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We have a Rinnai Timberflame FS 35 ETR gas fire that keeps tripping out, mostly on fault 12 (flame failure). We've had a number of gas fitters trying to repair it. Parts replaced include the pilot burner, injectors and the flame rods. After a service it runs reliably but after a few weeks the fault 12 becomes more frequent. The fault is sometimes intermittent. Generally, the fire is more reliable at colder temperatures and faults when reaching set temperature. Occasionally fault 11 occurs on sta

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We have a Rinnai Timberflame FS 35 ETR gas fire that keeps tripping out, mostly on fault 12 (flame failure). We've had a number of gas fitters trying to repair it. Parts replaced include the pilot burner, injectors and the flame rods. After a service it runs reliably but after a few weeks the fault 12 becomes more frequent. The fault is sometimes intermittent. Generally, the fire is more reliable at colder temperatures and faults when reaching set temperature. Occasionally fault 11 occurs on sta

... Rinnai Air Conditioners

My living flame gas fire has started to have all the flame at one side (side of the pilot light) and sometimes the flame goes underneth the fire? why

A couple things could cause this.\015\0121. you have air flow pushing the flame to one side \015\0122. A dirty burner.\015\0123. A plugged outlet oriface. ... Air Conditioners

I have a Cozy one-sided gas wall heater. It is no longer lighting the burners when the wall thermostat reaches the temperature set point. The thermostat will "click" on, but the burners won't ignite in the heater. This has been an intermittent problem, but is growing steadily more frequent by the day. Sometimes when the burners won't ignite, I'll bang on the heater and then they ignite. But even that "temporary fix" is becoming less effective. What part on the wall heater needs to be replaced or

Can you remove the front cover to the wall unit? Look for the wiring and follow it till you see a round about the size of a fifty cent piece. Should have 3 of them. One of them is not closing and allowing the signal to go through. So turn up the ... Air Conditioners

Make = Trident exel natural flame gas fire - model fan powered rear flue - 549 RMN FEF +3 The fire ignites and runs normally for about 10 minutes and then the gas side completely cuts out (both the pilot and the main jets). everything else keeps running (lights and fan). Re-starting the fire results in about 2 mins before it cuts out as above, this then repeats no matter how often its re-started. Electricity is fine and gas supply appears to be smooth and fine (Gas central heating / cooker a

Hi this is a oxy pilot problem as you say, would be best to replace. There are two types that were used on Trident /FEF fires,Ican help with either but need to know which one ,get back to me for further help .Will. ... Air Conditioners

My therma gas heater will not stay on . It ignits correctly, it also steps up to 3 pannels burning correctly, but you have to hold the grey gas button down for it to work. The pilot-type flame will not stay on. I think the gas flow to the pilot flame cuts off when you let the grey gas button up, when it should stay on. Where is the fault and what part do i need? Thanks Roy

You need to replace the thermocouple. This is a small metal rod that is positioned in such a manner that when the pilot light is burning, the flame is contacting the thermocouple. When heated by the flame, the thermocouple produces a very small amo ... DeLonghi Air Conditioners

Jan 10, 2010 - i should probably give some more info.. it's a ruud silhouette II gas furnace that had been giving me problems with the furnace starting up and shutting down immediately.. i solved this by cleaning the flame sensor rod, although i didn't replace it.. now it starts with a very weak flame and will only light one burner sometimes.. when it does light with all 4 burners they seem to kind shrink in size every few seconds like the gas isn't steady.. this is a new issue, is it possibly

It is possibly related to the flame sensor giving a week signal to the gas valve. You really nee to have the gas pressure checked and the flame sensor checked if you have a multimeter that checks miliamps you will know if it is the flame sensor. You ... Air Conditioners

RUUD Ultra 90 Plus Modulating up flow furnace UGFD_07EMCK 1.5 years old. Furnace doesn?t function properly from the very first day, often shuts down after initial burners firing. The 1st (right) burner always fires up but it fails to light up the rest of the burners. Sometimes 4 burners fire-up but not the last one (left) where the flame sensor is mounted. It only happens after the furnace had been off for some time 30 min. or more. After short brake (10 min or so) initial burners firing is alwa

Sounds like the cross over between the burners are to tight. I would take a common screwdriver and open the slot just a little. Only other thing I am worried about is the gas pressure on the burner side. Needs to be set as per installation manual. ... Air Conditioners

Goodman GMT045-3A Furnace. Furnace flue fan always on, glow plug hot, gas ignited, on for 20-30 seconds, click is heard, flame off, glow plug cools. Then cycle repeats over and over again. Sometimes blower comes on. Thermostat on 55, outside temp is 16 degrees. Taken flame sensor out and tried to polish it up. Did not have sand paper. Looks like there may be a crack in flame sensor side. I am thinking about replacing flame sensor as a start.

Check filter to see if it is plugged. Has someone installed a new thermostat? If so, it may not have been installed properly. Sand off sensor to make it shiny, and be sure all supply and return registers are uncovered. ... Air Conditioners

I have a Goodman Furnace model#GDS80703AXBC.The unit is one year old and ran fine until the gas got shut off accidently outside at the meter.Unit was cycling with no gas for 2 days.we turned the gas back on and the unit is showing one light blinking for over cycle trys.The unit did eventually start up but it does not fire up after each time the thermostat is calling for heat.The unit has been running like this for about 10 days now.I have replaced the Diagnostic computer, glow igniter,flame sens

The only part not replaced so far is the gas valve. Because the gas valve is getting power does not mean it is opening.You could also have gotten trash(corrosion/scale) in the valve orifice and or the burner orifices.Is there a drip ... Goodman Air Conditioners

Vulcan eco 120 stoped working, checked fault codes and it said hot serface igntier. i changed that and tryed operation, unit still dose not light. when i press reset fault codes say failure to light, but sometims it also says slow closung gas valve. how can i fix it?

... Air Conditioners

Hi , I have a Electronic pilot lighting system on my RUUD package unit. The pilot light flame keeps blowing out or is not working properly. I removed the panel to look and see what was wrong. I could not see any faults. The sparker worked just fine, the gas line tubing was fine no blockages( took it off to inspect it) every thing looked good. Worked fine for the last couple of weeks and now it will not ignite the pilot light to light the rest of the propane gas to heat the house. I tested the fl

Sounds like you have checked most things. A pilot will go out if it is dirty, if the gas valve is not holding or if the senser is dirty or bad. Remove the pilot and clean out the small orifice inside. Check all electrical connections, clean the senso ... Ruud UBHC Air Conditioner

I have Rudd hot air gas furnace. The ignitor sparks and lights the fire but as soon as the ignitor goes off the fire goes out, flame light doesn't go on. What could be the cause?

Hi, Check the flame sensor next to the pilot. It should be a ceramic rod with a metal tip that rests in the pilot flame. It may be dirty. Clean the tip with steel wool real good and make sure it is in the pilot flame good. This will cause that condit ... Ruud UBHC Air Conditioner

I require information on Glow worm flicker flame gas fire. Manual has been lost. I need to know the output for this fire before having cavity wall insulation done. Can you help please.

Glowworm Flickerflame G.C. No. 32 314 23. 3.36KW (11465 Btu/h) ... Air Conditioners

Can I get spares for a Parkinson Cowan gas fire model FIRE FLAME. thanks

... Air Conditioners

I have a valor homeflame gas fire,when i turn the ignition on the flame lights and you have to keep it pressed down for a few seconds but when i release it to turn up to 2,3or 4 the flame goes out.any help on what it maybe will be much appreciated. thanks andy.

... Air Conditioners

I have a Genesis living flame gas fire. As of today, the pilot light ignites, you can see the thermocouple wire glowing red, but the fire will not light & the pilot light shuts down. Any ideas?

... Air Conditioners

We have a residential Lochinvar Solution Boiler (model RBN090). Around 7 years old. For past 2 weeks pilot light keeps going out. 2 repairmen have come out. We have replaced the Gas regulator, the roll out switch, the thermocouple, and the pilot flame on the thermocouple. Pilot light continues to go out. No one has anwser. Pilot flame goes out sometimes when system is cold, other times after working for several hours and hot. Very random. But we have to relight serveral times per day a

... Air Conditioners

Patterson-kelley modu-fire gas boiler. flame failure on pilot and main flame

... Air Conditioners

I have a sv9500m 2674 tha has a sticker that says it has been converted to L P gas. The ignitor lights the pilot and the fan comes on. The pilot stays lit and the main furnace fan comes on but the burner never fires. I have checked the electrical connections, cleaned the flame sensor that is on the ignitor (Q3400A1024) and cleaned the orafaces on the burner. I am thinking that the valve may be bad because the main furnace fan does activate which I assume is also controlled by the flame senso

Hello,If you cleaned the flame sensor and it is in the pilot flame,Try adding a ground wire from the pilot assembly to any close screw to boost the (pilot on) signal.Also if the valve has been sitting for a while give a tap once during (pilot on) to ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

My Quadra fire 1000 Pellet stove is not igniting correctly, the fire box fills with lots of smoke, the when it finally does the flame is erratic, extremely high and is giving off alot of black, and does not appear to running right, and sometimes it is not igniting, I have had two techs out here to look at it they can not seem to get it right or fixed, any suggestions?????

Hi lovinthepine: \015\0121st. clean the unit, inside and out! Clean fire bowl/pot, it'll have small'ish holes for air and a larger one for the igniter. Clean out all holes in fire pot! Make sure fiberglass gasket material between firepot and ... Air Conditioners

My Weil McClain gas boiler starts starts to fire up and then shuts down about 3-4 seconds after the flames ignite..it then recycles and tries to start up ....flames light and shuts down again...Thanks, Scott Norton (781) 883 - 2496

... Air Conditioners

We have a Halstead Ace High combi boiler with a persistent intermittent fault. ( 3 months.)It keeps going to 'lock out' - Sometimes it can be restarted by resetting but not always. Sometimes while just running the heating but also it will lockout when using the shower. We have had a new PC board fitted and 2 leaks around the manifolds and micro switches have been repaired. Every possible pressure (gas

Hi,\015\012\015\012You need to get a qualified 'Gas Safe' engineer to check the Venturi in the flue, and clean it out. The other thing to look at is the igniters, clean them wirth emery paper as this boier relies on flame rectification (i ... Air Conditioners

De Dietrich 230 eco 170 hot water boiler fault. error code 14 (no flame),gas present at inlet to multiblock valve,1st stage valve opens but no gas flow.I have tested and checked pcu board,solinoid coils,wiring looms,restored factory settings on Diamatic m3 control panel,etc.at my wits end ,any thoughts?

... Air Conditioners

My Canon Coalridge gas fire has a very small pilot flame and won't stay lit

... Air Conditioners

I have a carrier 58sx040. Sometimes after the pilot comes on the main flame will start then stop about every 3 seconds. This problem intermittent. There is always a noise coming from the gas inlet when this happens

Dirty flame rod, polish it with a scrub pad.\015\012\015\012On a call for heat, the 24 volt thermostat sends a signal to the control module. The control module will indicate a call for heat with a light on the control either blinkin ... Carrier Air Conditioners

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