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I have a Duo-Therm Penguin model#610115405 that cools and the fan changes speed(slower) when the room gets cooled and the compressor kicks out, but the fan will not shut down.I have the same unit fwd in my RV that works fine. I tried switching the thermostat,ptcr relay and the capacitor that is below the ptcr. Any other suggestions ? Dont see anything that else that I can easily switch to check.Still not shutting down?

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\015\012the relay that is suppling the power to the fan is welded shut and is not opening. This often happens with relays, the contacts get pitted and then they heat up and weld fast. The relays that run the fan faster and slower are still working but the one that gives them power is not. You will need to follow the wiring schematic or trace it out with a meter to find the right one.

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I have a Duo-Therm Penguin model#610115405 that cools and the fan changes speed(slower) when the room gets cooled and the compressor kicks out, but the fan will not shut down.I have the same unit fwd in my RV that works fine. I tried switching the thermostat,ptcr relay and the capacitor that is below the ptcr. Any other suggestions ? Dont see anything that else that I can easily switch to check.Still not shutting down?

Hi,\015\012the relay that is suppling the power to the fan is welded shut and is not opening. This often happens with relays, the contacts get pitted and then they heat up and weld fast. The relays that run the fan faster and slower are still w ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

How do I wire a fan motor and the two associated capacitors to make it run? I was given a Hunter Model 26136 ceiling fan motor and the two capacitors that came with it: 1st a two wire (red & black) 5F 250vac VCE 74132-01 and 2nd a four wire (green, brown and two gray wires) GY 5GR 5B 250 VAC VCE74133-01. Also I know I need to buy a 3 speed switch. I have no idea how to wire the motor, capacitors and switch together. John Bierke

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My 4 wire capacitor in my Hampton Bay ceiling fan has died. The wireless remote died previously. I only want to run the fan on high from now on. I heard some where that if a ceiling fan is not going to be run on any speed but high that a capacitor is not needed. Do I need to replace the capacitor or can I just direct wire it? I will turn it on with the wall switch. Thanks, Tom

... Hampton Bay Air Conditioners

I have an intertherm central air unit in my mobile home that does not change fan speed when I click the fan speed switch. I've checked the fan relay which is good and energized in the ac mode which should put the speed switch in the circuit. It is a PSC fan motor and I haven't checked the capacitor.

You may ahve a bad switch but sometimes when they are worked on the servicrman bypasses the switch. Fan speeds are color coded black high blue med yellow med high and red low. Just for your info. Russ ... Air Conditioners

On outside compressor for whole house AC: Critters ate wires. Have Blk & Red power in from breaker. 24vac switched from thermostat. 1 contactor with 24vac coil(original). 1 Capacitor w/ 3 terms labeled: C, fan, herm. compressor w/ 3 wires: #10 yel & blk, #14 red. fan w/ 3 # 18 wires: Blk, Orn, Blu. I need wiring. Here is what I think: All blacks connect together. Red power wire connects to contactor in. Fan orn & Compressor Yel go to contactor out. Capacitor is the problem. "C" marked terminal g

There should be a wiring diagram on the back of the access panel. If you can't read it, check online for model wiring diagram. Don't guess, you may cause more expensive damage. ... Air Conditioners

Dear Sir/Madam, I have a 12 years old Goodman split AC. Recently the blower in the air handler was not starting sometimes. I changed the capacitor, but the problem is still there. I guess that the fan relay switch may be bad. Where can I find the fan relay switch for Goodman center AC? The model no for air handler is AW24-05c, the serial no is 9904464660. You help will be much appreciated. Thanks, Sherman

... Goodman Air Conditioners

I have a 561c central air unit. I just replaced the fan motor and capacitor 6 days ago. The unit ran great for just that long now the fan won't come on and the outside unit is hot to the touch, I can assist the fan and it starts and runs great until it reaches the thermostat temp. When it turns off it won't come back on. Is it the start relay switch?

Sounds like you need another capacitor since it will run if you turn it by hand to get it started. If you have a clamp on ammeter check the current draw on the fan motor. ... Air Conditioners

I have a Goodman (AR24-1) unit, the heating is electric not gas. How do I test the blower motor with out removing it. I have a part number but not sure if it is the blower motor number or not. Part number 15212-50. (1.5 AMP 1/5 HP) 208/204 Volts) I have replaced the capacitor today but still did not start when I have the Fan switch turned on. I have checked the thermostat. Any way to check the motor? The switch board number is ( # Goodman B1370735) I can test it with my meter if needed.

... Goodman CKL24AR24 Air Conditioner

York Stellar heat pump A/C runs for 2 minutes then shuts off . It will restart if I cycle the heat/off/cool switch, or reset the circuit breaker, regardless of method, it will run again for 2 minutes and shut back off. Fan does blow, new circuit card put in, new capacitor put in. (when capacitor was installed, problem went away for about a week, but has since returned).

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Air handler fan runs but condenser fan and compressor won't, I changed the relay switch but still no results, is it the capacitor? It is an Armstrong, model # SCU10E36A-4. Thanks.

... Air Conditioners

My Central AC condensing unit will not start up but the air handler is running. I can engage the switching relay and the compressor and condensor fan kick in and run. I think it is either the switching relay or the capacitor. If I'm correct, how do I determine which is the cause of my problem?

It is the relay. THe capacitor doesn't control both the compressor and the fan. (Some use the same capacitor but it is seperated internally and usually one or the other will still start) This part should cost around $20 Buy whatever they have as l ... Air Conditioners

Hi I have a CLT30-1A external air conditioner unit. Problem: both the fan and compressor do not turn. A low frequency hum sounds when power is applied. Trouble shooting steps I've tried; 1. contact switch works and supplies 220 VAC across contact to motors 2. removed each motor from the circuit at a time but neither motors function. I speculate the capacitor is not functioning and does not "start" either motors. What do you think?

Hi,If your contactor is engaged, as it sounds like it is and you have 220 volts going out of it. Then the capacitor would be the device to look at next. An ohm meter test on both sides of capacitor should show its condition. I ... Goodman Air Conditioners

Compressor 'tries' to come on for about a second then doesn't on a dometic rooftop. the fan does run. I replaced both run and start capacitors. the PTCR ohm test = closed. I checked t

Install hard start kit or defective compressor. ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

HVAC rheem Outside fan not working. Seems to be the start capacitor. Error code L23. How to work with the test switch to reset the system?

... Air Conditioners

I have a Goodman Model number AR24-1 unit and the blower moter will not start with it turned on to fan or cool or heat. I have checked the thermostat and the unit runs outside. Just no blower. Can I jump the blower motor as I replaced the capacitor today. Hear are some numbers that may help. Part Number #15212-50 Volt 208/240 Amp 1.5 HP 1/5 No heat Kit It has a Goodman switch board # B1370735 that I can check with my meter if needed. I have checked the thermostat in the attic also. Seems like

... Air Conditioners

My fedders aircon compressor does not turn on again whenever its thermostat turns it off. what i had to do is unplugged the power cord and turn it on again to work. i already replaced the capacitor. what i observed is that the big normally open rely does not switch on. maybe a board problem? if i turn it off and turn it on again, only the fan rotates and not the compressor. i had to unplug the power and put it back again for the compressor to run again.

You have a time delay build in on the pc board of 3 minutes. If it takes longer than 3 minutes check your compressor overload protector, Maybe the compressor is overheating, check your coils for proper air flow. ultimately if the compressor checks ok ... Fedders A6X05F2D Air Conditioner

Amana PTAC Unit is not producing heat. Fan works fine. can not locate manual reset for heat although a label on the unit says there is one. I have an Amana pth153b35ae ptac unit that the heat will not come on. The compressor will run in the cooling mode but not in heat mode. I verified the switching valve is working and the capacitor seems to be fine as the compressor will run in cooling mode. The thermostats seem to be functional because relays can be heard clearly when changing temperature se

I know this is late but I had to add a solution to this problem since I had the exact same problem and was able to solve it. The probelm is not your control board. On these units, the heat pump compressor will not kick in unless the temperature you ... Amana PTH123B25AJ Heat Pump Air Conditioner

My Goodman air handler RELAY, ELECTRONIC BLOWER TIME DELAY makes a clicking noise 4 or 5 five cycles (about 10+ Sec delay ) before the squirrel cage fan will come/stay on. I have reset the unit by switch it off for 5 minutes then back on and it worked for a week but now it makes the outside compressor go on and off the same number of cycles before it comes on. Do I need a new board or can the capacitor cause this problem? Help it's hot in Phoenix!

When this happens turn off power and feel motor if hot capicitor i dont think this board cost much but if it does you can get a fan sequenseing stack switch to repace the board with ... Air Conditioners

I have a four winds 5000 rv. coleman rooftop ac. I have to spin the turbine for the fan to come on, then it only works on high. i have replaced the selector switch. next option is the capacitor. is this easy to replace

The capacitor is faulty, the replacement is typically two wires. Connect the new one exactly in the same manner as the old one, note there is a dot of solder or a smudge of dye or paint on the top of the capacitor, orient both capacitors (old and ne ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

Ruud Problems Hey Need help, I replaced the capacitor last night and it worked air was fine all night, but this morning it triped again. so I replaced the breaker switch and it started up again and the fan was running outside with air comming out of the vents inside. but breaker popped after about 30 seconds and cant get it back on!!! Only a buzzing noise comming from the system outside even with power off!!!! Any clue???

Compressor is probably bad. disconnect it tape the wires off and start unit. if breaker doesnt trip it is the compressor.  ... Ruud UAKA030 Air Conditioner

I need a longer power cord for my A/C that's mounted in the wall. The one that's on it is too short and will not reach outlet? It was already like that when I bought this place.?? Can I make one? If so does the black wire or white wire plug into capacitor? The other goes to fan control switch. Since the original power cord wire isn't color coded I don't know which (black&white) goes to what. Thanks a million if you can help.

It will work either way since it uses alternating current and not DC ... Amana Comfort Zone 12M32PBEH Air Conditioner

I'm not getting any heat, found a burnt wire and bad capacitor but blower won't come on neither will the coils heat up. Upon flipping the thermostat switch to fan the blower does come on. please help.

The fan relay that turns the thermostat on is probably burnt out as this probably controls the electric heat banks. ... Intertherm P3RA-042K Air Conditioner

I have a Fedders window AC unit, model: A2Q10F2BG-AC. It works in the Cool position. When switching to the HI FAN position it shakes and then stops. Changed the capacitor because it was not doing anything. I am not sure what to do next.

... Air Conditioners

I have an Amana Prestige A/C compressor that is not turning on when my fan turns on to cool the house. I replaced the capacitor because my old one was bubbled up at the top. After I replaced it, it still did not kick back on when I turned on the A/C unit from inside. There is an override switch on the compressor that turns the compressor on manually but does not stay on.

... Air Conditioners

The light fixture needed to be repaired. It never worked when I bought the house. New light bulbs didn't worked. I replaced the two ceramic light switches that had corroded wiring and reconnected blue to black and white to white. I have a dual wall switch that controls the fan and light. Now the light only works when the fan is on. The light on my other identical fan works without the fan on. Is the wiring problem in the fan or switch. The switches are different.

If its a duel switch that controls lights, and the fan seperately. sounds like the power for the lights is going directly to the fan, and therefore making the lights work also. also check out switch, make sure power is only going to the lights, with ... Air Conditioners

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