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Hi i have a hitachi ras-63cha3 split aircon unit and it stopped blowing cold air, opened the top of the cover unit outside and there is a big white thing that is the size of a coke can and its melted and popped open... what is it and where can i get one? i'm located at campbelltown, thanx , lui. :)

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Hi i have a hitachi ras-63cha3 split aircon unit and it stopped blowing cold air, opened the top of the cover unit outside and there is a big white thing that is the size of a coke can and its melted and popped open... what is it and where can i get one? i'm located at campbelltown, thanx , lui. :)

... Hitachi Air Conditioners

We changed the AC unit from putting out cool air to warm air and several minutes later there was a loud "pop" sound and the whole thing stopped working.... I checked the breakers on the side of the unit and only one of the two were tripped. I reset it and still nothing... powere is getting to the unit. UBHC horizontal in attic. Thanks

Hi there,\015\012 it sounds there is short circuit when you switch on your ac,\015\012resulting to trip off,you can also check the over load relay on control panel,there is a lever to reset on thermal relay of the circuit\015\0 ... Ruud UBHC Air Conditioner

I have a Goodman split unit installed. The inside furnace works fine. When the system is turned on the outside unit makes a slight "popping" sound like the current is getting there but the fan will not start. I have replaced the capacitor but it is still doing the same thing. Please advise. Thank You, Dan Clevenger. [email protected]

Hi,\015\012 Change the circuit board of the system... no other option.. and also check the electric contactor switch... Have any other queries, please let me know..\015\012Thank you..... ... Goodman Air Conditioners

A/c hoping can get help few different things all revolving around the blasted a/c first whenever the a/c kicks in every light in the house dims for the initial boot up then good doesn't kick anything off just common sense says when it dims that much to everything else hoping nothings wrong ain't the best thing secondly looking at the a coils on the a/c unit model # c30a 054u on what I believe in an Intertherm unit also looking to clean the thing in hopes of helping to reduce the bill the a/c un

The dimming of your lights at start up tell me two things, One is that the starting Amps may be a little high and drawing too much amperage. Have this checked by using an Amp meter. Secondly, look at your circuit breaker box. Does the Amp total on th ... Air Conditioners

My air conditioning unit stop working (outside unit). When I turn the unit I notice a buzzz sound comming from the unit. I have pressed the reset button on the unit to see it that would help but nothing happend. I check to see if there was electricity with a voltemeter and the unit is getting current all the way to the capacitor. I turned the power off to the unit to check if the capacitor had a charge and it did. What other things should I be checking? Also, the fand do not turn on! model numbe

Hi, what is happening is, you have power to the outdoor unit. I am glad you have a volt meter. This system is a split unit,condenser outside and indoor unit. This is what you need to check, and what the buzzing is, and why the fan and compressor will ... Ruud UAMB Air Conditioner

Not a GE unit. I charged unit with refrigerant and powered up unit. After running for @ a minute it shut off, having no power light at all. I found a set of wires reversed that were going to the outdoor unit. after fixing the wires i can't get the unit to come back on. The breaker is not popped and I assume there is some kind of fuse or overload that I have to manually reset or replace. It is a chinese (i think) made unit Air Control

Since most of these units, come precharged for line sets up to 125' in some models, the fact that you charged it, concerns me. Second you made no mention of the king valve, did you open it.\015\012 Then your diagnosis speaks to overvcharge, an ... GE Quiet-Aire Ductless Mini Split System Air Conditioner

Goodman outdoor a/c unit top fan stopped working while the family was away from home and now the compressor will not turn on. Only thing happening when a/c turned on inside is the indoor unit kicks on and the outdoor top fan begins humming and getting very hot to touch. Unit is only 5-7 years old. It is a Goodman CKL42-1L. Please, anyone with suggestions is appreciated. Definetly do not have money to replace the entire unit at this time.

... Air Conditioners

Ruud UPNE- 036JBZ 2 years old (outside unit) Ruud Acheiver air handler 1 year old inside unit... outside unit will not come on. voltage (120) ready at contacts. push manually and it comes on. yellow wire and brown wire go to board. no power on these when inside unit is running. power bill has doubled......must be running off heater coils? What would be the next thing to check. I did look at thermostat seems to be working normal. Can't get knowledgeable help.

... Air Conditioners


A new remote. ... Samsung Air Conditioners

I own an armstrong air unit after about 30 minutes the unit seems to get hot and the fan quits the compressor is still running I changed the motor on the fan and it still does the same thing I have also changed the braker and put in new wiring from the disconnect box to the unit. Please Help, Thanks Jimmy Watson

Chech the fans rotation , the fan is suppose to blow air out the top, also if you changed the fan out ,check for the blade on right, its suppose to scoop the air from the inside and blows it out the top,, also replace the capicator...sounds to me lik ... Air Conditioners

The ptac unit is not heating or cooling the aux heat works the line out of the compressor gets hot but the line going to the coils up front does not get real hot just warm and does the same thing on the cooling side does get cold can not figure it out can anybody help

Verify all your components are operating - Compressor? Condenser fan motor? Blower fan motor?\015\012If not check voltage to any that are not operating.\015\012If all components are operating and the coils are clean - the refrigerant leve ... Amana PTH153B50AJ Heat Pump Air Conditioner

I have a AST18RBA-W indoor unit with remote, brackets etc. Where could I get the AOT18RNEL compressor unit to suit or if it is not available anymore could I match it to another fujitsu compressor unit of similar size (without serious rewiring or anything)??

Try Encompass Parts Distr. 1-800-638-3328 ... Fujitsu 18R1 Air Conditioner

No cooling I received a call from my tenant that they have no ac. When i get my inspection of the unit to find an extremely durty air filter, which i replaced. Also i cleaned the a coil which was also full with dust. So i figured the time it took me to to do all that cleaning that the unit had time to reset it self. Long story short i still have no cooling at all still. through the first sequence of operation every thing seems ok . dtill no cooling

"You forgot the "first rule , check to see if everythings is working! If the filter was dirty , then you skipped the second line of defense to prevent dust from going into the vents is the squirrell cage blades. Air flows thru the filter first,,,2ond ... Goodman CKL36AR36 Air Conditioner

I have a window unit haier 5200btu and for the first time all season it has collected water in the front and is now spiting it out into my home. i have it on a good tilt and i dont see why it would start to do this now. it is less then a summer old. i really just wanna know how to get the water out of the front so i can run my unit again. and im sure this isnt a good thing but we put our own drain holes in and they have been doing fine all summer.

The drain is probably clogged since you put the holes in yourself I would take pipe cleaner or compressed air and see if this helps it drain. Hope this helps tim ... Haier ESA3055 5200 BTU Energy Star Qualified Air Conditioners ESA3055

Lightning struck outside our house last night. Air does not work. Unit outside does but the thermostat smelled like the wires were melting. Husband got a new thermostat but we can't get the unit to come on. Any Advice?

Lightning is in KVolt range, the exterior unit is most likely damaged at the low voltage cables to the thermostat, melted out, should get a sparky in to trace the lowV lines, and check out the unit, lightning is not forgiving ... Intertherm Air Conditioners

One of the goodman condensing unit for my house starts good every thing works fine, but it runs OK for couple of hours and by then the refrigerant line connecting the unit condenses and it will not blow cool air. I have to turn it off, may be for couple of hours and start again and it works Ok till the copper line gets condensed and problem repeats.

The refrigerant line is actually supposed to condensate, but if you mean "freeze up", thats a problem. The condensation occurs because the line temp is lower than the outside temp, kinda like a soda can outside. From what you described, Im pretty sur ... Goodman CKL60AR60 Air Conditioner

Heat pump shut off 1 to 2 minutes, service yesterday for same problem told low on freon. Added freon, worked fine until it went thorugh first defrost, now back to same thing. Tech says compressor not getting signal from thermostat. After resetting T-stat, unit came on. Unit works on cooling and Aux heat, but no heat pump.

It is possible that you have one or a combination of a few different problems here.If your heat pump will not come on but the air handler works, the first thing you want to check is that the circuit breaker and disconnect for the heat pum ... Carrier Air Conditioners

I have a Carrier whole house Air Conditioner I want to replace. It is model 38EN048320. @ things: 1. What "ton" is that AC rated at? It's so old I can't find what size it is so hard to pick a replacement. 2. With todays models they are all high efficency, should I get the same size replacement or can you step down a notch based on the efficency in models made today? I know a contractor would figure this all out but I'm doing this job myself as I have done this before.

1. 3 Ton Up To 4 Ton 2. You should get the same size - high efficiency means that for the same heat extracted from the residence the unit consumes less electricity than an older one. How much less is explained in the ratings: if your prese ... Air Conditioners

I have a brand new, 6/11/2010 Friedrich Wall Master 13C30 (It replaced a Friedrich Wallmaster), same size. I am getting the "mist" out of the unit as soon as it is turned on, and it continues! The sleeve is tilted, as the replaced unit always drained to the outside correctly. There is nothing to clean or "fix" to my knowledge. Can't call Friedrich until Monday 6/14. Thanks in advance.

... Friedrich WallMaster WS10B30 Air Conditioner

I have a carrier com heat pump that would not start so i jump out the tstat unit came on ran about 2hr whil i work on other thing at store then i check unit and it hashut down so to get it started again i turn the tstat off and back on again but its jump out what do you think is going on

Thermostat is bad and is probley dirty tripping on high pressure switch .Tom ... Air Conditioners

No heat We had the mini split installed and have not needed the air conditioner yet. But now that I want the heat on, I can't get any. The indoor unit lights up and the fan comes on but only blows cold air. I have checked everything I dare to, and noticed that the outside unit doesn't seem to be running. I am reluctant to call the guy who installed it because he was not a happy guy to do it in the first place. But he was the builders choice. Any suggestions of things to check into myself?

From my experience, when a new heat pump unit doesn't switch over from one to another, its most often the thermostat isn't wired correctly. The reversing valve needs energized or the common is ... Sanyo 09KHS51 Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner

I have a 2002 year model trailer, it has a Duo Therm Quick Cool High Efficiency by Dometic. Because the fan motor would not start by itself, it popped the breaker after a couple minutes the first time I turned it on this year. I took the top off the unit and give the fan a little spin and it would then run. Once again after a few minutes the breaker popped. I changed the capacitor for the fan but it does the same thing. Could it be the armature in the motor causing the problem? Any sug

Does the fan turn freely? Some oil might help but it sounds like you need a new fan motor. ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

Dometic rooftop ac doesn't cool down well in hot weather. How do I find out what size it is. Maybe I can get a bigger unit. The info on the rv says it is Dometic model#57916.531 serial# 41332191 but the info on the return in the ceiling says it is model#3107541.009 serial# E4165274. David

Well, have you checked the charge? are the condenser fins clean and clear? ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

The bolt, screw, whatever that holds the squirrel cage in place has broken off our unit. What size and type do I need to get to replace it? It's on a shaft with one flat side, and there is a place for a bolt or flat-head screw, but nothing in it, and it's making a horrible, metal on metal noise, with the squirrel cage moving freely from left to right on the shaft. Weatherking AS-61697-66

Use an Allen Head Screw. There are different sizes/threads that are used. Your best bet is to take the wheel with you and match one up. I've worked for several HVAC contractors and, if someone had stopped by our shop with a blower wheel and needed th ... Air Conditioners

When I run the air cond there is a unpleasant odor the we smell. The unit has not been used for a 3 years. Any thing I can do to get rid of the odor. can I clean something ? Change filter ? Ron

Definately change the filters, but im sure there will be an odor from sitting around. Clean the evaporator coil , not with high pressure wash, dont wanna damage the fins, they sell cleaners at HVAC suppliers. That should do the trick ... Coleman Air Conditioners

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