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Vulcan comfort control turns on ok, runs for a few minutes & then turns off before reaching set temp. it then continues to turn back on for a few minutes before turning off again. the air does not seem to warm either from the vents. set temp of 18 C is not reached over a full day.

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Vulcan comfort control turns on ok, runs for a few minutes & then turns off before reaching set temp. it then continues to turn back on for a few minutes before turning off again. the air does not seem to warm either from the vents. set temp of 18 C is not reached over a full day.

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Hello, When I set my AC unit to "Heat" and turn it on, the air will come out warm, then after a few hours the air starts to come out cool. To make it warm again I need to set the thermostat to Off position for a few minutes then turn it back to On position then the air comes out warm again. Any idea what could be going on here? thank you!

It sounds like you have a heat pump. When you first turn on the system the heat strips will come on and produce warm heat (referred to as supplemental heat strips), as temperatures rise the heat strips will turn off and the "A" coil will just exchang ... Air Conditioners

Thermostat turns furnace on for 2 minutes. Then goes off for 3 minutes and coming back on again for another couple of minutes. Temp stays at set temp but would like furnace to stay on longer and stay off longer

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My problem is when I turn on my air only kick in for a minute of cold air then it shuts down then warm air comes out for five minutes maybe less. my setting are at max cool thermostat at 7. at these setting my room should be ICE cold.

If it is in the middle of winter that you are doing this it has still got a very slim chance of doing what you want... it is a thermostat afterall which is preset by the manufacturer, take the settings off automatic and turn onto cool only.... atleas ... Air Conditioners

Fasdfas My Armstrong 80 furnace will work fine for about 10-20 minutes then turns off before reaching desired temperature. I sometimes have been toggling the thermostat set temperature to get the furnace to kick-on. Furnace does blow hot air. Example: My new thermostat reads 62 but is set for 70 degrees. When furnace kicks on, it only stays on for about 10-20 minutes and increases room temp to 65. I already cleaned the flame sensor which didn't seem to make a difference.

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... Sunpentown 9000 BTU Portable Air WA-9010E Air Conditioner

Ruud Silhouette II furnace: comes on and runs for as long as it wants, then turns off. Sometimes turns off at pre-set temp, other times just when it wants. May turn on again, behave well for several cycles, or for 20 minutes. When I get too cold, I go out, downstairs, and thump it near the fan. Starts right up, runs for as long as it chooses. Nearly least energy-efficient kind, v. frustrating. Had trouble-shooter out a few years ago, couldn't find anything. An intermittent short?

Hi ruby. Begin by installing a new thermostat. Preferably one that allows you to program weekday and weekend temps. separately. Joe ... Ruud UBHC Air Conditioner

My air stops running inside before it get to the temp. Its set for but the outside unit keeps running and after a minute or two the air will start blowing inside again but the outside unit never turns off until it gets to the desired temp but because it stops and starts so often inside it takes a long time for it to reach the desired temp. Inside

You have a possible thermal overload problem in your furnace blower motor dirt will cause this problem when it doesnt allow air across the windings of the blower motor if not dirt the motors going bad and getting hot use a shop vac and eliminate dirt ... Goodman CKL36AR36 Air Conditioner

Burner lights,burns for about 3 minutes the goes out.it will do that 3 times then blower motor well try to run and wount,just hum.have to turn belt a little bit and the next time burner lights motor well run for a little while but shouts off before temp reaches temp set on thermastat.

Hello,\015\012\015\012Your problem seems like either a bad fan motor or bad fan motor control device (control board or fan relay switch). \015\012\015\012If the fan motor is belt driven, the motor most likely needs be oiled(new motors are ... Air Conditioners

I have a goodman gsh130361 3 ton heat & air. It was installed 05/05/2008. all seemed well until cold weather, in 2009. The fan turns on and start blowing before the heat box is even warm. The heat set on 70----- when it gets 68 or 69 {in the house} the out side pump kicks in, 10 to 20 seconds later the fan turns on and blows freezing air into the house. the temperture will drop dramatically for the next 1 & 1/2 minute. The box will heat up and then all is well untill the next cycle.

The PCB unit that controls the thermostat and Coolant is malfunctioning... check that particular unit...that would help.... ... Goodman Air Conditioners

I have a Bryant split system AC that is 18 years old. We have been away all summer (2 1/2 months), during which time the thermostat was set to 80°F. We live in SE Virginia and summer temps are 80's or 90's. We arrived home less than a week ago and turned the thermostat down to 72°F (at all times - we have small children and I am pregnant, so we need the house to be cool 24/7). The system was working fine until this afternoon, when I noticed the house was warming up. The temp had reached 76°

I am a service manager of a richmond va hvac firm and we tell are employess that if a unit is over 15 yrs old and needs over 500 dollors worth of repair to recomennd replacement the reason the leak repair is so much is because the unit has to have al ... Bryant 463AAC008BA Air Conditioner

I have an electric furnace and heat pump that will at times blow only cold air during the heating season. I have checked the filter and don't believe that to be a problem. I usually have the temperature set to 74 degrees. When the outdoor temp. is extremely cold the axillary heat indicator will be on and still no heat. I can turn the heat pump off by switching to emergency heat and will get some heat from that but not as warm as I think it should be and even that will at times only blow cool

You are losing operation to your heat strips.\015\012\015\012In heat pumps, there is a secondary heat source. Usually electric heat strips. (Sometimes a gas furnace, this is known as a "dual fuel" system)\015\012\015\012The he ... Carrier Air Conditioners

I have a SC 2210 thermostat. It has worked fine the last 4 years. Last night I woke up uncomfortably warm and realized the display on the thermostat was blank. I switched it to off, then a few minutes later, back to Auto. The display popped back up and found the temp was at 76. I changed the Set temperature back to 71 and went back to bed. When I woke up this morning, cold, the thermostat never kicked on, and the display was blank again. After opening the thermostat and hitting the reset sw

First off..if youve been 4 years without a battery replacement, perhaps that is the issue. I'd try that first, if it doesn't correct the problem, replace the thermostat with a new digital thermo. You would want to first remove the one you have, (so ... Air Conditioners

Amana PTH153B35AK This unit is less than 30 days old, heats fine cools fine, but when i have it in heat mode,set @ 70 or so, as soon as the room heats up, the unit will cycle into a/c mode and blow super cold air for about 5 minutes than return to heating. Sometimes it will reach the desired temp. and turn off like it is supposed to do, but for the most part it just cycles back and forth from hot to cold...Amana has the worse help/service i have ever seen, i was on the phone for an hour,everybod

This often happens if the unit is oversized or to close to a wall or object. ... Amana PTC153B35AK Air Conditioner

Why does the heating element in my gas furnace keep shutting off before it reaches the desired temp? The fan keeps blowing but the air is cold. I have to turn the thermostat to off, wait a few minutes and then move the thermostat button to HEAT again. It will not consistantly blow warm or hot air. Thank you

The furnace has many safety controls monitoring many parameters. The most like cause of your complaint may be low air flow. The most simple reason would be dirty or too restrictive of an air filter. If the filter is clean that is about as far as you ... Ruud UBHC Air Conditioner

Compressor is not cycling enough,setting is lowest temp and compressor turns on (no laboring)evrery 30-60 minutes,not enough,house is very uncomforable.myself who has some knowlege on issues and a a/c tech,both of us feel the "interface/electronic circuit board" is @ fault,is this past available??? fedders model @aed24e7e-d,ser.jb505322262e thanks bob

Check both the compressor capacitor and control board.The fault indicating faulty circuit board.But still check the compressor start up capacitor.If the capacitor is weak then it will let the compressor to start on low settings but on high settings i ... Fedders D Chassis AED24E7E Air Conditioner

I have a new home that is near to completion. Two heat pumps (zoned) are installed and both are now running - house is completely closed and is comfortably warm. Only the downstairs pump is being used at the present. The upstairs thermostat is turned off. The downstairs pump cycles every 26 seconds, that is, on for 26 and off for 26. This never changes. The ext temp is about 56 and the thermostat is set to 68. The pumps are both contractor grade Carrier 13SEER, 2 ton units, and the total

Its not normal.It indicates problem with the thermostat.The thermostat is just not accurate enough, and is likely falling below the set-point and causing the system to run the minimum 26 seconds when the\015\012 timer expires. This ... Air Conditioners

Lg n98 remote for aircon what do the settings mean? the water drop and triangle with a squiggle in it . i usually leave it on the sun setting pick a temp and the aircon turns on and off and is very noisy. is there a setting i can use that maintains the temp without the main unit and fan turning off when it reaches temp

How do I set it to heat up the room? ... LG Heat cool Window Air Conditioner

My Ruud furnace used to regulate 1 deg +- the set temp. Now it regulates right at the set temp and the fan cuts off while the burner continues to fire for a minute or so then the fan kicks back on for another few minutes then it kicks off. But now the furnace tends to kick on more often than before when it was regulating +/- 1 deg around the set point. How do I fix this?

Hi,\015\012It appears to be the fan limiter switch. It comes on at a certain temp when heating up and shuts off on the high end of its setting. Once the burners are shut down, the fan continues for a few minutes to cool down the bu ... Ruud Air Conditioners

When I turn on the heater and set it to the temperature I want, it goes off when it reaches the temperature. It is not merely in standby, it is off. It beeps repeatedly (when it shuts itself off after being on for a few minutes) at odd intervals. I have tried not setting a temperature for it, and it still goes off after a few minutes of being on. When it shuts off, it will not stay on when I try to turn it back on. I just bought it today. I don't see how it could have a clogged filter or anythin

Make sure nothing is blocking the front of unit/reset unit unplug unit plug back in ... Air Conditioners

You can set the temp for the unit to come on and it comes on and runs and cools for a few minutes then the compressor cuts off then the fan a little later. After a few minutes it comes back on and does the same thing. It never cools down to the set temp. The coils are wet but not frosting.

Is the AC set on an energy saving mode. Together with this program if the thermostat is defective the same symtoms can appear. So please check on the thermostat and replace.\012Since the compressor is cutting off the cooling does not take place ... Whirlpool ACC184PS Thru-Wall/Window Air Conditioner

CS-E9HKR PANASONIC A/C Unit does not blow cool air when turned on.The setting is on Auto, the temp set is 16C.Is turned on by remote control, It takes a while to start up and when it does , just blows room temp air. what can be wrong?

Change the filter whash the coil ... Air Conditioners

Bought this last year, and upon setting it up this year, it won't cool below 73, even though i have set temp at 60. i have tried turning it off at night, opening all the windows to let in 60 degree night air, then closing up house in the morning and setting temp to 60, but temp slowly rises throughout the day to 73 to 81, never getting any cooler - help!

Did you use it at all last year? My first impression is that it's just too small to use for your whole house... If this isn't the case, it may have lost some of it's refrigerant charge since last year, or may need the temp sensors service ... NewAir ACP-1000E Portable Air Conditioner

My Honeywell TH8000 is having problms. The light sometimes turns off for short periods and the actual temperature begins to drift lower than it is set to without the heater turning on. Sometimes the temp stays where it should be, but there are times during cold wet weather that the temperature will be lower than it is set to and heater does not turn on, with a gap of up to 5 degrees different, set at 69, will show 64 room tmp and heater does not respond. Mt heating technicians who installed it d

Is this a pro 8000 I don't have the phone # right now but it should be on the installation manuel for a hot line to tech support. Did they hook up a common wire to the thermostat? Did they go through the setup and tell the stat what kind of equi ... Air Conditioners

I have Lux DW 1100 ver 2.2 Thermostat,and set temp to 20 C but last few days thermostat do not turn off furnice even tempreature is over 22-23C what usually did turn off. Tempreature get to 25-28C and I have manualy turn off heat switch to Off position.I did lower tempreature to 7C and still furnice was runinng.One or twice ,I did lower and increse temp and furnice turn off.What is the problem?,the thermostat is faulty? I am planinnig to get a new one Digital what is your recommendation?

I have never liked the LUX brand due to faults that i seen you can replace due to having a long warrentee and possibly not have this problem again but a honeywell t-stat would be my recommendation to replace also white rodgers is a good brand ... Air Conditioners

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