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I have an AMCOR AMB 12000E portable air conditioner. I acan't seem to find any info on this model and have lost the instructions that came with it. Basically i need a Drainage pipe that fits onto the back of the machine (right at the very bottom). A label on the back says i would need a pipe (ref OD 18.0mm) to extend the drainage by fitting on to the original pipe BUT i need the original (with fittings). PLEASE HELP, any ideas where i might get this pipe Thanks Phil

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I have an AMCOR AMB 12000E portable air conditioner. I acan't seem to find any info on this model and have lost the instructions that came with it. Basically i need a Drainage pipe that fits onto the back of the machine (right at the very bottom). A label on the back says i would need a pipe (ref OD 18.0mm) to extend the drainage by fitting on to the original pipe BUT i need the original (with fittings). PLEASE HELP, any ideas where i might get this pipe Thanks Phil

... Air Conditioners

Bryant 557A fan blower not working. tech shows up and says need new fan motor. goes back to shop and owner of ac business calls and says he wants to recheck. comes back and puts test set on ...says new ECM is needed. Orders part...installs it..turns on ac and burns up ECM. what is wrong?

Is it burning up the motor or the control module?\015\012If its the module the motor is probably running at full speed all the time. They need to check the wiring, duct static, filters, coil, any restrictions to airflow.\015\012It might ... Air Conditioners

Hi, I'm very interested in installing an outside woodburner to heat my house and garage (work shop) I would like to install this my self but nobody will tell me what i need to buy to install it, all i need is simple drawings of like from burner to garage back to burner or from burner to house split up into rooms (zones) back to burner. I don't need evey fitting or clamp mentioned just what valves or pump or why a flanged fitting should be installed, i can figure out basics but would like working

Check\015\012\015\012Wood Burner Basics ... Carrier Air Conditioners

Does the orifice, which needs to be installed in the inside unit of an a/c for a house, come with the outside condenser? I had an a/c system installed and an orifice was never installed. the original company says that they only installed the inside unit, and dropped off the outside unit, and we had a different company install that. The original company says that the orifice comes with the outside unit and then needs to be installed inside. Is this true? ( not sure if i picked the correct produ

The orifice is the metering device inside the evaporator coil and comes installed from the factory in the coil itself. Some condensers do come with orifices taped to the side of the unit, but they only do that to ensure you have the right size orific ... Goodman CKL60AR60 Air Conditioner

Hi, I have a Rudd 21J11SFC air handler. At the bottom front of the handler (drip pan area) is a plastic sheild, out of which comes the pvc drainage pipe. When removing the pipe so that I could access the coils, I accidentally snapped off a jagged piece of that plastic shield surrounding the pipe while trying to remove the pipe. Where would I find a replacement for this and how the heck would I install it? I know it sounds like such a minor problem, but I can't figure out any simple way to rig

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Anyone know how to reset the remote control for my everstar portable ac? I took the batteries out for the winter like the manual says, and when I put them back in this summer the remote came on but the AC no longer recognizes it. The manual says if I remove the batteries I will need to reprogram the remote, but it doesn't tell me how to do it!!! My AC model is MPN1-095CR-BB6 and the remote says Type R51I17/BGCE on the back. If anyone can help, thanks so much in advance!

... Danby DPAC8020 Air Conditioner

We are planning to add several natural gas appliances behind our house. One being a 10KV Generator,the other a gas fire pit.Also Possible a small gas furnace in a work shop. I already ran a one inch black gas pipe through the back wall of my house about five feet above ground. I stopped after adding a 90 degree elbow pointing down. I would like to step it down to 3/4 in. pipe to the generator, fire pit, ect. How would you confiqure the pipe so I could make three connections. Thanks Al.

Hello It is IMPORTANT to keep the entire run 1".When you get close to the appliance use a 1"X1/2"X1"bull tee.Right now you need 2.Use a 1"plug at the end for future furnace hook up.You need to maintain 1" for pressure during demand reasons.You can us ... Air Conditioners

Water is backing up and dripping out of wall unit. I've checked drainage pipe and its clear. water is not getting into drainage pipe in unit.

The water dripping from evapourator is due to clogging of the cooling pins.where in the condensed water logs into the front portion into the filter,the front pannel and to the wall.If the unit is slightly tilted, this would be reduced.use a good brus ... Air Conditioners

Purchased and installed century hearth model S24XE. I have misplaced the install instructions where I'm sure it said that I could reduce clearances to combustible backwall provided I use double wall chimney pipe. The instruction on back of stove says 15' with single wall installations but doesn't say how much I can reduce this by with double wall chimney pipe.

... Air Conditioners

I have a heat pump with the unit under the house. We have noticed our power bill has increased. After crawling under the house I notice the drip pan is full and not draining through the pipe. So I unclogged it and it drained fine, but my next issue is, why would the return duct have about 3 gallons of water sitting inside the pipe making it sag. So what can I and need to do to fix this. I have been covering the ducts to cover the leak that I found but this water in the pipe has me baffled. Pleas

Hi, this sounds as though you just have a backed up condensation line that you opened up the drain, and you say it drained fine. As far as the return air duct having water in it, it is connected to the return side of the evaporator coil and it just o ... Air Conditioners

I have a 1993 Kenmore Gas Furnace. For past few weeks it's been turning on and off with a big flame very often (few minutes). Now there's a loud knock that shakes the room and we're afraid to turn it back on. A plumber who I trust and know a long time doesn't want to put any parts in it and he says we need a new furnace and gave me a reasonable price. He says he doesn't want to be responsible for the family if something should happen if he just replaces parts and says he'd be surprised if it las

With the age of the equipment it may be cheaper to get it replaced rather than fixing it plus you will have warranty plus peace of mind. ... Air Conditioners

RV ac fan runs backwards (blows out air on top of RV.) Runs correctly sometimes but after it satisfies and clicks off when it kicks back on, it runs backwards. The only thing that will turn it back around is to turn off unit and wait for around 30 minutes and turn back on. (won't reverse motion very quickly) Spoke to Coleman expert and was told it is the fan capacitor. Need instructions to identify and change the capacitor. Would like to fix myself since this will be the 3rd time to have it i

Hi, this is strange as I have never heard of this either!!! The capacitor is located by the motor and sometimes clamped to the motor. They can be the shape of a very small can, oval 3" tall with 2 leads on top with wires coming off the terminals. It ... Coleman Mach III Air Conditioner

In cleaning my gas-fired Marco fireplace, unsure original base configuration, mine has only burned out mineral wool pieces. The metal flat base has a row of small ports along the front. A single row of small ports in center lead from the front to a rear raised port bar. The rear bar has two sized ports all along the top. I would love to restore to it's original configuration. Any links or advice to help me here? Some gas-fired models have sand bases, then a layer of mineral wool. I need direc

Unfortunately, you didn't list the model number of your fireplace and whether it's vented or vent-free. However, I suspect it's vented, as MARCO (now out of business) manufactured very few vent-free models. Restoration is going to depend on the condi ... Air Conditioners

Hi, i need to disconnect a DeLonghi split system, type DEFS 71 EXU. I need to know how to pull the refrigerant back into the out door unit. any help would be greatly appriciated.

Pump down the gas.: Start the unit let it run for 5 minutes after compressor start working. In out door unit first close completely liquid line valve (Discharge line) and after 5 seconds switch of your unit ( Most important). Now close suction valve ... Air Conditioners

Hi,my heil durafused furnace won't kick on,ones I turn the thermostat off and wait couple minutes then turn it back on,it start and stays on into reach the set temperature.. Ones the temperature goes down and it's time for the sistem to go back on it won't start.... I need to know if there's a part that I would have to check or replace thanks for your time

... Air Conditioners

Hello, mt name is Tony. I really need some expert advice! My electricity had gotten disconnected awhile back, well when i got it reactivated my furnace nor central air unit would not work. I had someone come look at it a couple weeks ago, he told me he thought it was the thermostat. So I went to Lowes and picked up Hunter model#44860, (i guess thats what i needed because i have a heat pump). I installed it myself and I'm not sure if I have it right because I still have no heat. Ther wires from t

Black C and Brown to W-2. ... Air Conditioners

Freon leaking my unit is only 4 yrs old. in the winter it was not working, he put 2# of freon, said that the sequensers needed replaced. Then they came back when summer hit and put in 7# of freon, did not check for leak, and now are saying that they have to come back and empty freon to find the leak, they should have done that when it was almost empty, not just add freon. which was 140.00

First, you need to complain to the owner about the tech not informing you that the freon would leak out again. It's addtional costs that were not explained to you. If he's a good guy, he may credit you something if you decide to use him to complete ... Goodman CLJ30AR32 Air Conditioner

I have the opportunity to purchase a Mitsubishi Mr Slim a/c unit that is 3-4 years old. It has been unhooked with the lines and freon removed. I was told that the copper pipes will need to be replaced because of possible dust contamination. How much freon needs to be placed back in to the unit? It is a single unit with 22,000 btu's

It will be posted on the unit as factory charge. ... Mitsubishi Mr. Slim MXZ30TN Air Conditioner

Evaporated coil in goodman a/c arpto32-ooc-1a needs replacing...?? How much would it cost... the coil is under warranty but my a/c company says it will be $640 to replace does this sound right??

I charge $350. ... Goodman Air Conditioners

Does anyone know how many watts are in a 7 1/2' and 8 1/2' baseboard heater. These were installed new, approx 30 yrs ago. I would like to install an electronic thermostat but need to know what the wattage is. Does it say anywhere on the units what the wattage is?


Air conditioner serviceman says fan needs replacing and will cost $900-$1000 seems expensive for a 25 year old air-con. Do you have a service manual and a rough idea what a new fan would cost as Im a handy guy. Gazza from australia.

I agree, here in mid south US i would typically charge about a 120$ labor and around 200$ for a typical blower and cleaning and service materials. 900$ seems high i would get a second opinion, theres always the possibility that there is some addition ... Soleus KFR-18 Air Conditioner

I have a Ruud 4ton Horiz. which has ice inside blocking the air flow. The technician says we need to replace the motherboard at $1000 and possibly the coil since it would have cracked with the ice. He is now suggesting a total overhaul on our 7 year old system, which should be covered under our 10 warranty but of course non of this is covered as it is being attributed to a power surge? Does this sound correct or are we being taken? All that he has done is look inside and has not done any diag

No. Your coil is freezing over because its really dirty. Most likley you never changed the filter. And or your return air is to small (the duct that sucks in air to your unit) Cleaning the coil is pain, I hate doing it but its ... Ruud UBHC Air Conditioner

Water alarm is on. How do i drain. I think I need to hook up a hose in the back of the unit to drain but I don't know the procedure. There are three drains that look ike they would accept a hose, one high on the unit and two low ones. Can you tell me what to do to clear the alarm?

The hose is optional. If you are lucky enough to have a drain nearby, then route the hose downhill from any of the three holes on the back. But it won't pump the water uphill out a window. In that case, you will have to install the ginormous exter ... Danby DPAC120068 Air Conditioner

Good heat pump. I put a t-stat and the unit came on. took it off and put it back on the unit would not say a thing. What do you think the problem is.

You should check the low voltage fuse on the control board. check power to unit and check to see if you have low voltage. ... Goodman CLQ36AR49 Air Conditioner

I am having the window AC (2 tone), recently it has been serviced. When switch on the AC the main fuse is being departed. Can you please explain what would be the problem? Is it related to any problem with compressor? The AC is bought some 5 years back. Please do the needful.

It seems to be some short circuit is there...\015\012check the external and some internal wiring if possible...\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012rate me if u get solution...plz... ... LG Air Conditioners

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