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I have a Samsung RS21DPSM side by side fridge under 2 years old and the other day a loud noise was coming from fridge Sounds like a fan as when you open fridge door it grinds to a stop) compartment and cannot get fridge temperature to go below 12 degrees on the digital display. Freezer compartment seems fine and cold and holding its set temperature! Can this be fixed without calling someone out?

Answers :

There is a design problem with this model. The fridge section is icing over due to a design defect and the noise you can hear is due to the fan on the motor driving against the ice. Eventually the motor will be stopped from running and the fuse will blow in your plug. Contact Samsung and they should replace the defective parts with a fix.
It sounds to me as though your fan motor is failing. You need someone to check and replace the fan motor.

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I have a Samsung RS21DPSM side by side fridge under 2 years old and the other day a loud noise was coming from fridge Sounds like a fan as when you open fridge door it grinds to a stop) compartment and cannot get fridge temperature to go below 12 degrees on the digital display. Freezer compartment seems fine and cold and holding its set temperature! Can this be fixed without calling someone out?

There is a design problem with this model. The fridge section is icing over due to a design defect and the noise you can hear is due to the fan on the motor driving against the ice. Eventually the motor will be stopped from running and the fuse will ... Air Conditioners

I have a fridgidaire refrigerator and it seems that it isn't cooling on the refrigerator side, it is 4 years old and has been sitting for about 3 months. I plugged it in 14 hours ago and it isn't blowing cool air on the refer side. The freezer side seems to be making some cold conditions but seems a bit weak???? It was working fine when we put it up.

The fan inside the freeze isn't working that what circulates the air to the fridg ... Frigidaire Air Conditioners

I bought this model and have used it very little. Maybe on an off for a couple months. Now when I turn the unit on everything displays fine but when I set the temps below room temperature the compressor seems to come on but the blower fan doesn't so no cold air comes out. No warning lights or anything are on and there isn't any water to drain.

... Haier CPRD12XC7 Air Conditioner

The fridge isn't cooling though the freezer half is working fine. It was recently transported quite a distance in its side (well braced and padded), and left to stand 20 hours before being plugged in. We have unplugged it and will let it stand 24 hours before trying again, but don't think that coolant and oil mixing is the problem since the freezer works fine. What else could it be?

There are 2 reasons. While transporting if they lifted with won wards to discharge side, chances are there to oil entering. And while switch on it starts pumping the oil.Secondly, chance for gas leak. It's advisable to remove gas and check for ... Air Conditioners

I have a SC 2210 thermostat. It has worked fine the last 4 years. Last night I woke up uncomfortably warm and realized the display on the thermostat was blank. I switched it to off, then a few minutes later, back to Auto. The display popped back up and found the temp was at 76. I changed the Set temperature back to 71 and went back to bed. When I woke up this morning, cold, the thermostat never kicked on, and the display was blank again. After opening the thermostat and hitting the reset sw

First off..if youve been 4 years without a battery replacement, perhaps that is the issue. I'd try that first, if it doesn't correct the problem, replace the thermostat with a new digital thermo. You would want to first remove the one you have, (so ... Air Conditioners

I purchased a rev23rf room thermostat about four years ago an installed it sdccessfully. It has worked fine until now. The temperature on the display seems to jump about. eg. it shows 19.2, then 19.8, 20.4 then 19.0 etc.all in the space of about two minutes. This would not happen before. What can I do to fix this?

T-stats will change on their own from +/- 1/2 degrees, sounds like your in that range ... Air Conditioners

Fridge not cold even on max but freezer is fine

Check there is one small fan spreading cool air into other compartment.Thefan 24volts may be struck. Replace it. ... Air Conditioners

Fan coil unit not cold. msxy-09sv. The other four fan coil units are fine. This fan coil unit is working and all controls seem to be working fine except refrigerant did seem to come into the coil. No alarm or fault detected. Temp sensor seems to be OK. Fan is running but not cold.

... Mitsubishi Mr. Slim MXZ30TN Air Conditioner

A) I am trying to obtain a manual for a model #HWR12XC6-RB air conditioner. Can you send me one via email? B) Although it seem to run, the compressor only seems to run for a minute or two before shutting down for a time. Then it restarts. The temperature display seems to decrease while the compressor is running, and rises again when it is not running. The temperature never seems to aproach the set temperature. C) There are two types of noise I wasn't expecting. One seems to be a kind of klunking

... Haier HWR12XCB Air conditioner

My air condition unit will not turn on. the fuse is fine, the powerbox next to the outdoor unit is fine, the wiring seems to be fine, but there is one wire that seems to have been pulled out about 3 feet from the side of my house. but otherwise fine. the unit is 3 years old. any thoughts?

Hi, If the main breaker is fine, the box at the unit is the disconnect box for it. If you pull the block out of the box, you will have a plastic cover there. Remove this cover and there are 2- fuses inside. If you have a meter you can ohm them out. I ... Air Conditioners

RAR-52P2 the remote has gone haywire...."the Hitachi Split remote control model RAR-52P2 runs normally and then out of the blue, one fine day stops displaying the temperature and the split does not cool. When fiddled with the temperature goes up to 3 C max (as shown on the remote display). It does not cool either. How do i get the remote back to normal where it lets me increase the temperature to 26 C and enables me to control the fan speed. I tried resetting it, but nothing happened. it has ne

... Hitachi Air Conditioners

My toshiba split system will blow cold air for about 30min then it will blow what seems to be cool air but not air con cold air when it is quite hot outside. The timer light operation and filter light will flash. I have turned it on and off reset remote cleaned filters. When it's cooler outside it seems to work fine???

... Fujitsu 9RLS 9000 BTU Split System Air Conditioner

Help... My problem seems to be my furnace works fine if i manually cold start it but once my unit gets hot it wont restart the jets wont stay lite and the fan will not come on but if it hasnt been running and is cold its starts fine ???

If you were experiencing a failure just after a heating cycle but not on a cold start, I would suspect an electrical component failure. As the component cools, it makes contact and allows the furnace to operate. This will change and not for the ... Air Conditioners

Fedders AEP09D2BCOM Portable Air Conditioner seems like its not cooler as cold as it should. It sounds fine and the amount of air flow seems strong just not as cold.

... Fedders AEP09D2BCOM Portable Air Conditioner

I have a Polypipe pb pzp thermostat controlling the temperature in my conservatory. We had a leak and it started to play up, displaying very high temperatures when the room was cold, turning off and on and displaying random icons. When I took the cover iff there was lots of condensation inside the panel. My plumber replaced it yesterday and at first it worked but overnight has it started to read that the tempertaure is 25 degrees degrees when it is actually 10 degrees and so the heating is not c

... Air Conditioners

Amana PTAC Unit is not producing heat. Fan works fine. can not locate manual reset for heat although a label on the unit says there is one. I have an Amana pth153b35ae ptac unit that the heat will not come on. The compressor will run in the cooling mode but not in heat mode. I verified the switching valve is working and the capacitor seems to be fine as the compressor will run in cooling mode. The thermostats seem to be functional because relays can be heard clearly when changing temperature se

I know this is late but I had to add a solution to this problem since I had the exact same problem and was able to solve it. The probelm is not your control board. On these units, the heat pump compressor will not kick in unless the temperature you ... Amana PTH123B25AJ Heat Pump Air Conditioner

Power button I have an LG 36,000 btu unit. While cleaning the filters something odd happened. The temperature display is reading 4 and nothing seems to be working. The unit is on, but the remote is not changing anything. The remote display changes, but the unit doesn't respond. Also, I tried to switch it off manually, but the on/off button is not working either. It's like it's frozen. And the room temperature is going up. Help.

Try to un hook the power by turning the breaker off for 30 minutes to reset the electronics. see if it would work after that.tnx 4 using fixya,drcool ... Air Conditioners

Frigidaire Model FAZ12HR2A Digital control pad buttons are non-responsive and air is not cold. If you reset the unit, all buttons work and you can adjust the temerature,unit runs fine and cold air is present. The temperature then appears to adjust itself (you hear beeps and the temperature increases). All LEDs are lit and control buttons are non-responsive.

My unit is making a weird sound and if you leave it on for two long you can start smelling a burning smell. Have you heard of this problem before? ... Frigidaire FAH086R1T Thru-Wall/Window Air Conditioner

Unit stopped running, checked power supply OK, remote is displaying seems to be working fine. Unit display remains blank, no display at all.

Call Amcor tech support.......Pridiom Group 201-266-8234 option 2 ... AmcorAire UCHW-H12AF2 Split System Air Conditioner

I have a peugeot 307 sport disel with dual climate control. The drivers side is working fine. The passenger side only blows warm air. It looks like the dial dosnot work. Thi shappend when the blow fan and ac is on. The Air con on my side is cold any ideas????

Behind the dash at either side are small motors for opening and closing flaps to allow hot or cold air flow. the motor turn a small plastic gear, the teeth on the plastic gear wear smooth and the frce of the blowing air pushes the flap to the warm po ... Air Conditioners

I have a Vaillant Geyser Premium Turbo water heater, running on propane. It works fine when running flat out, or with no cold water added to the mixer, e.g. at the shower. But if you want to start adding cold water to the mixer - if you add too much (thereby starving the heater of the cold supply ) it cuts out. It seems unreasonably sensitive to the change in water pressure as I have pretty good mains pressure. It has always been like this from new, and nothing obviously wrong with the install

You need an "anti scald" shower valve . ... Air Conditioners

Unit seems to work fine, but NO COLD!!!

If the compressor kicks on and runs fine, this usually indicates that the freon in the system is good. Is there anything else that can obstruct the air into the unit or into the cabin? I believe that this refrigerant will be R-22, and may be diffic ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

Cucina Pro Double Coffee Brew Station 1711 Series We have had this unit for about 2 months. It has been operating fine until about a week ago when the left side ON/OFF light and the TIMER light have both started blinking in unison. We have tried reprogramming everything as well as unplugging the machine for a half hour. No luck. The right side is still working without a hitch. Can't seem to find anything about it online and the manual has no trouble shooting section... Thank you!

It is an indicator that means you have to clean that side - you then press two of the buttons for 5_10 seconds to stop the blinking . but i can't find my manual and can't figure out which two buttons! ... Air Conditioners

I have a large wood stove with back boiler to heat 4 rads in my bungalow but it wont seem to get the water hot enough to heat the rads. the rads are not cold but are far from hot. The fire burns fine, but not hot enough it seems, any ideas?

Make sure that the water level is full and don't forget to bleed any air out of the systen. ... Air Conditioners

I have a split system air conditioner. the inside fan turns on fine but the out door will not. i pushed the contactor in (located at the outdoor fan)that seems to turn on the fan. i measured the voltage with multimeter across the contact 24 volt side and got low voltage reading. then i disconnected the wires to the 24 volt side of the contactor and measured the wires, the wires read 24-27 volts. i dont know why when i connect it the readings are low. i even got a new contactor and still the same

Contactor working means fan might be bad can you feel any resistance from fan or bad capacitor. ... LG LSC091PMA Split System Air Conditioner

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