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We installed a Fujitsu AOU9RQ system at a car dealership for their computer room. We need to replace a part, specifically the "nut special rac - M-8 with washer". We ordered and received it, however, the nut is entirely too big. We need a nut that is 1/4" or 5/16" but we are unable to get help from our supplier. Can you please help.

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Well the "M-8" means that the hardware is of the "metric" variety. 8 is the size and the m stands for metric...most home depot's / menards/ lowes carry a full line of metric hardware...just ask for M8 hardware

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We installed a Fujitsu AOU9RQ system at a car dealership for their computer room. We need to replace a part, specifically the "nut special rac - M-8 with washer". We ordered and received it, however, the nut is entirely too big. We need a nut that is 1/4" or 5/16" but we are unable to get help from our supplier. Can you please help.

Well the "M-8" means that the hardware is of the "metric" variety. 8 is the size and the m stands for metric...most home depot's / menards/ lowes carry a full line of metric hardware...just ask for M8 hardware ... Fujitsu Air Conditioners

Can you help i need to know how to change the receiver

Call Kelvinator Customer Support on 1300 363 640 and they will email manual to you ... Air Conditioners

I have purchased a freestanding pellet (biomass) stove and am looking for an installer. However, I also need to convince the Dayton building inspector that it needs to be installed in accordance with ASTM E1509 and UL 1482 and follow NFPA 211 for chimneys, fireplaces, vents and solid burning appliances. He is insisting it is a factory built fireplace and must meet UL 127, and also insists that the exhaust be 10 feet from my property line, as it will belch smoke. I know different. Can anyone help

Call 1-800-total chimney or 203-874-6772 ... Dayton Air Conditioners

We have a gas lot insert in our fireplace, started with a remote control. we just lit the pilot lit, replaced the batteries in both the receiver and the remote control, however, the lot set will NOT light. the receiver beeps when the on button is depressed, but the logs do NOT light. is there any way for us to manually light the gas log set? we have a Golden Blount Texas Bonfire, RADCO made log set. Please Help us?

... Air Conditioners

I need to find a wiring schematic for a honeywell CT31 Thermostat. I'm trying to run a solar colector through a goldline GL30 controler. my unit needs to open for the run of the fan and close on temperature rise to shut down, however I've tried several different wiring schemes to no avail. thanks for your help

... Honeywell Air Conditioners

I have a Samsung AQ18A9(0)RCF. The remote went out. I replaced bateries and it comes on and off intermittently by pushing various buttons, but still is not functional. Do I need to replace the remote? Where would I get one? Thank you for helping.

Yah! It's transmission error, Better go with new remote. And you can get from any electronic shop or even with samsung dealer. ... Samsung AS18A6RB Air Conditioner

The water empty indicator keeps flashing indicating we need to empty it BUT it is empty !!!!Now the aircon won't work We emptied a lot of water however now it keeps beeping a warning,the compressor shuts down and no cool air is produced although the fan is working. It is 38 C in our house and we are desperate !!! Help

I am NOT aquainted with the Maytag Portable AC..... But There has to been a sensor that tells the unit that the water bin is full...... If there is any moisture on the sensor and touching a ground probe then even though the bin is empty the sensor i ... Maytag Portable Air Conditioner M6P09S2A

Dear sirs: i have an aux air conditioner, big one (Vertical). now, i can not operate it, and when i perss a start bottom I receive a ((F1)) message. need your help Thanks yours Abualnaser

Code F1Error detail Reverse phase detection. ... Air Conditioners

Haier Portable CPRB08XCJ 8000 BTU A/c just installed today. Not even a really hot day. Ran it for 5 hours and temp went form 82 to 77, which was fine. However, there is a puddle of water under the machine and the rug is soaked. It is supposed to have self evaporating and not need to be emptied. this is brand new, so I don't think dirty filters, coils etc are a problem. What do I do now? Plese help!

You're right - this unit has 'self-evaporation' of it's 'condensation water.'\015\012\015\012Problem is - the water is 'not draining correctly into the pan.' If you turn off all power to the machine and look into it - you will find a pla ... Haier Air Conditioners

Weather King 10PJB18A01 heat pump. Compressor is working, however reversing valve is stuck in cooling mode. Need HEAT! Can this be fixed without replacing entire compressor?

Reversing valves get stuck try taping on the valve, it's problably stuck. i don't care for heat pumps, i like strait cool . very little can go wrong and easy to diagnose. why they ever started making heatpumps,i don't know. i know dozens of people wi ... Weather King 10PJA4301AH Air Conditioner

My WS 3560 Bionaire humidifier switch control isn't connected properly. When plugged in, light is on; however, it doesn't click off. The humidifier is pristine otherwise. I attempted to remove the front part but cannot figure out what type of tool is needed to remove the screw. Please help me.

... Air Conditioners

Installation Manual I can find the Operator's manual online, however I need the pdf of the installation manual. Can anyone please lead me in the right direction? Danby DAC 12078EE Air conditioner. Thanks for your help

... Danby DAC12070EE Air Conditioner

Can you help? I need a manual to operate the remote for the airconditioner as I did not receive one when I bought the item

If you google the type of air conditioner it is, on the website their should be a place to download a manual for free. ... Air Conditioners

I am a disabled woman who lives in a double wide in morgan county, my roof needs fixing i have 3 hugh cracks in my kitchen, and every time it rains it rains through. i dont have much money but maybe i could make payments. i really need some help i also have no heat and cooling system no more, it tore up. but that can wait i guess, but i really need assistance for my roof. please help me. thank you very much.

Just in case khadijah624 does check back, there are agencies in most areas that will provide help to the needy. In my own area there is ERBA (Embarass`River Basin Agency) that will provide assistance or direct you to the appropriate service. ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

Have a Payne A3PZ airconditioner and a Roberts Aire thermostate need help with wireing it up. The was I understand is that you need a Payne therostate to use with Payne AC unit. But surely there is a conversion table to help with the color coded wirering. Or better yet and install manual for this AC unti

No, Payne is a cheap Carrier unit. Keep track of your wires and what terminals they are attached to. Usually, units are either a 4 wire or 5 wire setup. In either of these the R terminal is your 24v power, G term is your fan, W is your heat, and Y ... Air Conditioners

Need to purchase the wire and breaker switch for a Hitachi A/C Unit 30 ton unit. RUA-30HS. I need the tecnical specifications for this installation do you have them. Or can you help me with three questions: Starting Voltage and load? Average Running voltage? Recommended size of Breaker Switches? The Amperage is 3 phase so what size of cable is required? Thank you so much for your help.

Get an electrician you trust in your area. He will need probably need to physicially look at the unit. Then he can answer all your questions on this matter ... Air Conditioners

Please help i need the wiring specs for a General Electric air conditioner model # AJCSOBACBM1 Serial# DH285462 Manfactdate: 02/05 Please send to [email protected] i desperatly need your help

... GE AJCQ08ACB Air Conditioner

I need some help knowing the pump I need

Since adobe air is out of business, you will have to make one of the dial 230 volt pumps fit in its place. I cut a little notch into the media support tray to fit mine.\015\012As far as the pump size goes, the orange 230 volt is somewhere aroun ... Mastercool 67680 Evaporative Cooler Air Conditioner

I have a Mastercool II airconditioner, which is approximately 5 - 7 yrs old. Water has been overflowig from the unit. I believe the float probably needs to be replaced. I have no experience working with air conditioners and would like to fix the problem. If I purchase another float, what type of float do I need to purchase?; Is there anything else I need to check to see why the water is overflowing? Thank you for your help.

What you have is an evaporative cooler, it should be serviced every year, but most people can't afford that so they let it go or do it themselves. I don't know if you have ever worked on a toilet before , but your cooler has a float very similar to o ... Mastercool 67680 Evaporative Cooler Air Conditioner

I have an AMCOR AMB 12000E portable air conditioner. I acan't seem to find any info on this model and have lost the instructions that came with it. Basically i need a Drainage pipe that fits onto the back of the machine (right at the very bottom). A label on the back says i would need a pipe (ref OD 18.0mm) to extend the drainage by fitting on to the original pipe BUT i need the original (with fittings). PLEASE HELP, any ideas where i might get this pipe Thanks Phil

... Air Conditioners

I have an A.O. Smith f48l47a50 blower motor, and I need help with wiring. First it's a 460v,1phase,1/2hp,975rpm,3spd motor. My question with the wiring is do I need to supply a wire for line power? I know the brown and purple go to the capacitor. The green is ground. I guessing the blue and orange are to designate low/med speed, but that's all the wires that are attatched. I think I need to supply a wire from the blower motor relay to the motor's hi spd terminal. Could you confirm this?

Are you SURE its 460volt single phase??? that voltage is normally a 3phase motor voltage,and color of wires is right for 480/277, but that would be 3 phase.....not saying your wrong,just make sure ... Air Conditioners

Remote needed need remote for hitachi ras09uh I have been searching but cannot find one. help!

Hi! Below is a link for your Hitachi remote. It's the only one I could find, and it's a bit pricey at $50.00. Hope this helps! Hal\015\012\015\012 ... Hitachi RAS-09UH Air Conditioner

RV Parts, needed a new coleman mach 13500 that was a good price. Went to www.arvparts.com like you suggested and you are Right, this business did have good prices and I had them locate a water heater part for me also. I have an old RV - 1989 that I bought and no other rv place would help me with finding the part for my water heater, Except This Business, they did help me and you were right in saying if they do not have the part they will find it and they did!! I will continue to use affordable r

You are welcome If you are in need of any other assistance let me know. A Referral to www.arvparts.com is the least I could do. ... Coleman Mach III Air Conditioner

A/C need hlep with a carrier model # 40aq030-300bb. just bought a house with this unit inside but outside different unit, think its a Goodman. When turned to heat everything ok, but when turned to cool it still puts out heat. Think reversing valve is bad or switch controlling it may be bad. Not to familiar with the system and wiring diagram is gone. Somebody made a mess of the wires anyway, need some help if you have any. Thanx and... GOD Bless

Orange or O terminal on Tstat energizes valve in colling cycle. Go to outside unit jumper red to orange and see if Reversing valve energizes. If it does . Problem inside possible Tstat. You shoulf here the valve click. Have someone inside switch fro ... Air Conditioners

We have a carrier rv air conditioner with a remote. The remote looks like it is working - shows signal, but the unit does not seem to receive it. Don't know if we need to replace the remote of if the problem is with the infrared receiving part of the unit? Would like to know before we spend the money on just a new remote. Thanks.

Check and be sure u have a full 12 volt supply going to the unit check your fuses ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

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