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Could you please help me. Last night my Brivis evaporative cooling system didn't seem to be working very well (ie not cooling properly). I left the airconditioner on overnight and when I got up this morning there is no display on the controller and I can't turn it on. Is this an electrical problem or an issue with the airconditioner. Can I fix it myself? Thanks.

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You gave us good clues to help you figure this out-- THANKS!

So-- you have an evaporative AC ! Great! -- (I assume you are in a very DRY area?-- For those type of AC units don't work well here in the North East!)

However-- Evaporative AC units depend upon water flow to a mat system-- and air is drawn thru the wet mat-- raising the humidity, and getting a cooling effect from the evaporation of the water from the mat (or pad..)

Over time, parts get badly scaled up from the minerals left behind from the evaporation.
SO-- If you have HARD water, (water with lots of minerals in it..) you have frequent maintenance procedures to do faithfully-- Have these Maintenance routines been done over the years?

Likely YOU CAN FIX it, if your are not afraid of getting dirty, and can work safely where the unit is located-- (Maybe on your roof?-- or up high someplace?)

To determine if it is electrical, look for indicator lights-- any clues?
Can yo take a volt meter to the unit, and check for power inside the unit?-- and trace the power thru the on-off switch, thru the humidistat, and thru overload switches, etc>

Please make a few checks and get back with us--
I'd be happy to talk you thru the next steps-- let me know what you find with the Volt meter.

Mack B

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Could you please help me. Last night my Brivis evaporative cooling system didn't seem to be working very well (ie not cooling properly). I left the airconditioner on overnight and when I got up this morning there is no display on the controller and I can't turn it on. Is this an electrical problem or an issue with the airconditioner. Can I fix it myself? Thanks.

You gave us good clues to help you figure this out-- THANKS!So-- you have an evaporative AC ! Great! -- (I assume you are in a very DRY area?-- For those type of AC units don't work well here in the North East!)However-- ... Air Conditioners

Last night my Brivis evaporative cooler didn't seem to be working very well. I left it on low overnight and when I got up this morning, the system is no longer working and there is no display on the controller. Do I need an electrician or an airconditioner specialist. Is there something that I can do to fix it?

Hi,Yes the evap coolers do need maintenance just like all other air conditioners,The end result of controller no longer working is indicating there is now a electrical issue.You should contact a Air Conditioning mechanic for a break ... Air Conditioners

Last night the indicator to drain the tank came on and I drained the water. A few hours later this indicator came on again so I drained the tank once more. Then it was fine. This morning I went to turn the airconditioner on and E5 appeared on screen and the unit was not cooling. Turned the unit off and waited for a while and tried again but the ?compressor is not cutting in and cooling. What do you think is the problem and is this worth repairing. Thank you.

First-- You gave a good description of your steps, and gave us good clues! Thanks!I am a little puzzled by the need to 'drain the tank'-- I am wondering WHAT TANK?-- Have you always had to do that?--- I take it there is ... Air Conditioners

1996 Coleman Model 7333C8876. Have 2 units on our Motor Home one day it was hot so I had both units running controlled by a Electronic Climate Control system. It got cool in the evening so I turned them off. The next day when i fired them both up on high the rear was fine. But the front will only cool on Low. The fan will not run on high and you can hear a slight noise coming from the unit. But the fan will not run on high.

Check to make sure the drain tube is clear. It sounds like the blower fan is dragging in water buil-up. ... Air Conditioners

Our airconditioner has the code C6 on it. It has cut out and displayed that code. We were instructed to turn it off at the power board and turn it back on, which we did. It went back on again and tried to work but it wasn't really cooling down the air and then after 15 minutes it cut out again and displayed the same code. We don't know what the code means as there is nothing in the instruction booklet which indicates any codes at all.

I previously asked you, if the C6 appear on the unit or on the hand held remote. I contacted a friend of mine who is a service technician for the LG Split System units and he advised that it's an error code that can only be solved by a LG trained ser ... LG LA185HV Split System Air Conditioner

Hi, I have a goldStar GA 1866VHR split Airconditioner, (5050w cooling and 5040w heating capacity). Today I noticed that compressor/condenser unit was still running after I turned off the aircond: from the remote control. The fan unit turned off as normal. I had to turn off the isolation switch to turn off the compressor/condenser unit. After about 2-3 hrs I turned on the isolation switch and the compressor/condenser unit came "on" stright away without the fan unit. Went inside and turned on fro

Thanks for your detailed information. But solution is very simple. The compressor contactor in out door unit. Struck. And hence, when you power on, without indoor commanding, the out door starts running. Replace same type Contactor relay ... Air Conditioners

I purchased a 7000 BTU portable airconditioner by commercial cool for Haier. I set it up without an issue and was able to turn it on and utilize the remote control to go through all the settings. A couple of hours later, I returned to the room and the remote control would not operate the unit. I changed the batteries in the remote (despite the fact that they were only 3 hours old) and was able to change one setting and the remote stopped working again. I switched the batteries a third time a

There may be a master reset switch or combination of buttons to press. The Manufacturer may be able to walk you through this process. Otherwise I would simply exchange it. It sounds like it has a manufacturing problem. ... Air Conditioners

Bad storm last night. This morning unit will come on but does not cool (no compressor) and fan setting is at the lowest. Will not respond from input either from remote or display board. Could the control board be out? Display board shows no sensor errors.

More than likely it ruined the capacitor for compressor, some are dual stage for comp/fan,i would ckk this first b4 getting into electronics(cap may have signs of a bulge in the case or other signs) ... Frigidaire FAS256N2A Air Conditioner

I have a Polypipe pb pzp thermostat controlling the temperature in my conservatory. We had a leak and it started to play up, displaying very high temperatures when the room was cold, turning off and on and displaying random icons. When I took the cover iff there was lots of condensation inside the panel. My plumber replaced it yesterday and at first it worked but overnight has it started to read that the tempertaure is 25 degrees degrees when it is actually 10 degrees and so the heating is not c

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Dometik Duo Therm Brisk Air rooftop trips AC circuit breaker when the weather turned hot. When circuit breaker is reset, the unit will run for 5-10 minutes, cooling nicely, and then trip the AC circuit breaker again. I changed the settings, but it did the same. Once the outside temperature went down, that evening, I tried it again. The AC worked fine all night and the next morning,and when it got hot outside next morning same thing, trip the breaker

... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

I got a remote control type YK1F to my aircon unit that dont work. I cant swift the unit off. When I press the On/Off button the display will get emty. When I press again everything comes back but nothing is working. I can pressup and down the temp button on its shows the temp but nothing happans at the unit.

... Air Conditioners

Friedrich quietmaster fan does not come on and compressor sounds like it might be laboring when switch is turned to high,medium,low cool. The airconditioner does work if the money saver switch in on. Once it gets to a preset temperature the system shuts down sometimes it starts up if you increase the temperature control but not always.

\015\012Shut the power off to the unit, spin the fan blade to see if it spins freely. If it doesn't spin freely, (there appears to be a little drag when you spin it),the bearings are bad, if it does spin freely, then try moving the motor shaft ... Friedrich QuietMaster SL36L30 Air Conditioner

Hi, I have a 1.5 carrier mini split heat pump. I cant find the model number but believe it was made 2000-2003. This has the remote with the infra red eye mounted in the front of the main unit (like a tv). (There is no other controller as I have seen with other units). The unit is heating and cooling fine, however, it does not seem to be sensing the thermostat. Whether it be in heat or cold, it will turn on and run for about 10 minutes and then shut off and not come again. To get it to run again,

Hi,There are a few things that can cause that kind of problem....The unit could be low on charge and the thermistor on the indoor unit will sense the coil getting too cold and shut it down on a hard lockout....resetting the power resets t ... Carrier 38CKC042 Air Conditioner

DELONGHI PENQUIN PORTABLE AIR CONDITIONER MODEL PAC T110P Recently started a Loud HUMM which would cut in every few minutes. Even if the unit was turned off but power still flowing to it. Now got F1 alert and the HUMM more often. Controls still work. The unit still pushes out cool air.

I don't know what it's worth but I have just bought a new one and a few days ago it was showing an error of F2 which means the refrigerant not working or something similar as per the manual. However I thought about what temperature i had it set at an ... DeLonghi Air Conditioners

I have 2 seperate controls ,1 for heat the old honeywell round turn styls and then i bought a new digital thermostat ritetemp and i have 3 wires for the airconditioner white,red and green, i just cant figure out how too hook it up it has so many pins in it give me some help please!

On the round its r g w hook that on the new stat if your using it for heat to then the rh and w are heat controlling baseboard or a boiler relay? the new stat has a jumper wire remove that it is hooked up to rh and rc un plug every thing good luc ... Intertherm P3RA-048K Air Conditioner

I suspect my ripple control receiver type ro3 is faulty.Sometimes of late i've been left with no hot water in the morning.I assumed that the pulsing for off peak overnight didn't happen so i have been manually switching the "override/test" switch.This generally will give me hot water in a few ours then the switch/relay resets to "off".I tried this "quick fix" this morning and after about 2 minutes the relay turns off.We have had regular thunder storms in the area which could cause false "trigger

Hi, an welcome to FixYa,\015\012\015\012Your Air Conditioner is to small for your purpose, Id recommend you to upgrade to the 5000 model.\015\012\015\012Regards\015\012/Teis ... Air Conditioners

My split system airconditioner made a bang when turned on and it threw the safety mechanism in the fuse box. When the safety trip was restored in the fuse box, the airconditioner displayed a code "CS" or "C5" (can't tell the difference). What does this code mean? My split system airconditioner made a bang when turned on and it tripped the safety switch in the fuse box. When the safety trip was restored in the fuse box, the airconditioner displayed a code CS ? Was unable to find any reference

Something has exploded. Look inside to see what it was. ... Air Conditioners

Honeywell thermostat T8400c started flashing, heat/cool was off. Display flashes all icons (heat and cooling icons, temperatures, everything) and on the oppposite flash, the setpoint is displayed. The fan comes on when turned to ''ON'' but heat or cool does not when in ''auto''. The compressor can be turned on outside at the switch, but appears to have no freon. Heating & cooling worked within 2 weeks prior to this issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Based on the simplicity of this particular t-stat, I really think that it is bad and needs to be replaced. They do not make this particular model anymore. I have included a link to the operators manual for the stat. Good luck!\015\012\ ... Air Conditioners

Brivis Ducted Heating system. No display on Programmable controller inside hoiuse. Electronic Control (Model 14100) located on Heater (outside house)displays "Searching". Have turned off power and left for 1 hr then turned back on - no change. Tried resetting through buttons but no change. Have assumed Electronic controller has died - but can't find troubleshooting guide to prove. Don't want to waste $$$ if can be avoided.

Hi,I have an identical issue with my Brivis.Did you get a solution?Mine can be running, then goes blank and says searching. it will eventually come back.Just wondering if you had to replace the 14100?CheersJ ... Air Conditioners

RAR-52P2 the remote has gone haywire...."the Hitachi Split remote control model RAR-52P2 runs normally and then out of the blue, one fine day stops displaying the temperature and the split does not cool. When fiddled with the temperature goes up to 3 C max (as shown on the remote display). It does not cool either. How do i get the remote back to normal where it lets me increase the temperature to 26 C and enables me to control the fan speed. I tried resetting it, but nothing happened. it has ne

... Hitachi Air Conditioners

What is the error code EP on a GE window air conditioner? This air conditioner stops cooling and displays the error code EP......we have moved controls, checked breakers, checked plug, checked trip and reset on plug.......then sometimes it will display digital temp and start cooling again only to cut off cooling in a few minutes, few hours or it may run all day before displaying EP again....

Hi\015\012\015\012Unplug the machine and plugin after that push the reset button…Hope the machine will work.\015\012\015\012Let us know if you have something more to know else please accept the suggestion.\015\012 ... GE AGW18DH Electronic Room Air Conditioner

Bradway/temperzone reverse cycle air con is turned onto cooling, after a few hours the cooling stops and the fan mode kicks in. The han-l-62 controller shows that the unit is working on cooling but on

... Air Conditioners

Warm Air My Fleetwood motorhome Dash air is giving me problems. After I turn on the controls Blower, outlet position, AC on button and re circulate button I may or may not get cold air. After continually operating the controls mainly blower & AC button, I can some times get the AC to cool down. When it is warm it's about 80 degrees, when I do get it to start cooling it will go down to about 60, Checked with an IR thermometer at the vent. Once it does cool down it may work the remainder of the d

... Air Conditioners

We turned the ac unit control knob in between the high cool and low cool, which turned off the ac unit, but messed it up where it shorts the circuit breaker when we try to turn it back on. What did we do?


Heres an an interesting one for you. Have a Convair ClimateMaster Airconditioner. Boyfriend went away for 10 days and somehow it has turned itself on and it flooded the room. The Remote control for airconditioner was near a tv that was on standby mode, digital set top box was on, and the dvd player was on. Could the remote being near the tv cause it to turn itself on. Electromagnetic waves it says in the manual. And please note I checked the remote it wasnt on a memory input to turn itself on. S

It is possible for an elecromagnetic field to cross frequencies and turn this unit on it is very unlikely but it can happen ... Convair Portable Air Conditioner

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