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The technician that installed our fujitsu cassette AOT30RMBL just put a piece of pipe in the water overflow and sealed i using insulation tape. Consequently over a period of time the water has been dripping onto the ceiling right near the cassette and has ruined the ceiling. I was just wondering if you could send me the details on how the overflow is to be properly installed so I know what parts to get. The area is right were the pipe joins the top of the cassette.

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The technician that installed our fujitsu cassette AOT30RMBL just put a piece of pipe in the water overflow and sealed i using insulation tape. Consequently over a period of time the water has been dripping onto the ceiling right near the cassette and has ruined the ceiling. I was just wondering if you could send me the details on how the overflow is to be properly installed so I know what parts to get. The area is right were the pipe joins the top of the cassette.

... Air Conditioners

I have a unit in the attic that is installed in the attic horizontally. The condensation leaks out the unit into the overflow pan. I have had the drip pan replaced as it was cracked, the overflow line adjusted to insure positive drainage and no sags and raised the unit so it maintained positive slope towards the drain pan. I also made sure the drain line is not plugged by pouring bleach water down it and after a period of time, blew compressed air through it. What else could be the problem.

It sounds like to me that the leak is coming from inside the unit(air handler) possibly your evaporator coil is icing up and causing a build up of water just below where the 3/4" P.V.C. drain line connects. Instead of draining out the line, it is fin ... Air Conditioners

2 Years ago i had a rheem unit installed. In the attic is a handler that blows right. On the left is the coils and on the right is the fan. The pan under the unit collects alot of water and the float then shuts down the compressor. The drain pipe is clear however the insulation under the fan is soak. Can you say Why?.

Make sure there's a trap installed in the drain line from the unit. Those units will not drain without one. ... Air Conditioners

I have a american standard freedom 95 vertical upflow furnance. just installed 9/08. I am gettinf water dripping down inside of furnace to bottom. No hoses leaking anywhere. No water from vent pipe or inlet. Looks like coming from inside on right side from behind vent blower? please advise.

Yep, thats where the lweak is. try to loosen the three screws and adjusting it to getgood seal from o-ring behind inducer motor. ... Air Conditioners

Igniter on GE hot water heater ser no GELP1006500784, mod no GP40T06PVJ went bad. GE is sending the part, with instructions to install, will arive tomorrow. GE said I could install it or hire a professoinal. I have no hot water, with the weekend and holiday coming up, may take a while to get some one in to install it. My question, do you have THESE instructions on line, or e mail them to me in advance of getting the part so I could see if I could install it? thanks Bill

... GE Air Conditioners

My LG Split AC leaks, the water drips from the front right side (inside the room, where it is installed) instead of from the drainage pipe (outside the room). What to do?

Hello, make sure the unit is tilted back somewhat so the Condensate can drain toward the back and not collect up in the front. Also, make sure the drain tube is not obstructed or blocked with sludge. ... LG Air Conditioners

I have a customer who would like a Bosch AE-9.5 tankless water heater installed in the master bathroom. The master bath is located at the far end of the house & they are wasting a great deal of water waiting for hot water to the bathroom. Can the AE-9.5 be installed at the end of the existing hot water line from the whole house water heater so that it will bring the water collected in the pipe up to temp immediately.

In theory it sounds good, but I don't think it would function properly. Most folks install a low boy 20 or 25 gallon water heater near the master bath and use the home's cold water feed as the supply line. That way, the water for the master bath alon ... Air Conditioners

My LWHD8000R LG windows unit just started spitting water. It's been operating just fine for quite awhile. I checked the drain pipe area and cannot see any clogging where the pipe attaches (though I have no pipe attached). I opened it up and cleaned it up as well as I could, but it will not stop. It starts building up water again spitting after running for about 15 minutes. It is tilted properly in the window. Any ideas? Can I make some sort of makeshift drain pipe for it?

Thanks for your question!\015\012I'm sorry that you haven't received an answer yet.\015\012The response rate on FixYa FREE questions is usually over 80%, but sometimes questions go un-answered when:1. the question is unclear, incomp ... LG LWHD1800R Wall/Window Air Conditioner

I bought a 1''F and 28mm elbow to connected hot water cylinder and cold water pipe, but when the elbow is tighten to the hot water cylinder, it does not point to the direction where water pipe should be connected. Could anybody give advice how to solve this problem please?

Remove the elbow and fitting and apply pipe seal (pipe dope) to the threads. Reinstall it and adjust only as tight as necessary to get the proper direction. ... Air Conditioners

Water drops are flowing in the indoor unit of samsung split ac. It is happening from the date of installation. There is no dirt block in drain pipe or the filter. Water coming from the drain pipe is small quantity. Water drops coming inthe indoor unit increases during hot summer and it decreses during winter

... Air Conditioners

We have a new Rheem heater/air conditioner...we turned on the AC last night and just noticed today that a lot of water is leaking from some pipe that the installers left cut - which is directly on top of the furnace...is this going to cause any problems? water is very close to the wiring of the furnace and it's a lot of water! we called the installer and says he will try to come out tomorrow...but shouldn't we have someone look at it today? who can i call??

If the water is leaking too close to the electric wires ..you just take a tube of some kind and for te moment just guide the water to drain away from the electric stuff...and by the way ..this is the condense water that results on the difference of t ... Air Conditioners

Purchased and installed century hearth model S24XE. I have misplaced the install instructions where I'm sure it said that I could reduce clearances to combustible backwall provided I use double wall chimney pipe. The instruction on back of stove says 15' with single wall installations but doesn't say how much I can reduce this by with double wall chimney pipe.

... Air Conditioners

The plumbers have installed radiators with the hot pipe on the top right side of the radiator and the return pipe at the bottom right side of the same radiator does this sound correct?

Not normal but should work fine.Since heat rises this will allow the radiator to heat up a little quicker than if introducing the heat at the bottom. If the system ran long enough it would not effect the outcome of heating your home. ... Air Conditioners

No hot water. Problem is at the water cylinder i think. flow pipe to cylinder is hot but the return pipe is cold. I think there's a air lock in the coil am i right and if so whats do u think will move it?

... Air Conditioners

Hi, I have a Rudd 21J11SFC air handler. At the bottom front of the handler (drip pan area) is a plastic sheild, out of which comes the pvc drainage pipe. When removing the pipe so that I could access the coils, I accidentally snapped off a jagged piece of that plastic shield surrounding the pipe while trying to remove the pipe. Where would I find a replacement for this and how the heck would I install it? I know it sounds like such a minor problem, but I can't figure out any simple way to rig

... Air Conditioners

We have a well. It always gave us clear water until the pump broke. Mt husband replaced the pump and ever since the water is brown, rusty dirty. He let water flow out with a garden hose for several days, the problem still exists. Do you think it is the pipes, pump, or are there chemicals to put in the well to clear the problem? Do you have any solutions we could perhaps try? Thank you

Sounds to me like the pump is disturbing the sediment in the bottom of the well when it energizes. You could try placing the pump in perferated sleeve if it is a deep well pump. Or maybe a 5 gallon bucket with perferations cut in it, in case it will ... Air Conditioners

I have a Bryant HVAC that is leaking water from the top of the blue pipe. I cut the white pvc drainage pipe and blew towards the unit to free any obstruction. There was no resistence at all. I unscrewed the white pvc pipe from the blue and could not see or feel any obstruction. Is there something else I can try?

... Air Conditioners

I have a Frigidaire window unit FRA126CT1. It fell and some water leaked out. I turned it right side up and let the water settle. I have now installed it and started it an hour later. It seems to be working fine. Do i need to refill the water that was lost somewhere? or was it freon?

Hello, the water most likely was just condensate that was at the bottum of the AC. If it was freon you would hear a hissing sound of the refrigerant escaping from the system. So you should be ok. ... Frigidaire FRA126CT1 Air Conditioner

I am a service technician trying to install a Totaline p474-1050 stat to work for one stage heat gas one stage cool.. I do not have the operating manual just installation... In the installation manual I could not get my advanced settings information that i need ... so i can go thru the settings to program it right.. the Owners manual has that info.. how do i find out what options are which with out manual ... or how can i find the owners manual for this stat... I think it is dumb they put that

Dear friend, don't worry! I encourage you. You can download freely from:www.totaline.com/.../P374-0431ThermostatRemoteControlandReceiverOwner'sManual.pdf - Plz reply, if you satisfied. ... Air Conditioners

We were running our air-condition and we could hear water running ---water was seeping from underneath our furnace. We shut it off right away and the water stopped. we do have a hose going into a drain but it is difficult to get to--so I am not sure if it is working. We have a Carrier Weathemaker Infinity variable speed.

Only that you might be right about the clogged drain; if you can reach the drain end of the hose, you might try covering it and blowing backward into it to see if it is in fact clogged.\015\012Our setup has the drain located with easy access an ... Carrier Air Conditioners

A water mess in my 8 year old Aprilair 550 humidifier. The water goes into the pad and is blown right through and it splashes on the inside of the unit wall and goes down to the floor. The drain that is connected to the unit cannot catch all that water and it is not designed for this messy situation that would harm the furnace if I were to use the unit, which obviously I am not. The pad is the appropriate one and is installed properly with the black mark at the top. The unit is connected to the

If you put the right pad in an aprilaire replacement pad the water should be running down the inside of the pad and never make it throught the outside when the blower is running. Make sure the top and bottom parts of the bracket that holds the pad in ... Air Conditioners

Water on the floor seems to be coming from the hose that attaches to the back of the gas furnace this also looks like it has an overflow that goes into a water line that is going across the floor - can you advise where the pipe from the furnace is to be located????? had no water issues last year this just started since the heat has been put on this year

It sounds like the drain line is clogged, you will need to remove the panels to get to the coil and the pan is located right under it, or if you have access to the line that is hooked to the drain or as you described it overflow. Hope this helped Tim ... Air Conditioners


Check to see if the flame rod tip is in the flame(like the hot junction on a thermocouple). the pressure switches are a normally closed switch and a blocked flue could cause them to open. the circuit board should run through the safety switches and c ... Amana PTC074B25AE Electric Heat Air Conditioner

I have an amana ac unit that is leaking water out of a hole that is right beside the drain pipe. i cleaned the drain pan out and made sure the drain pipe was cleared out.water starts coming out when the ac unit shuts off?

Check filter or coil plugged if drain is clean or there is no vent so the fan holds the water while running then when fan shuts off it lets it go ... Air Conditioners

I have a Intertherm split a/c heat unit. I have water leaking out of the indoor coils into the blower compartment which cause me to replace the blower unit and cap. After cleaning the coils, drain lines and verifying the pan is not cracked or broken it still is leaking into the blower compartment. Almost like it is sucking the water right off the coils. What could be the problem????

Drain could be clogged not letting the water run out did you clean both under the coil and the top of the coil if you did all this I would turn system off lift coil slightly and fill pan with water afer i got it completely dry this will show you wher ... Intertherm P3RA-060K Air Conditioner

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