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My Ruud heat pump fan stops after running a minute. It is 10 degrees out now and defrost mode seems to work fine. It makes a humming sound when the fan gets stuck. Sometimes if I take a ruler to it, it will unstick and starts spinning but not other times. cover over the fan motor feels very warm, almost hot to the hand. I've shut it off totally for now.

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The capacitor for the fan motor is bad...replace the capacitor and you'll be good to go...


Here is a tip about troubleshooting your air conditioner...


There are many things that can cause your air conditioner not to cool...

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My Ruud heat pump fan stops after running a minute. It is 10 degrees out now and defrost mode seems to work fine. It makes a humming sound when the fan gets stuck. Sometimes if I take a ruler to it, it will unstick and starts spinning but not other times. cover over the fan motor feels very warm, almost hot to the hand. I've shut it off totally for now.

Hi,The capacitor for the fan motor is bad...replace the capacitor and you'll be good to go...\012Here is a tip about troubleshooting your air conditioner...\012There are many things t ... Ruud UBHC Air Conditioner

The outside unit is no0t able to start the fan spinning on its own. I have been able to manually engage the outside fan by turning the unit off, turning it on, and then manually spinning the fan when it starts up. The unit will then engage the fan and runs fine until the next cycle when it cannot start the fan on its own again. Can you tell me what part needs to be replaced and about how much it will cost?

Hi!!\015\012\015\012The part you need is called STARTING CAPACITOR and it is located in the same compartment where the electrical connectors are in the outside unit. MAKE SURE THE POWER BREAKER IS OFF before opening the compartment. and befor ... Air Conditioners

When calling for cold air, the fan in the cooling unit hums, but does not spin. With a nudge, the fan does spin. Looks to be smooth and normal speed. However ambient outside air 80 degrees. the air through the register is 72 degrees. Is there a switch that will not allow the fan to start on its own if the coolant is too low? Do I have two problems, fan starting AND insufficient cooling? Unit worked well the last two days.

Sounds like start capacator possibly bad ... Air Conditioners

Our evaporative cooler fan does not start when we turn on our unit - it will run if I get up on the roof and start the fan blades spinning... We could smell a burnt motor smell when the problem started. Is it just a fuse? or is it a new fan motor? We just spent $600 to replace the circuit board and the solenoid - hoping to avoid another big bill...

Hi,It is just the circuit problem.Not fuse not motor.From the circuit board to the fan there is no start flow of current passing on to spin or to make it start.Check the flow of volts out of the board.Please do rate the solut ... Air Conditioners

The fan on the condensing unit isnt working it works for awhile and then shuts off,then the compressor starts to work by itself really hard and the whole condenser heats up really fast so I turn off the breaker and start it again but the fan makes and electric humm and I have to push start the blades to get it to spin and then it will work for awhile and then the fan will stop again after about an hour and then same thing happens

Does the fan turn freely or is it hard to turn by hand? If it is hard to turn the fan motor may need to be replaced. If it isn't hard to turn then check the fan capacitor. You can test it with a multimeter or take it to a heating and air supply and g ... Goodman CLT36AER36 Air Conditioner

My fan will not start, if I take a stick and spin it it starts. I have replaced the fan motor, capacitor and start relay. Even bypassed the start relay, all have same problem. I had 2 cousins that have been in the HVAC field for 20 plus years each and they dont know the problem.

Supply the fanmoter from a completely seperate source of power and confirm that it is working. If it works, look at your supply board and contactor relay if there is one. ... Air Conditioners

The compressor fan wouldn,t run even if I spun it! I replaced the run capacitor 15uF 370 volts(but is getting power) and now it runs if I spin the blades but will not start on it's own! Motor has been cleaned and lubed! It is smooth and no resistance. The large capasitor(compressor/(fan start??)) is bad also?? I have replaced all of the contactors and cleaned the coils, Etc..

Hi,\015\012It sounds like the motor is weak and that it still doesn't have enough torque to get it started.\015\012You can try a bigger Cap. as bigger will not hurt anything. Would go over 30uF though.\015\012If it was me, I would j ... Air Conditioners


Be careful.....! If it starts when you push it you can hurt yourself seriously from the spinning blade. Sounds like your motor has a bad capaictor. Turn off the power (circiut breaker). Remove the old capaictor. Find the ... Goodman CLJ30AR32 Air Conditioner

I have RUUD and just replaced the condensor fan motor with a 5 wire Protech....the old fan was wired with black connected to contactor, orange to one side of cap and brown to the other side of the cap.....The new motor is a five wire...I have black connected to the connector, orange to one side of cap and purple(to change direction of fan) instead of brown...now i have a yellow and brown wire left over....Now when I start the unit the fan will not spin unless i turn the fan blade manually....am

Look on the side of the motor it will have a wiring diagram your fan supplies voltage to the capacitor its self so two of your wires go to the capacitor not just one. good luck ... Air Conditioners

I installed my attic fan about 10 years ago. Now, it will not start without me giving the blades a push. It hadn't been lubricated since installation. So I applied some 3-in-one oil. Still wouldn't start on it's own. Then I tried some WD-40 and it would start better. But then, not running overnight, again it wouldn't start without giving the blades a spin. Any suggestions?

Hi,\012The capacitor has gone bad... that is what gives the motor the "kick" to get it started...\012replce that and you are good again..\012\012heatman101 ... Air Conditioners

I have a 2002 year model trailer, it has a Duo Therm Quick Cool High Efficiency by Dometic. Because the fan motor would not start by itself, it popped the breaker after a couple minutes the first time I turned it on this year. I took the top off the unit and give the fan a little spin and it would then run. Once again after a few minutes the breaker popped. I changed the capacitor for the fan but it does the same thing. Could it be the armature in the motor causing the problem? Any sug

Does the fan turn freely? Some oil might help but it sounds like you need a new fan motor. ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

I have a split LG AC. The outside unit hums and the fan will not turn. I spun the fan blade and it started turning and kept spinning at a low speed with a loud hum. Is the fan motor bad?

Yes i would change the fan motor . and the capacitor ... LG LS-L1210CL Mini Split Air Conditioner

Nordyne AC Hello, Our Nordyne DT5QD-042K quit cooling the air. It sounded like the compressor was starting and heat was building up however the fan on top was not turning. It did spin freely and showed no sign of bogging down. Power was present at both leads from the capacitor. Ohmed lead to lead and had resistance, nothing going to grnd from either lead. Last September I had to install a booster capacitor and all worked OK (the fan was operating at that time). I am suspecting the fan mot

... Air Conditioners

Condensor fan wont start on its own. have to give it a spin to get it going. is it the fan motor or whatever controls the fan ie...switch, sensor, circuit card ,thermostat?

Most Likely your Condensor Fan Motor is bad. Pull the motor and hook it to 110 to eliminate any other possible causes. I am sure that is where you will find your problem. ... Air Conditioners

The compressor works. The fan seems stuck. If I take the covers off and spin the fan, it works. If I put the setting on auto the fan won't start up. Any suggestions?

Sounds like the capacitor for your fan is shot. This is a very inexpensive part and will cause the fan to act just as you describe. You can check it with a multimeter that has the capacitor check function. Take the old one with you to get the new one ... Coleman Mach 15 Air Conditioner

Amana heat pump emergency heat comes on but blower will not start. The call for heat comes in and the heating element(s) glow red for a few seconds and then there is a "click" and the heating strips de-energize. The blower fan motor doesn't come on, however the squirrel cage fan spins freely. The heat pump stopped working several years ago, but I just used the emergency heat option for heating solution. The squirrel cage fan motor was replaced about 3-4 years ago.

... Air Conditioners

Circulation fan will not start ptoperly. Growls and sounds like bearings but is NOT. Sounds like a cap start motor sounds when cap is bad...won't spin up. Everything is free...no binding or dragging

If its not the bearings its probably the capacitor. ... Air Conditioners

Had "So Called" RV repairman work on Coleman 13.5 Roof AC! He said he fxed it first by lubrication then he replaced the "Hardsart" and told me if the fand stopped again to spin it to get it started and said I should just replace the AC. Another Mechanic PooPooed that Idea and ended up removing the "Hardstart" and wiring direct from the Diod! The sytem worked perfectly for a couple of days then the fan shut down again! Leter on I tried it again and after a "Clank" she started again and we turned

If the fan is not turning, but just humming, you need to replace the capacitor. If you were to spin the fan by hand (carefully) when it's doing this, it will speed up and run, until next time. The "hardstart" they refer to is for the compressor and i ... Coleman Mach III Air Conditioner

My fan willnot start on it's own,if i give it a spin with my finger it works fine cool air untill unit shuts off,then it will not start again when camper heats up

It sounds to me like you will need to replace the start capacitor. If your fan motor doesn't have a external capacitor then you will need to replace the motor. Thank you,t ... Coleman Mach 15 Air Conditioner

Air conditioner starts up then shuts off after a few minutes. It appears the fan moter is getting extremely hot. The fan spins freely. What could be the problem?

The fan motor getting extremely hot is an almost sure sign of a bad fan motor. \012Check Capacitor \012if not then you most likely will have to replace the fan motor.\012Let a service man decide if your not sure\012If this was ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

Fan on compressor will not start, can be started by spinning by hand

Hi,\012The capacitor for the fan motor is bad...change that first and then do the motor if that don't help...\012\012Here is a tip about troubleshooting your air conditioner...There are many things that can cause your ... Carrier 38CKC036 Air Conditioner

The motor or blower wheel om my Goodman model GMP 100-4 unit whistles and sticks. How can I fix this? Can the motor or blower wheel be lubricated? Does the motor need to be replaced. If I manualy spin the blower wheel and get it turming some what and then start the unit by pressing the safty switch located behind the lower front panel the blower will start, the wheel fan will turn. If I turn the unit off and try to turn it on again before the wheel stops turning the blower will work. But, if

Yes its the motor problem.the noise is from motor.as the blower wheel is not making noise when car is turned off.and when checked manually the blower wheel is not making noise.that means motor is faulty\015\012thanks.please do rate the solution ... Air Conditioners

My Goodman GMP100-4 blower fan runs slower than the second unit. The blower did not start when I turned the A/C or furnace on. However, if gave it a push (spin) from the side, it started turning, but at a slower speed. hardly any air blows from vent. Will capacitor replacement solve the problem? Is slow speed also due to capacitor?

Replaced capacitor and cleaned filter. Problem solved. ... Goodman Air Conditioners

Fan on outside heat pump wouldn't spin put in new cap and started working when got off work it wasn't spinning again

I have a ruud gas pack, the blower fan wont come on. If we go out there we can spin it and she will run, but when the time shut off, so does the fan.. and it wont restart ... Ruud UBHC Air Conditioner

Lg Neo plasma inverter split model s18ahn isn't heating or cooling properly. When in heating mode air con will go into defrost/preheat mode for 5 minutes and then air con will blow out air for 5 seconds and then go back into defrost/preheat mode. When in cooling mode indoor fan will pump out air but will not get cold. In both heating and cooling modes the outdoor unit will not start up and the outdoor fan will not spin. I have just replaced the main pcb board and that hasnt made a difference. Bo

... Air Conditioners

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