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Blower motor my air conditioning goes off as soon as it goes on I have a service contract with my local oil company and my repair man said I need a Bryant blower motor 8539DL 51923EEOS I have been told the part is not available because the unit is to old and they recommend replacing my furnace and air conditoner for over $15,000 I am hoping I can buy the replacement motor somewhere so I can save for the future replacement of my units Is this part available anywhere?

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YES!! A universal replacement is readily available for around 200$ or so and the labor for the installation should be about the same. Sometimes it's hard to tell the Tech's and the Sales apart....GL!

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Blower motor my air conditioning goes off as soon as it goes on I have a service contract with my local oil company and my repair man said I need a Bryant blower motor 8539DL 51923EEOS I have been told the part is not available because the unit is to old and they recommend replacing my furnace and air conditoner for over $15,000 I am hoping I can buy the replacement motor somewhere so I can save for the future replacement of my units Is this part available anywhere?

YES!! A universal replacement is readily available for around 200$ or so and the labor for the installation should be about the same. Sometimes it's hard to tell the Tech's and the Sales apart....GL! ... Bryant Air Conditioners

Chauffe-air Charmglow, Cat# 451034, Mod# 6900330900, air flow is reduced from original volume. Heater and display work. fan spins freely. Seems like motor has lost some of its power. Are replacement parts available? Illustrated parts list/prices/where to order? Thanks.

... Air Conditioners

I have a Dometic 579 Series Brisk Air AC. The model Number is 57915.531. When I turn the fan on, nothing happens. If I reach up and turn the wheel blower the fan will start up and everything works. I replaced the fan motor and put on a new capacitor part # 3100248.412 was supplied. The fan still will not start on it's own. I still need to turn the wheel blower to get it started. Help!

My sheet shows part # 3100248.420 as fan run capacitor.You may have an updated number. Check voltage outputs labeled on it are same as on old one, and double check wiring is correct, to and from capacitor. Be careful not to mistake compressor start c ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

Have a Payne pg8uaa furnace. Furnace only works when I run a jumper between R and W. Replace wiring to furnace. I suspect that the outside blower motor is the problem. When furnace is running the blower motor has a humming sound but does not blow air. At this point, I would like to know how you would diagnose a Tjernlund HSUL-J blower motor. Should the motor itself be replaced or should the fan prover be replaced?

You would have to test the motor as well as the capacitor on the motor capacitor goes for alot less then the motor though.here is the pdf manual on your blower h ... Air Conditioners

Looking for a parts list for Rheem RSNA package air conditioner. Specifically, the indoor blower assembly. I'm having trouble finding a replacement motor (51-101984-10), Rheem won't sell me one because I'm not a contractor or dealer.

Hi, here is what you need to do. Forget Rheem dealer. Draw a schematic on how the old blower motor is connected to your unit. The motor doesn't have to be by Rheem, or Ruud. A, g.e. motor, and several other motors will work just fine as long as the s ... Air Conditioners

I have a split unit and the one wall unit does not work at all. I called an air conditioner contractor and he replaced the circut board and blower motor. When he turned the unit on it blew the new parts. Now he is telling me that it cannot be repaired. Can you please help ?

Hi,I have no idea, how they replaced the circuit board and blower motor without running the diagnostics or inspecting different components. It would be really hard without looking at the AC that what's wrong with it. It could be a problem ... Samsung AS18A6RB Air Conditioner

Ok so I have know replaced the control board air handler board today the unit also has a new transformer and a new blower motor and the heating elements test good not burned at all and it still continues to burn the 5amp fuse out worked for about 30mins now blows fuse out as soon as new one is inserted and breaker turned on....I'm lost and have no other ideas with all new parts this should not be happening, Can anyone Help!!!!!

... Carrier Bryant Control Board Air Handler HK61EA006

Carrier oil furnace model 58BMA155-20(FORCED HOT AIR)i had changed the blower motor & honeywell st9103a128 fan control board.now the blower motor won't shut off until the breaker is turned off.i disconnected the thermostat an it's still the sameway.fan control board was replaced with a honeywell st9103a1002 board.blower motor was replaced with a 3/4 hp universal motor.i also have central a/c.

To have your work constantly the fan or the board has a problem communicating with the new fan or if outdoor ... Carrier XHB123D X/Y Series Heat/Cool Air Conditioner

I have a heil -- model NUGK100DH12-- problem is when power is supplied to it the blower fan comes on right away along with the induction blower and it does have the electronic pilot which all works to thermostat setting. when setting is reached the flame shuts down normally and I think the induction motor cycles correctly, but the blower motor never cycles off. It's on constantly. I tried replacing the fan relay to no avail and am considering replacing the timed fan controller as the next move

... Air Conditioners

I have a Goodman (AR24-1) unit, the heating is electric not gas. How do I test the blower motor with out removing it. I have a part number but not sure if it is the blower motor number or not. Part number 15212-50. (1.5 AMP 1/5 HP) 208/204 Volts) I have replaced the capacitor today but still did not start when I have the Fan switch turned on. I have checked the thermostat. Any way to check the motor? The switch board number is ( # Goodman B1370735) I can test it with my meter if needed.

... Goodman CKL24AR24 Air Conditioner

I am replacing the blower motor in my Coleman electric furnace. The original motor is a Westinghouse 230 volt single phase, single speed motor with a black and an orange lead. Both of these leads connect to "line". There is also a green ground lead that goes from the motor frame to ground. The Coleman number on the motor is 3400-313. I replaced the original motor with an AO Smith motor number 1468-120P. It is a two speed motor with four leads, and, of course, the green ground lead. The leads a

... Coleman Air Conditioners

I have a Carrier 8000 weathermaker. Recently the blower motor began to run progressively slower and finally just bogged down. I replaced the motor, but the replacement motor has three speeds (red, blue and black wires) whereas the old motor had four (red, blue, black and yellow). Initially I hooked the new motor wires up to the circuit board the same way the old ones were, leaving an open spot where the old yellow wire was. New motor works, but at lower speeds, pushing less cool air. We liv

Found system was slowly loosing coolant through a variety of miniscule leaks in rusting part of condenser. Apparently coolant level had dropped sufficiently in the blower repair interval to where the system no longer functioned with adequate efficie ... Carrier Air Conditioners

Hi, just replaced the capacitor thinking that would solve the problem but it appears it did not. The motor outside would kick on the unit inside would kick on but the blower motor inside works sometimes and wont other times. Basically, the unit will work just fine all day then we notice the house is getting warm, check the inside unit and everything is running fine but the blower motor is not circulating the air. I have a goodman a30-10 unit. I read where some people said the relay could be bad

Turn off the power to the air handler(indoor unit). Remove the access panel. From the motor,trace the wires back to the fan relay. One wire will probably trace back to the incoming power terminal. The other is the fan relay. It could be intermittent ... Air Conditioners

Hello, I try to find a part number for my gas furnace - inducer motor blower. The furnace model is: Weather Marker 8000 TS 58 TUA 080. I need to replace that motor but don't know which one will fit and I understand that there are a few different types of inducer motor blowers. Thank you in advance for your help. Sylvester

... Air Conditioners

I have an 58GP100-3 Series 311, and the motor in the furnace blower is fried. I'm trying to find a replacement for either the motor or the entire furnace blower. Does anyone know where I can find one or the part no. for the motor/furnace blower itself? Appreciate any help. Thanks.

... Carrier XHB123D X/Y Series Heat/Cool Air Conditioner

My goodman cental air system is having problems. First, the blower inside (furnace) keeps running for hrs after the outside condensor shuts down. Now, the condenser blower motor wont operate at full speed. I have replaced the motor and capasitor with no changes. Can anyone help with these problems???

The cause of your indoor fan running all the time or for long time after your heat pump has stopped heating is the fan delay relay. It has welded its internal contacts together. If you take off the side below the control panel, the fan delay relay ... Goodman CLQ36AR49 Air Conditioner

I have been working on a Goodman Heat pump. The indoor coil keeps freezing. Outdoor temp is 70F and indoor is 78F. It has a brand new air filter. My superheat is 2F and subcooling is 10F. I have replaced the blower motor. This is a 2.5 unit, my return duct is 12x14, there is a return grill at the return side of the furnace 8x8. It has been working fine for the last couple of years. If I take freon out my superheat become -2. I think I got an airflow issue, and that's why I replaced the blower m

HelloIs there a high speed setting for the blower motor.Check the specs on the rpm requierd for the unit. ... Air Conditioners

I have a ruud furnace/airconditioner Model:UGPN-07EAMER, Serial: FU5D302F390401344. When the thermostat calls for heat, a little motor (within the furnace itself) or something kicks on, the burners ignite a few seconds later, then the blower starts. It's at this time the flame goes out and the blower is just sending cold air throughout the house. There are two green lights (power and ok) lit normally and the orange(ish) blinking "flame" light on the main board. When the flame goes out, the

Hi, this motor is the inducer motor, which is the first thing to start on a call for heat. Everything seems to be going through its sequence of operation just fine, but then shutting down on a safety. Look on the panel for a chart that should tell yo ... Air Conditioners

I am trying to wire in an AO Smith blower motor 1/2 hp, 3 speed, 1750 rpm, the replacement motor that I recieved wires up differantly than the original. The schematic that I have shows the black (hi) red (med) blue (low). The brown to one side of capacitor and the brown white to the other side. But the yellow common shown as line on motor schematic is not shown on the unit schematic and I am not sure where it goes. Can you assist me with this?

The two brown wires go to the two capacitor terminals. The blue wire from the air handler will go to the black on the motor. The purple from the AH(L2) will go to yellow on the motor.red and blue from motor capped or ... Air Conditioners

Fan motor of my Panasonic room air conditioner outdoor unit, model # CU-XC93KP, serial # 0567000375 is starting to make some noise, I would like to have the fan motor replaced but cannot get the part (catalog) number of the fan motor. Regards, Luis Vander-Linden

Do you know a service tech? Wholesale houses have generic motors for these now at about 1/3 less then normal price. Warning be prepaired to pay a higher then normal price due to the copper shortage... ... Air Conditioners

THE FAN MOTOR NEEDS TO BE REPLACED THAT BLOWS OUT THE HOT AIR FROM THE CONDENSER. what is the part # for that motor that's on the bottom of the unit, not the top, AND WHERE CAN I GET A NEW MOTOR? THANKS

Hi!!\015\012\015\012I recon you are talking about a fridge, you'll need the model of your unit. Once you get that info, click on the following link and enter the info to find your part. ... Maytag Air Conditioners

I have a Goodman Model number AR24-1 unit and the blower moter will not start with it turned on to fan or cool or heat. I have checked the thermostat and the unit runs outside. Just no blower. Can I jump the blower motor as I replaced the capacitor today. Hear are some numbers that may help. Part Number #15212-50 Volt 208/240 Amp 1.5 HP 1/5 No heat Kit It has a Goodman switch board # B1370735 that I can check with my meter if needed. I have checked the thermostat in the attic also. Seems like

... Air Conditioners

I am having great difficulty finding parts for my HM30-150P-2. I recently had to replace the combustion air blower for 700.00. I know Lennox has quit making it and the price of parts is astronomical Do you know where I might find parts for a tad bit less?.

Hello,I will advice you check ereplacementparts.com or ebay.com to get the part of your device.Take care. ... Air Conditioners

A GSU080-4 goodman furnace. replaced the control board and air handler motor last week. everything worked ok until yesterday. the unit is in the ac mode and the blower motor cycles on and off. please advise, thank you

Next to controll board there is a relay that needs to be changed out ... Air Conditioners

I have a York Diamond 90 Unit and my A/C quit blowing cold the other day. No Blower running, No Condensor or Compressor running. I replaced the capacitor for the blower motor and it started but no condensor. I checked the capacitor for the condensor visually and it was bulged out. I bought a new one (not the exact brand but I had a AC parts house match it up with the old one.) The new one has labels on the legs the old one did not. I have 3 wire leads off the condensor 2- Brn and 1-Red (New Capa

It sounds like you may have install it backwards. break the power and try again, if the compressor is trying to start thats a good sign. at least its not dead. Try re-installing the capicator and that might fix it, it wont hurt anything to try. ... Air Conditioners

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