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HI brand JNC MOD JAC-24Y2 The air con is stuck in timer mode ! we can set the temp but it refuses to come out of timer mode , the remote control is working [it was tested it is sending a signel ] a technition advised us that the control pcb is at fault & can not get parts . i'm an electronic technicion & i can repair the board at component level but i would need a circuit drawing . hope some one can help with thanks jim brickwood

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HI brand JNC MOD JAC-24Y2 The air con is stuck in timer mode ! we can set the temp but it refuses to come out of timer mode , the remote control is working [it was tested it is sending a signel ] a technition advised us that the control pcb is at fault & can not get parts . i'm an electronic technicion & i can repair the board at component level but i would need a circuit drawing . hope some one can help with thanks jim brickwood

... Air Conditioners

1. Have 610015.405 AC Penguin model that has no low or medium speed and low voltage light comes on at these speeds only. Works fine on High. Suspect control board, is that right? Where do I get a control board. 2. Have another AC, same model, that comes on even with switch off. Is this switch or control board? What is going on? Parts? Thanks in advance for your help. Van

... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

I have a CGL300TQ ventless propane heater. The thermstat quit working. I have shocked the thermostat bulb several times but it still does not work. The parts list shows part# slt545 or could be slt545 thermostat control vavle which I assume is the problem. I have called charmglow several times but I am told I cannot get this part. I do not understand why I cannot get this part to repair this unit. Can you help me. Thank You,

... Air Conditioners

The controller board for my Duo-Therm has a bad transformer. Where can I get parts for the controller. Also where can I get a schematic for the controller. The controller is made by Harper-Wyman. I think they are out of business

Radio shack should have a transformer that will work bring the board in with you. Also try R.V. junk yards they have a lot of good used parts off of wrecked rv there is one on lincoln in Phoenix a many more go online and look up used rv parts. ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

I got a 1995 30ft Conquest by Gulf Stearm. The air unit on top is a coleman 13,500btu. The model and serial #'s can't be seen. Where the main power supply connects in the control box shorted out and burnt the pc board. The pc board is a #7330B331. What is the part # for the complete control box assembly I need to be looking for and where would be the best place to get one? You can email me at [email protected]

Try a r/v dealer in your area explain to him what you have and he should have access to the type of unit installed on that particular gulfstream r/v since they are installed as a standard unit at the factory Good Luck \015\012\015\012D ... Air Conditioners


The defrost board isn't hard to replace. It just about matching up wire for wire on the unit. BUT and a big but.......if you do something wrong and burn the board up, then you have to buy another. At least this way, you know that he will put the p ... Air Conditioners

We need a thremostat control part for a Siemans panel heater 2000 watts. Type: 2NC2-920-1L, series no: 002/8306. We live in Melbourne and would like to get the part to repair the heater. or someone who could repair it.

You can buy from following sites easily.http://uk.shopping.com/xFS?CLT=SCH&KW=thermostat&x=1&y=1 ... Air Conditioners

I have a fujitsu twin head air con that is at least 10 years old the external compressor is not turning on but it does work my fridge mech was not sure of problem but thought it was the control board not sure of the model but it had a aot 19 rm !!!and finished with 2 can i get a new control board from some where or am generic replacement part

The outdoor PCB has a series of led's on it which indicate the status of what is operating. If the lights are on and nothings working then you will need a new outdoor pcb which is only availible from fujitsu. ... Fujitsu 18C1 Air Conditioner

AMCOR Parts Howdy, I have a AMCOR ALW12000EH that needs a main control board, can you tell me how may have/sell this part? The machine is out of warrenty and AMCOR is very tight lipped about repairs and parts. Thanks, Jerry

Pridiom Group, New Jersey has all parts & tech support ... Amcor Air Conditioners

I have a glow worm master mind timer control for my heating. Whilst the heating is working the clock is not and therefore I am having to manually switch the heating on and off. It obviously can't be the fuse which is alongside by the switch as the heating is working and this controls it. I have tried to disassemble the plate but am having trouble getting the part off which houses the CH and HW buttons. Please can you advise what drives the clock? Is there another fuse or will the whole thing

Hi Did you ever solve this problem? I have exactly the same issue.\015\012\015\012Any info would be of great help.\015\012\015\012Thanks\015\012Ben ... Air Conditioners

I'M trouble-shooting a Carrier chiller m/n 30GXR160-A-640ZV,S/N 0401F58924.Which electronic board generates the 4 to 20 milliamp signal that is need to control the carrier motor master 5.In the Configuration mode under opt 1,varible head pressure select 4-20 milliamps is selected but I'm not getting a signal at SCB BOARD.I've changed SCB board and still no signal???????

... Carrier Air Conditioners

On a goodman M#GUN075-3B the old Fan Control board part# B18099-02 is replaced with part # B18099-04 and calls to remove the yellow wire and discard. The yellow wire is for the compressor so how do you wire it then to get the compressor to run.

... Goodman Air Conditioners

I am seeking further assistance per my recent air conditioner problem. See below. >Hello. The EE error indicates that the time >delay board {TDB} is faulty. IF you are >technically inclined you can go inside of your >unit and by pass the time delay board. This is >the quick fix and for the most part you will >won't miss it anyway. Other wise, at least now >when you call a repair shop you can get their >price upfront and shop around. > >IF you do want to fix it your self, here are >the step

Firstly the wires meant for low voltage side should be considerably thinner in comparison to the high voltage one and much stiffer too. If you can still power up, then those carrying higher voltage would make the tester glow by just holding the teste ... Air Conditioners

Control board I've got a Bryant Plus-90 furnace, model starts w/ 350MAV. The status code LED on the control board does not come on. Is this a problem with the control board, or is the issue somewhere else? How do I diagnose the problem? If it is the control board, what is the part number that I need? I've found part number 325878-751 that says it works for most model numbers that start with 350MAV. The word "Most" worries me. I can't find the part number on the current board.

Hello, check to see if the board is receiving 120 volts at the L1 and neutral terminals, if you are then the board will need to be replaced, if you are not getting power then trace the wirimg back to where the voltage stops, for example could be a ba ... Air Conditioners

Whwre to get spares parts for Fujin air conditioner Model FUJ-25? I need the Power Control Board. [email protected]

... Air Conditioners

My control board got wet on my weather king furnace. How can I get parts and is it worth it to fix?

If the board got wet it is toast,replace the board and check your condensate drain. If the new one gets wet your back to where you started and the warranty will be voided. You will have to buy from a dealer most supplies will not sell to unlicensed ... Air Conditioners

I have a Noirot panel heater and I can get no response when I press the enter, mode, or program buttons. It seems to be locked, but there is supposed to be a lock symbol and there isn't. There is a small clock symbol in the left hand corner, which suggests it is on a timer of some kind. It is still heating up, but I have no control over it.

... Air Conditioners

I need the on/speed setting/off knob, and I was told that I might have to buy an entire new control board to get one. Any ideas for this part?

... Amana PTH153B35AJ Air Conditioner

I am an Electrician trying to fix a coleman blend air deluxe I already replaced motor and upper control board that was obviously bad, I am getting proper control voltage to the lower board and 34 volts dc leaving the lower control board to the upper board on the black and red wires. I have confirmed the voltage is entering the upper board but the problem continues to be that the roof vent fan will run constantly instead of cycling every 4 hours.I am wonder the upper control board was bad out

It sounds like a bad board or a slightly different version,perhaps another model or something.You also sound like the most knowledgable person I have dealt with on this site in my brief 3 months so this should be fairly quick and easy on both part's ... Coleman Air Conditioners

How to restore factory settings for Remote control of 53QG split AC, remote control was working properly but now it works sometime and sometime does not work its timer is set at 12pm on and 6am off but i want to close this timer i.e. i just want to get my remote control without this on/off timer because with these settings remote control is not working properly

Check the batery of remote if is new one,replace the battery coz all remote is sensitive to vibration do to misuse. ... Air Conditioners

Ank youI have a frigidaire model fas296n2a2 air conditioner. It is electronic and has a remote as well. I cannot adjust the fan speed. it only runs on one speed. i already replaced the p.c. control board part # 309901501 and the display control board part # 309901601.this did not solve the problem. any ideas?

Did you install the new main control board yourself or no? I would have a professional diagnose the unit since it is a big BTU sized unit. ... Frigidaire FAS296R2A Air Conditioner

No heat My 7500 zoneline will not provide heat consistantly. I can unpplug the main power source to the control boards and plug it back in, ,and I will then get heat. If I turn down the thermostat (80 to 70), then turn it back up, I do not get heat again, only cool blower air. Is one of my control boards bad? Thanks.

It sounds like it could be the tstat itself. Unless you use a voltage meter to take some readings it's hard to determine if it is a board. The best thing for you to do is remove the tstat from the system and manually operate it with a jumper wire t ... GE Air Conditioners

Majestic dvr36rn I was told by the company who supplied & installed my 11 yr old fireplace that the valve (gas valve honeywell -nat) part #10001782 ... Needs to be replaced, however, they told me part is no longer avail & in order to repair, they need to replace it with a conversion kit from Paris, Kentucky - they said it would take btwn 3 wks & 6 mos. to get part!!! AND itis expensive! I wonder if anyone knows where I can get this part.

... Air Conditioners

I am working on a GE air conditioner Model # AZ35H15D5BMI, Serial # TA659138, manufactured date 10/01, I replace the control board part number WP26X10018 and the board fried a resistor or a diod. I have purchased a new control board and don't want to burn this board. I need a schematic of the unit to make sure I rewire the unit properly. There is no schematic in the unit that I can find, I have slide the unit out and looked in the outside unit for paper work or a diagram but have had no luck

Dear friend i got some model number for you... have a look....please click here and have a look... ... GE Air Conditioners

With unit set to air conditioning, the controller board will not turn on the blower motor and the cooling coil freezes up. McNutt tells me the controller board is kaput and they want $550 for it. In the meantime they have jumpered over the controller so the blower runs constantly. Was hoping someone might be able to tell me where to get it for less. It is HSCI Furnace Controller For Use With All Gasses 1012-940, model HK42FZ011

? need more info like make model and serial numbers ... Air Conditioners

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