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I am replacing a four year old Bryant thermostat (7 wire) that runs a Bryant heat pump and gas furnace. I connected the Honeywell EIM to the old wires using the same colort codes: W = W (o/b); Orange = W2; Y = Y1; R = R; G = G; Blue = C. When I powered up the system the thermostat accepted programming and setup commands but cannot find the equipment (Error code 089). Help, and Thanks. Ron

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I am replacing a four year old Bryant thermostat (7 wire) that runs a Bryant heat pump and gas furnace. I connected the Honeywell EIM to the old wires using the same colort codes: W = W (o/b); Orange = W2; Y = Y1; R = R; G = G; Blue = C. When I powered up the system the thermostat accepted programming and setup commands but cannot find the equipment (Error code 089). Help, and Thanks. Ron

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I have a problem with my heating system. It is about 10 years old and has had the ignitor, combustion blower motor, and programable thermostat replace in it's lifetime. The system worked great last year. This year has not been so good. The system was checked and cleaned last month. What is happening is the blower kicks in and the burner cut off after a few (15-20) seconds. I tried shuting down system and turning off power to reset. When you turn heater on this is what happens 1. Combustion fan c

Sounds like its not proofing flame. it has a sensor usually like a needle sticks out into the flame that tells the gas valve the flame lit and is burning so its ok to keep sending gas, if its fails to proof flame then burner shuts down, then it tries ... Air Conditioners

I just had a Goodman 4 ton 16 seer system instaled in my home. The thermostat that was instaled is new, but is the old dial type (not programable). At first the tech tried for quite a while to get my original thermostat for a ten seer system to work. I was told that a 16 seer system required a special thermostat. I guess my question is would it be possible to rig the new system to work with a regular old thermostat???

Here is a link to the manual for your unit. http://www.ecoairandwater.com/store/files/pdfs/g-SSX_manual.pdf\015\012\015\012Here ... Goodman Air Conditioners

Installing a Honeywell Programmable Thermostat with my Bryant Puron HVAC System

The wiring should be the same as the old one hook up same as the old wires there is nothing diffrent ... Air Conditioners

I tried to replace my digital manual Honeywell thermostat that is only 6 months old (new construction) with a programable thermostat. I followed the instructions marking the wires and connecting them up the same way. There was one wire "C" wire that the old thermostat connection said was optional with batteries that there was no place to connect on the new thermostat. I taped it off and left it off. The new thermostat with batteries powered up but the AC would not respond, nor the fan, nor t

Your "R" terminal is basically your "hot" and your "C" terminal is basically your "neutral" to simplify explanation. The Furnace supplies the "R" power to the thermostat and then depending on what wire the thermostat sends the power back on determine ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

I have a Trane XE 1000 and attempted to replace the thermostat. When I saw that the wiring configuration was set up for a different configuration I put the new thermostat back in the box without trying to wire it. I put the old thermostat back on, wired it just like it was (I took a pic of the config before I removed it) and now I can not get the system to power back on. Is it possible I blew a fuse or tripped a breaker in the process of reinstalling the old thermostat? There was one point where

You could test this by totally by passing the stat and connecting through a wire linc.\015\012However you seem a little to inexperienced to be doing this and in my opinion you should for safety sake wait until monday,for a tech. ... Air Conditioners

I have a Bryant split system AC that is 18 years old. We have been away all summer (2 1/2 months), during which time the thermostat was set to 80°F. We live in SE Virginia and summer temps are 80's or 90's. We arrived home less than a week ago and turned the thermostat down to 72°F (at all times - we have small children and I am pregnant, so we need the house to be cool 24/7). The system was working fine until this afternoon, when I noticed the house was warming up. The temp had reached 76°

I am a service manager of a richmond va hvac firm and we tell are employess that if a unit is over 15 yrs old and needs over 500 dollors worth of repair to recomennd replacement the reason the leak repair is so much is because the unit has to have al ... Bryant 463AAC008BA Air Conditioner

I installed a new honeywell rthl111 series in Oct. 2012. I wired the blue wire to the RC because that was how the old thermostat was wired. The heat worked all winter but when I tried to change over to cool nothing would work. I checked the schematics online and realized I should have installed the blue wire to the B. I checked the fuse in the power panel and saw I had blown it. I changed it and rewired the thermostat the correct way. I tried again and still neither the cool or heat will work. A

... Goodman Air Conditioners

I have a Janitrol Heat Pump Thermostat HPT-18-60 and need assistance connecting my new Honeywell RTH7500D thermostat I have a Goodman Heat Pump System Indoor Unit Model#AWB24-05C REV D Outdoor Unit Model#CPLE18-1 Here is the wiring of the old thermostat Y-Yellow Wire G-Green Wire R-Red Wire O-Orange Wire W2-White Wire E-Blue Wire C-Black Wire Where should each of these be connected to the new thermostats terminals?

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Thermostat wiring I have a Frigidaire Model R4GA FWA and Central A/C system. I am trying to replace the thermostat with a programable Hunter model. I do not have the original wiring diagram and the old thermostat is no help. The wiring colors I have is Green, Red, Brown, Yellow, White and Orange-(not used). The terminals on the new thermostat are RH, RC, Y/O, W/B, G, and Y1.

Your best bet and where i would start is to identify where the coulors are conected at the fernace. in the industry we use standard wireing coulors wher green is g for fan and red is rh=switched trans power for heating . rc=switched transformer pow ... Air Conditioners

Have a Bryant 340MAV condensing gas furnace. Installed a new thermostat for the A/C unit middle of summer (old one slowly died). Woke up this morning to no heat - thermostat didn't automatically kick in. Programmed it manually to kick in; fans work just fine and the unit is cycling, with thermostat reading heat. But furnace won't won't heat.

Just curious, have you changed your filter out recently? This blog talks about a problem similar to yours and the tech changed out the filter and tapped a screwdriver between the terminals of the limit switch:\015\012 ... Air Conditioners

I have forced air heat and am replacing my thermostat with a Honeywell 4210D. All wires are correct but there is no power unless I put in the batteries, but that says it is optional. I have not blown a curcuit. all right now are on. With the batteries in, I am trying to do a systems check where my program is both 6 and 9. From that poibnt, I can not proceed. I should have power without batteries, but I do not. Can you help

Hi,The reason you do not have power is because you do not have a wire from the "C" terminal in the furnace to the "C" terminal in your t-stat....if you have an extra wire you can hook it to the "C" terminals and it will work...if not then you w ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

I can not control my furnace. The handyman pulled all the control wires off trying to fix it. is there a standard way of wiring the control of a furnace. I need to hook up the Bryant Magnetic Diaphragm Valve to the thermostat, power source, hi temp safety switch and pilot. The system runs on natural gas. Valve is model ib634. Thank you for your assistance. Sincerely, Jack Cohen, Mananger Apex Property Manangement, LLC tel: 610-656-2401 e: [email protected]

... Bryant Air Conditioners

I am replacing a white-rodgers thermostat with a blue wire connected to a terminal label '4'. The only other reference to a '4' terminal is in the honerwell installation manual which says that if there is both an r and 4 terminals on the old thermostat it was incompatible. I returned it for a ritetemp guaranteed to be compatible though I'm still not sure what to do with the blue wire. on the old thermostat the red wire goes to rc, the yellow to y, white to w, and green to g. Does blue just go t

Blue just goes to B ... Air Conditioners

Thermostat with 4 wires, red, green, white and blue; no yellow wire to connect to new thermostat

... Air Conditioners

RTH221 honeywell thermostat install, hooked up blue wire from old thermo that hooked to C to o/b connection on new thermostat no work did I screw something up as old thermo will not work as well now. was not supposed to hook blue wire up I found out later on Internet. any easn fix, blown fuse??? etc. Thanks

Hi,\012maybe a blown fuse if it has one... if not then you blew the transformer...\012Check on the circuit board in the furnace or air handler for a fuse...\012if there isn't one... then you will need to replace the 24v transformer. ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

I have a Carrier Standard Programmable Thermostat dual zone system heating / ac. I just moved in a month ago, and have inherited this system. At least once a day I find the 'time' display flashing on at least 1 of the 2 thermostats, as if power was lost. I can't find anywhere in the manual as to why this happens. Is it really because of lost power? If so, why is this happening?

Check and see if the thermostat has batteries, if so change them, if not please give me model number and I will do some research ... Air Conditioners

Want to replace a T874R1434 thermostat with aux heat with a visionpro th8000. Have a blue wire connected to the B terminal on old thermostat and what looks like a brown wire connected to the X terminal on old thermostat. Where would these be connected on the visionpro th8000 thermostat.

Its kinda difficult to know exactly what the wires could go to considering its all in the way the technician decided to hook them up and everybody has different ideas. I can tell you the most common use of the colors and see if that helps. Depending ... Ruud UBHC Air Conditioner

Novice here and changing a thermostat. Have a Carrier FA4ANF048 system. Changing from an old circular thermostat to a Honeywell RTH7500. First, is this a heat pump system? Wiring is attached differently if it is and (we're renting) not sure if this Carrier system is a heat pump system. Most web material makes me think it is.

Return t-stat for another with o/b terminals ... Air Conditioners

Have a Vulcan MZ85 Gas Heater with a Vulcan Programable Thermostat T8602C originally hooked up in heat and cool system with one transformer the cooling system has since been removed and now operates the heating unit. The issue now is that you turn the thermostat on to heat it will heat up to the pre selected temperature once it reaches that temp it turn itself off it does not maintain the set temperature so you have to turn the unit off and restart to activate it have tried 2 other thermostats w

Hi, you need to wire the thermostat like this. You now have no cooling, so remove the jumper wire from RC and leave it on RH. Remove the yellow wire also. Make sure it is wired the same way at the furnace terminals also. Sounds as though you have 24 ... Air Conditioners

I am trouble shooting a Bryant Hi-bred system that uses an air cooled heat pump with high efficiency gas furnace for backup and low ambient operation. How does the system decide whether to use the air cooled heat pump or the gas fired high efficiency furnace. It appears to be outdoor air temperature related, but I can't find the setpoint for it. The main zone Bryant thermostat appears to control the system, but it doesn't always bring the backup heat if the heat pump doesn't function.

If you are using honeywell vision pro 8000 t-stat you need an outdoor sensor program on t-stat would have to look up ... Bryant Air Conditioners

Condenser outside Aight,,, so i finally got power to it outstide,, now, to get it to work i had to bypass some wires,,,, from thermostat to furnace and then to outside we wind up with red and white wires.... both hace power,,, now,,, the white connects to and follows a blue wire.... blue wire goes down and inside this white tube lookin thing... this thing is attatched to copper pipe,,, another or possibly same wire comes out,,, thats where the power stops and fail to turn the motor on,,, what is

You could br=e low on r-22. sounds like the thing is a pressure switch ... Ruud UBHC Air Conditioner

We have an InterTherm heating system. The bedroom thermostat will not shut down when it reaches tempreature. This system is about 30 years old. Do you believe the problem is the thermostat or at the baseboard system?

You have a bad thermostat,there must be a 3-5 degree difference between set point temp and actual room temp,is this a boiler or forced air furnace ... Intertherm Air Conditioners

Gas heater I have a roof model airconditioner/gas heater. The trouble is, when it gets cold enough at night, the gas heater kicks off but no heat. I have to turn it off at the thermostat and back on, then it starts to warm up. Had the same problem with the old setup. The heater/airconditioner is new and have a new thermostat but the same old problem.


Ruud UPNE- 036JBZ 2 years old (outside unit) Ruud Acheiver air handler 1 year old inside unit... outside unit will not come on. voltage (120) ready at contacts. push manually and it comes on. yellow wire and brown wire go to board. no power on these when inside unit is running. power bill has doubled......must be running off heater coils? What would be the next thing to check. I did look at thermostat seems to be working normal. Can't get knowledgeable help.

... Air Conditioners

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