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I have Kelvinator KSR27G reverse cycle air con and it's not working how it used to. I don't have manual for it but need to double check I have all the correct buttons on the remote pushed. I have cleaned the filter screens, I do that weekly but there has got to be a deeper reason why it's not warming my house. I have to have it on 28 just to take the chill off the air.. any help would be super. Thanks

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I have Kelvinator KSR27G reverse cycle air con and it's not working how it used to. I don't have manual for it but need to double check I have all the correct buttons on the remote pushed. I have cleaned the filter screens, I do that weekly but there has got to be a deeper reason why it's not warming my house. I have to have it on 28 just to take the chill off the air.. any help would be super. Thanks

... Air Conditioners

My 2005 odyssey A/c blows cold air but sometimes it blows warm air for no apparent reason. When it is blowing cold air, i press the rear A/C button to turn the rear A/C on. The A/C then blows warm air from the front and rear....It is fully charged BTW...

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99 ford windstar hearter is blowing light warm air but not enough to warm or defrost. the air works. checked all fuses no propblem there. dont know what the propblem is. just got the blender door fixed last year. can you help me at all. thank-u-

I have a 99 ford also. the same thing happened to me. this is a few things i did to solve the problem.... my knob to turn from heat to cool was stripped out. i glued it and it worked for awhile. after that it did the same thing again. then i found ou ... Air Conditioners

Hi. Just bought a new in box "LP" LWHD 1200R window air conditioner. When I went to turn it on, I got an awful loud fluttering noise coming from the front of the unit. NOT the "slinger fan" which is located in the back. The compressor is working because it will blow cold air, but the noise sounds almost like something is in there rubbing or something. Can anyone please help. It's getting warm up here! Thank you ................ Eric

Hello Eric,\015\012\015\012Let me see if this will be of any help take the front cover off and check to see if any packing material has fallen down in the air baffle. this will be towards the top of the unit on the inside. Also check to m ... LG Air Conditioners


A/c unit refrigerant charge is possibly low due to leakage, call a a/c engineer ! ... Air Conditioners

Okay I got a reply for help on my fedder air conditioner, but for some reason I never found the owners manual where I was sent to so Thank You for your help and now I will send the Model #out so maybe somebody can take me to get a manual for this air conditioner. A6D24E7A.

OK, now with the model number you provided, I can determine that it's an older model and the manual is no longer available online. The part number for the manual should be #CRC23230258N013\015\012\015\012This supplier states to email the ... Fedders Appliance Air Conditioner Wall

Air conditoner i got a central ac unit and it was blowing cool air all night then today it quit and turned warm and i heard a buzzing sound from the unit i wonder what is wrong with it?

I agree with there is a load issue...To much freon in line will cause the noise and also not enough oil in freon...The more harder that compressor works the higher you electric bill. If you dont know what your doing call someone. ... Whirlwind FH-778 Air Conditioner

I programmed my AC at 79ºF, when i got home last Saturday the temp inside the house was 86ºF! my daughter and i tried to troubleshoot using the Honeywell pamphlet but we're getting fan not cool air. We made sure the AC is cool mode but only warm air coming out. PLEASE HELP, it's going to be 110ºF today.

Hi,Here is a tip about troubleshooting your air conditioner...There are many things that can cause your air conditioner not to cool... ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

My dad got an Everstar Room Air conditioner model MPN 095CR-B86. He has the wrong window slider used for the hose exhaust. The window slider he has is a height of 46 inches and he needs one for an approx height of 57 inches. He is 82, and an asthmatic, so I desparate to find the right sash for his living room otherwise he will experience real respiratory distress with the coming warm weather. Please contact me ASAP, Charles Giambrone

Ok this is a temporary fix as your dad may not have time to wait untill you get the right part, Which I would call the company wher you got it and explain that this is indeed a emmergency situation and there is a life at stake, this will likelly move ... Air Conditioners

2 weeks ago one of my units stopped working properly. It got warm during the night even though I heard the unit running. I shut it off and called for repair service. They changed the thermostat and it worked again,until 2 night later same thing. I called another repair service and he found that it needed freon. For the last 2 weeks it has been cooling fine even with Fla.hot temperatures of 85-90 degrees. Last night same problem unit running and not putting out air thru the vents. Shut it off for

Sounds like the coils inside the air handler/furnace are freezing up. likely cause is the freon charge is incorrect (probably undercharged). it may have been correct when the tech did the work but some may have leaked out. it is slightly possible too ... Goodman CLJ36AR42 Air Conditioner

Our airconditioner 5 way contol lights on the air conditioner are flashing and therefor the airconditioner won't turn on it keeps turing off. can you suggest a reason for it. the actual hand control does work and batteries are new. Thankyou...please reply soon as that our only way we are keeping warm!

Well i think problem with ur electronic board software..u have to put codes according to model no ... Samsung AS18A6RB Air Conditioner

My air conditioning started doing some noises and got freeze. I called the technician and he put some gas. But after few days, the compressor stopped working. What could be the reason for this to happened?

GUIDE ... Air Conditioners

I have a roof/top a/c unit that has been working great for 3 years, but for some reason it started blowing warm air today and there is an oily substance that has ran down the side of my trailer along with the sweat from the a/c. what has happened?

It is possible that the compressor has come up with a leak, the oil must be from the compressor pipe line. so first of all check this out to confirm, If you find a leak then the gas must have gone off the systema nd you wiill need to close the leak a ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

I have a new caravan fitted with a domestic B3000 plus air conditioning unit. it worked well until we got to Darwin. Since arriving here it starts up by itself for a few minutes at a time and then shuts down again. It does start without a command from the remote control. If we turn the unit on with the remote it works normal but it seems to have life by itself. It is hot and humid here and I do not know if this could be the reason. Can you please help me? Thanking you in advance. Rene.

... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

I have an lg split type room air conditioner model S24AHP wwhen i turn it on it comes up as 30 degrees when i lower the temp it still blows warm air also i dont think the outside fan is cutting to mak

... LG Air Conditioners

Warm air my air conditionor blow warm air it only 2 years old been cleaned looks new but air still warm MODEL FAA074S7A S NUMBER IK81416832 04/08 5000 6000 BTU

Could be several things...if all is working/blowing and its clean inside & outside with a clean filter then more then likely it's low on gas/freon......if you continoue to run it it'll pobly ice up/freeze......also make sure you hear the compress ... Frigidaire FAC126P1 wall/window Air Conditioner

Hello, When I set my AC unit to "Heat" and turn it on, the air will come out warm, then after a few hours the air starts to come out cool. To make it warm again I need to set the thermostat to Off position for a few minutes then turn it back to On position then the air comes out warm again. Any idea what could be going on here? thank you!

It sounds like you have a heat pump. When you first turn on the system the heat strips will come on and produce warm heat (referred to as supplemental heat strips), as temperatures rise the heat strips will turn off and the "A" coil will just exchang ... Air Conditioners

Air conditioner symbol defrost keeps coming up so much trhat air conditioner is not warming room let alone blowing warm air. Spend all its time defrosting than warming the room

These will defrost themselves automatically when they need to - internal sensors. If it is icing up at all in cooling, then the charge is wrong. Units such as this are very sensitive to incorrect charge, so I would recommend that you have a qualifi ... LG Art Cool LA091HNP Split System Air Conditioner

I have 1994 Chevy Lumina 4dr 3.1 Multi Point, Front W/D, F1, 6cyl. My air conditioner was blowing warm air @ 2mos ago & my husband added freon & a/c began blowing cooler air but, not as cold as originally had cooled but, was able to use to keep cool enough! A/C stopped blowing cool air again just a few days ago..Air was actually blowing warm. I bought 2 cans of freon & husband put 1 can of freon in & a/c still was blowing but, now like a fan. He then added the other can & both cans were able t

You have a Freon leak because all the fittings, seals, coils rubber, compressor seals and entire AC system will need to be checked out by someone that can find the problem and resolve them or you will never get this fixed. A/C in cars get hot in the ... Air Conditioners

Air not cold...model MSH-18NV no operating manual for remote . Not sure how to set to cool air when remote reads "I feel..." choices are cool dry or warm but when set on cool 20degrees, luke-warm air blows out. have checked and cleaned filters.

Hi FixYa team. After about 2 hours on the internet I managed to find a PDF file of the operating manual for my air con.\015\012Thankyou for your prompt response. I'll be using your services again! ... Mitsubishi Air Conditioners

Unit will cool for about 10 minutes and then compressor shuts off an unit blows warm air for about 10 minutes and compressor will start again blowing cool air and then compressor will shut down again and unit will blow warm air ... etc. the unit is running off a generator to cool down a 10x14 enclosed trailer and does not do the job of cooling

... Haier CPN10XCJ Air Conditioner

We have a Carver fanmaster warm air heater in a caravan and it blowing out cold air, we cannot get any warm air from it. In the Lunar manual it says press the restart button but I cannot locate it. Do you have any ideas please. Many thanks Jenny

Hello, i have a luner eclipse with the same prob, go into the cubourd behind the heater as you look down the left side there is a button for reset press forward, this will reset electric. you should now get heat.... im looking for a copy of fridge ma ... Air Conditioners

Chilled air flow is changing to warm air flow periodically, approx. 3-4 min chilled then 3-4 min warm as ambient air temp.

Sounds like a classic floating restriction. An A/C unit with a leak on the low pressure side can **** in moisture which is then pumped through the system, as it goes through the metering device, typically a capillary (very thin) tube, it freezes, cr ... Air Conditioners

Our trane central air system is not blowing warm air. The air is only somewhat warm. What can we do?

I would first check the air filter. ... Ruud Central System Air Conditioner

Warm Air My Fleetwood motorhome Dash air is giving me problems. After I turn on the controls Blower, outlet position, AC on button and re circulate button I may or may not get cold air. After continually operating the controls mainly blower & AC button, I can some times get the AC to cool down. When it is warm it's about 80 degrees, when I do get it to start cooling it will go down to about 60, Checked with an IR thermometer at the vent. Once it does cool down it may work the remainder of the d

... Air Conditioners

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