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We have a Vulcan ducted heating unit model HX100, recently we have experienced problems with the unit where is it not heating the house, the unit goes on but blowing cold air. We have had a couple of technicians to repair it and still not working. One fixed the switch pressure & the other the flame sensor connection. We have been advised that we may need a new unit or repair the board. As we have an illness in the family, we would like to know whether we need to purchase a new unit as p

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  • We had the same problem with our carrier heater 4 year or so ago. We had a technician and electrician try to resolve the problem. What the tech suggest was to replace the main component board to the heater and update it as well. haven't had any troubles with it. cost was $450.

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We have a Vulcan ducted heating unit model HX100, recently we have experienced problems with the unit where is it not heating the house, the unit goes on but blowing cold air. We have had a couple of technicians to repair it and still not working. One fixed the switch pressure & the other the flame sensor connection. We have been advised that we may need a new unit or repair the board. As we have an illness in the family, we would like to know whether we need to purchase a new unit as p

\015\012We had the same problem with our carrier heater 4 year or so ago. We had a technician and electrician try to resolve the problem. What the tech suggest was to replace the main component ... Air Conditioners

I am renting an apartment that has 3 Singer Conditioners installed in the exterior walls of the unit. They appear to be at least 30 years old (and may be 40+ years old). The main unit (for heating and cooling all but the 2 bedrooms) broke down. The landlord is out-of-state, so we took care of getting it repaired. It needed a new motor. After the unit was installed with the new motor (and a cleaning), it emitted a foul, unbearable odor. I made the repair company come back and rinse the unit

This sounds as though you have a temperature control problem and you need to change the control.If the company that did the service will not return tell them an Attorney will be notified. ... Air Conditioners

I had a 12 seer heat pump put in on and around 111809 and now find that i have a indoor coil that needs to be replaced. i was told that haier is not longer in business and that i have to pay for a new coil or new unit. i have the limited warranty in front of me that states it is warranted for 5 years. what can i do as i cant affort to pay for these repairs as i am a widow on a limited income Thanks

You can contact Haier at 1-877-337-3639. ... Haier Air Conditioners

We installed a Daikin heat pump in June 1996 Model FVY453CBV1 in Dunedin NZ. It stopped and a repairer said the compressor unit is rusted through & recommeneded a new heat pump. I am looking at whether there are alternative solutions and want to check whether it is economical to replace the compressors, or alternatively whether a new external unit can be purchased. Do heat pumps have a life in years? Is it risky to marry a new external unit to the existing internal unit? I appreciate your help

Don't waste your time and money repairing a 15 year old unit you will just create more \015\012headaches for yourself, And a new outdoor unit would not be compatable with your \015\012old indoor head there have been to many changes over t ... Air Conditioners

I have an intertherm rpbmb030k combo a/c and heat. Had frion put in the unit over the summer and a new digital thermostat. Unit has worked great until we needed heat. Unit works great on aux. heat but keeps switching to to defrost mode when standard heat is on. Switched out the defrost board on the unit to no avail and an a/c guy checked to ensure the new thermostat was wired correctly.

Hi, if the unit had a leak in it, was the leak located and repaired? Did he check the pressures in the unit now? If it switches to the aux mode ( Heat Strips ) is normally caused when your primary unit, compressor and freon are low on charge. I would ... Intertherm P3RA-060K Air Conditioner

I am having a problem with my ac unit, the heat works fine, but when the ac is on no air comes our at all. the repair gut that cam out said that I need a new relay and sequencer,because the sequencer has a short in it, and that it would be $261 for parts and labor, if the ac is not working properly, I am concerned about paying to much and for the wrong thing,... can anybody offer advice?

If he has listed the parts on an invoice, you may try calling another repair company and ask for a price for the same job. They can probably give you a close quote over the phone. I don't know where you are but here in Oklahoma that would not be a b ... Air Conditioners

Carrier CNPVP6024ATA I have a 2 yr old unit and was told that the evaporator coil needs to be chemically cleaned at a cost of $292. The unit was installed in new construction, and the technician said it was very dirty with construction dust, etc. and most likely the crew was operating the unit without a filter. On the A/C unit - 24ABB360A0030010 - I was told the blower wheel needed to be dry cleaned ($140) and the secondary heat exchange needed to be cleaned ($172). My builder has said there w

... Carrier Air Conditioners

I have a Janitrol Heat Pump Thermostat HPT-18-60 and need assistance connecting my new Honeywell RTH7500D thermostat I have a Goodman Heat Pump System Indoor Unit Model#AWB24-05C REV D Outdoor Unit Model#CPLE18-1 Here is the wiring of the old thermostat Y-Yellow Wire G-Green Wire R-Red Wire O-Orange Wire W2-White Wire E-Blue Wire C-Black Wire Where should each of these be connected to the new thermostats terminals?

... Air Conditioners

I have Carrier mod#24ANA760A300 Infinity system. 1.5yrs old. Compressor nor fan outside will start. The controller on unit flashes an error for low pressure switch open (error #32). Gas pressure is normal! My technician says that he will have to order a new compressor because of some checks he has done. What I need to know will the controller show low gas pressure if the unit has never started even though the low pressure switch is closed as it should be with proper levels (checked the switch an

No unless there is a loose connection of the wires or terminals between switch and controller ... Air Conditioners

Twice the heat went out LG 18000 5 year warranty. 1st time unit sparked inside the unit, Tech came out couldn't repair was given a new unit (2 weeks out of service) had to buy 2 floor heaters at a cost 125.00 as temporary measure. 2nd time out was a year later. (used twice for heat) Waited for tech 1 day called to cancel that day for the next day and would be at house between 6 - 8pm. Never showed called at 7:30pm and asked me some questioned. Tech ordered updated heater core. He state

Was the first unit a different model ? what the repairman said is pretty much right but they should be more ontime and communicate if they want a good name. the unit should work fine after replacing if it doesn't dont pay for the part ... LG LWHD1807HR Thru-Wall/Window Air Conditioner

I had a new sears heating unit installed by sears contractors yesterday. Before I purchased the boiler, I was told by sears salesman that I had a maintenance plan that included 24/7 repairs. 6 hours after it was installed, the unit started linking and is still inlinking. Upon calling sears repair, I was told that repair dept. is only opened monday thru friday, 8am to 5 pm. and would have to wait until monday. I was told by a sears answering service that the salesman had lied about 24/7 coverage,

Yes as with all big companies problems with comunications are a pain to say the least. Anyway it sounds like someone left a loose fitting. If you can locate the place where it is leaking there is probably a fitting loose there which you can tighten u ... Air Conditioners

I have a Carrier 58DX080CC Forced air furnace that is leaking water onto the floor, but otherwise works perfectly. A service guy told me I need a new Coil, but it probably wouldn't pay to repair it, and that I should replace it. His quote to replace was about $6K. I found the part, Z7-58DX080CC-91CW at United parts supply for $890. The unit was manufactured in 1988 and is 90% efficient. What should I do? Buy the part and hire somebody to fix it? Buy a new one? The new price he quoted wa

Hi,If you are running a high efficiency forced air furnace then check the\015\012drain hose and make sure it isn't blocked or crimped. These furnaces\015\012tend to take a lot of humidity out of the combustion air (air from\015\012outside ... Air Conditioners

I'm COLD! I found a model # RCBA-3765GG17XI, Serial: M3001 on the lower face of the Ruud unit...But no owner's manual...I suspect I need a new thermostat but what kind is compatible with the unit? It's a heat pump...both a/c and heat (very little of the last)

Any will work provided you have it is a Heat Pump thermostat. I recommend honeywell or totaline. ... Ruud UBHC Air Conditioner

3 new Coleman 47073-879 ac units don't shutoff cleanly. 2 have heat pumps and they change fan speed quickly when starting and stopping. I've never had heat pumps before but find this start and stop sequence annoying. This is a brand new coach so I expect any needed service would be covered by warranty.

... Coleman 13.5 Btu Rv Air Conditioner

I have an old unit approx.11yrs old.When turn on for heat,kicks my breakers off. It runs for about 1/2 hr. before shutting off. Tried running the emergency heat bu t, it continues to kick the breakers off within 1/2 hr. Were can I find parts for this unit, I just need to get through the winter. I will be leaving this home come the spring. I do not want to spend the money on a new system for a home I will not continue to live in.

Well, obviously your furnace is overloading the breaker it is on. Try this, turn off the breaker that the furnace is on and go through your house to make sure everything else still works. Furnaces are large power users and should preferably be on t ... Amana Air Conditioners

Hello, my heat pump is a 4 ton unit, it heats ok but it keeps tripping one of the breakers, the 40 amp cooling breaker. I have put a new thermostate, it keeps running after the breaker is tripped and the outside unit is off. I am thinking the breaker could be bad the other two breaker are 60 amp. do all three need to be 60 amp. Thanks

Hello Jack, \015\012\015\012Let me see if I have this right. Your heat pump keeps triping the breaker that is going to your airhandler. The Heatpump is on its on breaker and can not trip the breaker on your air-handler. However, the 40 am ... Ruud UBHC Air Conditioner

We have just purchased a new heating and air conditioning system in our house the air conditioner is putting so much humidity in the air that it does not cool the house, we purchased a 2 1/2 ton unit for a 1650 sq ft. house. what needs to be done to get the humidity out? the old unit worked better than the new one.

Is there a humidifier on the furnace? ... Air Conditioners

My Randall 4033 timer doesn't seem to work anymore, the heating just stays on all the time. Do I need a new one or can I repair it. If a new one is needed can I use a different sort?

... Air Conditioners

Hi , I hope you can help me , I am an electrician living a remote part of New Zealand . A client of mine is using one of your units to heat their swimming pool and have been experiencing a problem with it .They have been trying without any luck to find someone who knows how to repair their unit in our area , so have asked me as their electrician to have a look at it . Namely they have lost temp control ? it either goes cold or just keeps heating up ? I suspect the thermostat control pot but w

... Air Conditioners

Have a bristol compressor fitted to a prototype air con unit designed for military application, been through a TUV vibration test and failed due to pipework failing, pipework repaired, pressure tested, vacumed out, gas introduced but suction and discharge pressure the same, compressor runs but seems noisier than sister unit and gets warm very quick, replace with new compressor ?

Please check your compressor pumping. How to check?Keep pressure gauge in discharge pipe and also keep open suction pipe, test run. It builds the pressure up to 300 psi or slightly more than that. If it's less than 275psi, it's defective ... Air Conditioners

The refrigerant from my outside althema unit leaked out completely and my underfloor heating is no longer functioning. The unit was accidentally punctured when attempting to remove ice which develops in very frosty weather from the base of the unit. Does this mean the entire unit will need to be replaced, is this a major job and does a replacement unit come with refrigerant already installed? IS this an expensive repair? I am in ireland

Before giving solution, my humble advise not to try to remove ice by harmer or any tools. With help of heat torch you can remove. Now the solution is :No need to replace complete set. Yes little costly expensive. Call repairman, he will arrest ... Air Conditioners

Have a heat pump mod# 13pja18ao1 r-22 unit trying to fix someone eles bad install . when i got there unit was flat they have alot of old issues with this comp won't kick in only fan even with ajump start kit does this unit have low pressure switch keeping it off diagram shows opt for this unit need to know more steps to take to find out problem

... Weather King 12AJA1801AH Air Conditioner

I have a Duo-Therm by Dometic AC/electric heat unit on my 5th wheel trailer. I need a new thermostat for the rear unit and I was told that they are no longer in stock as the coach is a 1994. the Part No. for the thermostat kit is 3105712. The Ac model number is: 620215.321. There must be a thermostat that is interchangeable. I have the coach for sale and this is holding it up. Please answer asap. I have tried all over online and am getting nowhere since it is an older unit. Thank you.

... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

I have a carrier hotel heat and air wall unit, model #52sec312301 aa, date of mfg 2/28/97. installed and unit ran for 5hrs, when the fan motor quit (it only hums). I need information on how to repair if possible, or where to find a replacement motor.

Chances are the capacitor is bad. Lets hope anyway right behind the control section is the capacitor it will be a dual one it runs the compressor and fan. First turn the breaker off for unit. access the capacitor make note of the wiring this is wh ... Air Conditioners

LWHD1807HR. Started heat and smelled like plastic was melting? Now when powered up, panel lites, cycle info lite briefly and cycle. Unit does not start. Affecting both heat/cool operation. Unit is 2 yrs old so guess I need to deal with LG for warr repair???

Put it on cooling then see if the copper coil is cold. it might be your fan capacity or pcb board. yes lg for free parts :P ... LG LWHD1807HR Thru-Wall/Window Air Conditioner

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