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One of our Fedders AEY12F7F through-wall AC/heater units has stopped heating (AC still works fine). Unit is about 4 years old. I know it has a separate heating coil (it's not a heat pump). Is there a fuse I should check first? (where?). If there isn't, or if that isn't the problem, do I assume the heater component needs replacement? If so, is this something that a skilled handyman could do? Is a manual available? If we need professional help, is someone recommended for the Portland,

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Hi - there is a fuse inside the unit and if replacing it does not solve the problem, it could be a problem with the heating element itself. The heater looks like this:

If this part has failed, you may have trouble locating a replacement - as an online appliance parts store has indicated that the part is no longer available from the manufacturer. You may find the part on another parts supplier's (whether online or at a local store) shelf however. You'll have to do some checking or calling to see if someone has though. Of course, if it is just a bad connection or blown fuse, replacement of this part won't be needed.

A handyman should be able to tackle this - as it is an issue with the electric heater circuit - not a cooling circuit or refrigerant problem. Explain the problem to him and ask if he feels confident troubleshooting this problem for you, first. The heater itself will be located behind the grille and cold refrigerant coil. Tracing the 2 wires back far enough should reveal the fuse location. The fuse may be an in-line type - or one that is mounted to a panel. Either way, your handyman should be able to find it.

Good luck!

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One of our Fedders AEY12F7F through-wall AC/heater units has stopped heating (AC still works fine). Unit is about 4 years old. I know it has a separate heating coil (it's not a heat pump). Is there a fuse I should check first? (where?). If there isn't, or if that isn't the problem, do I assume the heater component needs replacement? If so, is this something that a skilled handyman could do? Is a manual available? If we need professional help, is someone recommended for the Portland,

Hi - there is a fuse inside the unit and if replacing it does not solve the problem, it could be a problem with the heating element itself. The heater looks like this: ... Fedders AEY12F7F Wall/Window Air Conditioner

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If you changed the unit but didn't change the thermostat it is possible that the thermostat that you have will not work with that unit. I see that the unit you installed is a heat pump, you may have a straight cool T-Stat. If you put the T-Stat in th ... Goodman PHKJ048-1 Air Conditioner

A miswire need schematic or some direction for adding central air to a heat only intertherm electric air handler. See the problem is when a cool call is called there isnt a problem b ut when a call for heat the blower smokes. Its clearly a miswire but scmatic set up for heat only.

The blower is smoking because you have it hooked up to the same wires you've hooked the electric coil to.  That coil runs on 240 volts.  Those wires are typically red and black.  The motor runs on 120.  One of the wires should be ... Intertherm P3RA-048K Air Conditioner

I have a radiant floor heating system with a wirsbo control system, i keep having to reset the system to get the zones to heat up again. The broiler is working fine. The first time I reset the radiant heat stayed on for 3 days and this morning it was off and had to reset it again for the zones to kick on again. I am new to all this and want to know where to start before calling someone and having to pay mega money if it is something simple!! Thanks

Is this a water circulating system? If so there are bleeder ports on your radiant heating zones on the floor that you can bleed the air out of the system. They look like a tire air pressure valve. Depress the valve core with ... Air Conditioners

Heat is not working but blower works. I checked the circuit board. It apears component #601110 on the board has a burnt spot where it attaches to the board. It may just need this component. I have a picture on my cell phone if this would help.

U have 2 get the whole thing its not separate too risky ... Amana PTH153B50AE Air Conditioner

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Well it might be a heatpump. Where it uses the A/C portion of the system to draw heat from out side and place it into you home. If its a new home I would call for a Check-Up its only $60 to $80. But dont buy anything you dont need like a new the ... Goodman CLQ36AR49 Air Conditioner

Regardless of weather the thermostats are calling for heat or not, or even if I shut the thermostats off completely the fan keeps running. the only way to stop the fan is to shutoff power to the furnace. Does this require replacement of the IFC board or is there something else that I can check first? The system does operate correctly in the heat mode and there are no flashing lights on the circuit board. Both green lights are lit and the orange is not, because I use an electric plenum as my p

I would suggest buying the new unit or calling to have a tech sent out to you to have them fix it. If you can buy the part you'll save money from what the company will charge you, plus labor fees. Good Luck though! Sorry your having such a hard time ... Ruud UBHC Air Conditioner

I have a Lennex heat pump unit which was installed in 2008. Our area (Savannah, GA) has experienced some abnormal cold temps lately. Yesterday, I noticed the outside of the unit had frost on the unit. The frost didn't cover the entire unit, yet yet in perfectly shaped lines (if you will), that encompassed the shell of the unit.. I also noticed frozen water at the base of the unit. The system is heating okay. The temp was in the low 20s when I noticed it. Is this something that needs atten

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My Fedders AED24E7E-G is blowing cold air when its switched to heat. If something needs to be cleaned out what and where is it? If not what else could it be?

The freon is most likely low,or out,this unit,works in oposite pump cycle to produce btu `s that produce the heat,threw the evaporator coils.If it is not the freon level.then the pump is not switching,and could be a diverter switch.I hope this is hel ... Fedders D Chassis AED24E7E Air Conditioner

On Sunday evening we turn our heat on and then on Monday we turned the air conditioning back on and it won't turn back on. We shut it down for a couple of hours and while it was down we cleaned it and changed the filter. We are now thinking maybe we need to add some freon but we don't know what kind to put in. Do you think we are headed down the right track or are we missing something more obvious?

There are quite a few things too check before you just add freon\015\012 first check to ensure you have voltage at the condensor, when you select it at the t-stat.\015\012 Make sure you have the t-sat set below ambient temp\015\012 ... Intertherm Air Conditioners

The electric cord on our Duracraft heater model CZ-600 was very hot to the touch (closest to the plug) -- it burned so hot we could not touch it for more than a second. The heat was at maximum and we never experienced this before. No extension cord was used. Is there something wrong with the heater's cord or is it my wall outlet? Does the cord need to be replaced?

Space heaters on high(>1000watts) should not be used on 15 amp circuits. That is my personal recommendation. Unless all connections have good contacts, resistive heat can melt plugs and outlets. I prefer oil space heaters for safety But not on 150 ... Air Conditioners

Sharp Air Conditioner AC09RLCSYS isnt cooling properly. Very moderate to low cold air from unit. At one point small bits of ice came out of indoor unit when on auto cool. Unit was switched off immediately and then turned back on after a few minutes with no additional problems, however still is not cooling properly. Unit is only eight months old. First used for cooling with no problems and great cold air, then for heating during winter. Now back to cooling and not getting the cold air like p

Unit may be freezing up if blowing ice crystals. Let thaw 24hrs try again. Make sure condensation drain line is cleaned out. ... Air Conditioners

My thermostat - Altech ALTHC014 is not talking to my boiler (we were trying to set it last night) - I think the problem might have been when we reset it ... anyway - there was a green light on under the red one on the wall switch that isnt on now - the thermostat says its working but the heating is not clicking on so I think they have lost contact so I need to get them linked up again...

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My newly installed Valor Petrus HE gas fire keeps going out when I turn it to low heat. When I first light it I have it on high for approx 10 minutes before turning it down(fire has slide control) after a few minutes the fire goes out. My installer tested the chimney with smoke bombs and said it was OK, although he needed to remove the restrictor -I think that's what he said. Hoping you can advise what course of action to take next. Thank you.

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Airwel gc12 dc inv...the foult shown by diagnostic is compressor lock. everything alse sims to be ok... if there is something wrong with the compressorwhat could couse this problem? the a/c was working ok throu the winter (heating) nowfor the first time this year i tried coolingand it doesn"t work tnx

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Air conditioning requires 400 cfm (cubic feet per minute) per ton of cooling so your old 2.5 ton system would have required 1000 cfm and your new 3 ton requires 1200 cfm. This is not a big change, but if your ductwork is too small it could cause pro ... Carrier Air Conditioners

Good afternoon please i need a manual or any information relating to the refrigerator model number kssc48qms kitchenaid. and there is a manual that provides the knight guru but the model shown there is similar but not the same. model for mating, there is kssc48qks. where the difference in electronic and electrical parts is something simple.por example in the first model to mention the power supply is separate from the electronic control board instead on the last one mentioned the source Sparta e

Http://www.ajmadison.com/ajmadison/itemdocs/ka_import_2309068.pdf\012\012\012This is the use and care manual for that unit. ... KitchenAid Air Conditioners

I have two Intertherm M1MB 056A BW heaters in need of help: 1: One is flashing five flashes. The label indicates that this would be a reversal of L1 and L2 polarity or no power at L1 (limit switch). It does nothing else. Since nobody has done anything that might reverse the polarity, I am assuming that it is a lack of power at L1. Where is the limit switch and what might cause a lack of power to it? Is this something I can fix myself? 2: The second one starts its cycle in a normal manner e

Hi,Yes there are somethings you can check your self...On the first one...you are getting power to the board but the board thinks that the hot (L1) and the neutral (N) are reversed or there is not a good ground to the furnace...Use an elec ... Intertherm Air Conditioners

I just moved into a new place and it has the RTH230B thermostat installed. I turned on the furnace, set the thermostat to "Heat" then the fan to "Auto" and used the up and down arrows to set the temp to 72 degrees. The temperature seemed fine for the first hour or so. However, the heat and fan stays on full power and continued to heat at full power well into 80 degrees on the thermostat screen. I could only shut it off by turning off the actual furnace switch. I first tried reducing the temper

From what you learned from your neighbor, I would say no. Certainly, sounds like a manufacturing defect to me. ... Air Conditioners

PGB036100-1A Goodman Fan comes on but not heat. Usually the fan comes on first to blow out any gas vapors in the heat area first then fires off the burners and then the fan comes on a second time. Now the fan just comes on and there is no heat.

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Thermostat setting I just bought a new house and I have a heat pump-we live in North Carolina. The name on the thermostat is Braeburn and it is a multi-stage 2 heat/ l cool digital thermostat. We have it set at 68 and when the blower first comes on it blows warm air-however then it switches to cool air. And sometimes cool air comes out first. We have set both stages to 68 and it is in the heat mode. Should the 1st and 2nd setting be different?

What i would do is see if the outside unit is working at all. when you first turn it on the air was warm due to the fact that the temperature inside was cooler than the set point. when it get within 2 degrees ... Weather King 12AJA6001AH Air Conditioner

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