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We have a fedders AED24E7CG window air/heat unit. The left side is blowing cold air--when on heat setting. It looks like there is a coil in it cuz the right side is glowing orange & pushing heat but the left side isn't glowing & is pushing cold air. Unit was here when we bought the house so I don't have a book & am having trouble finding any info. online.

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We have a fedders AED24E7CG window air/heat unit. The left side is blowing cold air--when on heat setting. It looks like there is a coil in it cuz the right side is glowing orange & pushing heat but the left side isn't glowing & is pushing cold air. Unit was here when we bought the house so I don't have a book & am having trouble finding any info. online.

... Fedders AED24E7F Wall/Window Air Conditioner

I have a Goodman PC-060-1B All-in-one unit on a Double Wide home that I have one problem with and one question about; the problem is that the heating side is not working properly. I found the lower heating element to have a corroded connector, which could not be replaced, so I bought a new one and installed it along with five of the related control sensors around it. Now, if I turn the thermostat to heat, I can see the heating coils glow bright orange for about 1 minute and then the whole thi

... Air Conditioners

My thermastat is just a regular one with on,fan,auto, on the left side and heat off and cool on the right. what I would like to know is what should the left side be set at whjen the heat is on. I have it just on the on and heat but fan seems to be running all the time. Please help. thank you.

Hi,The left side fan switch should normally be in the "auto" position.If the fan is still running all the time, then there is a problem in the furnace/air handler... the fan switch in there is bad and keep the fan on when it should not be ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

My ac will blow cold air for a few miles then on the left side of the car it will start blowing hot air. If I stop the car and cut the ignition off and restart the car it will start blowing cold air again for a while. Then after awhile it will start blowing hot on the left side!

Sounds like the coil is freezing up either because of lack of air flow over the coil (dirty) or because of low charge. ... Air Conditioners

At 30,000 miles my then 8 or 9 month old chevy 2500hd 4wd pickup truck air conditioning started blowing hot air on the driver side (the passenger side was still cold). I turned the truck off and back on and it began blowing normally for a few days and then it would do it again. A year or so later the heat on the driver side went out totally (passenger side worked properly). So now the driver side blows cold air constantly. A few months after that the blower quit working all together. Now at 185,

What year truck is this? This is actually a very very common problem on those chevy trucks. Most times it is the door blend actuator that has failed. and the default for this failure is driver side blowing hot. There are a million posts out there on ... Air Conditioners

I have a Inter therm Model# FEHB015HA central heat & air unit that I had problems with in the summer as the out side unit would not come on but the blower would kick on but nothing on the outside unit(No cold air).Ok I fixed that as it was the the transformer that switched it down to 24 volt to go to the outside.Now I have noticed that when the heat is on it will not kick the outside unit on?It has been very cold here in Georgia but right now as I type it is 50 degree's and the outside unit is s

Hi, if this is not a gas fired split system, it is a heat-pump with aux heat strips. The outdoor unit must be on to warm you're home by way of the reversing valve. The strips in the indoor unit are for emergency and auxiliary heat only. ... Air Conditioners


When you change the board on an Amana youmusty program the board. You should have gotten a sheet that shows you how to do this. I sell Amana PTAC units and all boards have to be programed for heat pump or electric heat.Russ ... Air Conditioners

GE zoneline heat pump/ AC unit wont blow any hot air? When you turn the switch to high heat and the thermostat all the way on it blows ice cold air. Its like the unit is just blow the cold air from out side into the room. help

... GE Zoneline AZ55H07D Air Conditioner

I have 3 central ac units for my house. 1 for the upstairs and 1 for the west side of house and 1 for the east side of house. just had a very cold night and the east side of house vents smelled like something was burning. Called the fire dept. to check out and they left with answers that it was probably the dust burning off of heater. few days later smelled the order again but a this time it smelled like wire burning this time. rest of house was warm and smelled normal. unit is off on east side

To make sure that there is not a problem with your blower test it on cool. if it runs good. then start the heater on auto and it should be okay. but still supervise the operation for about 5 mins. if you still smell something burning . then call an ... Air Conditioners

I have a goodman gsh130361 3 ton heat & air. It was installed 05/05/2008. all seemed well until cold weather, in 2009. The fan turns on and start blowing before the heat box is even warm. The heat set on 70----- when it gets 68 or 69 {in the house} the out side pump kicks in, 10 to 20 seconds later the fan turns on and blows freezing air into the house. the temperture will drop dramatically for the next 1 & 1/2 minute. The box will heat up and then all is well untill the next cycle.

The PCB unit that controls the thermostat and Coolant is malfunctioning... check that particular unit...that would help.... ... Goodman Air Conditioners

I have a Lennox heat pump, approximately 15 years old. This morning I woke up and noticed that the house was cold. I attempted to raise the temperature but nothing happened - the heat didn't kick on and there were no lights on the thermostat. I went outside to look at the heat pump and saw that the metal box above it, which I'm assuming is a fuse or breaker box, appeared to have been burnt up. It's covered with soot and even the vinyl siding next to and above the box is melted and blackened. I h

Hello,\015\012\015\012Something inside of the unit caused a direct short between the unit and that fuse box/panel. Usually a short that causes this much "fuss" is a dead compressor (worst case scenario). If there are no lights on at the thermos ... Air Conditioners

I have an inwall Friedrich Heating and a/c unit. The blower for the heat comes on but blows cold air. The a/c side blower does not work at all. Both happened about the same time. Related? Why not heat and no fan.

HI\015\012most boards have a small 3 or 5 amp fuse on the board it looks just like a car fuse. do not put in wrong size fuse it can allow damage to the board. ... Air Conditioners

My a/c works but the heat side only blows cold

Check the heater element ... Carrier XHB123D X/Y Series Heat/Cool Air Conditioner

I just bought a house that has a Lochinvar heating boiler RB945-RB500 PKG-7002. Ive heard it has never heated the space adequately. Today I looked at the water temp setting in the control box and found that it was set at about 200 degrees. However the best I can tell the actual water temperature never gets above 130 degrees according to the meter on the boiler's side.. What is my problem?

Hi,\015\012Not finding that exact model number...but...\015\012I think what you have is a modulating boiler that also varies the water temperature based on the outdoor temperatures...\015\012Because of that what you are seeing is th ... Air Conditioners

Air conditioner will push out cold air on the cold setting but won't heat on the warm setting?

... Air Conditioners

My Goodman CKL36-1L air conditioner unit is heating up on the coils badly and is not running properly. No cold air pushing out the vents. Why is it heating up?

... Air Conditioners

Our Furnace doesnt seem to be working correct. We an: Air Pro BGM075128 and is Natural Gas. It will turn on when we turn up the thermostat.. but we never get any heat through the vents. There is a switch on the side that is "on" and one that is "fan". If we turn on the "fan" only cold air gets blown through. It looks like this is for cool air. So, if we leave the fan off and the "on" swith on, we get the furnace firing up, but no heat ever comes through the vents. I tested out the thermo

Sounds like the blower motor is not working, if the furnace is actually lighting up and the burns are ignited. You should set your thermostat to auto, as if it is on fan then the fan runs all the time until you take it off of fan. I am a little confu ... Air Conditioners

Bought frigidaire AC. Says remove INTERNAL packaging. I see styrofoam inside the unit but no way to get to it. Is it suppose to be there? I ask becAuse the side the syrofoam is on is near the air vent and does not blow cold air out as well as the side without styrofoam. Help!

That is the internal packaging they refer to, it should be a block of foam that is to be removed. You may have to take off the front cover to get to it. ... Frigidaire FAH085N1T Air Conditioner

The A?C unit was working fine, but when it got too cold, I pushed the money saver button on the remote. Nothing changed, so I pushed another button or two and the A>C unit stopped running. I left the unit unplugged until this morning. When plugging it in to the outlet, the temperature showed 68 and the cool panel l ight was ON. but the A?C will not run. What can I do?

The purpose of the money saver button is to drop the fan speed. So please confirm what you mean by "nothing changed".\015\012\015\012I am assuming the room temperature showed as 68deg F or is it the temperature setting on the controller. ... Friedrich Air Conditioners

Where can I find a wiring digram for the transformer it has 4 wires going into it on the hot side then to comming out on the 24 volt side.I took the old one out to replace it and cannot seam to get the wires hooked back the way they were.The unit works by pushing on the points but not from the thermostatIt is also brand new model no is PCK036-1 we only use the air side not the heat.

It sounds as if you have a multi-tap transformer. That is, the primay voltage can be 120, 208/240, 480. Most all transformers have their legends printed righ on them. Usually the 4 wires are a common and the other wires to the incoming voltage by i ... Air Conditioners

2001 nissan maxma heater was working in auto but stop heating in auto will heat in manual only went air is kept inside checked for low water water is full have it set on ninety any out side air is cold

Check out the heater switch.it gets command from the car to heat and cold and the switch functions as per that.but if the car is functioning properly in manual mode but not in auto-mode then its problem of the switch its not functioning but when you ... Air Conditioners

Carrier Crusader Furnace Won't Light No Gas flow Gas is available Inducer fan starts when heat is demanded Igniter DOES NOT glow Igniter DOES glow during self test All other self test functions work correctly Air Conditioning side works correctly

Check all of the plastic tubing that connects to the pressure switches for any moisture build-up, crimps, or cracks and correct as necessary. :-) ... Air Conditioners

The ptac unit is not heating or cooling the aux heat works the line out of the compressor gets hot but the line going to the coils up front does not get real hot just warm and does the same thing on the cooling side does get cold can not figure it out can anybody help

Verify all your components are operating - Compressor? Condenser fan motor? Blower fan motor?\015\012If not check voltage to any that are not operating.\015\012If all components are operating and the coils are clean - the refrigerant leve ... Amana PTH153B50AJ Heat Pump Air Conditioner

Duracraft heater cz306 only one side heats

... Air Conditioners

Amana ptac i recieved a power cord replacement as per recall. did as instructions said. I did turn off master off/on switch on pc board. after i was finished I turned switch on/ closed cover and plugged in cord. the panel lit up and i pushed HEAT. cold air blew for abt 30 seconds and stopped and a clicking noise began. I unplugged cord and started looking for answers. can u advise? its less then a year old.

You have the white wire on the wrong terminal put it on the same terminal as the red wire on the capacitor and you should be fine, ... Amana PTH123B25AJ Heat Pump Air Conditioner

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