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Weather King 10AJA3001AH Air Conditioner Heater if the heater has been off all day i come and turn it on it works fine but when it comes on again it only blows cold air the burners will fire for about 2-10 seconds right before the blower comes the fire goes out it repeats this for about 5-6 times then it just goes off, how can i fix this problem

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I think from the erratic way that your furnace is functioning that you will need to replace the control board to solve this problem. Ihave had this happen several times and I would recommend that you check all connection on control board,gas valve ,induced draft motor,flame sensor connection and the sensor itself. You can carefully clean the sensor with some fine sandpaper.Also to be on the safe side I would check to make sure that wires and connections to the thermostat are good.
\015\012 Have you tried shutting electrical power off to your furnace after the first time it fails to cycle properly. Try that and turn power off and thermostat down for about five mins, then try again.
\015\012 I think you will end up back at the control board but you can try other thimgs first andthey don't cost anything. Thank you.

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Weather King 10AJA3001AH Air Conditioner Heater if the heater has been off all day i come and turn it on it works fine but when it comes on again it only blows cold air the burners will fire for about 2-10 seconds right before the blower comes the fire goes out it repeats this for about 5-6 times then it just goes off, how can i fix this problem

I think from the erratic way that your furnace is functioning that you will need to replace the control board to solve this problem. Ihave had this happen several times and I would recommend that you check all connection on control board,gas valve ,i ... Weather King 10AJA3001AH Air Conditioner

Heater fires for a few seconds, blower comes on, diure goes out

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Heater only blows cold air. I have a Weather King Heater and it only blows cold air the burners will fire for about 2-10 seconds and then it goes . ...

Toget proper heat, keep your temp setting at 30+ degree and also mode in "heat"position. If still no heat, check your heating sensor for closed circuit by anOHMs metre.It it's with RV, check power to RV.If it's with heatingelement check pow ... Weather King 10AJA3001AH Air Conditioner

Have just had a service man in to see to my Rinnai 551FT. he said flow is strong. solinoids are working. Problem: Heater has to be manually switched on and will not automatically fire. When you switch on manually,the heater goes through all the start up proceedure, works for 45 seconds blowing hot air beautifully, then switches off & will not re-start. Serviceman said ring Rinnai. Rinnai said they nolonger have spare parts for this heater. I am loking for a service person with access to spare p

If you mention your area name or code, some experts will definitely help you. We have no idea how to help you. This isn't a solution, only a clarification so that we can help you better.\015\012 ... Air Conditioners

Heater smell When our air conditioner comes on, it smells like the heat is on. This happens for a few seconds then goes away. However, it happens each time the a/c turns on.

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SW6DEA GAS HEATER UNIT FLAME WILL NOT STAY ALIGHT ! Switching gas water heater unit on inside the RV, the red light comes on and approx 6 to 8 seconds later ( normal time cycle ) the gas flame lights up OK but goes out again after approx. 6 to 8 seconds with the red light going out at the same time. Leaving the unit switched on inside the RV, after a further 6 to 8 seconds, the red light comes back on automatically and repeats the start up cycle over - again without success. *4 times unsucces

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My central heater is not blowing hot air, I am having to turn the thermostat on and off. I have the thermostat to 70, and the heater will blow hot air and then it will just circulate the air in the house, therefore bringing the temperature down. I looked at the unit and noticed that when the thermocople (heating element) goes red, the gas valve makes clicking and the flames come and then go out very fast. I noticed lots of clicking in coming from the gas valve. help please

Hi!!! relax your flame sensor is bad change and you will be fine..If it turns off and on change your flame sensor ... Air Conditioners

The Coleman Mach thermostat in my 5th wheel blows its 2 A fuse a couple of times today and am trying to figure out what is causing this. Please help. I am unable to get the furnace to run even with a good fuse in the thermoatat. When I bypass the thermostat to run the Atwood furnace (red tied to white wire). THe furnace blower comes on and the burner sounds it lights for 5 seconds and then goes out. 15-20 seconds later it reignites and goes out and continues to cycle -- the blower motor

Hi\015\012\015\012Its blowing fuses because of short circuit inside the coleman mach or due to two wires being shorted with each other. You'll need to open up your thermostat system to look for the short circuit and also shorted wires.Ple ... Air Conditioners

Heat-n-Glo model 6000TROAK installed 2005, fire refuses to stay lit. Pilot stays on through-out. Replaced wall low voltage switch multiple times. Used alligator clips to bypass switch. In all cases, fire starts, then shortly (as quickly as seconds, sometimes 20 minutes) fire goes out. With fire not burning and switch/clips still on, turned blower from off to on to off, literally under a second to complete, fire again starts and burns for a while before going out again.

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We installed a Honeywell RTH230B thermostat on a Trane XE60 Air Handeler this winter. When we put the system on heat it works fine. However, when we put the system on auto for cool the compressor fan comes on but not the air handeler fan. On the air handeler the terminal strip from left to right is R W Y G B/C. The red wire on the R terminal comes from the contactor on the compressor unit. The other wire from the compressor unit is connected to a gray wire that goes to the thermostat. The W

I ran into this before and had to call Honeywell for help in the wiring...it seems the wiring was not done to standard, and they were able to help me get it straight in about 10 minutes and at no charge. ... Air Conditioners

I have an interherm electric heater,240w, 53000btu. in my moble home. when the heater comes on the blower comes on low but after a short time, stops but the heater remain on, overheating the space it sits in, the wall. I'm afraid i will burn up in my sleep.its gotten so hot that it filled the room up with smoke and i had to call the fire department. I'v had a repair man but he just wanted to sell me a new furnace

Sounds like a bad motor or a bad motor capacitor.Without knowing the age of this system a new furnace may be the best option. ... Intertherm Air Conditioners

When I set tstat to call for a/c, compressor outside comes on. Blower on furnace does not. When I manually rotate fan limit switch on furnace wall, blower comes on, blows cold air, and then goes off when I release the fan limit switch. I have a Honeywell 83251008a low and high voltage transformer, and Honeywell (I think) limit on off switch. I also noticed the 2 wires coming from the Honeywell Gas regulator are off. They were connected at the onset of the problem. I am not sure where to re

Sorry, you mean gas valve control? when you have only 2 wires, usually it doesnt matter which terminal as there,s no polarity differentiation at that locationYou should never rotate this dial by hand, you will bend the helix inside and fan will not o ... Air Conditioners

Duo therm rooftop air conditioner comes on for a few seconds then goes off in a little while it comes on and goes off again. please help. this is the first time the unit has been on this year

Unit likely low on freon cutting out on low pressure switch. ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

I am looking to buy a house in forclosure. It has a Tappan gas furnace about 9 years old and there is no manual. Can you advise as to whether the following problem is serious and estimate what the cost of repair will be? Exhaust blower is always on; red light on circuit panel is constant. Then gas flame is ignited and burns for a couple of seconds; yellow light on circuit panel comes on. When blower motor begins, gas flame goes out, yellow light goes out, and red light repeats sequence of 2

HelloSounds like the flame sensor is bad.Or possible photo eye.Worst case would be a new circut board.Anywhere from $100.00 to $300.00 depending.Legally a home you purchase has to have a heater that works and a hot water ... Air Conditioners

I have a split system and the initial blower will start and igniter comes on, burner starts and stays on for about 30 seconds and then the burner goes out, blower remains on for about 45 seconds and restarts the cycle. could this be the thermocouple?

Your heating sensor misplaced. Place it in correct position. ... Air Conditioners

I have a Goodman GPD075-3 REV B gas heater that tries to come on but shuts down within 4-5 seconds. After the gas burners come on they shut off. The exghust blower is running and also the house blower is on. What is causing the unit to shut off? Is it the flame sensor or something else?

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Switch heating on, hear a click that we normally hear then boiler fires up. Then goes off after about 30 seconds. Then won't come back on, though we still hear the click. Wait a while before trying again and it fires up and goes off. Won't stay on. It is an Ideal boiler, not a combi. We are replacing soon but could do with it to keep going for a few weeks more. Any ideas please?

Could be a number of things, it could be cycling on the high limit switch, (lack of water flow, or pump) this would be my guess if you are not resetting power and the unit is trying to restart. It also could be the flame sensor not proving ignition. ... Ruud UBHC Air Conditioner

I have a ruud furnace/airconditioner Model:UGPN-07EAMER, Serial: FU5D302F390401344. When the thermostat calls for heat, a little motor (within the furnace itself) or something kicks on, the burners ignite a few seconds later, then the blower starts. It's at this time the flame goes out and the blower is just sending cold air throughout the house. There are two green lights (power and ok) lit normally and the orange(ish) blinking "flame" light on the main board. When the flame goes out, the

Hi, this motor is the inducer motor, which is the first thing to start on a call for heat. Everything seems to be going through its sequence of operation just fine, but then shutting down on a safety. Look on the panel for a chart that should tell yo ... Air Conditioners

My Amana Gas Fired Air Furnace (80) failed to come on with warm air. Blower works but cold air only? Is there an obvious problem here?

If you can look into the viewing port and see if there is a light blinking write down how many times it blinks. Next remove the access panel from the furnace. On the wiring diagram, you will find a diagnostic code chart. Match up the bli ... Amana Air Conditioners

Sta-rite sr200na pool and spa heater. Ignition lock-out code on Fenwal. Replaced ignitor; same result. Replaced Fenwal & upper circuit board; same result. Heater starts to run it's cycle. Valve clicks "open" after about 7-10 seconds of blower clearing heater. Can smell slight gas smell then goes into lock-out.

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This is a condition called Dirty Socks Syndrome air cleaners and dehumidify usually fix the problem also adding a uv light to the duct can remedy the problem the light is probally the cheapest solution ... LG LS-K1830CL Cool Mini Split Air Conditioner

Hello, The problem is the ignitor comes on for a few seconds then goes out. The fan keeps running but no heat is coming out. Any suggestions? The model we have is Amana air command 90. Thanks.

If your furnace lights and the gas stays on for 8 to 10 seconds, then shuts \012right back off, then you need to clean your flame sensor with light sand paper \012or steel wool. You might need a new flame sensor, but most of the time they can \012 ... Air Conditioners

I have an air conditioner Appliance AAC 1100 A-PTC that wos working for two days and now its not cooling or heating:-( Both outer and inner parts of the machine seems to be running but it wont heat or cool the room. When i try to turn it on there is a red symbol that lights up on the display (defrosting) this light goes off every 5 minutes or so,then the machine starts to blow air (not heated or cooled) for aprox 20 seconds then the red light comes on again and this procedure starts over again.

... Air Conditioners

Need help for Toyostove vented heater- Laser 56MH heater comes on when thermostat sensor calls for heat. It brings room up to correct set temperature and begins normal shut down. But here is the problem...the circulation fan stops and I think the blower moter stops? But fire remains in the burner chamber and a moter is quitely running...I think it is the exhaust? The only way it will completely shut down is when I turn back the temperature selection 10 degrees. It immediatly shuts down. Then

Hi, there is a problem going on here, and its not the unit it self, but in the control circuit. From what you have said as to how and what is taking place is, the control thermostat works on a call for heat and cycles down when the desired temperatur ... Air Conditioners

I have a fault code of e9 on my worcester bosch cdi30 combi heater.I have been told to bleed the rads of air which i have done.turning the heater back on it fires up and i only get hot water for a few seconds then there is a knocking sound from the top of the heater then in turns off can you tell me what is wrong please

... Air Conditioners

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