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My Sanyo ks2432a unit's motor makes a gear winding type noise. Sort of like a classic hot rod car that has a gear drive installed instead of a timing chain. When the motor ramps up to the next speed the pitch gets higher. Question is there a bearing that I could change? or would I have to replace the fan motor assembly? Thanks in advance!

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My Sanyo ks2432a unit's motor makes a gear winding type noise. Sort of like a classic hot rod car that has a gear drive installed instead of a timing chain. When the motor ramps up to the next speed the pitch gets higher. Question is there a bearing that I could change? or would I have to replace the fan motor assembly? Thanks in advance!

... Sanyo 24KS32A Cool Mini Split Air Conditioner

I have a wall mounted Kenmore 21,000 BTU/hr air conditioner model 106.8752192. The compressor and cooling portion of the air conditoner works fine. However, the blower motor bearing appears to be going bad. The noise at ''LO'' speed with the compressor off is gradually getting worse. Is it repairable? What is the estimated repair cost?

Sure it is repairable, in fact it's a relatively simple process if you are familiar with electronic devices and handy with tools.\015\012\015\012You will need to simply replace the blower motor and capacitor.\015\012\015\012Mo ... Air Conditioners

Bonaire Integra VSL75 only runs at full speed after a motor replacement. I replaced the motor with the exact same model after the old motor seized and sheared a bearing. No other fault was evident. Now the motor only runs at full speed. I have double checked fan connections and tried reprograming the touch pad fan speed settings with no luck. Can the controllers be faulty after a motor seized and tripped the power box switch? I figured it would just be the motor. Any ideas? Thanks

... Mastercool 67471 Evaporative Cooler Air Conditioner

My Duo Therm Brisk Aire has a bearing going out on the fan motor. What is the best way to get the motor out? Having trouble getting in to get the squirrel cage off of the motor shaft. Thanks Rick

    Here is what we do:    If possible, we take the whole thing out; motor and fan blades together. Then we sand down the exposed part of the shaft. put penetrating oil on as much as the shaft we can reach. Loosen the set scr ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

I have a kenmore central air unit model KAC024AK5. Fan started making noise few days ago. I'm still getting cold air. Opened the top grill and the fan is not loose. Could it be the motor and more specifically the bearing? If this is the case, should i get the motor repaired or get a new one from Kenmore Parts Canada? Your advise is greatly appreciated. gene

\012Hi,Yes, the bearing go bad and for the price of the new motor I would get it new... to repair will be more then half that if they can ...Here is a tip about troubleshooting your air conditioner...There ... Kenmore Air Conditioners

TRANE XR13 - Don't Want to Get Ripped on maintenance! Maintenance guy says that the gasket is leaking on the fan motor. There was very little oil that i could see. He also says the bearings are getting worn because the fan blade has about 1/4 up/down movement when pulled away from the motor. Are they trying to hose me?

Hi,\015\012Do not let them change the motor as long as it is still running...I have seen them run like that for many years...yes, it could fail tomorrow or it could run for years...unless you absolutely need that unit to run with out failure... ... Air Conditioners

High speed does not work but low speed does. Is there an easy fix, or will this require a motor replacement to get both speeds working again? The cooler is a Mastercool model MC64C

If your motor only works on low speed and not on high speed first check to see if you have the proper voltage to high speed. ... Mastercool 67680 Evaporative Cooler Air Conditioner

Dometic duo-therm rooftop ac unit motor wont spin unless i jiggle the wires that go into the motor then it works! Trailer sat in a monsooon storm last night. next morning compressor kicks on just fine and motor hums but fan wont spin unless i jiggle the wires? did somethning just get wet and needs to dry out or did it short out my run capicitor? Help?

If you have to jiggle the wires going into the compressor motor to get it going, I would submit that you may very well have a broken wire or otherwise loose connection that is making contact when you jiggle the wires. If all appropriate connections w ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

I think the bearing on front of motor is going . Can it be replaced or does whole motor need replacing . Unit is cooling very well but making some noise and shaft of motor getting hot. Unit is Coleman roughneeck 8000 series

The bearings are replaceable on some motors.. its a bit of work and you might first check the cost of a replacement motor .. it might be low enough to offset the amount of labor required to replace the bearing .. around here we have a hardware store ... Coleman Mach III Air Conditioner

Blower motor blower moter making noise bearings bad under warranty need to get it repaired under warranty.purchased 5/12/06 has 5 year warranty who or were can i get in touch with to get repaired?

Ok, here you go. This will get you what you want. Have a very blessed day!\015\012http://ctm.enablx.com/fedderslocator/ ... Fedders A6Q10F2B Q Chassis Room Air Conditioner

I am getting a Induced Fan Motor Fail Alarm. I replaced the motor but the alarm still comes up. What can I check next?

The pressure transducer switch in the furnace could be bad or the sail switch on the bottom of the inducer it depends on what kind of furnace you have ... Air Conditioners

The fan motor on my outside ac unit is out. and nowhere does it say what the rpm is. that is vital info for my ac repairman. i can get a replacement motor but without the rpm speed...no sale

... Coleman Air Conditioners

Why does my electric motor on my swamp cooler only turn on to low speed but will not goto high speed and gets hot.

... Air Conditioners

Motor bearings are making noise. Can I get bearings or do I have to replace the whole unit?

From all the manuals that I have checked you are going to have to replace the motor as this is a sealed bearing and is not replaceable.Thank you. ... Frigidaire FAS257S2A WallWindow Air Conditioner

Hello, I have a Trane blower motor that want start. I am getting 24vts to the outside unit but the indoor not responding. Also getting 120vts........however im gearing towards the circuit board to be replaced... any thoughts before i buy this board? please help

Are you getting 120v at the "cool" terminal on the board try taking one of the motor leads and hooking it up to the 110v going into the control board if that works check to see if you have 24v at the "G" terminal if you have 24v at "G" and no ... Goodman CKL42AR42 Air Conditioner

I have a sunbeam 12000 btu window unit air conditioner. I can't seem to change the fan speed when it is in cool mode. When I put it on fan only it blows extremely cold air and i can change the fan speed. When i press the power button it stops blowing but it sounds like the motor is still running and I must unplug it to get it to stop.

Sounds like the switch is wired wrong.\015\012When you put the switch on fan only the compressor should not run at all, therefore their shouldn't be any cold air.\015\012Check the switch to see if it's wired right. ... GE Profile ASM10AA Air Conditioner

CE25-1EB I have a Goodman Central Air Conditioner that had the condensor motor fan and cap stolen out of it...The model Number is CE25-1EB, Serial Number is 9305081968. I am needing to get the size of the Capacitor and the fan pitch. Can anyone help me get this information??

Http://gethuman.com/phone-number/Goodman-Manufacturing-Co \012 Phone Number\012 ... Goodmans Air Conditioners

Blower motor on home a/c struggles to get up to speed then shuts off. then does the same thing over and over. never stays on. also makes a lot of noise.

One of two things first you may have a motor capacitor going out. This capacitor is what gets the fan up to speed and keeps it there. If this capacitor is out the fan starts slowly and may never reach operating speed. However, you state the motor ma ... Air Conditioners

Take a long time for blower motor to get up to speed

The first thing I would do is to clean motor and squirrel cage. It would be best if you would remove it and take it somewhere that you had a air compressor to blow out motor ports and fins on squirrel cage. Most of the time you can remove by disconn ... Ruud UBHC Air Conditioner

Our fujitsu inverter heat pump makes a terrible high pitched squealing noise when ever we use it. It may get a tiny bit quieter when we lower the speed, but it is an incessant sound and makes it hard to stay in the room or have people over. The heating and cooling are working...it's just the noise that is driving us crazy. What can we do?

... Fujitsu Air Conditioners

I have a 1991 dodge colt 200gt. My problem is that the fans have stopped running. The only air I get is from me driving and it passing into the car. If I put it onto econo it draws the 100 rpm from the engine and on a/c it draws 1000-1500rpm and drops into the dead zone. If I hit speed bumps really fast or go over a particularily bumpy road then they start up again. I don't want to kill my suspension and I suspect it might need a new motor. Any suggestions?

Hitting speed bumps could be jarring the shaft and bearing just enough to allow the motor to take off; however, it is possible that the motor is taking off due to a loose/dirty connection or ground. Prior to replacing the motor, check all of your wir ... Air Conditioners

What a piece of ****!!! it make sooo much noise when it starts the motor going and i actually woke up in the middle of the night and turned it off!! it was making sooo much noise!!continually!!! even the fan on the 2nd speed whistles. how do i get it quiet???

Hi, sounds like you have had it!! This motor is a dual shaft motor that has a prop or wheel at each end on it. For blowing air in across the evaporator coil and for removing air, hot air to the outside cooling the condenser coil and releasing heat to ... Friedrich CP06E10 Thru-Wall/Window Air Conditioner

35 year old intertherm ModelE2712..Blower motor sluggish to start up but runs fine once it gets to speed.. Could it be the capacitor Model #620-2712

Since it goes ahead and starts I would be more inclined to look closely at cleaning the motor and lubing if it has oil ports.Remove and clean out blower if you can as they can gather several pounds of dirt and debris over the years. If you have compr ... Intertherm Air Conditioners

I'd like to see if I can get a replacement blower motor for my central air unit that runs at a slower speed.

The central air units are designed to run at a specific speed (100%) if its older unit. The problem with putting in a slower speed motor(2speed) is the unit will still run at max speed. (nothing to regulate the speed). If you contact your local HVA ... Air Conditioners

Duo-Therm AC bearing noise I have cleaned the fins, checked all nuts and bolts. tried to get some grease on the shaft. checked the squirel cage, still noise. Sometimes barely noticeable, sometimes louder. Can it be anything but the motor? 2001 Duo-Therm by Dometic 13500 with Heat Pump

Yes, it sounds like your bearings are bad. If it is cooling, then you know the compressor is working. \015\012The only other thing really, would be the motor.\015\012 ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

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