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Good afternoon please i need a manual or any information relating to the refrigerator model number kssc48qms kitchenaid. and there is a manual that provides the knight guru but the model shown there is similar but not the same. model for mating, there is kssc48qks. where the difference in electronic and electrical parts is something simple.por example in the first model to mention the power supply is separate from the electronic control board instead on the last one mentioned the source Sparta e

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\012This is the use and care manual for that unit.

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Good afternoon please i need a manual or any information relating to the refrigerator model number kssc48qms kitchenaid. and there is a manual that provides the knight guru but the model shown there is similar but not the same. model for mating, there is kssc48qks. where the difference in electronic and electrical parts is something simple.por example in the first model to mention the power supply is separate from the electronic control board instead on the last one mentioned the source Sparta e

Http://www.ajmadison.com/ajmadison/itemdocs/ka_import_2309068.pdf\012\012\012This is the use and care manual for that unit. ... KitchenAid Air Conditioners

I have a Sharp portable room air conditioner model CV-P10NC. The power plug RESET button and TEST button will not click in order to check out the power plug as the unit will not turn on. They did test O.K. at first but the unit would still not come on. Can the power plug back be taken off to check out the fuse inside - or since it is a type of built in circuit breaker maybe it does not have a fuse inside ? The instruction manual states that " This air conditioner uses a fused power plug". The un

The fused9G.F.C.I.) cord you speak of is probably the G.F.C.I. built onto these units by design, can you or someone you know get access inside the unit and :Hot-Wire" the units cord and,bypass the power cord ( Just To Test the Unit)and see if it stay ... Air Conditioners

Kindly provide the following technical data for York Air Cooled Reciprocating Chiller Model YEAJ65ES7 (50 Hz Power Supply, Twin Compressors JS 63 + JS 44 Models) a) Nominal Capacity? b) Power comsumption at full load at ARI Parameters? c) Power comsumption at 20%, 40%, 60%, 80% at ARI relief parameters? d) Provide Technical Manual e) Provide Operation & Maintenance Manual

... Air Conditioners

Panasonic Inverter CS-E12EKU timer indicator blink. The unit not work at all, I follow the manual instructions using the remote control but the instructions are not clear. Using other similar Panasonic model instruction clarify the process and get 4 seconds beep, 30 seconds power indicator on and the code F99 at the control. In the error code table for the similar model F99 means Outdoor Direct Current (DC) peak detection and instruct to verify the- Outdoor unit PCB- IPM (Power transistor) - Cop

Today I install a new unit Panasonic CS-S13KKP also have a same problem timer blink and the outdoor unit wont start. Error code is 11. after checking the problem, can not using a 3 cable cord, solve the problem using 4 Cable cord and its run ! ... Panasonic Air Conditioners

Where is the manual reset for the electric heater on amana Ptac unit model#PTC123B35AM

... Air Conditioners

Temperature setting rises up by itself no matter how many times you lower it back down to a lower setting manually or with remote. When the unit acts up like this it won't even let you power off (manually or using remote) unless you unplug unit. When you power back up it may or may not work again for a while. Window unit is GE Model # AEW12AMG1.

... GE APH10AA Air Conditioner

I have installed a UPM model THM101B thermostat on my Intertherm model E3EB-015H electric furnace. I wanted the feature of turning the blower "ON" without the heating elements. I picked up the green 12v for the fan relay. Once the power is restored the furnace comes on even though the temp setting is low and the only way I can turn the furnace off is by disconnecting the green fan relay wire? The jumper has been properly set in the new thermostat for electric furnace operation.Right now I feel t

... Intertherm Air Conditioners

Our 1992 brivis buffalo electronic pilot relighter does not ignite the furnace when you turn it on at the thermostat. Have tried turning it off at the power and back on again, makes a ticking noise for about 30sec then stops. Have taken the cover off to have a look, the pilot light is still lit and doesn't appear to be anything electrical. It will also intermitantly start blowing cold air and the only way to stop it is to turn it off at the power point outside. Could it be the ignition electr

... Air Conditioners

Split AC 1200-BTU Kenwood Model ANK12P Pearl series Power lights ON but Unit does not become ON. Its power LED becomes ON but buzzer does not beep as it beeps with normal power ON,and no response from remote control. When manual button is pressed for about 5 seconds, its whole two(7 segment ) LEDs become ON and then blower motor and compresser power supply relay becomes on. then the 2 (7 segment) LEDs go OFF. and timer LED becomes ON then (compressor) power LED becomes ON, then sleep LED (all on

HE, I Dont Know where youre getting these #'s from but the only thigs comes up under kenwood model ank 12p pearl series is "GERMAN" websites and nothing I could understand websites. ... Samsung AS18A6RB Air Conditioner

I have a model # faa065p7a A/C The power cord burned out with some sparks by the test and reset part. Called frigidaire and they said you could not replace the power cord and had to buy a new unit. This AC is not very old and worked fine. Is this true because I see that power cords are for sale and never heard of the whole unit going bad from the power cord. Did the electronics fry or was I talking to the wrong person? They were not very helpful and just said to buy a new air conditioner.

Hello, i have replaced cords on many window units so yes you can replace the cord. I believe if you go to a online appiliance website they will have the cord you need. I have found this website online with frigidaire parts http://www.repairclinic ... Frigidaire FAC124 wall/Window Air Conditioner

I have Whirlpool model #ACQ128XP0, there is NO power at all to it, breaker is not blown, fan will work in the same outlet, so it is not the electrical outlet, i turned it on the other day, and it made the rising sound that it does right before it turns itself off in power save mode, then all the power went off on it, i have unplugged its been days

I am not an expert but I have two of the remote controlled 8000 BTU units and one of the 12000 BTU units like this one. \015\012 \015\012I have found that the remote controlled Whirlpool units that used this type of electronics som ... Whirlpool Air Conditioners

Waupaca elevator Type I, Model 711 has no electricity. Reset circuit braker, fuses, stripbox, and now have power to the stripbox but still no elevator electricity. Reset inside box still does not give electricity to unit. Ideas?

... Air Conditioners

Model AOT25RZAL. First time use...came with apartment. Power went out in control box when I changed the temperature. No power issue with main power supply to the house just a blank screen on control panel. Is there a fuse inside the panel? LC

... Fujitsu 24C1 Air Conditioner

I had two very different quotes for installation. They recommended different models and different blowers. 15k vs 17k mxz4a36na vs mxz3a30 model. By getting the less expensive model and smaller blower am I going to be with less power and/or higher electric bill to run?

The last two numbers in the model number indicates the Btu ratings. The mxz4a36 indicates that this unit is capable of putting out 36,000 Btus and only 30,000 Btus on the other. I would be concerned that the second unit is l ... Mitsubishi Mr. Slim MXZ30TN Air Conditioner

Where can I find a repair manual with electrical drawings for a intertherm furnance model # e2eb012ha, ser. # e2e9909003a2. I think it may be a 1998 to 2000 model not sure. Its in a mobil home witch was made in 2000. Any help would be great. Thanks John

Have you looked on the back side of the silver cover that is covering up the relays and sequencers in the lower left of the furnace ... Air Conditioners

Hi and thanks for reading this. I have recently had a complete house overall, included a new bathroom. Part of this included getting an electric shower which I was advised was very powerful. Anyway it seemed to be working for the first 3 days of use (not pumping powerful but a reasonable flow of water coming from the shower) however the during this time the temperature adjuster knob would not turn anti clockwise (cold) and only clockwise to hot. on the fourth and every day since (been using i

I would go to the supplier or Manufacture to know who the certified rep is in the area and use them and back charge plumber... ... Air Conditioners

It doesn't work. I have a intertherm model # WA 1000-2 electric wall heater in both bathrooms. A tech manual or troubleshooting manual would be great.

... Air Conditioners

I purchased and LG Model# LP1010SNR on 8-3-10 at Home Depot. It was a floor model and did not come with an owners manual. It has a digital display screen. It is intended to run for several hours at a time as it is used for a greenhouse. When I went to check the AC unit. The display screen displayed (P2) and blinking. The AC unit will not come on. It has power but, will not come on. I turned to AC of and the reset button, etc., Again the unit comes on but will not operate. It beeps 5 times and st

What happens on this unit is it will suddenly stop followed by a series of chimes. You can reset the unit, but it will end with the same set of chimes. My unit display had a P2 code. As mentioned above, I drained the water (small amount actually) ... LG Air Conditioners

I have a Dimplex DWH2010TA which I bought at Home Depot several years ago. I am only now installing it and I have lost the instruction manual. This covers carpentry work and electrical installation. I cannot find this model listed on the website. It is an "in wall" mount 1k/2k heater. I hope you can find the manual for me. Many thatnks. James Butler

... Air Conditioners

No power - model HPR10XC6 - manual says check fuse. Is fuse in plug? How do I open plug? I definitely have power to outlet.

The fuse is most likely inside the unit itself. There should be an access panel to access all the electrical components and relays. Inside there, you will find the fuse. It could either be a high voltage buss fuse or it could be a small low voltag ... Haier Air Conditioners

I have a bathroom electric wall heater intertherm model# wr-2000-t and it just quit working. I have power to the unit and feel that it may be the switch, are there parts for this model still avaiable? If so where ?

Discount Parts\015\012\015\012Major Appliance \015\012& Consumer Electronic Parts.\015\012\015\012TOLL FREE 1-(888)-338-3790\015\0128:00AM - 12:00 MIDNIGHT\015\0127- DAY ... Intertherm Air Conditioners

I have the Royal Sovereigh ARP-1400BLS, 1400ww. T/he ac turned on the first day I installed it and then after turning it off once, it would not come back on. I played w it for days making sure to leave it off for three minutes between each turn on. I floowed the direction for Power Plug Check: press the RESET button Insert the power plug in the electrical outlet Press the TESt button. If the circuit bresker is working you'll hear a clik (which I did usually hear) Press the RESET button

... Royal Sovereign Air Conditioners

Brivis Ducted Heating system. No display on Programmable controller inside hoiuse. Electronic Control (Model 14100) located on Heater (outside house)displays "Searching". Have turned off power and left for 1 hr then turned back on - no change. Tried resetting through buttons but no change. Have assumed Electronic controller has died - but can't find troubleshooting guide to prove. Don't want to waste $$$ if can be avoided.

Hi,I have an identical issue with my Brivis.Did you get a solution?Mine can be running, then goes blank and says searching. it will eventually come back.Just wondering if you had to replace the 14100?CheersJ ... Air Conditioners

Wow great site! Problem with my 600 series penguin Unit started acting strangely last weekend, smelled something electrical when I first turned it on. but then cooled fine. This weekend DW took it out for a couple days. but had to bring it home early. compressor was not kicking in. I removed the cover up on top and tried to run it . I noticed a little smoke coming up. Shut it down, turned off the power and removed the cover to the electric. the part next to the capacitor looked to be the offen

Hello my name is Heath it will be my pleasure to assist you. What you are looking at is the start capacitor for the motor a $7 part at any HVAC supplier. If it is leaking it is definitely bad and needs to be replaced. This gives the compressor a boos ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

Window Air Conditioning model ACQ189XSO. Unit will not run or show power at the control panel even though power is applied to electronic control panel and capacitor as verified with multimeter. Fan is not seized. What could cause this problem?

... Air Conditioners

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