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Re : Carrier Xpression P1/P2 Plus series I have a query about the above Air-Conditioner. I have removed the Air Filters, and cleaned them. I have also removed the optional Photo-catalyst filters (2). I had not realised until I cleaned them that they were slightly different. One has a green mesh-like back, and the other has a black backing. Can you please tell me which sides these should be placed back in the air-conditioner please, as I don't want to cause a malfunction in the syste

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These filters should have a arrow on the perimeter that points in the direction of the air flow. Most all filters do, so look it over good.From working with these filters in the past, the green mesh would be the way the direction of the return air would go. pointing in. There are so many of these filters on the market today, they have black mesh on both sides and green on both sides, or like your , green and black.Check for the arrow and if not, go with the green facing you. If you were to get it wrong, it would not cause any damage to this unit what so ever.
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I would imagine that the darke coloured side of the filter goes inwards towards the machine ,it seems obvious

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Re : Carrier Xpression P1/P2 Plus series I have a query about the above Air-Conditioner. I have removed the Air Filters, and cleaned them. I have also removed the optional Photo-catalyst filters (2). I had not realised until I cleaned them that they were slightly different. One has a green mesh-like back, and the other has a black backing. Can you please tell me which sides these should be placed back in the air-conditioner please, as I don't want to cause a malfunction in the syste

These filters should have a arrow on the perimeter that points in the direction of the air flow. Most all filters do, so look it over good.From working with these filters in the past, the green mesh would be the way the direction of the return air wo ... Air Conditioners

Split a/c. RAS/RAC-35YHA3 1. Book says Green light on, filter needs cleaning. Filter and air way clean. ?? 2. Heat function ok, Cool function ok. Auto, heater comes on and keeps going. I swictched back to manual when the room temp. got to 28 degrees. Can you offer any solutions please? Cheers.

I believe the filter light is just a timer set for "x" any days or month. Most t-stats are that way. If you have the manual, you can reset it. Also make sure fresh batteries are in the controller. Good luck. ... Hitachi Air Conditioners

Model number AEW10AMG1....I have a problem my air conditioner will continuously run and when we try to power it off it will not power off we have to unplug it. We also try to turn down the temperature and when we get through messing with the temperature it will go back up to the same temperature on its own. The filter is clean so we know it's not the filter...please help if you can..thanks

... GE Air Conditioners

There is black mold on the blades and inside where the air exits. The filters are clean. Can I remove blades and grid mesh to clean or how do I do this.

I use bleach, clorox is best. I have 6 rental units i take care of and it works great. You need to use a hand pump spray bottle to spray the bleach. Let it set for about 30 min to a hour. then spray with a garden hose. use a air tank or air compresso ... Mitsubishi Mr. Slim MXZ30TN Air Conditioner

I have a Sharp AF-S85FX through window air conditioner. Randomly, the unit shuts down and continuously flashes 'E1.' The filter has been cleaned [via removing it from the front and washing/drying it], but to no avail. Please help!

... Sharp AF-S85FX Wall/Window Air Conditioner

MY frigidaire Air Conditioner model number: FAC107P1A2 has suddenly stopped blowing cool air. Check Filter light comes on but filter clean. Press Check Filter light button and blows out cool air for about a minute then blows hot air. Bought new at Lowes. Never had problem before with this air conditioner for 6 years! Please help burning up!

A few basic principles for air conditioner troubleshooting. For both central home air conditioner or window air conditioner,\015\012 the first thing to check is whether the unit is getting proper power. \015\012If the unit ... Frigidaire FAC107P1A Wall/Window Air Conditioner

I have an amana heating/cooling system. it is 3 years old. it has 2 fans/compressors outside the house that seem to operate fine. with all the hot weather this year we have used the air conditioner more than we typically do. i hadn't thought to change the air filter sooner because of the increased use. the filter was so clogged it got partially sucked into the air handler. i shut the switch off on the system and removed the filter to get the size off the filter. i closed the system back up witho

What you have done is restricted the air flow the water is most likely where the indoor coil is froze and you may need to clean the coil as well just from your symptoms shut unit down open the door of coil this is most likely in the shape of an A re ... Amana Air Conditioners

Wont work I have a Maytag central air thats about four years old. Once in a while it would stop blowing really cold air and would just blow mildly cool air. What I would do to fix this is flip the breaker off and then flip it back on again. When I did this the "high cool" light would come back on and everything would work just fine. This time that solution wont work. I have left it off for an hour at a time multiple times. I played with every switch and checked and cleaned every filter. We live

... Maytag M7Y15F2A Air Conditioner

Can I remove the air filter to clean it or do I need to buy a new air filter to replace the old one?

I have a similar unit and noticed not much air was coming out and unit was not getting as cold so i looked at the filter and it had caked on dirt.So i removed it then it got my air compressor and went outside then blew all the dust from the unit now ... Pelonis KCD-25YI Air Conditioner

DeLonghi CN120E alarm light signally to have the water drained every 10-15 minutes. I purchased a DeLonghi CN120 air conditioner the first week of July 2012 and have been using it maybe a few times a week since then. Last night the alarm light came on signalling a full tank. I drained the tank as instructed thru the single tube in the back, and decided to clean the filter while I was doing this. I also vacuumed the intake and output grills. I replugged the drain hole, put the filter back i

... DeLonghi Air Conditioners

I have a Hitachi RAR-3U3 Air Conditioner. I clean as often as every three weeks the filter screen, but the green light of air filter indicator is still on. I tried to switch off the A/C, unplug it completely and plug it in and restart the A/C again. BUT THIS GREEN LIGHT IS STILL ON. Could you please help

... Hitachi Air Conditioners

My Rheem RCBA3765AS17 Air conditioning unit is leaking water again from the left corner of the unit under the drain pan. I just had this fixed a month ago and cleaned the reusable filter. It is now covered with slimey black stuff! How do I get that filter clean again? I ran water forcefully through it, but that's not good enough. Is there anything else I can do myself before calling a professional again?

... Air Conditioners

Haier HWR18VC5 18000 btu,220 is throwing out semi cool air... we cleaned the coils in back back plus changed air filter ... do you recommned a part like a thermostat

... Haier HWR18VC5 Air Conditioner

A/C does not blow cold air. It has frosting built on the pipe that connects to the a/c unit outside. There is some water built up where the filter sits. I turnd off the a/c for a full day, the frost melted, filter is very clean, and nothing on the inside seems abnormal. I started the a/c again after 1-day but the frost started to built up again and no cold air was blowing. (it blew cold for a few minutes only). I don't know what the problem can be. Please let me know if you have any ideas to mak

Shelly,\015\012Most likely you are low on freon. Your air conditioner uses a coil that gets cold when the freon passes through it to produce your cooling. The temperature of the freon inside the coil is directly controlled by the pressure of ... Air Conditioners

My daughter has a Bryant AC Model number 563AN048-A where the outside coils are freezing up. The repairman has been out twice and has cleaned the coils on the inside and outside units and has checked the coolant levels that he says are ok. Currently, if they remove the cold air return filter, air circulation is increased slightly and in doing so, the outside coil is not freezing. Can't run the system without a filter as the internal coil will clog. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Assoc

Hi, this is a 4 ton unit, Bryant are top of the line, I believe so as I have worked on them for so many years. They were Day & night, just a name change is all. Here is what sounds like your problem is, or is your problem. Did the tech check the ... Air Conditioners

I have three mr slim inside units...live in a very clean place, non-smoker, no pets, brand new renovation....problem is that the fans are constantly getting dirty. less than a month ago i had all three units taken down, thoroughly cleaned, drain hoses cleaned, etc. Put them back up and now they are accumulating what appears to be an abnormal amount of gunk on the fan blades. the filters are clean, the coils are clean, and the air intakes at the top of the unit are clean as well. anyone have any

Very strange indeed! The ffault is on anyway and there is a dirt that comes on to stick to the fan. So the logic is that the fan is bringing up the dust to the fan either from the inside of the unit or from the outside. if you are spot sure that ther ... Mitsubishi Mr. Slim MXZ30TN Air Conditioner

Hi, I have a Panasonic Reverve Cycle Air Con Split system Model CS/CU E15 DKR and it hasnt been cleaned. Can I please have some info on how to clean the filters and anything else that requires cleaning. Thank You

Lift front cover on indoor unit, lift up then pull out the filters and wash them with dish washing liquid in water and hose them off. ... Air Conditioners

New kenmore air conditioner 76081. All of a sudden there is no cooling, only warm air. ice forming behind the filter, which is clean. Fan mode will defrost the ice quickly, but when change back to cool, its warm air and ice begins immediately again. Any suggestions?

Try running the fan on high speed , but the unit probably needs some freon ... Air Conditioners

Wall A/C only SPORADICALLY blowing cold air. Turn it off and back on, you can feel it's cold, but only if you're 5 inches from it. After a couple of minutes, fan is only blowing warm air again. Vacuumed front of A/C, still doing the same thing. Filter is clean. It is over 100 degrees outside with very low humidity the last few days.(Los Angeles) ; since it's a wall a/c, of course 1/2 of it is outside in the heat. As I noted, if you put your hand right up against the front, you can feel cool air

If it blows be not with force like it used to it can be fan motor capacitor not boosting fan speed. but if speed is not the issuse. remove and clean both coils water hose ... Air Conditioners

Hi im Kristan my boyfriend had a fire in his attic last summer he got a new air conditioner and its a frigidaire its no more than a year old and its not blowing out cold air could you tell me what might be wrong with it please i cleaning the filter already ?

Coils may be dirty or call service it should still be under warranty ... Frigidaire FAC052K7 Air Conditioner

Unit is leaking at the back towards the wall. Drain was cleaned but leak continues.Air filter is also clean. Can't find manual. please help!

Sometimes the pan that catches the water rusts through and leaks no matter what you do with the drain. If the leak spot is accessible you can fix it when its clean and dry with some JB weld or some other epoxy;' many times though its totally unreach ... Air Conditioners

My Maytag portable A/C will blow cold air for one cycle, then after about five minutes it just blows room temp air and never gets cold again. If I turn power off then back on it does the same thing over again. already drained the water and cleaned the filter.

Cleaned the filter screen or the coils? There are two coils. The evaporator coil and the condensor. There is the "filter screen" in which you can clean which is located in the back top portion of the panel that is easily accessible. However to cle ... Maytag NMPEB08F2A Air Conditioner

My air conditioner was barely blowing air out of the vents when i looked down stairs the filter was dirty but only a month old. i also noticed condensation on the pipe with black foam/rubber insulation on it. also a sopt where the rubber was ripped had frost i turned my a/c off but have no ideal what the problem is please help

Hi,\012You have a leak in your A/C unit and the system is low on freon...\012Get a pro to look at it fix the leak and recharge it...\012\012Here is a tip about troubleshooting your air conditioner...There are many ... Air Conditioners

I have a Fujita 3174 air conditioner and no manual I have the setting on 17 degrees but the air comimg out is not cold. My husband passed away 6 weeks ago and I do not know if he did any thing special like servicing the before summer. I have taken the the filter pads out and washed them then put them back when dry but that has made no difference. can you please help me as I feel like I am melting in this heat.Is there a cost involved in this service

Hi,There might be ONLY 2 reasons for it. They are low on freon and lack of air flow. An air conditioner that is not cleaned and serviced can have the A coil get blocked or even the blower fan. Once the AC has defrosted it should be safe t ... Air Conditioners

I have 1.5 ton window air conditioner of Electrolux, same is not cooling, compressor is on and there is air blowing but no cooling, filters are clean. please advise solution

You may need to take the cover off and with it unplugged take a hose and clean the condensing coil ( the outside coil) they can get very dirty. Make sure it dries before plugging it in. ... Air Conditioners

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