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Hi, I had a Cozy gas-fired room heater installed two years ago. It has only been used during the winter months. When it was installed , it passed the carbon monoxide test (0 parts per million). I had it checked today, and it failed the test, and the gas specialist said it might have to be condemned. Also, he said that 5 of 6 similar Cozy heaters that were fairly new failed testing this season. Have you heard about Cozy heaters having a similar problem? What can I do? Model: VC351A-H 3

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A very common problem with the unvented heaters is that they get dust and dirt in them and then they do not burn right. The pilot is especially bad and often that will make them burn bad failing the test.
Before throwing it out I would completely dismantle the heater and blow out everything with compressed air and then reassemble it. Take special care to blow everything out on the pilot assembly.
Also check the incoming pressure to the heater to make sure it is not too high. It should not be more then 7 In. WC for Nat. gas. If it is then have a regulator installed before the heater gas valve.

These things should get you to pass and be able to use your heater again.


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Hi, I had a Cozy gas-fired room heater installed two years ago. It has only been used during the winter months. When it was installed , it passed the carbon monoxide test (0 parts per million). I had it checked today, and it failed the test, and the gas specialist said it might have to be condemned. Also, he said that 5 of 6 similar Cozy heaters that were fairly new failed testing this season. Have you heard about Cozy heaters having a similar problem? What can I do? Model: VC351A-H 3

Hi,A very common problem with the unvented heaters is that they get dust and dirt in them and then they do not burn right. The pilot is especially bad and often that will make them burn bad failing the test.Before throwing it out I would ... Air Conditioners

My newly installed Valor Petrus HE gas fire keeps going out when I turn it to low heat. When I first light it I have it on high for approx 10 minutes before turning it down(fire has slide control) after a few minutes the fire goes out. My installer tested the chimney with smoke bombs and said it was OK, although he needed to remove the restrictor -I think that's what he said. Hoping you can advise what course of action to take next. Thank you.

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I have a gas furnace that was to have a 10acc air conditioner unit installed with it. Instead of the 10acc unit a 10hpr48 heat pump unit was installed, The house is 4 years old and the reversing valve has failed. The unit is not wired as a heat pump but as an ac unit with only three wires. A independent air conditioner repair company has said this installation is inproper.Is this unit installed to code and would lennox guarante a unit installed in this manner?

It should definitly be warrantied. their is nothing wrong with your set up however id have the contrator pull a new wire and go dual fuel withh outdoor sensor and get the full benifit of dual fuel. you should use the hp above 40 ... Air Conditioners

We have a natural gas unvented rinnai heater that smells like lighter fluid whenver we use it. We sent it with the landlord to a rinnai dealer that "blew it out" for hours and said there was no smell left but the second we re-installed it, it smelled the same. a VERY strong smell like lighter fluid that makes me nauseous and gives me a sore throat.

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I have a Lennox Gas Heater that will work for a while and then stop working (or fail to turn on when it cools down in the house). I changed the thermostat in the hallway about 6 months ago so I don't think its that. When the problem started about 2 months ago, flipping the breaker on and then off would kick the heater on and I wouldnt have the proboblem for about a few days and then the heater would fail to turn on again. Now flipping the breaker rarely works and the family is COLD! Please help

Hello, do the burners ignite at all? ... Air Conditioners

Rheem Power Vent gas water heater (only 2 years old) had electronic thermostat/gas valve fail. Received warranty replacement today but I can't get the old assembly out. I cannot get it to budge even using 1 foot pipe wrench and tapping on the end with a sledge. Hesitant to put much more torque as I am afraid of damaging the tank. This is natural gas heater so uses right-hand threads (so I am trying to turn counterclockwise). Threads are too far inside the tank wall - can't reach them with p

Hello Try a "breaker bar" on the end of the pipe wrench.Good news is that the control threads are BRASS and the tank is steel,meaning the control will always come out (without spray oil).Counter clockwise is correct.Have faith and lay into it! ... Air Conditioners

Have a bristol compressor fitted to a prototype air con unit designed for military application, been through a TUV vibration test and failed due to pipework failing, pipework repaired, pressure tested, vacumed out, gas introduced but suction and discharge pressure the same, compressor runs but seems noisier than sister unit and gets warm very quick, replace with new compressor ?

Please check your compressor pumping. How to check?Keep pressure gauge in discharge pipe and also keep open suction pipe, test run. It builds the pressure up to 300 psi or slightly more than that. If it's less than 275psi, it's defective ... Air Conditioners

I am working on an older Williams gas wall heater. Pilot lights, heater comes on- after 1 hour cycles off, kills pilot light. one year ago installed new gas regtulator. DJWilson [email protected]

You have some limit switches located around the unit one high one or two around the middle one of them is opening and not closing. You need to take off the cover and locate the limits undo the wires and ohm them out you should have complete circuit ... Air Conditioners

I have a Cozy one-sided gas wall heater. It is no longer lighting the burners when the wall thermostat reaches the temperature set point. The thermostat will "click" on, but the burners won't ignite in the heater. This has been an intermittent problem, but is growing steadily more frequent by the day. Sometimes when the burners won't ignite, I'll bang on the heater and then they ignite. But even that "temporary fix" is becoming less effective. What part on the wall heater needs to be replaced or

Can you remove the front cover to the wall unit? Look for the wiring and follow it till you see a round about the size of a fifty cent piece. Should have 3 of them. One of them is not closing and allowing the signal to go through. So turn up the ... Air Conditioners

Igniter on GE hot water heater ser no GELP1006500784, mod no GP40T06PVJ went bad. GE is sending the part, with instructions to install, will arive tomorrow. GE said I could install it or hire a professoinal. I have no hot water, with the weekend and holiday coming up, may take a while to get some one in to install it. My question, do you have THESE instructions on line, or e mail them to me in advance of getting the part so I could see if I could install it? thanks Bill

... GE Air Conditioners

Condensate pump Installed pump 2 years ago. Today, while a gas fitter was replacing some gas piping, the furnace was off for about 2 hours. After a leak test, the gas was turned back on. Furnace works well, but condensate pump has all lights on and the motor is hot. Is not pumping. What does the red alarm light mean, exactly? How can I reset it?

... Horticulture Source Air Conditioners

When we built our home 6 years ago, Airtron installed a Majestic NVBR36RN vented fireplace system. We had to turn our gas off a while back and never thought about the fireplace until now when we wanted to use it and realized the pilot wasn't lit. Airtron no longer installs fireplaces and was no help other than providing the model number they installed. I contacted a Majestic dealer and they showed me how to light the pilot on a model they had (said they weren't familiar with my model number).

It has a panel hidden under the white fiber hearth bricks at the front bottom of the unit. you need to clean the lava rock off of them, pull both of them up, and then you will see the hidden linear cover that allows you to access the valve and light. ... Air Conditioners

New Archer Aurora Gas Log Fire with Built in Humidifier. Humidifier has not worked since installation. Have phoned Archer, they state humidifier is working or the heater would not work. The humidifier is not working and has not worked. They will not listen to us and got extremely angry, raised their voice and told us that we know nothing about the heater, they are the professionals and do not wish to discuss this matter further. Please could you tell me if the heater can work without the humidif

If the humidifier is faulty the unit would not fire up. The humidifier is a lot quieter then the bay window model. So you do not have a problem. Also the frequency of the pump will depend on the type of flue you have. Hope this helps. \ ... Air Conditioners

We have a brand new Rinnai gas heater, Avenger 25. The first two times we operated it, it was fine, but since then a code 13 comes up after 3-4 minutes and the heater turns off. Rinnai said we could take it back to the store as it is brand new, however now we cannot detach it from the wall bayonet! Any advice on these two problems please?

These are the possible issues with the unit, based on the code list and descriptionCheck that the gas is turned on at the water heater and gas meter. Check for obstructions in the flue outlet.Ensure gas line, meter, and/or regulator ... Air Conditioners

Hello ,I just installed a new compressor and got a guy out to regas the system .It vacumned out ok but when he put gas in it the unit would run but then cut out,wait 5 minutes and it starts again.He then packed his gear and said something was wrong with the unit,only a kilo of gas went in.

Did he test for leakage?? He should of!!!\015\012I had a so-called friend mechanic recharge my daughters auto AC. Worked one day, then stopped. Come to find out he didn't check for leaks as all the seals dried out & new freon leaked out the 1st ... Air Conditioners

We had a new Carrier Weathermaker Infinity Gas Furnace installed in our home on 9-21-99.The Carrier people said the furnace was in good condition this past October.But prior to that as of April 2010 the furnace started sending up really cool air. Was told by the Carrier serviceman that the Controlboard was running on high and low at the same time also found the Board fired.Then NO HEAT. Got a new Controlboard installed,that didn't work Still NO HEAT.Was told furnace needs a model Plug that was

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I need to obtain a typical manual pilot natural gas hanging shop heater wiring diagram. it is a totally 110 volt wiring configuration and has been wired for direct non-stop operation and i would like to install a line voltage thermostat to control the heater, but would like to verify that all safeties are in the configuration when i am through. there are a couple of visibility issues to the wiring so i need some help if possible. thanks

Put a 120v Thermostat in series with the power switch. No need to alter the unit.\015\012Hope this helps.\015\012Matt ... Air Conditioners

I got a Carrier Flowtronic with two recips and EXV's. Unit goes out on compressor failure. Ran test mode and EXV's operate normally. Pressures look good.(R-22-260 head, 65- suction) The unit only has a high pressure cut-out and a suction thermistor, which had been recently changed. First circuit A failed and would not reset. Then circuit B failed. Now the unit is running on circuit B. Thermistors ohm out good and expansion valves are doing O.K. as well. Installed a new MBB board and configured i

Theres a major malfunction with the unit,, trying diff things can cost you alot of money for some thing like that i would contact the makers for tech advice as trying diff, things is costing you alot of time and the cost with be greater in the end th ... Air Conditioners

I am installing a gas heater in my workshop, I have to have a service switch installed as well . Can I run normal 14/2 wire from the panel to the switch then use the BX 14/2 or do I use BX all the way.

Hello my name is Heath it will be my pleasure to assist you. You can use 14/2 wire to the furnace from the panel box and then use the bx wire from the switch to the furnace. ... Air Conditioners

My parents had a frigidaire eletric heat pump installed 2 years ago. almost right away a soured water smell came out of the vents. service tech sprayed the coils and installed a black light. did not help. service tech said frigidaire did have this problem with some of its units. so the unit was replaced. new unit done fine for about 6 months. now the smell has came back mainly when the cooling is on. any suggestions. i dont believe it is the unit. they had a gas it pump before.

I feel that the gas lis leaking from a very minute hole which gets enlarged when the unit is cooling (it gets hot and enlarges). And it could be leaking from anywhere. A quick temporary remedy is to seal the possible leaking points with super glue or ... Frigidaire Air Conditioners

I'm a 35 yr home builder in northern Ohio. I built a new house for myself two years ago and had my HVAC contractor install a trane system, he nat gas furnace, a/c, electronic air filter and trane humidifier. Starting my third winter here and the humidifier has never ran except in the test mode. They have been back out 3 times and say everything is working properly. I set the humidistat on the highest setting and it has never ran, except test mode. I can't get any sweating on my windows at

It's supplier responsibility to make the unit right. are you controlling your dehumidifier with remote, If so, remove battery in remote and reset it. And then check. If still problem, please get manuals fro the following site and do accordingly ... Air Conditioners

I have a Vulcan Ducted Gas Heater Model No 5010033 installed in 1999. I have replaced the batteries in the remote controller. Then I switched off the unit at the power point for 30mins and swiched back on. I repeated this twice without response.

... Air Conditioners

Won't ignite!!! My Rheem Quiet comfort 80 is only three years old and has started to have intermittent problems heating my home. There is a clicking sound, but the burners don't ignite. On other days it will work fine. I have had the gas manifold replaced, as the initial contractor bent them on installation. He said this was the problem, but I am still without heat. Help?

If the igniter is not sparking on the pilot assy the pilot will not ignite all the time. You or anyone needs to see if the spark is hitting the pilot assy. be careful not to get shocked. My best recomendation would be call a professional to check uni ... Air Conditioners

I just bought a gas water heater Model # GG38T06AXK00 install my self everything went well but I couldn't light it up even following instruction carefully many times

I have one of these. As it turned out, upon calling the GE representative, they told me that the pilot light is not visible in the glass window, due to a manufacturing defect, unless you get a mirror, and hold it below the window, looking up, at an a ... Air Conditioners

I have a Samsung AQV12JA. Fault code (Gas leak) have replace the outdoor and indoor thermistor per tech line. They said replace outdoor computer board. Board was back ordered for over a month, this is a brand new unit so they sent a brand new outdoor unit. Installed it and get the same error code, any ideas?

Hi,As per the error code there should be gas leak from the Air Conditioner. Please visit the link below for a complete service manual with diagrams for more details, I hope it should help:http://tinyurl.com/23ufvr2 ... Samsung AS18A6RB Air Conditioner

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