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I am trying to find information on re-lighting my pilot light on my honeywell day and night furnace. I see switch for blower is off, pilot dial is on "pilot". Blowers not active and pilot light not lit. I think I just need to turn pilot dial to off to reset and leave for 5 minutes and turn back to "pilot" and re-light, before turning everything back on. I'm not sure where the gas is coming out of. Is it right above the dial. I have long matches to use. Please let me know. Thanks for you

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Without knowing exactly who the manufacturer is and the model number of the furnace, most of us really don't want to reply to this question, for fear of you blowing yourself up. So, if you can provide that information, I'm sure one us can help you.

Thanks, Rich

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I am trying to find information on re-lighting my pilot light on my honeywell day and night furnace. I see switch for blower is off, pilot dial is on "pilot". Blowers not active and pilot light not lit. I think I just need to turn pilot dial to off to reset and leave for 5 minutes and turn back to "pilot" and re-light, before turning everything back on. I'm not sure where the gas is coming out of. Is it right above the dial. I have long matches to use. Please let me know. Thanks for you

Without knowing exactly who the manufacturer is and the model number of the furnace, most of us really don't want to reply to this question, for fear of you blowing yourself up. So, if you can provide that information, I'm sure one us can help you. ... Air Conditioners

I have a biasi 24s combi and can not get the pilot light to come on even though when hot water is turned on a noise comes from the boiler , can you please advise on how to get the pilot light back on

... Air Conditioners

Coleman mobile home furnace Model #7966-756 will not turn on. The pilot light is lit, there is power coming to the step-down transformer inside the furnace. The reset switch is in the right position. It worked fine when i turned it off last spring, just wont start back up now. The blower fan will not even come on when i switch it from the auto position to the on position on the thermostat. Any ideas?

I had a similier problem, Check your neutral ground? also alot of power companies will come out and do a basic check of the voltages going to the furnace, and can offer advice for free. ... Coleman Air Conditioners

We have recently bought a house with Vulcan ducted gas heating (no pilot light). When the system comes on it produces plenty of heat so I don't think there is anything wrong with the unit itself. Frequently, however, it reaches the set temperature, turns off, and then will not come back on even if we press the on/off button. The only way we can get it back on is to cut power to the house and then press the on button. That would suggest that there may be some kind of program set, but since

By the things you said here it seams that is nothing wrong with the device itself but it has something to do with the thermostat ...The thermostat is the part that it supposed to shut it down when the temperature gets to the set value....and also it ... Air Conditioners

We have an older (22 years?) 'Insta-Flame (model HE30 TN) natural gas fireplace insert. The pilot light is out, as we painted to inside of the firebox. The instructions show to 1) turn the dial to 'off'', wait 5 minutes ... 2)Turn the dial to 'pilot', push in and light ... 3) Hold the dial in for one minute ... 4) Release the dial and rotate to 'on'. Our problem is: there are now marking on the dial for 'off', 'pilot' or 'on' that show on the dial (due to afing with age?), and we are theref

On some gas valves the pilot setting is on the same dial as pilot on and on .on others the pilot light has aseperate button on right side of control dial. If yours has this there will be a cut out on cotrol dial that must be aligned with button to a ... Air Conditioners

Water tank full light keeps coming on an shuts the AC off after about 10 minutes on a Amcor A12000E Nanomax Portable Air Conditioner. I drained all the water out of it I could and it does turn back on after I turn it back on and will run for about 10 minutes. Then it beeps 6 or 7 times and the water full light comes back on and shuts it off. There is no more water coming out of it and there is a buzzing when it comes back on but it will blow cold air until it shuts off again. Please help!

Dod u get any help with your problem because i am having the same problem and ofcource the company is no longer around ... Amcor A12000E Nanomax Portable Air Conditioner

We have model # 58SXA080-JG Gas Furnace-the fan is not turning on-heat is not coming thru the vents. We had the control unit/circuit board replaced yesterday. The fan, pilot light and heat came thru the vents for a few minutes-then stopped. Can't get it to come back on..Trying to find what else it could be

Blower Control Circuit Board (Carrier, Payne, Bryant) is the faulty partInput Control Voltage: 18-30 VAC.\015\012Frequency: 50/60 Hz.\015\012Power Consumption: 5 watts max.\015\012Output Ratings:-on high contact: 20 amps resistive @ ... Carrier XHB123D X/Y Series Heat/Cool Air Conditioner

My goodman furnace (model gmp 108-3) is not working. If I turn off the unit and turn it back on the fan comes on and the little filament heats up, then the top burner will light, but it will not stay lit and none of the other burners will light. After a few tries, it turns off and doesn't come back on.

All of the burners should light. Could be a dirty flame runner. I recommend that you get a good clean and check.. Burners, flame runner, flame sensor should all be cleaned. If this does not solve your problem than the gas pressure nee ... Air Conditioners

I have a honeywell PA404A pressure control switch on my home gas steam heating system. I'm having a problem with the switch turning off the system. It will only come back on if I turn the top screw all the way out, then back down to approx 5psi. At this point the heat will turn on but when the thermostat shuts down the system it will not turn back on when calling for heat unless I adjust the screw again. Also, the switch will only turn on the system when set at 5 on the dial on the inside. Any i

This may be caused by accumulation of sludge in the steam trap (the looped tube that connects the pressuretrol unit to the boiler). the sludge restricts the pressure from reaching the diaphragm in the pressuretrol unit. So it gets a false reading. ... Air Conditioners

On my 1999 camper trailer when I turn on the dc powered lights while the airconditioning is running the compressor will kick off. If you wait 3 minutes it will come back on and continue to work fine until you turn the light back on.

Welcome to FixYa\015\012\015\012Not enough cooling complaints are due to air flow issues, and not lack of “Freon.RV air conditioner- come from the factory- are hermetically sealed.The first basic area is the air ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

AMCOR Portable Air Conditioner - CF14000E Our portable air conditioner was working fine. I turned it off and was going to move it into another room, it would not turn back on. There was no green light on the LCDI plug. I tried it on different outlets but no green light coming back on.

... Air Conditioners

My panasonic air conditioner system keeps turning itself off and the timer light comes on flashing. The remote hasn't had the timer set. I have tried reseting the unit via the remote controll however it comes on for a split second and then turns back off again with the timer light flashing again. Can you please help?

... Air Conditioners

Our 1992 brivis buffalo electronic pilot relighter does not ignite the furnace when you turn it on at the thermostat. Have tried turning it off at the power and back on again, makes a ticking noise for about 30sec then stops. Have taken the cover off to have a look, the pilot light is still lit and doesn't appear to be anything electrical. It will also intermitantly start blowing cold air and the only way to stop it is to turn it off at the power point outside. Could it be the ignition electr

... Air Conditioners

We had a terrible thunderstorm and I saw a flash of light near our transformer. All the lights in our house dimmed. Since this had happened before and we damaged our capacitor, I immediately turned the AC unit off(Amana Prestige II). When the power stabilized I turned the unit back on but the compressor will not come on. I tried turning the breakers off and on but it did not work.

Well, that;s not good. whenever there are thunder and lightning around, you should always UNPLUG, to disconnect EVERYTHING from the wall, simply turning OFF, is NOT sufficient. \015\012I would expect that the induced current from the lightning, will ... Amana Air Conditioners

Last night my husband turned off our window unit because it had gotten cold in the house, we got up this morning and went to turn the unit on and it won't come on at all. The light on the plug is on and when I click the reset button it lights up everything on the front panel but it turns itself back off. We always have to replace window units every year and this is quite costly and am getting tired of this. We have 3 other units that are older than this one which is only a year old but we also p

Must be a shorted capacitor. ... Air Conditioners

RUDD Silhoette 2 model UGLH-10EBRJR ignitor won't ignite (glow). Exhaust fan comes on for about 30 sec. then the thing clicks, a small amount of gas emits then turns off, then the circulating fan comes in and runs cold for a while. I can light it manually 9with a lighter) and it runs OK until the house reaches temp but then, of course, it won't come back on unless I light it manually.

... Air Conditioners

I have a Ruud UAKA-037JAZ central heat and air unit (Silhouette 11 gas furnace). When I turn the thermostat to heat the heat does not come on. I removed the front panel and there are 2 green lights lit up next to the red pilot light, but the pilot light is not lite. What do I need to do? Thanks

... Ruud UAKA037 Air Conditioner

My fridgedaire window unit A/C and heat won't come on. I had replaced an outside light fixture a couple of weeks ago and had turned off the circuit breaker that affected this unit too. Now the unit won't come on AT ALL. I've unplugged the unit, then flipped breaker off then on again. Then plugged back in and hit "Reset" Button on the plug, then waited at least 3 min. as instructed, but still no power. The light on the plug doesn't even come on when I hit the test button. Could it be a faulty cor

Plug a light into the outlet used for the A/C, if the light does not come on when reset then the circuit breaker that provided the power to the outlet need to be reset or replaced. ... Frigidaire FAS257S2A WallWindow Air Conditioner

Hi, I have an 8,000 BTU unit. The unit is about 5 years old. It was running fine, no problems at all. Then whan I went to turn it back on after a few days-nothing. No noise, no air, nothing. It just did not turn back on. Before this happeend it cooled, it reponded to degree changes all was fine. The green light button on the test and retest comes on, but there is not a sound from the unit itself. Its like you would hit a power button that was not plugged in (but it is). This problem occur

After changing or cleaning your Filter, you need to reset the A/C. Follow the procedures below:\015\012\015\012Disconnect the power plug from the power supply.\015\012Clean the air filter.\015\012 ... Sharp AF-S80FX Air Conditioner

Gas is going to cooking stove in camper. Stove lights. But can't get pilot to light for hot water heater. Don't smell gas coming to pilot area. Furnace is not turning on, but worked fine when checked a few months ago. any suggestions to try?

Chances are good that the thermocouple is bad. It is a small probe that the pilot light keep hot. Take it out and get one at HDepot or at a RV store. ... Air Conditioners

Pilot will go out, blower will continue to send out cold air, temperature will drop almost 20 degrees. The main switch will have to be shut off to turn the pilot back on, but it takes hours to come back up to temperature

The system is going in to lockout due to ignition failure. A couple of things to check: First the filter.second there is a rubber tube coming off of the little blower that's about at waist level on the furnace(If it's a standing furnace) remove the h ... Air Conditioners

Used since 9/23/05 and was fine. Now I can light the pilot and it stays on fine. Turn on logs and NOTHING! I have a remote and it has new batteries and turns the switch and you can hear the poomp when the logs should come on, but NOTHING! Pilot flame is touching thermocouple and appears to be ok. How Now?? Email address: [email protected]

Hi, when you say that when you turn on the switch to the on position to fire the logs, is this poomp you hear a short burst of gas igniting? If it is and it doesn't stay on, this is a sign of your manifold pressure being to high, or also the burners ... Air Conditioners

There was no hot water so repressurised as the pressure wass low the red light remained on but occassionally when turn hot tap on the green light comes on there is hot water then it shuts down and red ligth comes back on. it is vokera boiler. can you help as the call out is 175 pounds!

U need to go with a professnol repairer ... Air Conditioners

We have an alpha CB24 boiler . Fine with just hot water in summer. Once cold weather kicks in and we need heating the boiler keeps turning off completely and red light comes on. we reset and it comes back on for anything from 5 seconds to an hour. Th longer the day goes the shorter the time span. Please help this is diving me mad with turning on every few minutes.

It could be gas valve or the gas meter ... Air Conditioners

I have a central heater. it will come on and worh fine, by this i mean the draft induce motor comes on, then the glow igniter will come on then flame will come on but after 10 minits or so it will stip the flame and the big blower stays running but the draft induce motor is not runing and will not come on till i turn the thermistat off then back to heat also i remove the metal cover and then it will light. please help me.

Sounds like the filter inside of the unit may be dirty and or the vent cap could be partially blocked causing the flue gas to build upo until the unit tripos on the high limit saftey ... Air Conditioners

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