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FAC127P1A1 we bought the house with 2 of these window airconditioners and non of them has instruction.we never used these so we need help please. where we could get some paperwork on these items? how to install? Thank you Villa family

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Instalation is straigth foward .open bottom window,place air conditioner trough window,spred the acordion partition on the sides,install a screw on both sides,and bring your window down to meet with air conditioner.and that should do it

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FAC127P1A1 we bought the house with 2 of these window airconditioners and non of them has instruction.we never used these so we need help please. where we could get some paperwork on these items? how to install? Thank you Villa family

Here's the manual...http://manuals.frigidaire.com/prodinfo_pdf/Edison/220202d019en.pdfHere's the installation... ... Frigidaire FAC126P1 wall/window Air Conditioner

My wife disconnected all the wires to the thermostat, I do not know what goes to what. Reading the installation docs I get it that white is to white yellow is to yellow green is to green. But for the power Red it could go in three places RC R or C with the jumper on RC R. Any help would be appreciated. it going to get cold for the family.

The Red wire goes to the RC-R with the jumper as you are using a one transformer unit. The C is for common and is usually blue in blue in the units I install.\015\012\015\012The colors stand letters stand for \015\012W ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

Please advise, a comfortmaker A/C unit was installed in my home in February 2009. I was told that feeze on could not be installed until it get about 70 degree ... what will happen if I use the AC without having it check and service right now?

The unit will not work without refrigerant. You could damage the system. It was probably too cold to install refrigerant in February, but should be ok now...anytime. ... Air Conditioners

I have just purchased a honeywell ct87n, could you please provide a schematic in order to connect it properly. I had someone install a honeywell digital thermostat several months ago, he did not tag the wires and the tenants complained that at times it was very cold and other times it wasnt cold enough. They broke the thermostat by constantly diconnecting and reconnecting it. I decided to get one that was non programable and pretty simple, I just want to be certain to install and wire it prop

G to the manufactures webpage and type in model # and look upspecs . r- red y-cool w-white g-fan .. The red should be connected to rh--rc already by a jumper wire. ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

Igniter on GE hot water heater ser no GELP1006500784, mod no GP40T06PVJ went bad. GE is sending the part, with instructions to install, will arive tomorrow. GE said I could install it or hire a professoinal. I have no hot water, with the weekend and holiday coming up, may take a while to get some one in to install it. My question, do you have THESE instructions on line, or e mail them to me in advance of getting the part so I could see if I could install it? thanks Bill

... GE Air Conditioners

After installing my klimaire mini split unit yesterday I heard the freon go through the unit and it worked great.Today when I turned the unit on the fan would work but the unit would not cool it also flashes a 7 on the led Could you please help me get the unit runing

For this you have to go into the the board located in the right side of the unit if your problem is what i think it is crosswire on the board. ... Cfm Klimaire KSWG009H113 Split System Air Conditioner

I have an LG LST244H-2 Split System Air-conditioner. I recently purchased the home where it is installed and am unable to locate the user manual. Could you please tell me how i turn on the heat function of this system. Which button on the remote do i use. It seems no matter what i press, i get cool air!! Thanks

Hi lupa1985,To turn the machine into a heater kindly follow these steps:Press on/off switch and then press mode button still cool symbol * and then set your temp 23 by pressing And for heat press mode still symbol heat (symbo ... Air Conditioners

Purchased VisionPRO 8000 series model TH810U1003 digital programmable thermostat from Amazon on line to replace my old analog. My furnace company maintenance person was unable to get into the installation menu. It was not installed. Later, I managed to get into the installation menu and set the date and time but not all of the installation menu was available to me. I called Honeywell Support and they would not tell me how to get to the hidden installation menu items. They told me I would ha

The stats come with installer set up instructions inside the box. always do! i have used them always to program stat. go to a home store and as to look at a stat and see the instructions. find the installer setup info and make a copy. there are up ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

We have a Rheem hot water system installed in 1994. We think from the owners guide left by the installer that it is a model 52F. Our plumber is having difficulty getting a replacement part. The bottom section as seen from the road (we have a high set home) is rusting badly and we would like it replaced. The owners guide suggests it is a collector angle. Can you please help us get this replacement part so that our plumber can install it ?

Hello,\012The plumber should be able to call Rheem directly and if that does not work, your local parts supplier for Rheem should be able to get him a number for the Rheem factory (I'm assuming he called and the parts supplier could not locate the pa ... Air Conditioners

Bryant High Efficiency Unit, runs constantly, I suspect the thermostat. Fan control and thermostat were replaced. The installer was to familiar with the installation. Could you please give me an idea of what could be the problem. Thank you for your assistance. The unit is over 20 years old. If replacement is required what would you suggest?

Any unit over 20 years is no longer energy efficient & it is past the lifespan of an AC. Get quotes from 3 different companies & go with best price with best warranty. I'm not partial to any particular manufacturer. They all get their part ... Bryant 462AJC021BA Air Conditioner

I bought a Mistral 6.5 kw reverse cycle air conditioner last year but have lost the instruction manual. I need to get it installed now so badly need this manual. Anyone got one they could email me or any other advice on getting one? The installer needs it.

... Air Conditioners

I am a service technician trying to install a Totaline p474-1050 stat to work for one stage heat gas one stage cool.. I do not have the operating manual just installation... In the installation manual I could not get my advanced settings information that i need ... so i can go thru the settings to program it right.. the Owners manual has that info.. how do i find out what options are which with out manual ... or how can i find the owners manual for this stat... I think it is dumb they put that

Dear friend, don't worry! I encourage you. You can download freely from:www.totaline.com/.../P374-0431ThermostatRemoteControlandReceiverOwner'sManual.pdf - Plz reply, if you satisfied. ... Air Conditioners

My carrier A/C YHB243D this window unit was working find. But about one week ago only blows out cold air and sometimes only hot air but now it blows only regular air, and doesn't work nither the cool or heat air. what could be wrong with it?_a) could be- the thermostate that goest at it front with its condenser unit? b) could be the whole temperature switch ? or what else can be its problem, please help! and tell me where I can get the replacement part

... Carrier Air Conditioners

Recently installed indoor unit and outdoor unit. Outdoor unit has not been wired yet. Installer said I could use indoor unit on em heat until it gets wired. Installed one week ago, now does not work. HELP!!!

Hi, wow I can't believe they left you with E-Heat only, running the blower with the heat strips on!! Like it says, for an emergency in the event you loose you're compressor. You say that know you have nothing.I would have to be on site to wire the co ... Honeywell ER150B Air Conditioner

Appliance i have an one year old central air conditioner (comfortaire heat pump). When installed they told me to change the filters every month. After a few months I realized my filter were never getting dirty. I scheduled the yearly maintenance on the unit. They said all was fun, but suggested that I change to a more expensive filter. I have changed filters but they never get dirty. I pulled the filter out and looked under at the "v" and noticed every week it is getting dirtier. What could be t

The only possible explainations for your situation is that the air is either going around the filter and going straight to the coil or the air filter is on the wrong end of the furnace. The air should go through the filter before it goes through the ... Air Conditioners

Hi Could I please get some technical support

... Air Conditioners


Whats the model number? I should be able to send you the manual, providied that I know the model numberMat ... Air Conditioners

The technician that installed our fujitsu cassette AOT30RMBL just put a piece of pipe in the water overflow and sealed i using insulation tape. Consequently over a period of time the water has been dripping onto the ceiling right near the cassette and has ruined the ceiling. I was just wondering if you could send me the details on how the overflow is to be properly installed so I know what parts to get. The area is right were the pipe joins the top of the cassette.

... Air Conditioners

I recently had a new coil installed in my RUUD UAMB036JAZ home central airconditioning unit. Since the repair, I have difficulty in getting the temperature as low as I could prior to repair, and I have difficulty in getting the humidity below 60.

All of this shows that the unit doesn't run at full potential - the coil was badly installed: there's not enough fluid, the circuit hasn't been properly vacuumed before the fluid was injected, there's a kink in the piping that limits the flow of the ... Ruud UAMB Air Conditioner

I have a Lennox model CB19-51-1P air handling unit with HP19-511-1P compressor heat pump unit. I just turned the heat on for the first time this season. And I am getting low heat volume. The heat pump unit is running for long periods. I am getting enough heat to maintain the 70 degrees setting with constant cycles, shutting off for short periods, running long periods. When the thermostat is turned to a cooler temperature, the unit shuts off as it should. Could you please help trouble shoot po

First thing you need to check is if the reversing valve is working you maybe running your A/C with the heat strips on depends on the t-stat your using some heat pumps will bring the strips on with a high d ... Air Conditioners

Daikin a/c FDY100LVIR N81. installed in suspended ceiling approx 2 mtrs. away from ceiling filter inlet. No filter pad provided for this inlet?. Told to attach a piece of wire to end of unit to withdraw filter for cleaning, how do we get it back?. I find this situation unacceptable and have been trying to resolve problem with Daikin and installer for 3 months, now they are saying that the ceiling vent is an after market item so is not anyones responsibility. Thanks Trevor

... Air Conditioners

Install Unit was donated for a girl in AZ who is dying of Huntington's disease. I will be installing this window air conditioner for her with my husband and dad and am looking for any help as far as tools to bring (the family has nothing), mounting advice and even a visual if available. Have looked online, but without much success. Please help. Thanks, Denise

Hi Denise, you and your family are doing God's work and I applaude you for it. let me help.\015\012\015\012Most small window air conditioners are 110 volt units which means that they plug in to a regular household outlet. If the nearest ... Air Conditioners

Hello, I have been having problems with my fujitsu split system. In the summer, the cooler part worked wonderfully so I was looking forward to being cosy and warm in winter! What happens is that it gets to 16 degrees and then shuts off :( it then comes back on once it has dropped below 16 degrees. Could there be something wrong with the heat sensor or could it just be as simple as adjusting something on the remote control? Please help, I am tired of being freeeeezing. Kate

You didn't say how cold it is outside your home, which is important when dealing with a heat pump.\015\012\015\012If it's colder than it's been previously, you might just need to 'move your thermostat up a couple of degrees to make up for ... Fujitsu Air Conditioners

Wall Hung A/C unit remote control # AR-DL10 batteries died last. Replaced remote batteries with 4 new duracell batteries. Unit came back on but running to warm. I tried to figure out the programming of the remote but can not get it to even swing the louver. This cools a computer server room that needs to cool down soon. Looked for remote mannual online but could not find one. Please help me get this remotre working. At present I tried to set it to 64 degrees. That usually kept the room at 70. I

I just got onto a technician who solved the problem for me. What he had me do was:-\015\012\015\012Pull dowwn the slider and use a pen to press the ACL button.That didn't fix it so...\015\012 ... Fujitsu 18C1 Air Conditioner

Amana AC model MBR2000, installed mid May 2009. When outside temp gets above a certain level the AC does not cool. fan keeps running and it keeps trying but not work. When outside air gets cooler then starts to work again. Tech here twice. 1st time when AC was working - could not find problem, 2nd time when problem was occurring. 2nd time found burnt wire and replaced. Same problem started again 2 days later. AC unit is large enough for our house, is 18 Seer 2 stage. Any suggestions as to proble

Hi it sounds to me like what actvates the 2nd stage of the compressor is not turning the compressor on when the ambeint temiture reaches the point that it calls for the 2nd stage to start it may be an out door thermostat or a ambient senser and I wou ... Air Conditioners

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