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Hitachi model: ras-3.5ages unit trips on 02 fault pressures are ok. unit runs ok for approx 2 hours pressures still ok then trips on 02 fault. system can not be reset after fault occurs.pc boards run through test ok. condensor fan also ok. could the problem be faulty high pressure sensor or faulty thermister.

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Hitachi model: ras-3.5ages unit trips on 02 fault pressures are ok. unit runs ok for approx 2 hours pressures still ok then trips on 02 fault. system can not be reset after fault occurs.pc boards run through test ok. condensor fan also ok. could the problem be faulty high pressure sensor or faulty thermister.

... Hitachi Air Conditioners

Bonaire Integra VSL75 only runs at full speed after a motor replacement. I replaced the motor with the exact same model after the old motor seized and sheared a bearing. No other fault was evident. Now the motor only runs at full speed. I have double checked fan connections and tried reprograming the touch pad fan speed settings with no luck. Can the controllers be faulty after a motor seized and tripped the power box switch? I figured it would just be the motor. Any ideas? Thanks

... Mastercool 67471 Evaporative Cooler Air Conditioner

My heat pump will not come on in HEAT or A/C. I thought I might have a simple defrost control board problem, but still no go after replacing the board and the defrost relay. I checked the pressure switch and it is not tripped. I've checked all the circuit breakers and they, too, are all set. I've checked the outside unit using the "test" switch inside on the start relay and the unit will come on, but won't stay running on it's own. When I select HEAT, I wait the necessary five minutes for the un

Hi; Need more info. How old is the equipment,look on the outside unit data plate it will give the built date usually in the top right corner. Also heat pumps can run with a faulty defrost board. I would check for control voltage at the secondary side ... Ruud UBHC Air Conditioner

When i was tested an air condition (trane 60000BTU duct type )i noticed that the high pressure fans of the out door unit were turned off and the compressor was running ,so i turned off the ac from thermostat for a second then turned on ,and look for the out door unit. I discovered that the high pressure fans turnned on for a one minute and then stopped, but the commpressor still running . What should i do ???/PLZ

... Air Conditioners

The fan blows but condensor not ruuning. service people have changed cappasitor,circut board,replaced evapor coil(leak),pressures just fine. the unit will work poperly for about an hour then only fan

Could be the run cap for the condensor is bad. If you got a multimeter you can test it. ... Air Conditioners

Goodman heat pump model CPKJ421B. Tripped breaker for outside unit two weeks ago. Reset breaker, tripped again today. Unit won't run now. Did some basic checks and found that the 28 vac from the inside unit was not going through the low pressure switch to pull in the 220 vac contacter for the compressor. Possibly either the refrigerant is low or the low pressure switch is bad. Could a faulty switch, maybe losing and regaining contact quickly, trip the breaker? Could the refrigerant, just before

... Goodman Air Conditioners

KELVINATOR KSR20C Our split systeme air con does not heat or cool the outside fan run when on but the inside fan doesnt run the little led on the circuit board on the outside unit is blinking on for 3 sec ond off for 3 sec do these air cons have a fault codes ??

One might think so, YES! look on one of the door panels that you can remove! Thank-you-very-much! ... GE Zoneline AZ38H12DAD Split System Air Conditioner

I have a rheem 030jaz (heat pump) that has been affect by lighting that hit the house. I have change the transformer, zone board, and what I thought was a bad fan. What happens now is where it gets crazy. The unit will run for about 30 minutes then the cold side of the compress will begin to freeze. When this happens the fan will turn off and the compressor still runs. The evaporator is clean enough to eat off of. Pressure readings for freon stay consistent through out the freezing stage. This t

Hello Sounds like the reversing valve is not changing over during the defrost cycle.The R/Valve selonid coil could be damaged. ... Air Conditioners

Carrier 58RAV095-16 will process thru the test sequence properly: inducer fan, ignitor, blower high, blower low, all ok. fuse checked good on controller board. when commanded to supply heat by the thermostat controller in the living space the unit runs with fan only, no gas, no ignition. changed thermostat controller, no joy. Comments: Jan 31, 2010 - thermocouple/ignitor is ok and positioned well. It tests ok too. I changed it last year. I am not getting gas flow so I suspect gas control va

Go to the furnace and turn off the power take the door off you must have a multimeter inhand with the cover off the furnace and access to the gas valve put yor meter leads on the wires going to the gas valve turn the power on and after the ignitor gl ... Air Conditioners

Hi, I have a Britony Combi SE. I have had a persistent problem whereby I am presented by fault lights 40-80. I am aware that this is a common fault and usually relates to water pressure. That has been tested and not the problem. In an attemp to fix the problem the engineer has changed a printed circuit board which again hasnt fixed the issue, what is happening is that on the circuit board there is a 3amp fuse which keeps blowing. The problem is we don't know what is causing this. Can you help?

... Air Conditioners

I have a Arcoaire Gas Furnace (Model# GNJ100N12A1), that will not fire up. It has a White Rogers Digital Stat. First the Stat seems to be faulty, since it reads 70plus in a house that has a temp of 30 or below. I can adjust the Stat and the blower motor will run. The rollouts (3) were reset; the inducer fan would run; then the unit would cycle and shut off. Now the inducer won't run. The ignitor is good, but would never glow. A friend tested the current coming from the Stat, and found 24

Sounds like a faulty board. shut the power to the furnace off for a minute then turn it back on. Make a call for heat at the thermostat. The inducer should start and close contacts on a pressure switch . Once pressure switch closes the hot surface ig ... Air Conditioners

Hi there i have a toshiba single phase split system that keeps tripping the breaker after about a week of running i have checked the pressures the running current the fans an the coils an eveything is running well ive also checked the windings on the compan there fine any help on why it keeps doing this. cheers

Check and see if it is correct size breaker. The breaker may be weak. If your amp draw is ok and the units starts ok. You may have a loose connection on the breaker or a bad breaker they do get weak over time. On the outside unit there will the corre ... Ruud Central System Air Conditioner

I have a Goodman Split Air Conditioner and the outside condenser fan was not working. relay tested ok breaker wasnt tripped, then discovered 1 leg of the 220 line was out. Replaced the breaker, cleaned the unit turned it on, cooled the house 2 degrees then it stopped working. Turned the stat off ,pulled the 220 block waited 10 minutes, turned it back on and it is currently running. Can the relay and/or start-run cap behave in this kind of intermitent way ?

Run cap may be badthumbs up ... Air Conditioners

Hi, I am having a problem with my home a/c. Ive been having to reset the high press. control reset button on the side of my outside condensor unit lately. Ive noticed that the fan is having difficulty starting up and requires a push to start. Does this mean my fan motor is on its way out, possibly a dead spot in the motor, causing it to trip the high pressure control function? or do I have other issues? Its a Reem 14 seer, model # rapa-042jazThanks Darrell

If you spin the motor and it starts running, the capcitor is bad. Replace it and all should be well. High pressure is tripping as the fan motor is not starting when the unit comes on. ... Ruud Central System Air Conditioner

I got a Carrier Flowtronic with two recips and EXV's. Unit goes out on compressor failure. Ran test mode and EXV's operate normally. Pressures look good.(R-22-260 head, 65- suction) The unit only has a high pressure cut-out and a suction thermistor, which had been recently changed. First circuit A failed and would not reset. Then circuit B failed. Now the unit is running on circuit B. Thermistors ohm out good and expansion valves are doing O.K. as well. Installed a new MBB board and configured i

Theres a major malfunction with the unit,, trying diff things can cost you alot of money for some thing like that i would contact the makers for tech advice as trying diff, things is costing you alot of time and the cost with be greater in the end th ... Air Conditioners

My Fujitsu model AOT12LSAC a/c tripped 16A c/b now no cooling inside fan runs o/side unit not running 240V present fault code red blinking two (2) green blinks.

... Fujitsu split system AOU12C1ASU12C1

Ferroli 77ff combi boiler, Intermittent problem effecting both heating and hot water. System can work fine for weeks and then fail. When the fault is present any demand for heat causes:- a) RL2 to energise, b) the fan runs and the pressure switch operates, c) then RL2 is deenergised the sequence a>b>c then repeats with a period of a few seconds. The fault can be "fixed" by moving the cables to the PCB or flexing the PCB however it always comes back. any ideas ? matt

... Air Conditioners

Ihave a l.g. lsu242he unit that is not working. The diagnostic light is fluttering and not giveing any code. Board has been replaced to no avail. Replaced board on inside unit. no change. condensor fan runs evan if inside unit is turned off. This unit ran perfect for aboutone month

Sounds like some of the low voltage wiring has shorted out. This will make the light flutter like that and will make the condenser fan motor run as well. If you replaced the boards and are getting the same issue, then the only thing is can be is a ... LG Air Conditioners

Ruud uhqa sill runs when i turn off t stat contactor test good and is not stuckhit breaker and back on and fan stops running goes on when t stat is turned on stays on till i trip breaker again i think it is groundhogs day lol

Your sentence is hard to understand because there is no punctuation. But, I think you are saying that the Outside unit is still running when the inside unit is off and the Thermostat indicates it should be off. If so, you have a stuck relay outside i ... Ruud UAKA037 Air Conditioner

Carrier 58RAV095-16 will process thru the test sequence properly: inducer fan, ignitor, blower high, blower low, all ok. fuse checked good on controller board. when commanded to supply heat by the thermostat controller in the living space the unit runs with fan only, no gas, no ignition. changed thermostat controller, no joy.

Hello \015\012Your closing the circut,and getting power to the ignitor.\015\012\015\012Have you tried another t stat or check your wiring low voltage side.\015\012\015\012Is there a pre purge fan for gas to be cleaned ou ... Air Conditioners

The furnance runs fine for about 3min. Then the burners go out. The fan limit is still closed, pressure switch is pulled in, and the manuel reset switch on the flue is not tripped. What's causing the burners to shut down? Is there a factory problem with this furnance? Gas pressure is good.

On a call for heat, the 24 volt thermostat sends a signal to the control module. The control module will indicate a call for heat with a light on the control either blinking or remain solid depending upon model. The inducer (exhaust) blower wil ... Carrier Air Conditioners

The ac fan will not run when you press the on button however if you give it a spin it starts and runs fine. the capsitor seems to test fine with an ohm meter. could this be a weak capasitor or is the motor winding faulty?

Cheeck the mfd capacity with a multi meter.if the cap is faulty the the reading will be lower then its stated on the cap case. ... Danby DPAC7820 7,800 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

Condensor fan not running after replacement

Check fan rotation ... Carrier 52CQ-312-4 Comfort Series Heat Pump Air Conditioner

Gas fired combo heat and a/c unit will not run. Breaker is not tripped, emergency switch is on, fuse on controller board is good, fan blade spins freely on condenser. Replaced thermostat, not any better. Suggestions?

You need to check to see if you have 24 volts from the low side of the transformer you can 220 to high side and still have a bad secondary Russ ... Air Conditioners

Replaced pc board on condensor model cmh1822 the condser fan runs but the compresser will not start

Dear sir /madam\012 i think there is still connection problem please make sure all connection is connect well and all cable is connected and check compressor capacitor is good con ... Air Conditioners

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