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I moved into a condo with a proliphix thermostat and do not have a manual that allows me to program it. It tends to run the a/c more than I want in the summer and the temperature control is not where I want it during the off season tempertures. Could you tell me where I can find an on-line manual that I can program the thermostat the way that I want it?

Answers :

May be your thermostat under lock. To unlock thermostat,

\015\012Press the"Screen" button on the touch screen, then wait for 30 seconds andpress "Done." In many cases, this will unlock the screen and thethermostat will be ready for normal use.

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I moved into a condo with a proliphix thermostat and do not have a manual that allows me to program it. It tends to run the a/c more than I want in the summer and the temperature control is not where I want it during the off season tempertures. Could you tell me where I can find an on-line manual that I can program the thermostat the way that I want it?

May be your thermostat under lock. To unlock thermostat,\015\012Press the"Screen" button on the touch screen, then wait for 30 seconds andpress "Done." In many cases, this will unlock the screen and thethermostat will be ready for normal ... Air Conditioners

Programmable thermostat I have a Hunter programmable thermostat and can't figure out how to manually override the programs installed. I want to manually control the temp and not use a 7 day program. The model # is 43153. I have downloaded the manual but it doesn't state how to turn off the programming only how to program the thermostat. The hold button is just for a temporary situation and doesn't turn off the programming. Any help out there? I use to do this manually but somehow in the last day

Basically, your going to press either of the arrows until it flashes, or about 1 second. Then you set the temperature you desire and then press and hold the HOLD button until HOLD is displayed in the display. Congrats, your o ... Air Conditioners

I have a lennox 2 stage gas furnace and a lennox XP15 heat pump controlled through the Lennox 7000 touchscreen thermostat. I want to disable the heat pump due to excessive noise due to lower temperature at this time of year (+5C and lower) and have the furnace operate without the dual fuel feature. Can this be done at the thermostat or it requried to disable at the furnace? Any input would be helpful. Unable to locate 'installer manual' for thermostat.

... Air Conditioners

I have amanual honey well and I want to change it to a programable honeywell but the two wires on the manual thermostat are not labeled, so I don't know where to connect the wires to in the new thermostat

Wires for thermostat control circuits are normally color coded. Check for proper connections at the furnace and connect the same colored wires that you find at the furnace to the like lettered terminals on the new thermostat. R to R, W to W , Y to Y ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

Hi I have a Rinnai 1004. I asked a question before about clipping the temp gauge and adding a length of speaker wire in, so that it would get a more accurate 'room' temp reading. The reason for this is that I can't get to the controls to manually change the temp. I have a few other thoughts and want to know if anyone could add to the ideas: 1. Could I add that speaker wire to the 'control unit' and mount that in a more convienient place?? 2. Would a 'plug in' thermostat work?? Some

I'm sorry. the thermostat is not in the "Temp gauge" It is inside the unit. As well, Modifying this unit can make it unsafe. As well, if one were to use wire to extend the control unit, you would want to use thermostat wire. However this ... Air Conditioners

My Drayton Digistat RF3 boiler control is not working. The thermostat module indicates it is sending a signal, but the unit beside the boiler has a red alarm LED lit. I've removed the batteries and turned it off, re-programed it all and still no success. I have to use the manual override button to get the heating on or off. Is the unit broken? Anything else I can do?

I found that this solved the problem hope it helps you too.\015\012\015\0121. Turn off the power supply to the Digistat SCR (receiver unit)\015\012and leave for 5 seconds.\015\0122. Turn on power to SCR unit and ... Air Conditioners

I want to by pass the program on the thermostat and set it manually so it will stay at a fixed temperature all the time. Thank you for your help

Simple! Cancel pre- programmed by removing batteries. And then reset again as you like. ... Air Conditioners

My 1996 Motorhome Dometic 4 button Comfort Control suddenly does not recognize that the furnace is present. After wiring in a manual thermostat the Comfort Control suddenly recognizes the furnace. I take out the manual thermostat. I clean all the external contacts and then it continues to recognize the furnace thourgh about 15 test over 6 weeks. Pause 2 weeks and suddenly it does not recognize the furnace. What is going on. Could it be a sticky relay in the suburban Furnace?

... Dometic Air Conditioners

We have gas under floor heating. The main thermostat controll has FEL by Honeywell on it. It is about 6 months old. We don't appear to have any manual or instructions on how to set the the thermostat to run automaticaly. Can you help with a manual or set of instructions. Regards Ron [email protected]

In OKLAHOMA, we only have a 2 wire thermostat that the heat closes the contacts,,I'm not familure with your type.. ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

I have just moved into a house with a siemens rw89 controller on the heating system, there was no instuctiob manual and the controller is'nt very intuitive when coming to setting the programs. Is there anywhere I can obtain a manual

... Air Conditioners

I ned the thermostat manual or at least a HOW to program it. I have a 48 GS 10 seer 80 AFUE gas package unit with Carrier digital thermostat TSTATCCNAC01-B if their are additional manuals on the unit itself THOSE TOO. Thank you for your help! Linda

Carrier.com has the books look for the 48GS060 not the GX model thes units replced the SS and SX models in 97also the t-stats will be in accessories ... Air Conditioners

Hi, I want to wire a Type 19/T Thermomess thermostat to my oil boiler at home. I am not too sure what wire I should connect to the terminals. On TR (the temp control) I have points 1, 2, P1 and on STB (reset switch unit) I have 1, 2, and P1. My mains power goes to the burner via the thermostat and I want to connect the wires correctly. Does the mains cable connect to TR (Live on 1, with Neutral on 2)? Do I connect burner cable to STB (Live on 1 and Neutral on 2)? What is P1

... Air Conditioners

I tried to replace my digital manual Honeywell thermostat that is only 6 months old (new construction) with a programable thermostat. I followed the instructions marking the wires and connecting them up the same way. There was one wire "C" wire that the old thermostat connection said was optional with batteries that there was no place to connect on the new thermostat. I taped it off and left it off. The new thermostat with batteries powered up but the AC would not respond, nor the fan, nor t

Your "R" terminal is basically your "hot" and your "C" terminal is basically your "neutral" to simplify explanation. The Furnace supplies the "R" power to the thermostat and then depending on what wire the thermostat sends the power back on determine ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

Janitrol (goodman) GMS9. Two years old. When thermostat is set low the ICM diagnostic LED is continuous on ("no signal from thermostat"), when thermostat is turned up then LED gives 3 flashes. Manual says that 3 flashes means "Pressure switch circuit not closed. Induced draft blower is operating", however the ID-Blower is NOT running. I ran a 110Volt wire directly to the ID-Blower to see if it runs independent of the control and it does run. I drew vacuum on both pressure switches and they do

Bad board . replace it . ... Air Conditioners

Have a Bryant 340MAV condensing gas furnace. Installed a new thermostat for the A/C unit middle of summer (old one slowly died). Woke up this morning to no heat - thermostat didn't automatically kick in. Programmed it manually to kick in; fans work just fine and the unit is cycling, with thermostat reading heat. But furnace won't won't heat.

Just curious, have you changed your filter out recently? This blog talks about a problem similar to yours and the tech changed out the filter and tapped a screwdriver between the terminals of the limit switch:\015\012 ... Air Conditioners

How do I reprogram my RTH2310B thermostat? I don't want to download the manual

... Honeywell Rth2310b 5-2 Day Programmable Thermostat

I need a manual for model # 997 970210-5 programable thermostat

... Carrier Air Conditioners

I have a carrier A/C system controlled by a carrier TSTATCCBAC01-B non-programmable thermostat with 4 wires connected as follow: white-W, green-G, red-R and blue-Y which I want to replace with a Honeywell T8601D programmable thermostat that has the following terminals available; C, OT,OT,R,B,W,Y,O, and G. My problem is that when I connect the wires on the Honeywell to the same terminals as they were on the carrier the system seems to work but only the fan turns on while the commpressor stays off

... Air Conditioners

I have Carrier Comfort Zone 2 on a York system. Everything has worked fine. After recent lightning strike, the controller is not responding correctly. It flashes E1 alternating with the current temp. No matter what the programming, it seems to start cooling when the house gets to 84-85 degrees inside and then stays on continually until it hits the programmed 76-77. How do I test to see if zone panel or thermostats need replacing?

This <a\012rel='nofollow' href="www.curthel.com">carrier</a>\012\012 has everything to quickly and safely deliver\012your <a rel='nofollow' href="www.curthel.com">car</a>. ... Carrier Air Conditioners

We recently moved to a new house and have lg room thermostat controls but no manuals(former owners did not provide) I tried looking for the control online but the nearest one is lg PZRCUSB0 Accessory

... Air Conditioners

I have an older Day & Night / Bryant / Carrier downdraft central heater. It was a heat only unit but has an aftermarket AC unit added onto it. I have the latest PCB that adds the AC cooling feature controls (Factory Authorized Parts- HH84AA020). The thermostat terminal connectors are: C Y GC GH R W. I want to use an off the shelf 4-wire thermostat but don't know how to hook it up. Thanks, Bob Gienger Email: [email protected]

4 wire will not work properly.\015\012\015\012You will need a 5 wire minimum.\015\012\015\012Blue = common\015\012green = blower fan\015\012red = hot\015\012white = furnace\015\012yellow =AC\015\0 ... Air Conditioners

I have A white rogers manual thermostat # 1F56-444 I would like to replace with A cheap white rogers programable thermostat. any suggestions? connections are rc rh G A Y ???maybe P

... Air Conditioners

I bought a house with a Hunter # 44100A programmable thermostat but have no manual to program it from. How can I program it?

To change the time, press Hour once. Then press and hold Hour to until it reaches the correct one (pay attention to the AM/PM notation). Do the same with the Min and Day buttons. Press Return when done. (The thermostat will leave return to the normal ... Hunter Air Conditioners

I have just purchased a honeywell ct87n, could you please provide a schematic in order to connect it properly. I had someone install a honeywell digital thermostat several months ago, he did not tag the wires and the tenants complained that at times it was very cold and other times it wasnt cold enough. They broke the thermostat by constantly diconnecting and reconnecting it. I decided to get one that was non programable and pretty simple, I just want to be certain to install and wire it prop

G to the manufactures webpage and type in model # and look upspecs . r- red y-cool w-white g-fan .. The red should be connected to rh--rc already by a jumper wire. ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

Sears kenmore model 253-357371, vertical 10,000 btu how do i get the front cover off? purchased used and want to clean the spong. Removed the control knobs but does not want to come off?? Don't see any screws just were some little plastic clips that i have already broken. Can't find the manual online either so no help there.

... Kenmore Air Conditioners

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