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I have a GMNT080 4B furnace this is the third season of use.I have had to replace the igniter 2 years ago.Now on start ups new this season it always has a noticeable explosion.Can be heard thruout the whole house.I also know a friend who is also having the same problem with a goodman unit 2years old.Pressures check normal.Would relocating the igniter help?

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I have a GMNT080 4B furnace this is the third season of use.I have had to replace the igniter 2 years ago.Now on start ups new this season it always has a noticeable explosion.Can be heard thruout the whole house.I also know a friend who is also having the same problem with a goodman unit 2years old.Pressures check normal.Would relocating the igniter help?

... Air Conditioners

2003 expedition,a c not working freon is ok fuses ok clutch dosn't engage, a would like to know what else to check clutch, sensors,delays, etc. That is the main problem now cuz Sumer, I really like to check every single lead you can Share to get to the problem. Also problems that now i know Thanks to you guys are typical on exps like: - a c tap noises on the back - ajar door sign always - driver electric seat works left side ( or left rail ) not the right just on d side - ceiling lights fronto

... Air Conditioners

Orig motor had blk wht brn brn and phase control. New motor has blk vio brn/wht and brn also phase control..my problem is with the violet wire. i know it should be connected as white but I'm not positive about it. Also have a dual capacitor round 40/5 mfd. Has some stampings on the case under the terminals but i cant read them. p is packard PRCFD405 __ __ __ __ __ o __ this is the configuration again i know that one is common the others are 5mfd and 4

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Replacement My airconditioner has started to leak water into the room, and is becoming noisier. Does any one know what would be the cureent model replacement for it? Also, the manual says if it is leaking into the room to tilt it back, but it is wedged in tightly, and has also never done this before, so I suspect this may not be the problem. Again, any suggestions? I have the same problem with my CW-1006FU. Last time I called in a repair person, this time I'm about ready to try and replac

Remove the front panel, & look for the drain tube that runs from the drip pan under the cold coil. It is likely blocked & may be cleared with a piece of coathanger wire. Be gentle.\015\012or\015\012Hi, If this is a new unit I woul ... Panasonic CW-1006FU Air Conditioner

My Amana A/C is almost five years old. It is not cycling in the heat of the afternoon. I live in Las Vegas, NV. I recently had the expansion valve replaced, but this did not fix the problem. The original problem was it was not cooling, but now the problem is it is not cycling. It will run all afternoon until the temp outside cools. I also need to know if this valve is still under warranty. I have a 13 seer, 3.5 ton. I am sorry I do not have the model number. It was installed on 9-8-2004.

If 5 years on parts, you still have until Sept. 9, this year, to avail. Besides, if the problem is with the compressor, its a lifetime warranty you said. :)The best thing to do is avail your warranty from an authorized service center to ... Air Conditioners

A contractor installed a Goodman condenser (new) for my son last november but never tested it,(too late in season). This summer my son tried to use it, the condenser fan comes on but the compressor does not. he called the guy and he thought it might be a seal that wasn't removed but wouldn't come back to correct the problem. Do you know what seal he's talking about what else the problem might be!

It may have a low pressure switch and be low on freon.besides that guess,id need more info. ... Goodman Air Conditioners

Rheem-Gas Furnace I have a gas furnace that will not ignite. I have attempted many times to start/ignite it using the manual suggested sequence, and I have been unsucessful. In diagnosing the problem(s) the technicial manual flowchart suggests that I replace the vent pressure switch. How do I not know I need to replace the igniter. What tests can I do to ensure it is.If I let a proffessional trained technician perform the work, How much should I expect to spend?

It may be a little difficult to diagnose if you don't have a volt/ohm meter to check the switches with, but I will try to help what I can.\015\012\015\012The first thing to check is the pressure hose from the vent fan to the pressure swit ... Air Conditioners

Haier Portable AC (Model #HPRD12XH7) won't turn on, and a red light has appeared. Also, the display shows the text STOP. The machine has been unplugged and then plugged back into the socket, and still the problem is persistent. We've only had this unit for less than three weeks, and I would like to know if it would be easier to just return it or is there some way to fix this problem?

... Haier Air Conditioners

2 weeks ago my heater stoped working - tech that came out said it was a fuse $ igniter problem, there was a single stage fuse that was incorrect, he replaced the fuse with a 2 stage fuse, and also replaced the igniter, then he proceeded to program the system to shut off all heat between the hours of 10pm-5am, telling me this as he finished. I wasn't bothered too much considering the thermostat has a manual setting & hold temp setting. Although now 2 weeks later I can't get the temp I manualy set

I would try replacing the t-stat with a good quality non-programmable t-stat and start there ... Air Conditioners

Hello dear friend, my name is Anna, I am a very sick person, on SSI, have no home phone, have a problem with my heart. Not having ACU working properly is a deadly for ne. I am very upset, ACU is making an ice on a front and of cource not working properly.I was forced to turn it off, just dying in here.I have nobody to help me,no car.The model no.LWHD1200HRY7.I am so very upset,that I can not even locate any papers or receipts. I think I bought it 1 or 2 years ago, I know that that the problem l

Hello\015\012Its becoz the air condition is probably sitting too level or leaning forward and the condensation that builds from the coils being cold in the hot outside air cant run out the back of the drip pan on the bottom of a/c unit, so try ... LG Air Conditioners

Intertherm oil furnace in mobile home installed 3.5 years ago. Worked great until the Igniter transformer shorted out 1.5 years ago. When technican changed the transformer he also changed the burner noozle. I had so much soot buildup that the chimney was clogged in 4 months. The CSA panel lists a delavan 0.50 GPH 80 A noozle and the tech replaced it with a Hago #559, 90 degree noozle. Would the different noozle replacement be causing the soot problem? I've had a different tech clean out th

Hello,The 90* nozzle is usally installed in miller brand units because of the "short" chamber.The 90* should not cause soot.Soot = not enough primary AIR into the burner mix.If the unit mfg. wants .50/80*a it should be used.#559 might translate into ... Intertherm Air Conditioners

My coleman Evcon model DGATO70BDC 1994 starts up and then locks out. The pilot lights and then furnace runs for maybe 2-5 minutes and all that is still running is the air chamber fan. I am thinking of just replacing all parts that could be responsible the problem. There's not much there as probably you know. There is no circuit board just basic electronic ignition,relays thermo senors and etc.. Any help would greatly be appreciated. James

Does your furnace have an air flow sensor? Blowing out the lowest tube will sometimes clear it and allow your furnace to operate. Lack of differential pressure across the burner will cause a lockout. ... Air Conditioners

I have a problem with the heating/cooling system. I would also like 2 know if it is electric or propane?

Do you know the make and model number? ... Air Conditioners

Modine HD100. After installation, on initial startup, green light on, amber light off. It ignited and burners came on, then went out within five seconds. Did this repeatedly. According to troubleshooting guide, if the amber light is not lit, trouble is flame signal below flame lost level. Now my green light blinks twice when I power it up. According to the error codes, pressure switch closed inducer off. I need to know how to correct both of these problems.

You may have a stuck pressure switch. Rap it with a screwdriver. For the initial issue, you are experiencing a flame rod failure. Check all grounds in the electrical wiring. clean off the flame rod with steel wool. ... Air Conditioners

I bought an ruud a/c about 6-7 yrs ago many problems i also have a 10 year warranty that covers all and the business went out of business and the a/c is failing and i dont know how to get the a/c fixed - someone said it looks like i might need a new a/c unit

Get the model and serial number on the outdoor unit, try to get ahold of\015\012Ruud, tell them you are having warranty issues and have them set you\015\012up with a Ruud dealer in your area. This will not cover labor cost and may cost mo ... Ruud UAKA037 Air Conditioner

Hiya got a baxi solo 350 ps conventional wallhung boiler. its not firing up programmer clicking in and out on the boiler need to know if their is a reset button or gas / ignition problem thanks

... Air Conditioners

The fan comes on, the burner ignites and then goes out withing 3-5 seconds. Fan continures to run another 30-60 seconds then it too shuts off. Also want to know if this furnace has a filter. We could not find one and I live in my trailer in an area that is very dusty.

The flame sensor is bad. It is a simple replacement, although the style is a bit different from manufacturer to manufacturer. ... Air Conditioners

The coil has to much condensation, the coil is clean and the drain its okay, also the fan is working okay, I dont know what is the problem

Make sure drain has a trap so it wont **** outside air into unit and cause a vaccume in evap. compartment which will cause the water not to run out correctly. ... DeLonghi Trane 5t Rooftop Air Conditioner Ycy060g1m0ad

My Maytag M6Q08F2A window AC started to make a loud noise when the cooling kicked in after starting it. I tried it several times, even left it running a while to see if it went away. It also stopped cooling properly - I couldn't tell if it was cooling a little or not at all. Please help! I don't know if the problem is refrigerant needed, condenser, or if it's just dirty inside. I don't have a manual. Thank you

HI. this is the actual compressor that is making the noise. the internal seals have ruptured. these compressor will run you just about $209.00. Normally, these units will hold a charge for quite awhile so, the refrigerant level should be sufficient. ... Air Conditioners

Model number AEW10AMG1....I have a problem my air conditioner will continuously run and when we try to power it off it will not power off we have to unplug it. We also try to turn down the temperature and when we get through messing with the temperature it will go back up to the same temperature on its own. The filter is clean so we know it's not the filter...please help if you can..thanks

... GE Air Conditioners

I am using my furnace for the first time this season. When turning my furnace on with the auto ignition, the gas come on the three pilots for about 10 - 20 secs with the flames, of course, then it goes off. Is this normal. I cant feel any heat coming from any of the vent in the rooms. When the flames on the three pilots comes on are they suppose to stay on, or do they suppose to intermitantly come on and off. What could be the problem

Hello,the flames should stay on. Check the blower?fan to see if that is running.It should come on 30-90sec after the burners light. ... Air Conditioners

My mechanic says that my mom's 2000 Taurus AC condenser has a small leak and needs to be replaced- the AC blows cool not cold. He is a friend but is also the sort of- ''if their might be problem just replace it'' sort of guy. Is it possible to seal the leak??

Sealing the leak on a car AC is not recommended, you risk to get the problem back after a while.Better to replace the part.Anyway If you want to seal the leak you can use a sealant like ... Air Conditioners

I have noticed in the past 24 hours that my air conditioning has not been as cool as it normally is. I changed the air filter in my furnace and my air is still not getting any cooler. I checked the ignition light and it is green and flashing. I know it needs to be green but not sure about the flashing. I can also hear my furnace running. What can I do to get some cooler air flowing in my air conditioner?

Your AC inlet might have been blocked by dust. So it is adivisable to clean with water using pressure hose. This could solve your problem. ... Air Conditioners

Don't panic, but I have a question about my 40 year old duo therm RV roof top AC. I know, it shouldn't be working, but it does. My problem is it will kick on, compressor starts to work and puts out cold air, then I hear the relay kicking out and it stops putting out cold air. This past fall I took the shroud off and cleaned everything and observed the operating system. Again, it starts, runs for a minute or so, than the relay opens. If I push on the relay, it will run again. A friend suggested a

When you say relay I'm assuming the contactor. Does it shut off again when you let go of the contacts (relay)? Most likely it's low on refrigerant and the low pressure switch is shutting it down. ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

Hi, I had a Cozy gas-fired room heater installed two years ago. It has only been used during the winter months. When it was installed , it passed the carbon monoxide test (0 parts per million). I had it checked today, and it failed the test, and the gas specialist said it might have to be condemned. Also, he said that 5 of 6 similar Cozy heaters that were fairly new failed testing this season. Have you heard about Cozy heaters having a similar problem? What can I do? Model: VC351A-H 3

Hi,A very common problem with the unvented heaters is that they get dust and dirt in them and then they do not burn right. The pilot is especially bad and often that will make them burn bad failing the test.Before throwing it out I would ... Air Conditioners

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