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I have old rheem ruud hot water tank. it's down for 4 day's, i would like to get it started, but the thing i would like to find out is can i get it going by lighting it up by using lighter or not. The hot water tank Mod. RR40-38M and the Ser # 1297J32709. Please help me i hade been without hot water for 4 day's. Thank you.

Answers :

Yes you can light it with a BBQ type lighter (long enough).
If it lights and stays lit then you need to change the thermocouple (looks like a little pipe off gas valve)

In simplest terms, a thermocouple is a temperature sensor. Normally \015\012inexpensive, a thermocouple is standard on hot water tanks. If your \015\012thermocouple breaks or you feel it is not working properly, consider \015\012replacing it\015\012\015\012\011\015\012\015\012\011\011\015\012\015\012 b?p=y23r90wnbq7oglkvtnbuhgyhrktxauzqpeoaddsf&t=18g7grtjm%2fx%3d1290445898%2fe%3d2143440281%2fr%3dacont%2fk%3d5%2fv%3d8.1%2fw%3d0%2fy%3dyahoo%2ff%3d2680761980%2fh%3dcg49imfjb250iibzzxj2zulkpsjzmjnsotb3tkjxn09nbgtwve5ivuhnewhys1r4yvv6cxbfb0fezfngiibzaxrlswq9ijq4mtmwnteiihrtdg1wpsixmjkwndq1odk4ota5njiwiia-%2fq%3d-1%2fs%3d1%2fj%3d6f060d4c&u=13gohjn6b%2fn%3df8a.bkwnpkw-%2fc%3d715481.14405591.14260180.13829426%2fd%3dlrec%2fb%3d6235626%2fv%3d1 \015\012lg.php?category_id=6&content_type=article&content_type_id=584031&key_page=1721642411054458764&site_id=1&bannerid=10089&campaignid=2945&zoneid=2&loc=1&referer=http%3a%2f%2fwww.associatedcontent.com%2farticle%2f584031%2fhow_to_change_a_thermocouple_on_your.html%3fcontent_type_id%3d584031&cb=ebe6534afe\015\012avw.php?zoneid=2&cb=1721642411054458764&source=&n=a14de4a9&slice=-1060-&dma=-0-&cty=-us-&content_type=article&content_type_id=584031&category_id=6&key_ad=1045292919&site_id=1&ad_pos=2&key_page=1721642411054458764&ac_url=http%3a%2f%2fwww.associatedcontent.com%2farticle%2f584031%2fhow_to_change_a_thermocouple_on_your.html\011\015\012\011\015\012 rather than installing a new gas hot water heater.

Begin this\015\012 project by shutting off the gas control knob on your hot water heater. \015\012Once you are sure that the gas is off, you should use a wrench to remove\015\012 the nut that attaches the thermocouple to the gas hot water tank. This \015\012nut should appear to be securing a piece of copper tubing or other type \015\012of tubing. With the nut removed, you should also pull down on the \015\012tubing, dislodging it from the thermocouple.

Sometimes there is\015\012 another nut that attaches the end of the thermocouple to the pilot \015\012bracket, if this is the case you should unscrew this nut as well. You \015\012can slide it down the tubing and keep it there until you need to replace\015\012 it.

With the nuts that were holding the unit in place removed,\015\012 you should be able to slide the old thermocouple out of the brackets \015\012that hold it to the hot water heater. You should then take it to a \015\012hardware or home improvement store and find a suitable replacement. Then\015\012 follow these steps to install the new part and fix the hot water \015\012heater.

To change the thermocouple, you should press the end of\015\012 the thermocouple into the pilot bracket as far as you can. If you had \015\012to remove a second nut to remove the old thermocouple, now is the time \015\012to replace that nut securely.

With the thermocouple in place, \015\012you should connect the lead to the control unit. Use the nut you removed\015\012 in the beginning steps to secure the lead. You should then tighten it \015\012at least a quarter turn with a wench to make sure the lead is securely \015\012attached to the control unit of the gas hot water heater.

Now \015\012that the new thermocouple is installed on your gas hot water heater, \015\012turn on the gas shut off valve that you turned off earlier. You should \015\012be able to relight the pilot and the functionality of your gas hot water\015\012 heater should be restored.

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I have old rheem ruud hot water tank. it's down for 4 day's, i would like to get it started, but the thing i would like to find out is can i get it going by lighting it up by using lighter or not. The hot water tank Mod. RR40-38M and the Ser # 1297J32709. Please help me i hade been without hot water for 4 day's. Thank you.

Yes you can light it with a BBQ type lighter (long enough).If it lights and stays lit then you need to change the thermocouple (looks like a little pipe off gas valve)In simplest terms, a thermocouple is a temperature sensor. Normal ... Air Conditioners

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Hi. This may require two separate steps. Let's begin with step #1:\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012Remove the drain valve. Using a wrench, twist off the valve.\015\012\015\012Insert a long, n ... Intertherm Air Conditioners

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My Honeywell L4103 Aquastat & High Limit Controller for my oil-fired hot water tank won't set the temperature no matter which direction the setpoint scale is turned. Instead it cuts off via the high limit controller at around 140ºF which is too hot. I would like to set it to 120ºF. Can this be repaired or do I have to replace the entire controller? [email protected]

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I am trying to get a repair manual or brief info on a above ground water pump manufactuer name is well mate, serial # 24801463, in order to check the right pressure that is required and to get other info on it. I would like this info to be sent to me asap. There is not a pick one choice that applies for an expert.

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Teisco_Kid have John Wood (Deere) 60-75000 BTU output 1960s salamander heater. Got running ok. Purchased used. Cone does not get red hot like my other one used too. Smoky too. Prior owner had filled up with kerosene he said.Fuel was yellow colored. Should I put an additive in of some sort ? Would fuel or air pressure adjustment help get hotter ? Has .50 GPH with 60 degree nozzle which was installed when acquired. Think I should go to .70 same degree spray pattern semi-solid was told earlie

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I need to know where i can get a manual on how to set the remote controll for the air conditioner. right now we are turn them on and off every day or when it gets to hot or to cold. i would like to set them at a cetain temp for the day and maybe be able to have them go off at a certain time at night and come on at a certain time in the morning.

If its for the unit pictured go to http://service.airwell.com.au/airwellsanyoparts/Website%202007%20update/airwell/XV26RCA/ and click on ... Sanyo 18KHS72 Air Conditioner

Boss Therm BRTRF Wireless thermostat problem. Transmitter looks like its working, but BR1 receiver flashes orange for 5 seconds and then nothing. I've replaced batteries in BRTRF, switched them both off for 5 minutes, back on - still same. Boiler (Ferrolli Optimax HE 31 C) seems ok - hot water, but cannot override thermostat control to get heating to come on. Any ideas? It's getting cold in here!

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Carrier 38CK036330 Hi,  I totally know nothing about air conditioning. It's getting so hot in LA and we really need help since our house has a 18-month old child. We have a Carrier 38CK036330 central unit, and it's not cooling the house as we'd like it to. It's already about 13 years old and we are looking for a new one to replace it. The question is we cannot find this model anymore, or do we have to replace it with the same model?? What model or brand would you suggest for a 1350 square feet h

The model numbers change.You have a 3 ton system.The make and model that you replace it with is not nearly as important as a quality install.Do your homework on picking a contractor that you can trust.Have them do a load calculation to make sure a 3t ... Carrier 38CKC060 Air Conditioner

I would like a user manual for the switchmaster sm300 so i can set the timer for my heating and hot water please

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Ariston Microgenus 27 MFFI not working? When I woke this morning my boiler was not working. The pilot light is out and the pressure is at 0. I have tried the reset button but still no joy. We havent been using the heating recently (no need) only the hot water. Any ideas? I would like to try and fix this myself if possible?

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I have a Fridaire AC window unit about 3 mos old. It just would not work with the buttons, then we unplugged it to reset it, and now it will just beep when we plug it back up and push reset, then it turns off and will not come on at all. It looks like from the side the model number is: FAA087(5 or maybe a S )A ....I have called the number on it, and I get recordings and then to call a LONG distance number and no one to help. That was Thurs and we sure are hot!!! Can you help???

How long do you leave it unplugged for? try a couple of hours to let any memory voltage dissipate and clear memory, then retry, also does it have any troubleshooting ideas in the owners manual, possibly a certain way of steps to un glitch unit and ma ... Air Conditioners

My Sanyo ks2432a unit's motor makes a gear winding type noise. Sort of like a classic hot rod car that has a gear drive installed instead of a timing chain. When the motor ramps up to the next speed the pitch gets higher. Question is there a bearing that I could change? or would I have to replace the fan motor assembly? Thanks in advance!

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I have some tree leaves and water stuck up on the back of my AC unit .I would like to open the back of the unit and remove all the dirty leaves. How do i get this done ?

With my Maytag window unit, I just unscrewed everything on the casing until the front part could be popped out/unclipped then cleaned out the debris with an air compressor. ... Frigidaire Air Conditioners

Hi and thanks for reading this. I have recently had a complete house overall, included a new bathroom. Part of this included getting an electric shower which I was advised was very powerful. Anyway it seemed to be working for the first 3 days of use (not pumping powerful but a reasonable flow of water coming from the shower) however the during this time the temperature adjuster knob would not turn anti clockwise (cold) and only clockwise to hot. on the fourth and every day since (been using i

I would go to the supplier or Manufacture to know who the certified rep is in the area and use them and back charge plumber... ... Air Conditioners

My Rinnai 24 will only start when I use the the hot water in the kitchen (which is closer to the heater). If I open any of the hot water taps in the bathroom it doesn't work.. I have to start the hot water in the kitchen first then go and open the hot water taps in the shower to get any hot water

Hi,The flow valve in the heater is not working right...The flow is not fast enough to trip the heater on from the further faucets.You will need to replace the flow valve in the heater or adjust it if possible...heatman10 ... Air Conditioners

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