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External tank Hello, I purchased this product two years ago especially for the climatisation system it was offering, since then, I moved in an other appartment, which is half underground. Now that the summer has begun, I started to use the dehumidifier, which is working perfectly; the only problem is the external tank, which is connected and locked properly, but the water just doesn't gather in there! Do I need to install a kind of pipe or something between the internal and external tanks...?? P

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How do I even INSTALL the external tank?!?!? I just hook it on, but there seems to be nothing that actually drains into the tank. Am I missing a part?

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External tank Hello, I purchased this product two years ago especially for the climatisation system it was offering, since then, I moved in an other appartment, which is half underground. Now that the summer has begun, I started to use the dehumidifier, which is working perfectly; the only problem is the external tank, which is connected and locked properly, but the water just doesn't gather in there! Do I need to install a kind of pipe or something between the internal and external tanks...?? P

How do I even INSTALL the external tank?!?!? I just hook it on, but there seems to be nothing that actually drains into the tank. Am I missing a part? ... Danby DPAC10031 Air Conditioner

I have a beckett R7184 b unit that The light has gone out on . We originally had water in our tank that caused our original problem, which a service tech said we would have to drain the tank . He replaced the nozzel and filter and I drained the tank and bled the line .it worked for about a day and then locked out again . Once again there was water in the lines I bled them again and fired it up again . The unit must have worked a few days and then it stopped . I checked the beckett unit and notic

... Air Conditioners

Afternoon, I have a major problem with my Dimplex DAC15HC portable air-conditioner. It either requires constant top-ups to its external water tank, or the main evaporative water tank leaks constantly, irrespective of both tanks being emptied on a daily basis. At this rate, I'll be re-carpeting the room the unit is in!! Any help would be gratefully received. Cheers, Simon

Hi SAJJF2,\015\012\015\012Its not leaking. As the fan blows air across the cold coils the water in the air condenses on to the coil. When enough water condenses it forms drops which drip out of the AC unit. In humid parts of the world AC ... Air Conditioners

Model#ARC-13w/s. the unit leaked profusely all over the bedroom rug. Condenser makes a surging sound,then the water tank fills too quickly,and shuts off almost every half hour. I worked hard to keep emptying pans of water and the rug smelled musty. The valve where the water empties had a slimy residue also.I got the ac in 2009. What do I do about the problem? my email is [email protected]

... Whynter SNO 13000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

Had a PF code, unplugged the 4 pin probe connector and plugged it back in and fixes that problem until next PF code.....often. Ran perfect for a couple hours and turned it off for the night, when I restarted it the next morning the top blower works but the compressor nor the exhaust fan come on. I have emptied the tank, cleaned the filters, started and restarted, let sit for 10 minutes several times and tried again...compressor doesn't start nor the exhaust fan. The top blower works when on AC,

Hi,Here is a tips that I wrote\012that will help to explain why you get the PF Error CodePF\012Error Code for Appliances\012hea ... DeLonghi Pinguino PACL90 Portable Air Conditioner

The red blinking light won't go off (i.e., A/C won't work) despite emptying internal tank, attaching external tank, and attempting to drain sump (nothing came out). What is the problem? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I seemed to have done all troubleshooting as referenced in the instructions. Thanks, Sweaty and Tired

... Danby DPAC12031 Air Conditioner

My colmen central air unit is not working properly. The Outside unit is not working. The problem initally arouse in June, but it "self corrected" after having the A/C unit turned off. Since that time the unit has run perfectly untill now. I did look for a reset button, but was unable to find one. The system (at most) is only 4 years old.

If nothing is running outside at times you probably have a weak contactor coil that is not pulling the contactor in all the time. If the outside fan comes on but not the compressor, the compressor is over heating and ... Coleman Air Conditioners

My unit has never worked properly as it is dripping water and ruining my wall and my filters. The business that installed my unit is giving me the run around and ignoring my requests to fix my unit once and for all. They have been to my house multiple times with different "solutions" to this problem. The last time I was able to get anyone on the phone from Air Masters, the owner told me that he would replace my unit with a new one, but that you guys would not stand behind your product. Now,

It's short of gas. That's why it's forming ice over the coil and cutoff by coil sensor and then blower only would run. At that time ice become starts defrosting resulting to this water drop. Call repairman to find the return pressure by gauge. 60psi ... Goodman Air Conditioners

Hi, I have hot water coming through the cold water taps in the house, there is a check valve on the cold water return side of the water heater. could this be the problem? The cold water line feeding the hot water tank is also hot, could there be a problem with the tank as well. Your help is much appreciated. Thanks

I have seen a faucet that has a valve on the end (like your pull up on the shower)back feed the hot water or yes you could have a bad ck valve dan ... Air Conditioners

External water tank isn't collecting water

... Danby DPAC80201 Portable Air Conditioner

I drained the internal tank and reinstalled the external tank but after an hour the red light comes back on. I checked the external tank but it is empty. It doesnt look like there is any water being pumped into the external tank.

All it needs is was the drain plug removing and the water draining out if it doesnt thenMay be a vacume hose leak.Most of the time if there is a problem the light on the stat will flash the fault code on the defrost board. Do you have yo ... Danby DPAC9031 Air Conditioner

Red light flashes compressor shuts off water full bucket flashes but external and internal tanks both empty. Sometimes the external tank gets a bit of water 1 cup or so then kicks out and light starts flashing.

... Danby DPAC12031 Air Conditioner

I need a new water adaptor that goes from the external water tank to the unit - it broke when I removed the external tank when moving the air conditioner.

Did you find one? If not, can you run the unit using just the internal bucket? The sears parts manual doesn't even show the external tank. ... Danby DPAC8399 Air Conditioner

Water is not getting to external tanks

... Danby DPAC9008 Portable Air Conditioner

For some time AC (92 Toyota Corona import) AC not working properly. Lately windows fog up rapidly in wet & humid weather - V dangerous for driving as AC needed to dehumidify B4 blow to Windscreen in this car. Took to repair shop yesterday. They confirmed gassing OK! but also confirmed - - AC not working properly when first tested. - After test attachments applied AC began working just fine - all within spec. They suggested fungus buildup problem in evaporator and vents and so I agree

Hi Jim and Welcome to Fixya\015\012\015\012First of all it sounds like all the Air dampers are intact as it WAS working fine and stopped. Here is most likely what happened. \015\012\015\012The damper control cable that swit ... Air Conditioners

Hello Geno, This is The Human Touch again. I want first of all the thank you for your recommendation of purchasing a hot water tank. We will do so when our tankless goes to Heaven! We live in sunny, most of the time, Mazatlan, MX. It poses its own set of water problems due to very high calcium and lime deposits, let alone the salt air and extreme heat and humidity in the summer months. That being said, which brand of hot water tanks would you recommend for those environmental conditions? O

This in NOT Geno-- But I wonder if you ever thought of using a small Electric Hot Water heater? Then when you shut that off-- you know it is not using ANY ENERGY!As for cl ... Air Conditioners

There is a switch on my 1 1/2 ton Ruud furnace/Air handler that is not working properly. The unit would not turn on, even though the thermostat was working. I took the panel off of the air handler and found that a switch had been duct taped into the on position on the unit. Apparently, the tape had shifted and the switch was no longer in proper position. when i moved the switch, two green indicator lights lit up. When i turned the unit back on, the A/C worked. Clearly, there is a problem w

Helllo, this switch is called a door interlock switch. ... Air Conditioners

Water tank water doesn't flow to external water tank

... Danby DPAC8099 Air Conditioner

Hi sir i have a vokera heating boiler its water pressure is 0 and its not working i tried to open tap of cold water to increase water pressure bt it doesnt work no pressure come up can u plz solve my problem ?

HI, Heating hot water but cold house. Open-water mark on the panel to open the package when the hot water is turned off. ... Air Conditioners

I have a portable air conditioner model LP0711WNR. My issue is when I drain the air conditioner, it only drains about one cup of water. Then, when I turn it back on it and use it, after about an hour it says that the tank is full. I can hear water still in it but it won't drain out and my air conditioner won't work because of it. How can I get the tank to fully drain?

The easiest way, is to tilt it over slightly when you drain it. But, be very careful doing this, as the unit has caster wheels and you don't want it to get away from you. If you have a helper, so much the better. Remember to always turn the unit OFF ... LG LP0711WNR Portable Air Conditioner

Stanley twin burner cooker.The cooker works ok the central heating works ok. BUT when the change over switch is put to hot water on we do not get hot water??????? Have fitted new stat fitted but problem not fixed

Sorry, wrong part of the country. Were from OK. and we don't that type of systems> ... Air Conditioners

No cooling everything on air conditioner works except cooling . when it was cooling we would have water coming out of a drain on the outside which we tend to think is normal but with no cooling working no water is coming out now would the problem be the unit needs re - gassing.

May have burnt wire or bad capacitor to compressor.When running incool can you here the compressor running or is it maybe just the fan outside running? ... Fujitronic FH-797 Portable Air Conditioner

Please can someone help me!! We purchased 1 year agao a Viesmann Vitodens 100 Combi Boiler and have had major problems with the flow switch sticking. We have had 3 sub contractors come out and replace the flow switch and a Viesmann engineer come out very recently blaming the water for the problem with the flow switch!! Their are around 70% of combi boilers sold throughout the uk and water is a big part of a boiler working, we also found out that we should have a filter fitted to the main

I am pleased to suggest that you try to following. i would wager that the switch is installed in the horizontal position. try replumbing so that the switch or valve is verticle to the ground. . that way particles will settle down with water flow an ... Air Conditioners

Hello dear friend, my name is Anna, I am a very sick person, on SSI, have no home phone, have a problem with my heart. Not having ACU working properly is a deadly for ne. I am very upset, ACU is making an ice on a front and of cource not working properly.I was forced to turn it off, just dying in here.I have nobody to help me,no car.The model no.LWHD1200HRY7.I am so very upset,that I can not even locate any papers or receipts. I think I bought it 1 or 2 years ago, I know that that the problem l

Hello\015\012Its becoz the air condition is probably sitting too level or leaning forward and the condensation that builds from the coils being cold in the hot outside air cant run out the back of the drip pan on the bottom of a/c unit, so try ... LG Air Conditioners

I have a 7 year old danby portable air conditioner it seems to work good but my neighbor just purchased a new 12000 mine is 10000 he said he has to empy water frequently We have never had a drop of water even in our small tank we don't even put the large tank on is this normal? Glen

This model is designed to heat the condensed water and send it out the exhaust duct as vapour. It prevents accumulation on less humid days. It sounds like it's served you well for seven years.However, I do recommend one step for owners ... Danby DPAC120068 Air Conditioner

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