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My bonaire evaporative cooler cycles from high to low fan speeds when set in the cool mode. It works fine at the required speed setting when just the fan (no water) is selected. It also dumps water immediatly the cooling cycle is turned off rather than holding it for about 40Min as it should. Sounds like a controller problem, but I'm not sure if it would be the touch pad or the board up on the roof mounted unit.

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My bonaire evaporative cooler cycles from high to low fan speeds when set in the cool mode. It works fine at the required speed setting when just the fan (no water) is selected. It also dumps water immediatly the cooling cycle is turned off rather than holding it for about 40Min as it should. Sounds like a controller problem, but I'm not sure if it would be the touch pad or the board up on the roof mounted unit.

... Air Conditioners

Lately at certain times while running for days it makes a clanking noise(sounds like the fan) I spray water through the back of it with a water bottle and after 20 min the sound slowly go's away.It is a 10,200 BTU window/thru the wall unit 115 v thank you

This is normal, the noise you here is most likely ice build up on the condenser coils. when the outside temperature is under around 15c ice will build up on the condenser coils it then falls and hits the fan blades. this will also happen if the unit ... Emerson Quiet Kool 12JW42K Air Conditioner

Lennox 10ACC-048-230-02 Blows 40 amp breaker like right now. Opened up outside controll panel and found a mouse nest. Wires stripped and shorted. Rewired bad wiring and unit still blows breaker. Good resistance check from disconnect to control box. Fan will start and run if i disconnect compressor. Sounds like......

... Air Conditioners

We have a rattling in our air conditioner and can't find the source. It sounds like it could be water but when you push on the area where the fan blows out it sounds like a sand grinder...and sometimes its louder than other times....could it be a bearing?? We just bought it this summer brand new.

Call people who install it....almost all brands have 1 year parts and labor....cal them again and again and again if they can'f fix it in 3 times it is "lemon law"..you should get a new system ( with free instalation)..unfourtently i have such expiri ... Air Conditioners

My bosch 21E (infinity style) hot water system has an intermittant fault where the flame does not appear to be able to stay on (or properly light). Once water is started to the unit I can hear the ignitor go on and the fan start (and I think I can gear the flame light too) but then almost immediately it sounds like the flame goes out and tries to reignite. It never actually lights properly though, just continues the same ignite-fan-flame out-ignite cycle. After a while (a day or so) it seems to

Moisture is getting into circuit board, usaully this sealed in a jell which keeps the board protected from any kind off dust,moisture etc which would comprimise the thinking side off the unit. a bosch engineer should be able to do a diag ... Air Conditioners

Water when i use it on air conditioner mode it sounds like its full of water and it also sprays water out. it dosent do this in fan mode

This ac unit will have to be taken apart and clean out the drain holes in the bottom of the case.Use a water hose to clean and wash it out,also remove any large objects by hand,of course you will have to remove the unit from the window to do this. ... DeLonghi PAC C120 12000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

Compressor fan mtr hot, hear it try to energize for approx 2 seconds then stops aproximately 1minute later cycle repeats, removed coil voltage and manually acuated coil did not hear anything trying to energize, voltage 240 across contactor, assume controll power need be present for any fan / compressor function? sounds like fan mtr single phasing, tried to spin manually, no succ.

Hi,\012The motor bearings have siezed up and the motor needs to be replaced...\012\012Here is a tip about troubleshooting your air conditioner...\012There are many things that can cause your air conditioner ... Goodman CPLE24-1 Air Conditioner

Sounds like fan is hitting water, also throwing off a water mist.

Look outside the unit, unless you are very high in the air and clean out the condensate\\water drain hole. You live in a very humid climate, you have to keep that hole clear or water will build up. Some units us a splash system to splash on to the co ... Goldstar KG6000R Window Air Conditioner

I have an Edgestar 14000HS air conditioner. My Water light is blinking when I plug it in and the STOP sign is flashing on the screen. I tried draining the water reservoir but nothing came out of the drain. I called customer service and they said the float valve was probably stuck. Has anybody had the same problem and fixed it and have any advice? Customer Service just said to call a small appliance repairman but I would rather fix it myself - doesn't sound like it should be that complicated

... EdgeStar AP14000HS Portable Air Conditioner

Hi l am getting no heating or hot water from my boiler although it sounds as though it is on there is no fault code coming up the 'burner on and load indication' symbol - (15 on the control panel) does not show the 'central heating mode operation' symbol (13) above the 'central heating symbol' (14) is acting as it would if it was on. The boiler sounds like it is on but its isn't. There is enough gas and electric

Hi,\015\012 \015\012Please check the bellow article to have an in-depth idea related to your issue and check the probable causes to troubleshoot your problem that you have men ... Air Conditioners

It seems it's collecting water in the tray and blowing it out through the top vent, dripping from the bottom inside the house and is making a sound constantly like the fan is hitting water as it blows.

AC units do take the humidity out of the air and water collects in the bottom. The unit should be tilted slightly downward on the outside so that the water runs outrside. Make sure the drain holes are clear. The pinging noise is common, the fan is hi ... LG Electronic Window Air Conditioner

I have a GoldStar 50 Pint Dehumidifier With Electronic Controls that I bought last spring. It worked fine last season, went to use it this year and it doesn't extarct any moisture, that fan runs, but you can tell the compressor is not kicking in. It sounds like it wants to, but thats about it. Do these models have a problem with losing refrigerant?

Sounds like you may have a compressor problem. Should be covered under warranty if it is the compressor. If it sounds like it is trying to start it may be cycling on the overload protector. ... Air Conditioners

Friedrich quietmaster fan does not come on and compressor sounds like it might be laboring when switch is turned to high,medium,low cool. The airconditioner does work if the money saver switch in on. Once it gets to a preset temperature the system shuts down sometimes it starts up if you increase the temperature control but not always.

\015\012Shut the power off to the unit, spin the fan blade to see if it spins freely. If it doesn't spin freely, (there appears to be a little drag when you spin it),the bearings are bad, if it does spin freely, then try moving the motor shaft ... Friedrich QuietMaster SL36L30 Air Conditioner

I have an almost new Frigidare 24,000 BTU A/C . It works but the room stays humid. On very humid days water drips like crazy on the driveway below. The fan and controls work fine.

There is the refrigerant in the compressor assembly of the ac.If this refrigerant gets low then ac will work but it will not cool properly.For leaking problem check the drain line and the drain hose from where water gets drain.If the drain line is bl ... Frigidaire FAC124 wall/Window Air Conditioner

I purchased a used Lochinvar DVN051 gas water heater that was removed from a fairly new house because the owner switched to tankless. When I reinstalled it the gas valve doesn't open to allow gas to the pilot, and there's no spark at the pilot from the automatic pilot light switch. Should I have waited several minutes for the control unit to reset itself? Or could it be that I have to "purge" the lines - someone mentioned that though I don't know exactly what he meant. Or does it sound like

Hi,\015\012If you are not getting any spark then you will need to turn the unit off completely and wait a few minutes. Then reapply the power and see if it reset its self...\015\012If not then check that the power is correct. On some hous ... Air Conditioners

Room temp stays at 76 and will not get any colder even though unit seems to operate and compressor sounds like it turns on and fan blows and water drains . it is set to 60. room is about 300 sq ft

Hi,\015\012From what you are describing the unit is working perfectly...You just have alot of heat infiltration and the best that unit can do is 76....\015\012If you want or need it cooler you will need to buy a larger size unit...\ ... Maytag M6P09S2ACOM Air Conditioner

The ac is not fully turning on. It sounds like the compressor starts to run, but the fan does not and eventually turn off. With the unit off, i turn the fan on and it sounds like its trying to run but its not. Any ideas?

The first thing you should do is make sure the fan turns freely by hand. If it does then check the capacitor and replace it if it's bad. If the fan doesn't turn freely then you may need a new fan. ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

Kenmore 18500 btu window a/c model 70181 brand new. Water in the pan is being kicked up by the fan making loud pinging noise as the water drops hit the inside of the a/c. Like the water level is too high and is touching the fan. It's I installed it correctly with about a 1/2 in downslope to the outside. There is no drain plug to let the water drip out. The manual said not to drill a drain hole.

... Kenmore Room Air Conditioner

Cycleing, ok it sound like the heater fan kicks on then off , on then off, on then off, just like that . it will do this on heat cold or in off post. the ac and heat seam to work but i dont get the on off cycleing ! its not the ac blower but like a fent fan for the heater ! had a ac tech tell me it may be my main bord! carrier modle # 58RA (VJU one of these is next not sure witch)050 board # HK42FZ009 S/N 3197A13382

You are referring to the inducer motor that is kicking on and off. It is probably a limit switch that might be triggering it to go off and on over and over. It could possibly be the board but I highly doubt it since the ac works just fine. It can ... Carrier Air Conditioners

I have a high pitch squeel noise coming from my bathroom. It sounds like the water hose when I turn it on, like water pressure....but obviously it is not from my hose. I have turned all power and water off to that room, checked the attic and the noise still persists. What else can I check, the noise it very bothersome.

Could be a fan or could be light ballast, water pressure in the pipes. ... Air Conditioners

Circulation fan will not start ptoperly. Growls and sounds like bearings but is NOT. Sounds like a cap start motor sounds when cap is bad...won't spin up. Everything is free...no binding or dragging

If its not the bearings its probably the capacitor. ... Air Conditioners

Once you turn on aircon with fan with high speed, the air blown doesn't get cold even after a while. The fan makes some wierd high pitch sound as if like metal against each other. The fan stops once in a while and makes that same sound once it start turning again. This goes cyclic through out the time it is turned on but not cooling the air from the aircon.

Your AC needs a good overhauling as the fan seems struck on the bearings or the blades are rubbing the sides. Also the compressor fails to cool as there can be low gas, low pumping pressure or a blocked condenser.\012You need to remove clean th ... Air Conditioners

I have the haier version of the amana AP125D. and as another person questioned about the exhaust blower fan going out of control and breaking up. also, i like to ad, no , nothing was dropped into it its been in same place setup for 2 years. then suddenly the fan goes into warp speed , you can hear some eletrionic clicks sometimes. when it goes into warp speed the whole unit vibrates like a train, and you can hear the fan start to bang against its casing. i always turned it off. for i dont wan

... Amana Portable Air Conditioner

Fan is extremely loud and sounds like a jet engine

There are 3 speeds for that fan sounds like its at the highest speed might be a relay problem or a temp sensor problem. and that fan isn't 800.00 dollars someone is kidding you call a parts place yourself. although there should be no reason to replac ... Chrysler 2003 PT Cruiser GT

I have a new LG aircon wall unit and sometimes it sounds like its holding alot of water in the drain pan. I have it set up to what the manual said. but do not know if this sound is normal or not. So I was thinking about putting a drain hole in the bottom of it to help drain the water out better.

... LG L1204R Air Conditioner

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