is showing its display for one second and then there is nothing on screen after that. I can not understand whats happening ? And we have just moved into the house so i dont want to spend money for a new on

Hi, does the Ac beep when you press the buttons.? Are the batteries in the correct way around. is there power at the AC. All good points to check. If all answers are yes then the chance is that the remote or the AC receiver board is faulty.\015\012Co ... LG Air Conditioners

Have NEC RIH-2667 Inverter Split system.I set to Heating mode,set temp to 25 degrees.The compressor light comes on.The run light flashes for about 30 seconds.Then the vent opens,the fan comes on and starts blowing out heat.Within 5-10 mins the temp on split displays starts going up.when it gets to 26-27 the run light flashs,fan stops,no heat coming out.The temp on system keeps going up to 30 degrees.it takes approx 40-60 mins to come down to 25ish the will come on again and repeat.I have an inde

... Air Conditioners

My heater is trying to start, I get the pilot light and and can hear the stricker trying to start the fire but no fire.

Is your tank near empty? if so the pilot might still light but might not have enough gas to light the furnace ... Air Conditioners

I installed my attic fan about 10 years ago. Now, it will not start without me giving the blades a push. It hadn't been lubricated since installation. So I applied some 3-in-one oil. Still wouldn't start on it's own. Then I tried some WD-40 and it would start better. But then, not running overnight, again it wouldn't start without giving the blades a spin. Any suggestions?

Hi,\012The capacitor has gone bad... that is what gives the motor the "kick" to get it started...\012replce that and you are good again..\012\012heatman101 ... Air Conditioners

My air conditioning unit wont start we usually start it with the remote but its not working it. it keeps flashing a symbol up the top when i try to turn it on but it wont start it. how can i fix the remote because i really need to get it started. the remote control unit model is: AR-DB5.

... Fujitsu 36CS Air Conditioner

I hav a panasonic split wall mounted ac model KFR-26G/P08 . Wen I start ac is start with a green light and den automatically is stops nd red timer light starts blinking . Plzz suggent me as soon as possible

... Air Conditioners

Heating and air condition unit will not kick on when i try to turn the heat on in the morning. we have tried the auto fan and the on fan for both ac and heat...will only work for the ac. the breaker switch at the breaker box is the only solution we have found to get the unit to fire up and to start the heat for the unit...my brother has checked the wiring at the thermostate..mercury type..found no burned out wires...he changed the filter on the system...tried to clean all the contact points on

Hello , I can help you out here. First check the T-stat with all breakers on take the red t-stat wire and white t-stat wire and green t-stat wire , tie the 3 together and wait 5 minutes to see if anything starts up. If the heat starts running replace ... Air Conditioners

We have an LG single split wall mount room air conditioner which was installed in 1999. Today it started making some strange noises like a bearing rattle. We turned it off and on and then it seemed alright again. We then decided to clean the filters which hadn't been done for awhile. After putting them back, the unit won't start again. I try to start it with the remote but nothing happens. It appears to be completely dead. I've checked the house power which seems to be ok. Any ideas on w

The bearing rattle you heard was the compressor going out. Because the compressor is a sealed unit, the only way to repair it is to replace it with a new compressor. It may be cheaper to buy a brand new A/C vs. buying a replacement compressor. ... LG LSC121PMA Split System Air Conditioner

Firstly, water was coming out the front of the holding tray. It was tilted at a proper angle and should have run the excess out the back. We investigated to try and find out why and to correct some of the wood rot that was happening. After we tried to start the machine and 88 code and all lights come on then it bounces to E2 message and the only way we can turn off that is to unplug. We have tried leaving the machine unplugged in order to get a reprogram set but to no avail. I sent an email

The water is coming out because the evacuation hole - or the pipe , or the pump attached to it is blocked by dirt. You must access all and clean them thoroughly. Ideally you should take the pump , pipe and tray out to clean them.\012\012\012The ... Haier Energy Star ESA3183 Air Conditioner

Ok, it's not the dang A/C, but I couldn't get it to say what I wanted. I have been in a crash an my airbags were deployed. It's not starting and I'm trying to find the Fuel Pump switch on my Saturn 19

Look in your owners manual ... Air Conditioners

What is the seer associated with this unit. i'm considering replacing my heat system and trying to decide to do the ac with it. when this unit starts the whole house dims, i increased the house to 200 amps put it stll does it. someone suggested a hard start attachment? also i guess this is a 5 ton unit and i'm told it is to big for a 30 year old 2400 sg foot home. thank you

If you do get a hard start kit...make sure it uses a potential relay and not a PCTR. We install them for the "house dimming issue". It helps. ... Air Conditioners

I bought a forclosesure this summer and not all that familar with the furnace in the guest house. I'm use to having a furnace with a pilot light(yes, it was 34 years old)now I,m trying to get a goodman furnace going. I know it was sitting around for atleast 2 years. The home inspector said everything works.The model number is gmnt040-03. The gas is turn on the outside line. When I start it she begins to hum and then the ignition light goes on. then a blowing noise but then I get no flames-after

Hi,A few things to check...Is the gas line valve on at the unit....follow the gas line back a bit sometimes the gas valve can be out of view.Also check the gas valve in the furnace... it may also be in the "off" position.... ... Air Conditioners

I have a heater in a barn that is probably 30 yrs old and I can't get the pilot to stay lit. I think the wind is blowing the pilot out through the 4 inch vent but i am not sure. Do I need to try something with the vent or do you suggest something else? Any suggestions are welcome. Thank you.

You could put a wind cap on it they are cheap. And if that don't work you need a new termocouple. ... Air Conditioners

I have the Mitsubishi split unit system with 24BTU for my bedroom, the problems starts after the compressor has started and the cold air has been blown through the indoor unit, this pleasure lasts for about 2 mins and then a strange sound from the outdoor unit , sounds like the power is getting low or some what, then it shuts itself down. A technician checked and said the compressor needs replacement..its 12 month old and works 6 hours a day!!!

Ok, it can be two things. \015\012\015\012The outside unit needs to be washed with a water hose to rinse any dirt and debris that can cause a restriction in airflow over the outdoor coils. If they are allowed ... Mitsubishi MSM18NW Air Conditioner

Had "So Called" RV repairman work on Coleman 13.5 Roof AC! He said he fxed it first by lubrication then he replaced the "Hardsart" and told me if the fand stopped again to spin it to get it started and said I should just replace the AC. Another Mechanic PooPooed that Idea and ended up removing the "Hardstart" and wiring direct from the Diod! The sytem worked perfectly for a couple of days then the fan shut down again! Leter on I tried it again and after a "Clank" she started again and we turned

If the fan is not turning, but just humming, you need to replace the capacitor. If you were to spin the fan by hand (carefully) when it's doing this, it will speed up and run, until next time. The "hardstart" they refer to is for the compressor and i ... Coleman Mach III Air Conditioner

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